Herb & Will Friedwald Collection

Abdul-Malik, AhmedMusic of Ahmed Adbul-Malik, TheNew JazzNJ 8266
Abdul-Malik, AhmedSounds of AfricaNew JazzNJ 8282
Abdul-Malik, AhmedJazz SaharaRiversideRLP 12-287
Abdul-Malik, AhmedSpellboundStatusST 8303
Abdullah, AhmedAhmed Abdullah and the Solomonic QuintetSilkheartSHLP-109
Abene, MichaelMichael Abene Solo Piano: You Must Have Been a Beautiful BabyStashST -249
Abrams, Muhal Richard1-0QA+19Black SaintBSR 0017
Abrams, Muhal RichardSightsongBlack SaintBSR 0003
Abrams, Muhal RichardThings to Come From Those Now GoneDelmarkDS-430
Abrams, Muhal RichardYoung at Heart-Wise in TimeDelmarkDS-423
Abrams, Muhal RichardAfrisongTrioPA-7121
Abrams, RichardLevels and Degrees of LightDelmarkDS-413
Acting TrioActing TrioBYG529.314
Adams, GeorgeSound SuggestionsECMECM-1141
Adams, GeorgeDon't Lose ControlSoulnoteSN 1004
Adams, PepperStardustBethlehemBCP-6029
Adams, PepperJulianInner City3014
Adams, PepperPepper-Knepper Quintet, TheMetrojazzMM 2093
Adams, Pepper10 to 4 at the 5 SpotRiverside12/01/65
Adams, PepperPure PepperSavoy JazzSJL 1142
Adams, PepperLive at Fat Tuesday'sUptownUP 27.16
Adams, PepperPepper Adams QuintetVSOPVSOP 5
Adams, PepperOut of this WorldWarwickW 2041 ST
Adams, PepperOut of this World, Vol. 2WarwickW 2041-2 (FSR-669)
Adams, PepperCritic's ChoiceWorld PacificPJM-407
Adderley Brother, TheAdderley Brothers In New Orleans, TheMilestoneMSP 9030
Adderley, CannonballSomethin' ElseBlue NoteBST 81595
Adderley, CannonballAccent on AfricaCapitolST 2987
Adderley, CannonballCannonball in JapanCapitolECJ-50082
Adderley, CannonballGreat Love ThemesCapitolST 2531
Adderley, CannonballLive Lesson!CapitolST 2284
Adderley, CannonballMercy, Mercy, MercyCapitolECJ-50041
Adderley, CannonballWhy Am I Treated So Bad!CapitolT 2617
Adderley, CannonballJulian "Cannonball" AdderleyEverestFS-261
Adderley, CannonballJump for JoyEverestMG 36146
Adderley, CannonballCannonball Adderley in ChicagoMercury45S-7 (Jap)
Adderley, CannonballCannonball Adderley Quintet in ChicagoMercuryEXPR-1014
Adderley, CannonballCannonball's SharpshootersMercuryMG 36135
Adderley, CannonballCannonball and Eight GiantsMilestone47001
Adderley, CannonballAfrican WaltzRiversideRLP 377
Adderley, CannonballCannonball Adderley and the Poll-WinnersRiversideRLP 355
Adderley, CannonballCannonball Adderley Quintet at the Lighthouse, TheRiverside344
Adderley, CannonballCannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco, TheRiversideRLP 1157
Adderley, CannonballCannonball Adderley Quintet Plus, TheRiversideRLP 388
Adderley, CannonballCannonball Adderley Sextet in New York, TheRiversideRLP 9404
Adderley, CannonballCannonball…Takes ChargeRiversideRLP 1148
Adderley, CannonballJazz Workshop RevisitedRiversideRLP 9444 (RM 444)
Adderley, CannonballThem Dirty BluesRiversideRLP 12-322
Adderley, CannonballThings Are Getting BetterRiversideRLP 12-286
Adderley, CannonballSpontaneous CombustionSavoySJL 2206
Adderley, NatNaturally!JazzlandJLP 47
Adderley, NatNatural SoulMilestoneMSP 9009
Adderley, NatScavenger, TheMilestoneMSP 9016
Adderley, NatNat Adderley Sextet…Much BrassRiversideRLP 12-301
Adderley, NatThat's RightRiversideRLP 330
Adderley, NatWork SongRiversideRLP 12-318
Adderley, NatBlue AutumnTheresaTR 122
Adderley, NatIntroducing Nat AdderleyTripTLP-5564
Addison, BernardHigh In a Basement with the Bernard Addison All Stars77 Records77 LA 12/8
Akiyoshi, ToshikoToshiko At Top of the GateColumbiaSL-5108-N
Akiyoshi, ToshikoToshiko Meets Her Old PalsKingSKK 3018
Akiyoshi, ToshikoUnited Notions with Toshiko and Her International Jazz SextetMetrojazzMM 2087
Akiyoshi, ToshikoHer Trio Her QuartetStoryvilleK18P 9352
Akiyoshi, ToshikoToshiko & Leon Sash At NewportVerveMGV-8236
Albam, MannyJazz New YorkDotDLP 9004
Albam, MannyJazz Goes to the MoviesImpulseA-19
Albam, MannyJazz Greats of Our Time Vol. 1, TheJasmineJASM 1010
Albam, MannyJazz Greats of Our Time Vol. 2, TheMCABA 212
Albam, MannyDrum Suite, TheRCAPM 45162
Albam, MannyJazz Workshop, TheRCAPM 43551
Albam, MannyBrass on FireSolid StateSM 17000
Albany, JoeLegendary Jazz Pianist Joe Albany, TheRiversideRS-3023
Alcorn, AlvinOriginal New Orleans Jazz Brunch, AnSandcastleSCR 1030
Alden, HowardSwing StreetConcordCJ-349
Aless, TonyTony Aless and His Long Island SuiteRoostLP 2202
Alexander, JoeBlue JubileeJazzlandJLP 923S
Alexander, RonaldLive at the AxisKharmaPK-5
Alexander, RonaldPleasure BentNew JazzNJ-8267
Ali, RasheidNew Directions in Modern MusicSurvivalSR 104
Allen, ByronByron Allen Trio, TheESP-Disk1005
Allen, ByronInterfaceKharmaACC 791
Allen, HenryAllen Victors, TheRaretoneRTR 24006/24007
Allen, RedHenry Allen & His Orchestra 1934-1935Collector's ClassicsCC 13
Allen, RedHenry Allen & His Orchestra 1935-1936, Vol. 2Collector's ClassicsCC 46
Allen, RedHenry Allen & His Orchestra 1936, Vol. 3Collector's ClassicsCC 51
Allen, RedHenry Allen & His Orchestra 1936-1937, Vol. 4Collector's ClassicsCC 54
Allen, RedHenry Allen & His Orchestra Vol. 5, 1932-1937Collector's ClassicsCC 55
Allen, RedFeeling GoodColumbiaCL 2447
Allen, RedHenry "Red" Allen Quartet "Live"Fanfare24-124
Allen, RedGreat Henry "Red" Allen, TheFlutegroveFL.6
Allen, RedHenry "Red" Allen and the Mills Blue Rhythm BandGAPS170
Allen, RedRed Allen & the Blues Singers, Vol. IIJazz ArchivesJA-46
Allen, RedRed Allen & the Blues Singers, Vol. IIJazz ArchivesJA-47
Allen, RedHenry "Red" Allen - A Recorded Documentary - 1933 - 1941Merritt13-14
Allen, RedRed Allen & James P. JohnsonMerritt5
Allen, RedRed Allen and his Friends 1932-1956Merritt26
Allen, RedRed Allen and his Quartet Live 1965Merritt27
Allen, RedNice!Phoenix JazzLP 24
Allen, RedHenry "Red" Allen Memorial Album, ThePrestigePR 7755
Allen, RedHenry "Red" AllenPRTJR161
Allen, RedVery Great Henry "Red" Allen Vol. 2, TheRaritiesNO 24
Allen, RedVery Great Henry "Red" Allen with JC Higginbotham & Edmond Hall, TheRaritiesNO 14
Allen, RedHenry "Red" AllenRCA VictorLPV-556
Allen, RedRide, Red, Ride in Hi-FiRCA VictorLPM-1509
Allen, RedDixiecatsRouletteR-25015
Allen, RedMr. AllenSwingvilleSV 2034
Allen, RedRed Allen Meets Kid OryVerveMGV-1018
Allen, RedRed Allen Plays King OliverVerveV6-1025
Allen, RedRed Allen, Kid Ory & Jack Teagarden at NewportVerveUMV 2624
Allison, EricLive at Ziegfield'sWonderlandJazz 1017
Almeida, LaurindoLaurindo Almeida & the Bossa Nova All StarsCapitolT 1872
Almerico, TonyFrench Quarter JazzImperialLP 12072
Almerico, TonyTony Almerico's Dixieland All-Stars: A Live Concert from the Rue Royale in New OrleansVikLX-1057
Alpert, TriggerTrigger HappyRiversideRLP 12-225
Altschul, BarryYou Can't Name Your Own TuneMuseMR 5124
Ambrosetti, FrancoWingsEnja4068
Ammons, AlbertBoogie WoogieB.W.B.W. 1001
Ammons, AlbertBoogie Woogie ClassicsBlue NoteBLP 1209
Ammons, AlbertBoogie Woogie & the BluesCommodoreXFL 15357
Ammons, AlbertKing of Blues and Boogie Woogie (1907-1949)Oldie BluesOL 2807
Ammons, GeneEarly VisionsCadet2CA 60038
Ammons, GeneJug & SonnyCadetCA-785
Ammons, Gene"Jug" SessionsMercuryEMS-2-400
Ammons, GeneGroovin' With JugPacific JazzPJ-32
Ammons, GeneBad Bossa NovaPrestigePR 7257
Ammons, GeneBig Sound, ThePrestigeP-24098
Ammons, GeneBig Sound, ThePrestigePRLP 7132
Ammons, GeneBlue GenePrestigeP-7146 (OJC-192)
Ammons, GeneBoss TenorPrestigePR 7534
Ammons, GeneBoss TenorPrestigePRLP 7180
Ammons, GeneGene Ammons Big Band JugPrestige9162-10070
Ammons, GeneGroove BluesPrestigePR 7201
Ammons, GeneHappy Blues, ThePrestigeP-7039 (OJC-013)
Ammons, GeneHappy Blues, ThePrestigeLP 7039
Ammons, GeneJammin' In Hi Fi with Gene AmmonsPrestigeP-7110 (OJC-129)
Ammons, GeneJug & DodoPrestigePR 24021
Ammons, GeneTwisting the JugPrestigePR 7238
Ammons, GeneUp TightPrestigePR 7208
Ammons, GeneWoofin' and Tweetin'PrestigeLP 7050
Ammons, GeneRet TopSavoySJL 1103
Ammons, GeneBoss TenorsVerveMV 2577
Ammons, GeneNothin' But SoulWinleyLP 6005
Amram-Barrow Quartet, TheJazz Lab Vol. 8 - The Amram-Barrow Quartet: The Eastern SceneMCA CoralPCO 7184
Amy, CurtisKatangaAffinityAFF 128
Amy, CurtisBlues Message, ThePacific JazzPJ-9
Amy, CurtisTippin' on ThroughPacific JazzPJ-62
Amy, CurtisWay DownPacific JazzPJ-0046
Anderson, CatChat with Cat Anderson, APatheCTX 40.121
Anderson, CatPlays at 4 A.M.PatheC 048-50665 (Fra)
Anderson, CatEllingtoniaSummitATL 4116
Anderson, CatCat Anderson and the Ellington All-StarsSwingSW 8412
Anderson, CatCat on a Hot Tin HornTripTLP-5577
Anderson, ChrisInverted ImageJazzlandJLP 957
Anderson, FredAnother PlaceMoers Music1058
Anderson, RayIt Just So HappensEnja5037
Anderson, RayOld Bottles - New WineEnja4098
Anderson, RayYou BeMinor Music7
Anderson, RayRight Down Your AlleySoul NoteSN 1087
Anderza, EarlOuta SightPacific JazzPJ-65
Angrum, SteveSteve Angrum with Kid Sheik's Storyville Ramblers (New Orleans - The Legends Live - Volume 6)JazzologyJCE-16
Arc QuartetArc QuartetDane[none]
Arcadian Serenaders 1924/5Arcadian Serenaders, TheParlophonePMC 7085
Armstrong, LilLil Armstrong and Her SwingbandGardenia4005
Armstrong, LilChicago-The Living Legends: Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her OrchestraRiversideRLP 9401
Armstrong, LilSatchmo and Me: Lil Armstrong's Own StoryRiversideRLP 12-120
Armstrong, LouisWhat a Wonderful WorldABCABCS-650
Armstrong, LouisSatchmo Remembered: The Music of Louis Armstrong at Carnegie HallAtlanticSD 1617
Armstrong, LouisBest of Louis Armstrong, TheAudio FidelityAFSD 6132
Armstrong, LouisLouie and the Dukes off DixielandAudio FidelityAFSD 5924
Armstrong, LouisLouis 'Country & Western' ArmstrongAvco EmbassyAVE-33022
Armstrong, LouisMelody Maker Tribute to Louis Armstrong Vol. 1, TheBlack Lion2460 123
Armstrong, LouisMelody Maker Tribute to Louis Armstrong Vol. 2, TheBlack Lion2640 124
Armstrong, LouisMelody Maker Tribute to Louis Armstrong Vol. 3, TheBlack Lion2460 125
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong (1924-1925)BYG529086
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong SpecialCBS65251
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong V.S.O.P. Vol. 1/2CBS88001
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong V.S.O.P. Vol. 3/4CBS88002
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong V.S.O.P. Vol. 5/6CBS88003
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong V.S.O.P. Vol. 7/8CBS88004
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong V.S.O.P. Vol. 8CBS62750
Armstrong, LouisRare Recordings of the Twenties Vol. 1: Louis Armstrong with Maggie Jones, Nolan Welsh, Clara Smith, Sippie WallaceCBS64218
Armstrong, LouisRare Recordings of the Twenties Vol. 2: Louis Armstrong with V. Liston, M. Johnson, S. Wallace, E. Taylor, H. ThomasCBS65379
Armstrong, LouisRare Recordings of the Twenties Vol. 3: Louis Armstrong with Lillie Delk Christian & Bertha Chippie HillCBS65380
Armstrong, LouisTribute to Louis ArmstrongCBS68217
Armstrong, LouisGreat AlternativesChiaroscuroCR2003
Armstrong, LouisBlues Singers, The (Masters of te Blues Vol. 8)Collector's ClassicsCC 32
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong and Eddie Condon at NewportColumbiaCL 931
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong Story-Vol. 1, TheColumbiaCL 851
Armstrong, LouisReal Ambassadors, TheColumbiaOL 5850
Armstrong, LouisSatchmo the GreatColumbiaCL 1077
Armstrong, LouisHot Fives & Hot Sevens, Volume II, TheColumbia JazzCJ 44253
Armstrong, LouisHot Fives & Hot Sevens, Volume III, TheColumbia JazzCJ 44422
Armstrong, LouisHot Fives, Volume I, TheColumbia JazzCJ 44049
Armstrong, LouisLouis and the AngelsDeccaDL 8488
Armstrong, LouisSatchmo in StyleDeccaDL 8840
Armstrong, LouisSatchmo on StageDeccaDL 8330
Armstrong, LouisYoung Louis "The Side Man" (1924-1927)DeccaDL 79233
Armstrong, LouisLouis and the Blues Singers (1925-1929)EMIPMC 7144
Armstrong, LouisLouie and LuFairmont108
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong and the Original "All Stars" June 19-1947 Decemeber 11-1948Fanfare21-121
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong and His FriendsFlying DutchmanAMS-12009
Armstrong, LouisGene Norman PresentsGNP/CrescendoGNPS-11001
Armstrong, LouisFor the First Time, Vol. 2: B.G., Louis, Pops & TramIAJRC21
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong All Stars at the Oregon State Fair, 1960IAJRC29
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong All Stars Philadelphia August 7 & 9, 1949Jazz ConnoisseurJC 005
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong - Vol. 1: Louis Armstrong at His Rare of All Rarest PerformancesKings of JazzKLJ-20001
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 1 - Louis and the Good BookMCAMCA-1300
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 17 - Louis Armstrong 4 - Swing That Music (1936-1938)MCAMCA-1312
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 17 - Satchmo SerenadesMCAMCA-1316
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 2 - Louis Armstrong 1 - Young Louis "The Side Man" (1924-1927)MCAMCA-1301
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 23 - Louis Armstrong 6: Satchmo's Collectors Items (1936-1937)MCAMCA-1322
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 27 - Louis Armstrong 7: Satchmo's Discoveries (1936-1938)MCAMCA-1326
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 35 - Louis Armstrong 11: Satchmo For Ever!... (1935-1945)MCAMCA-1334
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 36 - Louis Armstrong and the All Stars: Old FavoritesMCAMCA-1335
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 5 - Louis Armstrong 2 - Back in New York (1935)MCAMCA-1304
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 53 - Louis Armstrong: More Satchmo's Way (1938)MCAMCA-510.104
Armstrong, LouisJazz Heritage Series Vol. 7 - Louis Armstrong 3 - Louis with Guest StarsMCAMCA-1306
Armstrong, LouisJazz Stars Vol. 33 - Stachmo and FriendsMCA510176
Armstrong, LouisLouis "Satchmo" Armstrong and His FriendsMCAVIM-5588
Armstrong, LouisSatchmo at Symphony HallMCAMCA2-4057
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong and King OliverMilestoneM-47017
Armstrong, LouisArmstrong V.S.O.P. - Vol. VIIOdeonXOC 176
Armstrong, LouisBorn for JazzOdeonOPX 31 (83 262)
Armstrong, LouisMack the KnifePablo2310-941
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong in PraguePanton8015 0075
Armstrong, LouisPopsPhoenix 10PHX305
Armstrong, LouisMidnight at V-DiscPumpkin103
Armstrong, LouisNew DiscoveriesPumpkin109
Armstrong, LouisReminiscin' With LouisQueen-discQ-004
Armstrong, LouisArmstrong AntiquesRaretoneRTR 24005
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong-July 4, 1900-July 6, 1971RCAVPM-6044
Armstrong, LouisTribute to Louis ArmstrongRCAFXL1 7159
Armstrong, LouisYoung Louis ArmstrongRCAAXM2-5519
Armstrong, LouisYoung Louis ArmstrongRiversideRLP 12-101
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong & Duke EllingtonRouletteR52074
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong Immortal Sessions Vol. 1SagaPanPAN 6901
Armstrong, LouisBunny/LouieShoestringSS 103
Armstrong, LouisHavin' Fun (Entertaining Live Broadcasts (1949-1950))Sounds RareSR-5009
Armstrong, LouisMore Fun (Entertaining Live Broadcasts (1951))Sounds RareSR-5010
Armstrong, LouisMasters of Jazz Vol. 1 - Louis ArmstrongStoryvilleSLP-4101
Armstrong, LouisSatchmo StyleSwingSW 8451
Armstrong, LouisNew Orleans Masters - Volume TwoSwing HouseSWH-44
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong's All Stars Vol. IIUnique JazzU 17
Armstrong, LouisSatchmoVarese InternationalVS 81006
Armstrong, LouisI've Got the World on a StringVerveMGV-4035
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong Meets Oscar PetersonVerveMGVS-6062
Armstrong, LouisLouis Under the StarsVerveMGV-4012
Arnold, BuddyWailingABC-ParamountABC-114
Aronov, BennyBennyChoiceCRS 1021
Art Ensemble of ChicagoJackson in Your House, AAffinityAFF 9
Art Ensemble of ChicagoBap-tizumAtlanticSD 1639
Art Ensemble of ChicagoHistory of Jazz Vol. 10BYGBYG 529610
Art Ensemble of ChicagoNice GuysECMECM-1-1126
Art Ensemble of ChicagoPeople in SorrowNessan-3
Art Ensemble of ChicagoChi CongoPaulaLPS 4001
Ashby, DorothySoft Winds: The Swinging Harp of Dorothy AshbyJazzlandJLP 61
Ashby, DorothyIn a Minor GrooveNew Jazz8209
Ashby, HaroldBorn to SwingMaster JazzMJR 8112
Ashby, HaroldScufflin'WEAWE 341
Ashby, IrvingMemoirsAccentACS-5091
Ashcraft, SquirrelAn Informal Session for SquirrelMISMIS 2
Auld, GeorgieGeorgie Auld Plays for Melancholy BabiesABC-ParamountABC-287
Auld, GeorgieClaire Austin Sings "When Your Love Has Gone"FantasyOJC-1711 (Contemporary 5002)
Auld, GeorgieI've Got You Under My SkinJasmineJASM 1006
Auld, GeorgieUnearthed Masters-Volume 1Jazz AmericaJAM 5006
Auld, GeorgieGeorgie Auld In the Land of Hi-FiMercuryMG 36060
Auld, GeorgieGeorgie Auld & His Orchestra with Sara VaughnMusicraftMVS-509
Auld, GeorgieGeorgie Auld Quintet Plays the Winners, ThePhilipsPHS 600-096
Auld, GeorgieHere's to the LosersPhilipsPHS-600-116
Auld, GeorgieBy GeorgeSwing HouseSWH 25
Auld, GeorgieGood Enough to KeepTop RankRS 633
Auld, GeorgieGeorgie Auld-Big Band Jazz (1945-1946), Volume OneTrendMVS 501
Ayler, AlbertVibrationsAristaAL 1000
Ayler, AlbertVibrationsAristaAL 1000
Ayler, AlbertWitches & DevilsAristaAL 1018
Ayler, AlbertWitches & DevilsAristaAL 1018
Ayler, Albert1010 Bells (M and S)ESP-DiskESP 1010
Ayler, AlbertBellsESP-Disk1010
Ayler, AlbertBellsESP-Disk1010
Ayler, AlbertProphecyESP-DiskESP-3030
Ayler, AlbertProphecyESP-DiskESP-3030
Ayler, AlbertSpiritual UnityESP-DiskESP 1002
Ayler, AlbertSpiritual UnityESP-DiskESP 1002
Ayler, AlbertSpirits RejoiceESP-Disk (Ger)ESP 1020
Ayler, AlbertSpirits RejoiceESP-Disk (Ger)ESP 1020
Ayler, AlbertNew York Eye and Ear ControlESP-Disk (Jap)15PJ-2024
Ayler, AlbertNew York Eye and Ear ControlESP-Disk (Jap)15PJ-2024
Ayler, AlbertFirst Recordings, TheGNP CrescendoGNP-9022
Ayler, AlbertFirst Recordings, TheGNP CrescendoGNP-9022
Ayler, AlbertHilversum Session, TheOsmosis6001
Ayler, AlbertHilversum Session, TheOsmosis6001
Ayler, AlbertSwing Low Sweet SpiritualOsmosis4001
Ayler, AlbertSwing Low Sweet SpiritualOsmosis4001
Ayler, AlbertBerlin Concerts - 1966, TheRelyable1
Ayler, AlbertBerlin Concerts - 1966, TheRelyable1
Ayler, DonDon Ayler in Florence 1981 - Vol. 3FrameRF-2003
Ayler, DonDon Ayler in Florence 1981 - Vol. 3FrameRF-2003
Babasin, HarryInglewood Jam 6-16-52Philips25PJ-16(M)
Baden-Baden Free Jazz Orchestra, TheGittin' to Know Y'allBASFCRM 728
Bagley, DonBasically BagleyDotDLP-3070
Bagley, DonJazz on the RocksSavoy12210
Bailey, BennySoul EyesBASF/MPSUXP-25-P
Bailey, BennyBig BrassCandidCIM 8011
Bailey, BennySerenade to a PlanetEgo4004
Bailey, BennyHow Deep Can You Go?EMI7C 062-35278
Bailey, BennyMirrorsFreedomFLP 40163
Bailey, BennyFor Heaven's SakeHot HouseHH1006
Bailey, BennyLand of Dolls, AIntercord28 743-3 Z/1-2
Bailey, BennyGrand SlamJazzcraft8
Bailey, BusterAll About MemphisFelstedSJA 2003
Bailey, BusterComplete Recordings 1934-1940RaritiesNo 17
Bailey, DaveGettin' Into Somethin'EpicBA 17011
Bailey, DaveOne Foot In the Gutter (A Treasury of Soul)EpicBA 17008
Bailey, DaveTwo Feet In the GutterEpicECPZ-4
Bailey, DaveBashJazzlinePA-3079(M)
Bailey, DaveReaching OutJazztimeJT003
Bailey, DaveOne Foot In the Gutter (A Treasury of Soul)SonySONP 50384
Bain, BobLatin LoveCapitolST1201
Baker, ChetOnce Upon A SummertimeArtists HouseAH 9411
Baker, ChetHouse of Jazz Vol. 11 - Chet Baker in Paris (1955)Blue Star80.711
Baker, ChetHouse of Jazz Vol. 4 & 5 - Chet Baker in Paris (1955-1956)Blue Star80.704/05
Baker, ChetMost Important Jazz Album 1964/65ColpixCP 476
Baker, ChetChet Baker & StringsColumbiaCL 549
Baker, ChetBlues for a ReasonCriss Cross JazzCriss 1010
Baker, ChetLive at Nick'sCriss Cross JazzCriss 1027
Baker, ChetShe Was Too Good to MeCTICTI 6050 S1
Baker, ChetPeaceEnja1046
Baker, ChetCandyGazellGJ 1001
Baker, ChetSilent NightsGSRGSR-1986
Baker, ChetLee Konitz, Chet Baker, Keith Jarrett QuintetJazz ConnoisseurJC 113
Baker, ChetChet Baker in MilanJazzland918S
Baker, ChetBaker's HolidayLimelightLM 82019
Baker, ChetSeptember SongMarshmallowMMLP-105
Baker, ChetComplete Pacific Jazz Live Recordings of the Chet Baker Quartet with Russ Freeman, TheMosaicMR4-113
Baker, ChetComplete Pacific Jazz Studio Recordings of the Chet Baker Quartet with Russ Freeman, TheMosaicMR4-122
Baker, ChetAlmost Blue: Chet Baker Sings and Plays from the Film "Let's Get Lost"Novus3061-1-NDAA
Baker, ChetMichael GraillierOwl26
Baker, ChetChet Baker & CrewPacific JazzPJ-1224
Baker, ChetChet Baker Big BandPacific Jazz1229
Baker, ChetChet Baker in Europe: A Jazz Tour of the NATO CountriesPacific JazzPJ-1218
Baker, ChetChet Baker Sings and Plays with Bud Shank, Russ Freeman and StringsPacific JazzK23P-6703 (M)
Baker, ChetCool Baker Vol. 1Pacific JazzK18P 9259
Baker, ChetCool Baker Vol. 2Pacific JazzK18P-9260
Baker, ChetJazz at Ann ArborPacific JazzPJ-1203
Baker, ChetQuartet: Russ Freeman and Chet BakerPacific JazzPJ-1232
Baker, ChetChet is Back!RCAPM 31 256
Baker, ChetChet Baker Quintet Vol. 1 - ExitusReplicaRR-1
Baker, ChetChet Baker Quintet Vol. 2 - Cool BluesReplicaRR-2
Baker, ChetChetRiversideOJC-087 (RLP-1135)
Baker, ChetChet Baker in New YorkRiversideRLP 1119
Baker, ChetChet Baker Introduces Johnny PaceRiversideRLP 12-292
Baker, ChetChet Baker Plays the Best of Lerner & LoeweRiversideRLP 12-307
Baker, ChetIt Could Happen to You: Chet Baker SingsRiversideRLP 12-278
Baker, ChetThis Is AlwaysSteepleChaseSCS-1168
Baker, ChetEverything Happens to MeTimelessSJP 176
Baker, ChetMr. BTimelessSJP 192
Baker, ChetIl Grande Chet BakerVikKLVP 171
Baker, HaroldBroadway Beat, TheKing608
Baker, ShortyShorty & DocPrestige/SwingvilleSV 2021
Balaban, RedBits & Pieces of Balaban & CatsGFLGFL 1015
Bales, BurtJazz from the San Francisco WaterfrontABC-ParamountABC 181
Bales, BurtOn the Waterfront with Burt BalesCavalierCVLP 6010
Ball, KennyMore Kenny Ball and the Midnight in Moscow JazzmenKAPPKS-3314
Ball, RonnieAll About RonnieSavoyMG 12075
Bang, BillyBilly Bang and Charles Tyler: Live at Green SpaceAnima2BT-78
Bang, BillyDuoAnima1BL-36
Bang, BillyNew York CollageAnimaG 40-620
Bang, BillySweet SpaceAnima12741
Bang, Billy5Dimensional Sound Studio
Bang, BillyLondon Underground with BilliDimensional Sound Studio
Bang, BillyFire From Within, TheSoul NoteSN 1086
Bang, BillyInvitationSoul NoteSN 1036
Banks, BillyBilly Banks and His RhythmakersCBS52732
Barbarin, LouisLouis Barbarin TrioComusSLP 1
Barbarin, PaulStreets of the City504504 LP 9
Barbarin, PaulPaul Barbarin and his New Orleans JazzAtlanticSD 1215
Barbarin, PaulPaul Barbarin and his New Orleans Jazz BandGHBGHB 2
Barbarin, PaulNew Orleans JamboreeJazztoneJ-1205
Barbieri, GatoTogethernessCicalaBL 7068
Barfield, EddieEddie BarfieldRCALFL1 5035
Barker, DannyFabulous Banjo of Danny BarkerPeriadPRST 2205
Barnes, EmileDauphine Street Jam Session: Emile Barnes - Early Recordings, Volume 1 (1951)FolkwaysFJ 2857
Barnes, EmileEamile Barnes - Early Recordings - Volume 2 - 1951-1952FolkwaysFJ 2858
Barnes, EmileEmile Barnes and his New Orleans MusicJazzologyJCE-34
Barnes, EmileBarnes-Bocage Big FiveNoLaLP 9
Barnes, EmileNew Orleans BandStoryvilleSLP 164
Barnes, GeorgeGeorge Barnes and his OctetHindsightHSR-106
Barnes, GeorgeBarnes/Alcorn/BigardJazz CrusadeJC-2017-CS
Barnes, GeorgeTwo GuitarsStashST-222 Volume 1
Barnes, GeorgeTwo Guitars and a HornStashST228
Barnes, GeorgeSwing, GuitarsStatesideIHJ-800889
Barnes, PaulPaul "Polo" Barnes' International Jazz BandCSACLPS 1013
Barnes, PaulPortrait of a New Orleans Clarinet PlayerCSACLPS 1010
Barnes, PaulPaul Barnes and his Polo Players, Volume IVIconLP-5
Barnes, PaulPaul Barnes QuartetsNoLaLP17
Barnes, WalterRuff Scufflin'RetrievalFJ-125
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet and his OrchestraAircheck5
Barnet, CharlieOn the Air, Volume TwoAircheck30
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet & His Orchestra - 1938AlmanacQSR 2435
Barnet, CharlieShady LadyBlue HeavenBH6-604
Barnet, CharlieComplete Charlie Barnet, Volume 1/1935-1937, TheBluebirdAXM2-5526
Barnet, CharlieComplete Charlie Barnet, Volume 2/1939, TheBluebirdAXM2-5577
Barnet, CharlieComplete Charlie Barnet, Volume 3/1939-1940, TheBluebirdAXM2-5581
Barnet, CharlieComplete Charlie Barnet, Volume 4/1940, TheBluebirdAXM2-5585
Barnet, CharlieComplete Charlie Barnet, Volume 5/1940-1941, TheBluebirdAXM2-5587
Barnet, CharlieComplete Charlie Barnet, Volume 6/1941-1942, TheBluebirdAXM2-5590
Barnet, CharlieJazz OasisCapitolT1403
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet - Big Band 1967Creative WorldST 1056
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet and his orchestra featuring Roy Eldride -- Al KillianFanfareLP 38-138
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet and His Orchestra 1945-1947, Volume OneFirst HeardFHR 1947-12
Barnet, CharlieShowcaseFirst HeardFH44
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet and His Orchestra (1938)First TimeFTR-1504
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet Vol. IIRCALPV-567
Barnet, CharlieCharlie Barnet, Volume 1RCA VictorLPV-551
Barnet, CharlieRedskin RompRCA VictorLPM-1091
Barnet, CharlieDancing PartyVerveMGV 2027
Barnet, CharlieFor Dancing LoversVerveMG V-2031
Barrett, Sweet EmmaNew Orleans' Sweet Emma and Her Preservation Hall Jazz BandPreservation HallVPS-2
Barrett, Sweet EmmaSweet Emma at DisneylandSouthlandLP 242
Barron, BillNow, Hear This!Audio FidelityAFSD 6123
Barron, BillLeopard, TheChiaroscuroCR 2010
Barron, BillJazz CaperMuseMR 5235
Barron, BillVariations In BlueMuseMR 5306
Barron, BillHot Line: The Tenor of Bill BarronSavoyMG-12183
Barron, BillModern WindowsSavoyMG-12163
Barron, BillMotivationSavoy12303
Barron, BillTenor Stylings of Bill Barron, TheSavoyMG 12160
Barron, KennyGreen ChimneysCriss Cross Jazz1008
Barron, KennyAutumn In New YorkUptownUP2726
Barron, KennyInnocenceWolf1203
Barry, Carl & JoanneHolding OnStashST236
Bartha, AndyDeepsouth Dixieland Jazz BandArtALP-41
Bartow, JimAmerican Poets Song Book, AnBlues BloodBB132
Bartow, JimRitual Love SongBlues BloodBB552
Bartz, GaryHome!MilestoneMSP 9027
Bascomb, DudTuxedo JunctionSavoy JazzSJL 1161
Basie, CountBasie - The Last DecadeArtistryAR 2-107
Basie, CountOn TourBlue HeavenBH 1-109
Basie, CountCount BasieCaracol432
Basie, CountCount BasieCaracol431
Basie, CountBasie 8&16CBSSOPL 136
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Basie, CountEssential Count Basie, Vol. 1, TheColumbiaCJ 40608
Basie, CountEssential Count Basie, Vol. 3, TheColumbiaCJ 44150
Basie, CountSuper ChiefColumbiaG 31224
Basie, CountBroadway Basie's…WayCommandRS 905 SD
Basie, CountHollywood…Basie's WayCommandRS 912 SD
Basie, CountSwinging at the Daisy ChainCoralCP 75
Basie, CountYou Can Depend on BasieCoralCP 76
Basie, CountBest of Count Basie, TheDeccaDXB-170
Basie, CountAfriqueDoctor JazzFW39520
Basie, CountSongs Of Bessie Smith, TheDoctor's JazzFW38836
Basie, CountHalf A SixpenceDotDLP 25834
Basie, CountBasie Special: Count Basie and His Orchestra 1944-1946, TheEverybodysEV-3004
Basie, CountKansas City Suite: The Music of Benny CarterForumSF 9032
Basie, CountBasie's Best!HarmonyHS 11247
Basie, CountSwinging In the FiftiesIAJRCIAJRC 27
Basie, CountCount Basie and the Kansas City 7ImpulseA-15
Basie, CountCount at the Chatterbox, TheJazz ArchivesJA-16
Basie, CountCount Basie/V-Discs 1944-45Jazz SocietyI 5PJ-32(M)
Basie, CountCount Basie 1944-45Jazz SocietyAA 505
Basie, CountSwingmusic (from the Southland Café, Boston)JokerSM 3084
Basie, CountAutumn in ParisMagicAWE13
Basie, CountComplete Collection of Count Basie Orchestra on Decca (1937-1939), TheMCAVIM-5501
Basie, CountGood Morning BluesMCAMCA2-4108
Basie, CountBasie JamPablo2310-750
Basie, CountCount Basie Get TogetherPablo2310-924
Basie, CountCount Basie JamPablo2308 209
Basie, CountKansas City 7Pablo2310-908
Basie, CountNight RiderPablo2310-843
Basie, CountOn the RoadPabloD2312112
Basie, CountCount BasieQueen-DiscQ-008
Basie, CountIndispensable Count Basie, TheRCAPM 43688
Basie, CountPop Goes the BasieRepriseRS-6153
Basie, CountThis Time By Basie!RepriseR9-6070
Basie, CountBack with BasieRouletteR 52113
Basie, CountBest of Basie, TheRouletteSR 52081
Basie, CountBest of Basie, Vol. 2, TheRouletteSR 52089
Basie, CountBreakfast Dance and BarbecueRouletteSR 52028
Basie, CountLegend, TheRouletteSR 59038
Basie, CountCount Basie and His OrchestraSabie5302
Basie, CountCount Basie featuring Ben Webster and Lester YoungSabie5301
Basie, CountCount Basie at the Savoy Ballroom 1937SagapanPAN 6903
Basie, CountCount Basie Orchestra with Lester YoungSwing Treasury101
Basie, CountBlues By Basie: Count Basie 1942TAXm-8025
Basie, CountAir Shots Birdland - January 1953, Volume OneUnique JazzUJ 004
Basie, CountAir Shots Birdland - January 1953, Volume TwoUnique JazzUJ 005
Basie, CountApril in ParisVerveUMV 2641
Basie, CountBasie In LondonVerveV6-8199
Basie, CountBasie LandVerveV6-8597
Basie, CountBasie Picks the WinnersVerveV-8616
Basie, CountBasie Rides Again!VerveMGV-8108
Basie, CountBasie Roars AgaineVerveMGV-8018
Basie, CountBasie's BeatVerveV6-8687
Basie, CountBasie's Beatle BagVerveV6-8659
Basie, CountCount!, TheVerveMGV-8070
Basie, CountEssential Count Basie, TheVerveV6-8407
Basie, CountHall of FameVerveMG V-8291
Basie, CountInside - OutsideVerveVSP/VSPS-12
Basie, CountLi'l Ol' Groovemaker…Basie!Verve2304 380
Basie, CountNewport Years, Volume VI, TheVerveV6-8831
Basie, CountOn My Way & Shoutin' AgainVerveV-8511
Basie, CountParadise SquatVerveVE 2-2542
Basie, CountSixteen Men SwingingVerveVE-2-2517
Batiste, AlvinMusique D'Afrique Nouvelle OrleansIndia NavigationIN-1065
Bauduc, RayRay Bauduc - Nappy Lamare and Their Dixieland Band (Masters of Dixieland Vol. 4)Capitol1C 054-81 847 M
Bauduc, RayRiverboat DandiesCapitolT877
Bauduc, RayTwo-Beat GenerationCapitolT1198
Bauer, BillyPlectristVerveMV 2678
Bay City Jazz Band, TheBay City Jazz Band, TheGood Time JazzL-12017
Beau, HeineBlues for TwoHenriHRC 202
Beau, HeineMidnight ClarinetHenriHRC 303
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet's Haitian Understanding, TheAvenue InternationalAV.INT.1021
Bechet, SidneyBasin Street BluesBlue NoteK23P 9283
Bechet, SidneyFabulous Sidney Bechet, TheBlue NoteBLP 1207
Bechet, SidneyPort of Harlem JazzmenBlue NoteDY 5806-2
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet with "Wild Bill" Davison and Art HodesBlue NoteBLP 1203 (Vol. 1)
Bechet, SidneyVolume 1 Jazz Classics: Sidney Bechet with Bunk Johnson and Sidney de ParisBlue NoteBST 81202
Bechet, SidneyMaster MusicianBluebirdAXM2-5516
Bechet, SidneySidney BechetBrunswick6
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet in ParisBrunswickBL 54037
Bechet, SidneySuperb SidneyCBS62636
Bechet, SidneyUnique SidneyCBS63093
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet (Recorded in Concert at the Brussels Fair, 1958)ColumbiaCL 1410
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet and Bob WilberCommodoreXFL 15774
Bechet, SidneyJazz Nocturne Volume 7: Easy RiderFat Cat's JazzFCJ 007
Bechet, SidneyJazz Nocturne Volume 8: Never No LamentFat Cat's JazzFCJ 008
Bechet, SidneyJazz Nocturne Volume 9: High SocietyFat Cat's JazzFCJ 009
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet MemorialFontanaTFL 5087
Bechet, SidneyJazz from CaliforniaJazz ArchivesJA44
Bechet, SidneyJazz a la CreoleJazztoneJ-1213
Bechet, SidneyJazz Heritage Vol. 49 - Blackstick (1931-1938)MCA510.1
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers (1940-1941)Meritt2
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet His Way (Boston 1951)Pumpkin
Bechet, SidneyBechet of New OrleansRCA VictorLPV-510
Bechet, SidneyBlue Bechet, TheRCA VictorLPV-535
Bechet, SidneyImmortal Sidney Bechet, TheRepriseR9-6076
Bechet, SidneyBechetRiversideRLP 149
Bechet, SidneyLe Premier Concert de Sidney Bechet (1949)SBSB 3 (Fra)
Bechet, SidneyBechet and BluesSceptorSM 537
Bechet, SidneyBechet-Spanier Big Four 1940SwaggieS1392
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Bechet, SidneyBravo!VogueSTE. 33-44.001-30
Bechet, SidneySidney BechetVogueLAE 12010 Vol 1
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet & Teddy BucknerVogueC LVLX 374
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet (1939) Volume 1Vogue502001
Bechet, SidneySidney Bechet avec Michel Attenoux et son orchestre (Bruxelles 1954) Volume 2Vogue502012
Beiderbecke, BixLegendary Bix Beiderbecke, TheClassic Jazz MastersCJM 88505
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke Story: Bix and His Gang, TheColumbiaCL 844
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke Story: Bix and Tram - Volume 2, TheColumbiaCL 845
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke Story: Whiteman Days - Volume 3, TheColumbiaCL 846
Beiderbecke, BixBix & Tram - 1928EMIPMC 7100
Beiderbecke, BixBix & Tram - 1929 PlusEMIPMC 7113
Beiderbecke, BixBix & Tram 1927EMIPMC 7064
Beiderbecke, BixBix and His GangEMIPMC 1221
Beiderbecke, BixBix BeiderbeckeEverestFS 317
Beiderbecke, BixBix BeiderbeckeEverestFS 317
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke and the WolverinesJazz TreasuryJT 1003
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke - 1924Olympic7130
Beiderbecke, BixColumbian Bix, TheRaretoneRTR 24004
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke Legend - "Alternate Bix" Volume 4 (1926-1928), TheRCA741 093
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke Legend - "Alternate Bix-Bis" Volume 5 (1926-1928), TheRCAFXM1 7092
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke Legend - Volume 1 et 2, TheRCA731 036/037 (Fra)
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke Legend - Volume 3, TheRCA731 131
Beiderbecke, BixBix Beiderbecke and the WolverinesRiversideRLP 12-123
Beiderbecke, BixSincerely Bix Beiderbecke - Volume 1SunbeamBix 1
Beiderbecke, BixSincerely Bix Beiderbecke - Volume 2SunbeamBix 2
Beiderbecke, BixBix and Tram 1927SwaggieS 1242
Beiderbecke, BixBix and Tram 1928SwaggieS 1269
Beirach, RichardSunday SongTrioPA-7142
Belany, DaneMotivationsSahara1005
Belletto, AlSounds and SongsCapitolT6514
Bellson, LouisDon't Stop Now!Bosco7
Bellson, LouisThunderbirdImpulseA-9107
Bellson, LouisBig BandsOnyxONYX 202
Bellson, LouisCool, Cool, BluePablo2310-899
Bellson, LouisOriginalsStashST-205
Bellson, LouisConcerto For Drums By Louis BellsonVerveMGV-8016
Bellson, LouisLouis Bellson at the FlamingoVerveMGV-8256
Beneke, TexMemoriesFirst HeardFH-33
Beneke, TexLoose LikehepHEP 29
Beneke, TexTex Beneke and His OrchestraMCAMCA-1512
Beneke, TexHi There TexSwing WorldSWS 3
Benett, MaxMax BenettFresh SoundFSR-2002
Benett, MaxMax Benett PlaysFresh SoundFSR-2015
Bennett, Richard RodneySpecial OccasionsDRGDRG 6102
Bennett, TonyMovie Song Album, TheColumbiaCL 2472
Bennett, TonySummer of '42ColumbiaC 31219
Bennett, TonyTogether AgainDRGMRS 901
Berry, EmmettBeauty and the BluesColumbia33 SX 1246
Bert, EddieHuman Factor, TheFresh SoundFSR-110
Bert, EddieLet's Dig Bert (Eddie, That Is)Fresh SoundFSR-540
Bert, EddieModern MoodsJazztoneJ-1223
Bert, EddieMusician of the YearSavoyMG-12015
Bert, EddieKaleidoscopeSavoy JazzSJL 1186
Bert, EddieLike Cool: The Contemporary Trombone Artistry of Eddie BertSomersetP-5200
Berton, VicVic Berton and His Orchestra, 1935HarrisonLP-0
Bertoncini, GeneStrollin'StashST-272
Best, JohnnyDixielandMercuryPPS 6009
Betters, HaroldHarold Betters Takes OffGatewayGLP 7004
Betts, HarryJazz Soul of Doctor Kildare and other great television themes, TheChoreoA-6
Big Sky Mudflaps, TheSensible ShoesFlying FishFF293
Bigard, BarneyBarney Bigard and The Pelican TrioCrescent JazzCJP-5
Bigard, BarneyWith Special Guest, Barney BigardCrescent JazzCJP-2
Bigard, BarneyBarney BigardLibertyLRP 3072
Bigard, BarneyBarney Bigard and His Orchestra Clarinet GumboRCAAPL1-1744
Bigard, BarneyBearny BigardStoryvilleSLP 807
Bigard, BarneyBarney Goin' EasyTAXm-8025
Bigard, BarneyBarney's BounceTwo FlatsTFD 5.002
Bigard, BarneySwinging ClarinetsVogueSLD.767
Bishop Jr., WalterSpeak LowJazztimeJT002
Black Artists GroupBlack Artists GroupBagBAG 324 000
Blake, JohnJohn Blake/Maiden DancePolyGramGR 8309
Blake, RanRapportNovusAN 3006
Blakely , ArtOnce Upon a GrooveBlue NoteLT-1065
Blakely , ArtLes Liaisons Dangereuses – 1960PhilipsEVER-1023(M)
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely in SwedenAmigoAMLP 839
Blakely, ArtAtlanticAtlanticP-6062A
Blakely, ArtDay With Art Blakely – 1961, ABaybridgeUPS 2148~9 B (Jap)
Blakely, ArtFinest of Art Blakely, TheBethlehemBCP-6015
Blakely, ArtHard DriveBethlehemBCP 6037
Blakely, ArtAfrican BeatBlue NoteBST-84097
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely and the Jazz Messengers at the Jazz Corner of the World, Volume 1Blue NoteBST 84015
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely and the Jazz Messengers at the Jazz Corner of the World, Volume 2Blue NoteBST 84016
Blakely, ArtBig Beat, TheBlue NoteBST 84029
Blakely, ArtBuhaina's DelightBlue NoteBST 84104
Blakely, ArtFree For AllBlue NoteBLP 4170
Blakely, ArtFreedom Rider, TheBlue NoteBST 84156
Blakely, ArtIndestructibleBlue NoteBST 84193
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers Live at the Cafe Bohemia Volume 2, TheBlue NoteBLP 1508
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers Live at the Cafe Bohemia Volume 3, TheBlue NoteBNJ-61007
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers Live at the Cafe Bohemia, TheBlue NoteBST 81507
Blakely, ArtLike Someone in LoveBlue NoteBST 84245
Blakely, ArtLive MessengersBlue NoteBN-LA473-J2
Blakely, ArtMeet You At the Jazz Corner of the World, Volume 1Blue NoteBST 84054
Blakely, ArtMeet You At the Jazz Corner of the World, Volume 2Blue NoteBST 84055
Blakely, ArtMoanin'Blue NoteBLP 4003
Blakely, ArtMosaicBlue NoteBST 84090
Blakely, ArtNight at Birdland 2, ABlue NoteBLP 1522
Blakely, ArtNight at Birdland with the Art Blakely Quintet, ABlue NoteBLP 1522
Blakely, ArtPiscesBlue NoteGXK-8151
Blakely, ArtRoots & HerbsBlue NoteBST 84347
Blakely, ArtWitch Doctor, TheBlue NoteBST 84258
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers '70CatalystCAT-7902
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely & the Jazz MessengersColumbiaPC 37021
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely with the Original Jazz MessengersColumbia32 16 0246
Blakely, ArtHard HopColumbiaPC 36809
Blakely, ArtAurex Jazz Festival '83 LiveEastworldEWJ-80270
Blakely, ArtBlakelyEmArcyMG 26030
Blakely, ArtBlakely 'N ParisEpicLA 16017
Blakely, ArtParis ConcertEpicLA 16009
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely and the Jazz MessengersEverestFS 332
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely & the Jazz Messengers Live at Sweet BasilGNP/CrescendoGNPS 2182
Blakely, ArtArt BlakelyJasmineJAS 72
Blakely, ArtCu-BopJubileeJGM 1049
Blakely, ArtArt Blakely and the Jazz Messengers Live at Sweet BasilKingK28P 6357
Blakely, ArtDr. JeckyleKingK28P 6462
Blakely, ArtNight In Tunisia, ALibertyLT-84049
Blakely, ArtButtercorn LadyLimelightLS 86034
Blakely, ArtS Make ItLimelightEXPR-1022
Blakely, ArtThermoMilestoneMSP-47008
Blakely, ArtElmo HopePacific JazzPJ-33
Blakely, ArtAu Theatre des Champs ElyseesRCARC 240
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers, Vol. 1, TheRCA900.069
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers, Vol. 2, TheRCA900.07
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers, Vol. 3, TheRCARJL-2505(M)
Blakely, ArtNight In Tunisia, ARCARJL-2531
Blakely, ArtCaravanRiversideOJC-038
Blakely, ArtKyotoRiversideOJC-145
Blakely, ArtUgetsuRiversideOJC-090
Blakely, ArtMessagesRouletteRE-131
Blakely, ArtMidnight SessionSavoyMG-12171
Blakely, ArtMirageSavoySJL 1112
Blakely, ArtAlbum of the YearTimelessSJP 155
Blakely, ArtOh-By the WayTimelessSJP 165
Blakely, Art3 Blind MiceUnited ArtistsGXC 3134
Blakely, ArtJazz Messengers Play Lerner and Loewe, TheVikLX-1103
Bley, PaulFabulous Paul Bley Quintet, TheAmerica30 AM 6120
Bley, PaulRamblin'BYG529.313
Bley, PaulBarrageESP-Disk'1008
Bley, PaulCloserESP-Disk'1021
Bley, PaulIntroducing Paul BleyFantasyOJC-201
Bley, PaulTurning PointImprovising ArtistsIAI373841
Bley, PaulCanadaRadio Canada305
Bley, PaulComplete Debut Session 1953, TheRaretone5014-FC
Bley, PaulPaul Bley Group, TheSoul NoteSN 1140
Bley, PaulQuestionsSteepleChaseSCS 1205
Blue Bird Society Orchestra, TheBlue Bird Society Orchestra, TheStashST-268
Blue Wisp Big BandSmooth One, TheMOPROM-103
Bluiett, HamietClarinet Family, TheBlack SaintBSR 0097
Bluiett, HamietResolutionBlack SaintBSR 0014
Bluiett, HamietHamiet BluiettChiaroscuroCR 182
Bluiett, HamietBirthrightIndia NavigationIN 1030
Bluiett, HamietEndangered SpeciesIndia NavigationIN 1025
Blythe, ArthurBlush BabyAdelphiAD5008
Blythe, ArthurIn the TraditionColumbiaJC 36300
Blythe, ArthurGrip, TheIndia NavigationIN 1029
Blythe, ArthurMetamorphisisIndia NavigationIN 1038
Blythe, JimmyMessin' Around, Volume OneEuphonic SoundEES-101
Blythe, JimmyMessin' Around, Volume TwoEuphonic SoundEES-102
Blythe, JimmyStomp Your StuffSwaggieS1324
Blythe, JimmyMoods of Jimmy BlytheWhoopee105
Bocage, PeterPeter Bocage and his Creole SerenadersJazzologyJCE 13
Bocage, PeterPeter Bocage at San Jacinto HallJazzologyJCE 29
Bocage, PeterPeter BocageMonoMNLP 3
Bocage, PeterPeter Bocage at San Jacinto HallSan JacintoSJ 3
Bodner, PhilFine & DandyStashST214
Bonano, SharkeyMidnight on Bourbon StreetCapitolT367
Bonano, SharkeySharkey's Southern ComfortCapitolT266
Bonano, SharkeySharkey Bonano and His Sharks of Rhythm 1936-1937Old Masters, TheTOM-40
Bonano, SharkeyDixieland at the RoundtableRouletteR25112
Bonner, JoeLifesaver, TheMuse5065
Bostic, Le RoyMusic for SquaresLebLB-444
Boswell Sisters, TheBoswell Sisters 1932-34, TheBiographBLP-C3
Boswell Sisters, TheThree Syncopatin' Boswell Sisters From the Sunny South, TheTotem1042
Boswell, ConneeConneeDeccaDL 8356
Boswell, ConneeConnee Boswell and the Original Memphis Five in Hi-FiRCA VictorLPM-1426
Boswell, ConneeOn the AirTotem1025
Boswell, ConnieSand In My ShoesMCAMCL 1689
Boswell, ConnieEarly Solos 1931-35, TheTake TwoTT 209
Boswell, ConnieUnder a Blanket of BlueTake TwoTT 216
Bothwell, JohnnyWhatever Happened to Johnny Bothwell?Bob ThieleBBM1-0641
Bowie, JosephJoseph Bowie – Oliver LakeSackville2010
Bowie, Lester5th Power, TheBlack SaintBSR 0020
Bowie, LesterGreat Pretender, TheECMECM-1-1209
Bowie, LesterAfrican ChildrenHoroHDP 29-30
Bowie, LesterDuetImprovising ArtistsIAI 37.38.54
Bowie, LesterRope-A-DopeMuseMR 5081
Bowie, LesterNumbers 1 & 2Nessan-1
Bown, PattiPatti Bown Plays Big PianoColumbiaCL 1379
Boykins, RonnieRonnie BoykinsESP-Disk'ESP 3026
Brack, BobbyKent State Jazz DateColpixCP 405
Brackeen, CharlesRhythm XStrata-EastSES 19736
Brackeen, JoannePrismChoiceCRS 1024
Brackeen, JoanneSnoozeChoiceCRS 1009
Bradford, BobbyLove's DreamEmanem3302
Bradley, WillWill Bradley and his Orchestra featuring Ray McKinleyAircheck15
Bradley, WillWill Bradley In Disco Order, Volume 4Ajax131
Bradley, WillWill Bradley In Disco Order, Volume 7Ajax149
Bradley, WillWill Bradley In Disco Order, Volume 8Ajax158
Bradley, WillWill Bradley In Disco Order, Volume 9Ajax168
Bradley, WillHi-Fi DixieJazztoneJ1261
Bradshaw, TinyBreakin' Up the HouseCharlyCRD1092
Bradshaw, TinyTiny Bradshaw/Teddy HillHarlequinHQ 2053
Braff, RubyRuby BraffABC-ParamountABC 141
Braff, RubyYou're Getting to Be a Habit With MeBellBLP 43
Braff, RubyAdoration of the MelodyBethlehemBCP-6043
Braff, RubyBraff!!EpicLN 3377
Braff, RubySwinging With Ruby BraffJazztoneJ-1210
Braff, RubyMr. Braff to YouPhontasticPHONT 7568
Braff, RubySwinging on a StarPizza Express5501
Braff, RubyTo Fred Astaire, With LoveRCAAPL1-1008
Braff, RubyEasy NowRCA VictorLSP-1966
Braff, RubyHi-Fi Salute to BunnyRCA VictorLPM-1510
Braff, RubyHustlin' and Bustlin'StoryvilleSTLP 908
Braff, RubyBlowing Around the WorldUnited ArtistsUAL 3045
Braff, RubyRuby Braff/Marshall Brown Sextet, TheUnited ArtistsUAL 4093
Braff, RubyPocket Full of DreamsVanguardVRS-8516
Braff, RubyRuby Braff Special, TheVanguardK20P 6193
Braff, RubyTwo By Two (2 x 2)VanguardVRS-8507
Braff, RubyRuby Braff Octet with Pee Wee Russell and Bobby Henderson at NewportVerveMG V-8241
Braith, GeorgeMusartPrestigePR 7515
Braxton, AnthonyB-XO No1 47AAffinityAFF 15
Braxton, AnthonyDona LeeAmerica30 AM 6122
Braxton, AnthonyMontreux/Berlin Concerts, TheAristaAL 5002
Braxton, AnthonyComplete Braxton 1971, TheArista FreedomAF 1902
Braxton, AnthonySix Monk's Compositions (1987)Black Saint120 116-1
Braxton, AnthonyThis Time...BYG529 347
Braxton, AnthonyThree CompositionsDelmarkDS-415
Braxton, AnthonyTogether AloneDelmarkDS-428
Braxton, AnthonyFour Compositions (1973)Denon JazzYX-7506-ND
Braxton, AnthonySilenceFreedomPA-7103
Braxton, AnthonyElements of SurpriseMoers Music1036
Braxton, AnthonyRecital Paris 71MusicaMUS. 2004
Braxton, AnthonyAnthony Braxton Quartet Live at Moer's FestivalRing01010/11
Braxton, AnthonyAnthony Braxton Solo Live At Moers FestivalRing1002
Braxton, AnthonyIn the TraditionSteepleChaseSCS-1015
Braxton, AnthonyTown Hall 1972TrioPA-3008~9
Braxton, AnthonyMoment PrecieuxVicto2
Breakstone, JoshuaEvening StarContemporaryC-14040
Breakstone, JoshuaSelf-Portrait In SwingContemporaryC-14050
Breaton's BanditsBreaton's Bandits Blast Bourbon StreetPineappleLB 5001
Briggs, ArthurArthur Briggs In BerlinBlack JackLP 3006
Bright, RonnellRonnell Bright Trio, TheFresh SoundFSR-559
Bright, RonnellAll About RonnellRonnell BrightBF-1212
Brignola, NickBaritone MadnessBee HiveBH 7000
Brignola, NickSignals...In From SomewhereDiscoveryDS-893
Brignola, NickL.A. BoundSea BreezeSB-2003
Britt, PatJazz From San FranciscoCrestviewCRS 3075
Brock, HerbieBrock's TopsSavoyMG 12069
Brookmeyer, BobPortrait of the ArtistAtlanticSD 1320
Brookmeyer, BobBob Brookmeyer Featuring John Williams and Red MitchellCrownCST 318
Brookmeyer, BobJazz Is A KickMercuryMG 20600
Brookmeyer, BobDual Role of Bob Brookmeyer, ThePrestigeLP 7066
Brookmeyer, BobJazz Is A KickTripTLP-5568
Brookmeyer, BobKansas City RevisitedUnited ArtistsUAL 4008
Brookmeyer, BobStreet Swingers, TheWorld PacificPJ-1239
Brookmeyer, BobTraditionalism RevisitedWorld PacificPJ-1233
Brookmeyer, BobbyBobby Brookmeyer and His OrchestraRCAPL 43550
Brookmeyer, BobbyBlues – Hot and Cold, TheVerve821 550-1
Brooks, John BensonFolk Jazz, U.S.A.RCAPM 43767
Brooks, John BensonJohn Benson Brooks' Alabama ConcertoRiversideRLP 1123
Brooks, RandyRandy Brooks and His Orchestra (1944)Onward To YesterdayOTY-1511
Brooks, TinaMinor MoveBlue NoteGXK 8162
Brooks, TinaTrue BlueBlue NoteGXK 8202
Brooks, TinaComplete Blue Note Recordings of the Tina Brooks Quintets, TheMosaicMR4-106
Brown Jr., OscarSin & SoulColumbiaCL 1577
Brown, CliffordJazz ImmortalAffinityAFF129
Brown, CliffordClifford Brown Memorial AlbumBlue NoteBLP-1526
Brown, CliffordMore Memorable TracksBlue NoteBNJ 61001
Brown, CliffordClifford Brown and Max Roach at Basin StreetEmArcy6336 707
Brown, CliffordClifford Brown From StringsEmArcyTLP-5502
Brown, CliffordClifford Brown With StringsEmArcy6336 711
Brown, CliffordMore Study In BrownEmArcy185J-1
Brown, CliffordStudy In BrownEmArcy6336 708
Brown, CliffordBest of Max Roach and Clifford Brown In Concert, TheGNPGNP-18
Brown, CliffordDaahoudMainstreamMRL 386
Brown, CliffordBest Coast JazzMercury15PJ-2016(M)
Brown, CliffordThe Quintet Vol. 1MercuryEMS-2-403
Brown, CliffordThe Quintet Vol. 2MercuryEMS-2-407
Brown, CliffordPure GeniusMusicianE1-60026
Brown, CliffordClifford Brown MemorialPrestigeLP 7055
Brown, CliffordClifford Brown Memorial AlbumPrestigePRLP 7055
Brown, CliffordClifford Brown All StarsTripTLP-5550
Brown, CliffordComplete Paris Collection, TheVogueVJT 3001
Brown, LawrenceSlide TromboneClefMG C-682
Brown, LawrenceInspired AbandonImpulseA-89
Brown, MarionSoul EyesBaystateRVJ-6036
Brown, MarionGesprachsfetzenCalig-VerlagCAL 30601
Brown, MarionMarion Brown in SommerhausenCalig-VerlagCAL 30605
Brown, MarionAwofoforaDISCODSP-5002
Brown, MarionMarion Brown QuartetESP-Disk'ESP 1022
Brown, MarionWhy NotESP-Disk'ESP 1040
Brown, MarionBack to ParisFree LanceFRL 002
Brown, MarionReeds 'N VibesImprovising ArtistsIAI 37.38.55
Brown, MarionGeechee RecollectionsImpulseAS-9252
Brown, MarionSolo SaxophoneSweet EarthSER 1001
Brown, MarionLa Placita: Live in WillisauTimelessSJP 108
Brown, PetePete's Last Date7777SEU12/52
Brown, PeteJazz KaleidoscopeBethlehemBCP-4
Brown, PeteFrom the HeartVerveMGVS-6133
Brown, RayBass Hit!VerveMGV-8022
Brown, RayJazz CelloVerveMGVS-68390
Brown, TedFree SpiritCriss Cross JazzCriss 1031
Brown, TedIn Good CompanyCriss Cross JazzCriss 1020
Brown, TedFree WheelingVanguardK20P 6183
Brown, TedFree WheelingVanguardLAX-3075
Brubeck, DaveLast Set at Newport, TheAtlanticSD 1607
Brubeck, DaveWe're All Together Again For the First TimeAtlanticSD 1641
Brubeck, DaveAnything Goes!ColumbiaCL 2602
Brubeck, DaveAt NewportColumbiaCL 932
Brubeck, DaveBrubeck on CampusColumbiaXG 31298
Brubeck, DaveCompadresColumbiaCS 9704
Brubeck, DaveCountdown – Time In Outer SpaceColumbiaCL 1775
Brubeck, DaveGone With the WindColumbiaCJ 40627
Brubeck, DaveJazz Goes to CollegeColumbiaCL 566
Brubeck, DaveJazz Impressions of JapanColumbiaCL 2212
Brubeck, DaveJazz: Red Hot and CoolColumbiaCL 699
Brubeck, DaveLive At the Berlin WhilarmonicColumbiaPC 32143
Brubeck, DaveMusic From “West Side Story” and Other WorksColumbiaCL 1466
Brubeck, DaveRiddle, TheColumbiaCL 1454
Brubeck, DaveBrubeck a la ModeFantasyOJC-200
Brubeck, DaveDave BrubeckFantasyFMJ 61220
Brubeck, DaveDave Brubeck & Paul Desmond at Wilshire-EbellFantasyFMJ 3249
Brubeck, DaveDave Brubeck QuartetFantasyFMJ 3230
Brubeck, DaveJazz at Storyville: The Dave Brubeck Trio and QuartetFantasyFMJ 3240
Brubeck, DaveJazz at the College of the PacificFantasyFMJ-3223
Brubeck, DaveTwo Knights at the Black HawkFantasyFMJ 3298
Brubeck, DaveDave Brubeck In Moscow???????C60 30193 007
Burke, RayClarinet New Orleans StyleSouthlandLP 227
Burke, VinnieVinnie Burke All-Stars, TheABCSR(M) 3041
Burland, SaschaSwingin' the JinglesRiversideRLP 7515
Burns, DaveWarming UpVanguardVRS 9143
Burns, DaveDave BurnsVanguardVRS 9111
Burrell, DaveLa Vie De BohemeBYG529 330
Burrell, DaveEchoBYG529 320
Burrell, DaveHighDouglasSD 798
Burrell, DaveRound MidnightNippon ColumbiaYX-7541-ND
Burrell, KennySwingin'Blue NoteGXF 3070
Burrell, KennyFreedomBlue NoteGXF 3057
Burrell, KennyKenny BurrellBlue NoteBST 81543
Burrell, KennyBlue LightsBlue NoteBST 81596
Burrell, KennyMidnight BlueBlue NoteGXK 8116
Burrell, KennyBlue Lights, Vol. 2Blue NoteBST 81597
Burrell, KennyOn View At the Five Spot CafeBlue NoteBST 84021
Burrell, KennyGuiding SpiritContemporaryC-14058
Burrell, KennyBluesey BurrellMoodsvilleMV 29
Burrell, KennyGroovin' HighMuseMR 5281
Burrell, KennyKenny Burrell & John ColtraneNew JazzNJ 8276
Burrell, KennyAll Day LongPrestigePR 7277
Burrell, KennyAll Day Long and All Night LongPrestigePR 24025
Burrell, KennyKenny BurrellPrestigeOJC-019 (P-7088)
Burrell, KennyGuitar SoulStatusST 8318
Burrell, KennyGuitar FormsVerveV6-8612
Burton, GaryWho Is Gary Burton?RCA VictorLPM-2665
Busse, HenryHenry Busse and His Orchestra – 1935HindsightHSR-122
Butterfield, BillyRapport7777s 54
Butterfield, BillyGolden Horn, TheColumbiaCS 8473
Butterfield, BillyBilly Plays BixEpicBA 17026
Butterfield, BillyBilly Butterfield at AmherstEssexLP 403
Butterfield, BillyButterfield At RutgersEssexLP 404
Butterfield, BillyWatch What Happens: Billy Butterfield with the Benny Simkins' BandFlyrightLP 205
Butterfield, BillyBilly Butterfield and His Orchestra – 1946HindsightHSR-173
Butterfield, BillyThank You For A Lovely EveningRCA VictorLPM-1590
Butterfield, BillyInternational SessionRiff659.002
Byard, JakiBlues for SmokeCandid9018
Byard, JakiLive At the Jazz'innFuturaGER 29
Byard, JakiJaki Byard with StringsPrestigePR 7573
Byard, JakiPhantasiesSoul NoteSN 1075
Byard, JakiParisian SolosMusicaMUS. 2008
Byas, DonSlows a la CarteBarclay920.39
Byas, DonDon Byas 1945Black and Blue33.003
Byas, DonAnthropologyBlack LionBLP 30126
Byas, DonDon Byas 1944-45CaeteLP-2
Byas, Don1945-1946Caracol441
Byas, DonDon Byas – 1947 – Those Barcelona DaysFresh SoundFSR-301
Byas, DonDon ByasInner CityIC 7018
Byas, DonDon ByasJazz SocietyAA 500
Byas, DonDon Byas In ParisPrestigePR 7598
Byas, DonSavoy Jam PartySavoySJL 2213
Byers, BillyRCA Victor Jazz Workshop – Billy Byers, TheRCA VictorLPM-1269
Byrd, CharlieTouch of Gold, TheColumbiaCS 9304
Byrd, CharlieBossa Nova Pelos Passaros (Meditation)RiversideOJC-107
Byrd, CharlieByrd At the GateRiversideRM 467
Byrd, DonaldCat Walk, TheBlue NoteBST 84075
Byrd, DonaldNew Perspective, ABlue NoteBLP 84124
Byrd, DonaldI'm Tryin' To Get HomeBlue NoteBST 84188
Byrd, DonaldFancy FreeBlue NoteBST 84319
Byrd, DonaldFree FormBlue NoteBST 84118
Byrd, DonaldFuegoBlue NoteBST 84026
Byrd, DonaldMustangBlue NoteBST 84238
Byrd, DonaldEarly ByrdColumbiaCG 32482
Byrd, DonaldModern Jazz PerspectiveColumbiaPC 36810
Byrd, DonaldGetting Down To BusinessLandmarkLLP-1523
Byrd, DonaldByrd In Paris Volume 2Polydor833 395-1
Byrd, DonaldByrd In Paris Volume 1Polydor833 394-1
Byrd, DonaldHouse of ByrdPrestigeP-24066
Byrd, DonaldXtacyTripTLP-5016
California Ramblers, TheHallelujah! - Here Come the California Ramblers – 1925-1929BiographBPL 12021
California Ramblers, The1920s Flapper PartyHalcyonHAL 8
Callender, RedLowest, TheMetroJazzE1007
Calloway, BlancheBlanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys (1931)RCAPM 42392
Calloway, CabKing of Hi-De-Ho, TheAce of HeartsAH 106
Calloway, CabCab – Ella & ChickBandstandBS-7125
Calloway, Cab16 Cab Calloway ClassicsCBS62 950
Calloway, CabCab Calloway and His Orchestra 1932Collector's ClassicsCC 20
Calloway, CabHi De Ho ManColumbiaCG 32593
Calloway, CabSingin' N' Swingin'Giants of JazzLP-1012
Calloway, CabCab CallowayGlendaleGLS-9007
Calloway, CabCotton Club Revue 1958GoneGLP 101
Calloway, CabCab Calloway 1937/38JazzDocumentva-7998
Calloway, CabMr. Hi. De. Ho. (1930-1931)MCAMCA-1344
Calloway, CabCab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra (1933-34)RCAFXM1 7125
Calloway, CabMan From Harlem, TheSwing ClassicsET 4
Camp, RedUpright and HorizontalCook10889
Campbell, JohnAfter HoursContemporaryC-14053
Canal Street Jazz BandNew Orleans StompStomp OffS.O.S. 1005
Candoli, ConteWest Coast WailersAtlantic1268
Candoli, ContePowerhouse TrumpetBethlehemPAP-23008(M)
Candoli, ConteWest Coasting with Conte Candoli and Stan LeveyBethlehemBCP 9
Candoli, ConteConversationRCATCL1-1007
Candoli, PeteBlues, When Your Lover Has GoneSomersetSF-17200
Candoli, Pete & ConteThere Is Nothing Like A DameWarner Bros.W1462
Candoli, The BrothersJazzin' AroundMercurySJ-19609 (SR-60191)
Capers, ValeriePortrait In SoulAtlanticSD 3003
Carney, HarryRare Dates Without the Duke 1944/1949Raretone5011-FC
Carney, HarryMoods for Girl and BoyVerve25MJ 3610 (MGV 2028)
Carroll, Baikida E.J.Orange Fish TearsPalm13
Carter, BennyStop One: ParisCharterCLS 105
Carter, BennyWhen the Lights Are LowConiferCHD 131
Carter, BennySwingin' the '20sContemporaryS 7561
Carter, BennyBenny Carter All Stars Featuring Nat Adderley and Red NorvoGazellGJ-1004
Carter, BennyAdditions to Further DefinitionsImpulseMCA-29066
Carter, BennyFurther DefinitionsImpulseA-12
Carter, BennySwingin' At Maida ValeJasmineJASM 2010
Carter, BennyStreet of DreamsLDRLDC-1030
Carter, BennySomebody Loves MeMagicAWE 28
Carter, BennyIn the Mood for SwingMHSMHS 912375z
Carter, BennyCentral City SketchesMHSMHS 922211F
Carter, BennyAutumn LeavesMovietone71020
Carter, BennyJazz GiantOriginal Jazz ClassicsOJC-167
Carter, BennyBenny Carter Meets Oscar PetersonPablo2310-926
Carter, BennySkyline DrivePhontasticPHONT 7540
Carter, Benny1933PrestigePR 7643
Carter, BennyBenny Carter (1940-1941)RCA741.073
Carter, BennyChocolate Dandies, TheSwingSW 8448
Carter, BennyBBB & Co.SwingvilleSV 2032
Carter, BennyAspectsUnited ArtistsUAL 4017
Carter, BettyModern Sound of Betty Carter, TheMCAVIM-5596
Carter, BettyOut There with Betty CarterPeacockPLP-90
Carter, JohnFlight for FourFlying DutchmanFDS-108
Carter, JohnSelf Determination MusicFlying DutchmanFDS-128
Carter, JohnSecretsRevelation18
Carter, RonUptown ConversationEmbryoSD 521
Carter, RonWhere?StatusST 8265
Cary, DickHot and CoolBellLP 44
Cary, DickHot and CoolBellBLP 44
Cary, DickDick Cary and the Dixieland DoodlersColumbiaCL 1425
Cary, DickAmazing Dick Cary, TheRiff659.014
Casa Loma OrchestraCasa Loma Orchestra – 1929-1932HarrisonLP-N
Casa Loma OrchestraCasa Loma Orchestra – Vol. 2 (1930-1937)HarrisonLP-T
Casa Loma OrchestraCasa Loma StompHep1010
Casa Loma OrchestraWhite JazzOld BeanOLD 5
Casey, AlBest of FriendsJSPJSP 1051
Casey, AlBuck Jumpin'Prestige/Swingville2007
Casimir, JohnTomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowIconLP 11
Casimir, MikeCasimir's Paragon Brass BandJazzologyJCE-5
Casimir, MikeCasimir's Jazz BandOmega3
Castle Jazz BandFamous Castle Jazz Band, TheGood Time JazzS-10030
Castle Jazz BandFive Pennies, TheGood Time JazzM 12037
Castle, LeeDixieland HeavenDavisJD 105
Castro, JoeGroove Funk SoulAtlanticSD 1324
Celestin, Oscar “Papa”Dixieland King, TheImperialLP 9125
Celestin, Oscar “Papa”Papa Celestin and Alphonse PicouOld RicconHGS 18-500
Celestin, Oscar “Papa”Papa Celestn and His New Orleans Ragtime Band (featuring Aphonse Picou)SouthlandS-LP 225
Celestin, Oscar “Papa”Papa Celestin's Golden WeddingSouthlandS-LP 206
Celestin, Oscar “Papa”Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz OrchestraVJMVLP 33
Chaloff, SergeBlue SergeCapitolECJ-50051
Chaloff, SergeBoston Blow-Up!CapitolECJ-50043
Chaloff, SergeBlue SergeCapitolM-11032
Chaloff, SergeFable of Mabel, TheStoryvillePA-3117(M)
Chamberlain, CathyRag 'N Roll RevueWarner Bros.BS 3032
Chambers, PaulBass on TopBlue NoteBLP 1500
Chambers, PaulHigh StepBlue NoteDN-LA451-H2
Chambers, PaulPaul Chambers QuintetBlue NoteGXK 8143(M)
Chambers, PaulWhims of ChambersBlue NoteBLP 1534
Chambers, Paul1st BassmanVee JayRJL-6009
Chamblee, EddieChamblee MusicEmArcyMG 36124
Chamblee, EddieRocking Tenor Sax of Eddie Chamblee with Dayton Selby at the OrganPrestigePR 7321
Chapin, JinJin Chapin SextetCobraCJ 6
Charles, DennisIt Is This It Is Not This Audio LetterCity-zens For Non-Linear Futures[none]
Charles, TeddyTeddy Charles Tentet, TheAtlanticP-6054A
Charles, TeddyWord from BirdAtlanticP7537A
Charles, TeddyOn Campus – Ivy League Jazz ConcertBethlehemBCP 6044
Charles, TeddyVibe-rantElektra136
Charles, TeddySalute to HampFresh SoundFSR-2004
Charles, TeddyCoolin'New JazzNJLP 8216
Charles, TeddyCollaboration WestPrestigeLP 7028
Charles, TeddyMetronome Presents: Jazz in the Garden at the Museum of Modern ArtWarwickJRJ-7178
Charleston Chasers, TheCharleston Chasers 1929-1930, TheThe Old MastersTOM-6
Charleston Chasers, TheCharleston Chasers 1925-1928, TheVJMVLP 26
Charleston Chasers, TheCharleston Chasers 1929-1931, TheVJMVLP 44
Cheatham, Adolphus “Doc”Adolphus “Doc” CheathamJezebelJZ-102-ST
Cheatham, DocHarlem On Parade 77Black and Blue33.159
Cheatham, DocGood For What Ails YouClassic JazzCJ 113
Cheatham, DocDoc Cheatham and Sammy Price in New OrleansGHBGHB-249
Cheatham, DocDoc Cheatham PrescribesJazzwaysJW 106/2
Cheatham, DocFabulous Doc Cheatham, The Parkwood104
Cheatham, DocIt's a Good LifeParkwood101
Cheatham, DocHighlights in Jazz Presents “Echoes of Harlem” with Doc Cheatham and George KellyStashST-265
Cheatham, DocHighlights In JazzStashST 254
Cheatham, DocAt the Jazz Band BallSwingville2031
Cherry, DonArt DecoA&MSP 5258
Cherry, DonEternal RhythmBASF20680
Cherry, DonOld And New DreamsBlack SaintBSR 0013
Cherry, DonComplete CommunionBlue NoteBST 84226
Cherry, DonSymphony for ImprovisersBlue NoteBLP 4247
Cherry, DonWhere Is Brooklyn?Blue NoteBST 84311
Cherry, DonMu First PartBYG529.301
Cherry, DonMu Second PartBYG529.331
Cherry, DonSwingin' for TwoColumbiaCL 893
Cherry, DonOld And New DreamsECMECM-1-1154
Cherry, DonRelativity SuiteJCOALP 1006
Cherry, DonActionsSpectrumWER SM 1010
Chester, BobBob Chester and His Orchestra 1939-1942BandstandBSR 7103
Chester, BobBob Chester Story, TheBig Band InternationalLP 2708
Chester, BobEasy Does ItGolden Era15003
Chicago Jazz GiantsChicago Jazz Giants Live, TheMPS5D 064D-99481
Childers, BuddyBuddy Childers QuartetLibertyLJH 6013
Childers, BuddySam SongsLibertyLJH 6009
Chittison, HermanPiano GeniusMusicraftMVS 506
Christian, CharleyHarlem Jazz Scene – 1941, TheEsotericES-548
Christian, CharlieTribute from SwedenFran StaternaCG (Swe)
Christian, CharlieTogether 1940Jazz ArchivesJA-6
Christian, CharlieCharlie Christian with Dizzy Gillespie & Thelonius MonkUpFrontUPF-181
Christlieb, PeteApogeeWarner Bros.BSK 3236
Christy, JuneIntimate Miss Christy, TheCapitolECJ-60033
Christy, JuneSomething CoolCapitolSM-516
Christy, JuneSomething CoolCapitolECJ-50060
Christy, JuneChristyPAUSAPR 9009
Christy, JuneJune TimeSwing HouseSWH 20
CircleParis ConcertECMECM-1018/19
Clark, KennyAll SmilesPolydor583 727
Clark, SonnyVoodooBlack SaintBSR 0109
Clark, SonnyArt of The Trio, TheBlue NoteGXK 8157
Clark, SonnyBlues In the NightBlue NoteGXF 3051
Clark, SonnyCool Struttin'Blue NoteBST-81588
Clark, SonnyImmortal Session from Blue Note, TheBlue NoteLNJ-70079
Clark, SonnyDial “S” For SonnyBlue NoteBLP 1570
Clark, SonnyLeapin' and Lopin'Blue NoteBNJ-71010
Clark, SonnyMy ConceptionBlue NoteGXF 3056
Clark, SonnySonny Clark Quintet, TheBlue NoteLNJ-70093
Clark, SonnySonny Clark TrioBlue NoteBST-81579
Clark, SonnySonny's CribBlue NoteBLP 1576
Clark, SonnySonny Clark TrioOverseas/Time70010
Clark, SonnySonny Clark Memorial Album, TheXanadu121
Clarke, KennyClarke-Boland Big BandAtlantic1404
Clarke, KennyJazz Is UniversalAtlantic1401
Clarke, KennySax No EndBASFCRM 644
Clarke, KennyDoing TimeBlack Lion(CA 693) 65.119
Clarke, KennyGolden 8, TheBlue NoteBST 84092
Clarke, KennyMusic For the Small HoursColumbiaSMC 74324
Clarke, KennyNow Hear Our Meanin'ColumbiaCL 2314
Clarke, KennyKenny Clarke Plays Andre HodeirEpicLN3376
Clarke, KennyKenny Clarke – Francis Boland QuintetEuropa JazzEJ-1030
Clarke, KennyKenny ClarkeHoro101-20
Clarke, KennyKenny “To Day”Night and DayNAD 1000
Clarke, KennyKenny “To Day”Night and DayNAD 1000
Clarke, KennyVolcanoPolydor24-4501
Clarke, KennyJazzmen: DetroitSavoyMG-12083
Clarke, KennyKlook's CliqueSavoyMG 12065
Clarke, KennyClarke Boland Band, TheSupraphon55 988
Clarke, KennyKenny Clarke in Paris – Volume OneSwingSW 8411
Classic Jazz Quartet, TheClassic Jazz Quartet, TheJazzologyJ-139
Classic Jazz Quartet, TheMCMLXXXVIStomp OffS.O.S. 1125
Clay, JamesSound of the Wide Open Spaces, TheRiversideRLP 1178
Clay, JamesDouble Dose of Soul, ARiversideRLP 349
Clayton, BuckLe Vrai Buck Clayton77LEU 12/11
Clayton, BuckLe Vrai Buck Clayton Volume 277LEU 12/18
Clayton, BuckGolden Days of Jazz: Buck Clayton, TheCBSJC2L 614
Clayton, BuckJam Session Vol. 1CBSCBS 21112
Clayton, BuckAll Cats Join In: A Buck Clayton Jam SessionColumbiaCL 882
Clayton, BuckBuck Clayton Jams Benny GoodmanColumbiaCL 614
Clayton, BuckCat Meets ChickColumbiaCL 778 (CBS 980085-1)
Clayton, BuckBuck Clayton Jam Session, AColumbiaCL 567
Clayton, BuckHuckle-buck and Robbins' Nest, TheColumbiaCL 548
Clayton, BuckJumpin' At the WoodsideColumbiaCL 701
Clayton, BuckSongs for SwingersColumbiaCL 1320
Clayton, BuckJam Sessions from the VaultColumbiaCJ 44291
Clayton, BuckBuck Clayton/TenderlyInner CityJC 7019
Clayton, BuckBuck Clayton & FriendsInternational Polydor623 221
Clayton, BuckSwingin' and Dancing to ParadisePopPOST. 19.001-30 (Fra)
Clayton, BuckSwingin' and Dancing with Buck ClaytonPopPOMS. 71.005-30
Clayton, BuckKansas City NightsPrestigeP-24040
Clayton, BuckBuck & BuddyPrestige/SwingvilleSVLP 2017
Clayton, BuckTrumpet SummitPumpkin101
Clayton, BuckClassic Swing of Buck Clayton, TheRiversideRLP 142
Clayton, BuckSwingin' Dream, AStashST 281
Clayton, BuckCopenhagen ConcertSteepleChaseSCS 6006/7
Clayton, BuckRarities Vol. 1SwingtimeST 1024
Clayton, BuckBuck & Buddy Blow the BluesSwingvilleSV 2030
Clayton, BuckBuck'n the BluesVanguardVRS 8514
Clayton, BuckBuck Clayton – All Stars' PerformanceVogueLD. 544-30
Clayton, Jimmy “Kid”First Kid Clayton Session: 1952, TheFolkwaysFJ 2859
Clayton, Jimmy “Kid”Kid Clayton's Happy Pals: The Exit Stares (Volume XI)IconLP 12
Cleveland, JimmyRhythm CrazyEmArcyMGE-26003
Cleveland, JimmyCleveland StyleMercuryEXPR-1019
Cleveland, JimmyIntroducing Jimmy Cleveland & His All StarsTripTLP-5575
Climax Jazz BandDirect to DiskLabyrinthLBR-1000
Clooney, RosemarySwing Around RosieJasmineJAS 1502
Cobb, ArnettKeep On Pushin'Bee HiveBH 7017
Cobb, ArnettSmooth SailingPrestigePRLP 7184
Cobb, ArnettMore Party TimePrestigeWWLJ-7038 (PRST-7175)
Cobb, ArnettSizzlin'StatusPRT 7227
Cobb, ArnettLiveTimelessSJP 174
Cobb, ArnettComplete Apollo Sessions, TheVogue500116
Cobb, Junie C.Junie C. CobbRiversideRLP 9415
Coburn's Colony Club ComboHere's Your RequestRequest71056
Cohn, AlCohn on the SaxophoneDawnDLP 1110
Cohn, AlSax Section, TheEpicLN 3278
Cohn, AlJazz Mission to MoscowGhentGS-5003
Cohn, AlJazz Stars Vol. 31: Al Cohn Quintet Featuring Bob BrookmeyerMCA510.173
Cohn, AlJazz Stars Volume 26: Al and ZootMCA510.164
Cohn, AlYou 'N MeMercuryEXPR-1001
Cohn, AlBroadway/1954PrestigePR 7819
Cohn, AlFour Brass, One TenorRCAPM 45164
Cohn, AlBirdland Stars on Tour, TheRCAPM 45725
Cohn, AlBrothers!, TheRCAPM 43240
Cohn, AlMr. MusicRCAPM 42043
Cohn, AlFrom A to ZRCAPM 42302
Cohn, AlEast Coast-West Coast SceneRCA VictorNL-45962
Cohn, AlNatural Seven, TheRCA VictorLPM-1116
Cohn, AlProgressive Al Cohn, TheSavoySJL 1126
Cohn, AlMotoring AlongSonetSNTF 684
Cohn, AlAl Cohn's AmericaXanadu138
Cohn, AlSilver BlueXanadu137
Cole, CozyConcerto for CozySavoyMG 12197
Cole, Nat KingWhere Did Everyone Go?CapitolEMS 1114
Cole, Nat KingAfter MidnightCapitolEMS 1103
Cole, Nat KingL.O.V.E.CapitolST 2195
Cole, Nat KingTouch of Your Lips, TheCapitolW 1574
Cole, Nat KingTell Me All About YourselfCapitolEMS 1109
Cole, Nat KingVery Thought of You, TheCapitolEMS 1106
Cole, Nat KingLove Is the ThingCapitolEMS 1104
Cole, Nat KingJust One of Those ThingsCapitolEMS 1105
Cole, Nat KingWelcome To the ClubCapitolSW 1120
Cole, Nat KingPiano Style of Nat King Cole, TheCapitolW689
Cole, Nat KingRamblin' RoseCapitolST 1793
Cole, Nat KingTwo In LoveCapitolT420
Cole, Nat KingUnforgettableCapitolEMS 1100
Cole, Nat KingUnforgettableCapitolT 357
Cole, Nat KingMy Fair LadyCapitolSW 2117
Cole, Nat KingNat King Cole Sings/George Shearing PlaysCapitolW 1675
Cole, Nat KingWild Is LoveCapitolSN-10637
Cole, Nat KingNat King Cole Sings His Songs from Cat Ballou and Other Motion PicturesCapitolT 2340
Cole, Nat KingThis is Nat "King" ColeCapitolT870
Cole, Nat KingLove Is A Many Splendored ThingPickwickSPC-3046
Cole, Nat KingAnatomy Of A Jam SessionPolydor2460 107
Cole, Nat KingSpringtime of Our LoveS&HS&H4547
Cole, Nat KingNat King Cole and The King Cole TrioSavoy JazzSJL 1205
Cole, Nat KingNat King Cole Meets Master SaxesSpotliteSPJ136
Cole, Nat KingPieces of ColeSwing HouseSWH-12
Cole, Nat KingClassicsTrio1551863
Cole, RichieBossa InternationalMilestoneM-9180
Cole, RichieSignatureMilestoneM-9162
Cole, RichieSome Things Speak for ThemselvesMuseMR 5295
Cole, RichieTrenton Makes the World TakesProgressivePRC 1001-J
Coleman, BillLove SongsAtlanticSD 8172
Coleman, BillReally I DoBlack and Blue33.162
Coleman, BillBill Coleman in Milan with Lino Patruno & His FriendsDuriumms. A 77313
Coleman, BillBill Coleman A Paris - Volume 1 - 1936-38EMIPMC 7104
Coleman, BillBill Coleman A Paris - Volume 2 - 1936-38EMIPMC 7105
Coleman, BillParis 1936/38SwingSW 8402
Coleman, GeorgeBig GeorgeAffinityAFF 52
Coleman, GeorgeManhattan PanoramaTheresaTR-120
Coleman, GeorgeMeditationTimelessSJP 110
Coleman, GeorgeAmsterdam After DarkTimelessSJP 129
Coleman, OrnetteSoapsuds, SoapsudsArtists HouseAH6
Coleman, OrnetteArt of the Improvisers, TheAtlantic90978-1
Coleman, OrnetteShape of Jazz to ComeAtlanticSD 1317
Coleman, OrnetteTo Whom Who Keeps A RecordAtlanticP-10085 A
Coleman, OrnetteOrnette On TenorAtlanticSD 1394
Coleman, OrnetteThis Is Our MusicAtlanticSD 1353
Coleman, OrnetteFree JazzAtlanticSD 1364
Coleman, OrnetteOrnette!AtlanticSD 1378
Coleman, OrnetteEmpty Foxhole, TheBlue NoteBST 84246
Coleman, OrnetteScience FictionColumbiaC 31061
Coleman, OrnetteTomorrow Is the QuestionContemporaryS7569
Coleman, OrnetteSomething Else! The Music of Ornette ColemanContemporaryS7551
Coleman, OrnetteFriends and Neighbors: Ornette Live at Prince StreetFlying DutchmanFDS-123
Coleman, OrnetteColeman Classics Volume 1Improvising ArtistsIAI 37.38.52
Coleman, OrnetteCrisisImpulseAS-9187
Coleman, OrnetteOf Human FeelingsIslandAN-2001
Coleman, OrnetteAt The Golden Circle, Stockholm (Volume ½)Pathe MarconiPM 252
Coleman, OrnetteVirgin BeautyPortraitOR 44301
Coleman, SteveWorld ExpansionJMTLP 834 410-1
Coleman, SteveMotherland PulseJMT850001
Coles, JohnnyLittle Johnny CBlue NoteGXK 8204
Coles, JohnnyNew MorningCriss Cross Jaz1005
Coles, JohnnyWarm Sound, TheEpicECPZ-10
Coles, JohnnyKatumbo (Dance)MainstreamMRL 346
Collette, BuddyCalm, Cool, & ColletteABC-ParamountABC-179
Collette, BuddyJazz on the BounceBel CantoSR/1004
Collette, BuddyEverybody's BuddyChallenge603
Collette, BuddyNice Day with Buddy ColletteContemporaryC 3531
Collette, BuddyMan of Many PartsContemporaryC3522
Collette, BuddyBuddy's BestDootoDTL 245
Collette, BuddyBlock BusterRGBRGB 2001
Collette, BuddyJazz Loves ParisSpecialtySP 5002
Collins, Al "Jazzbo"Al "Jazzbo" Collins presents East Coast Jazz SceneCoralCRL 57035
Collins, DickKing Richard the Swing HeartedRCALJM-1027
Collins, DickHorn of PlentyRCA VictorNL-45632
Collins, LeeLee Collins: A Night at the Victory ClubNew OrleansNOR 7203
Coltrane, JohnConcert in JapanABCAS-9246-2
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Coltrane, JohnJohn Coltrane : The LegendAtlantic40 376
Coltrane, JohnOleAtlantic1373
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Coltrane, JohnColtrane JazzAtlanticLP 1354
Coltrane, JohnMy Favorite ThingsAtlanticP-7505A
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Coltrane, JohnLove Supreme, AImpulseA-77
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Coltrane, JohnImpressionsImpulseA-42
Coltrane, JohnExpressionImpulseA-9120
Coltrane, JohnAfrica/BrassImpulseA-6
Coltrane, JohnAscensionImpulse29020
Coltrane, JohnColtrane “Live” at the Village VanguardImpulseA-10
Coltrane, JohnCrescentImpulseA-66
Coltrane, JohnLush LifeOriginal Jazz ClassicsOJC-131
Coltrane, JohnSoultraneOriginal Jazz ClassicsOJC-021 (P-7142)
Coltrane, JohnThat Dynamic Jazz Duo!Ozone10
Coltrane, JohnAfro Blue ImpressionsPablo Live2620 101
Coltrane, JohnBye Bye BlackbirdPablo LivePN 4016
Coltrane, JohnDakarPrestigePR 7280
Coltrane, JohnStardustPrestigePR 7268
Coltrane, JohnColtranePrestigePR 24003
Coltrane, JohnColtranePrestigeOJC-020 (P-7105)
Coltrane, JohnBahiaPrestigeP-24110
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Coltrane, JohnDakarPrestigeP-24104
Coltrane, JohnWheelin'PrestigeP-24069
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Coltrane, JohnBlack PearlsPrestigeP-24037
Coltrane, JohnStardust Session, ThePrestigeP-24056
Coltrane, JohnMore Lasting Than BronzePrestigePR 24014
Coltrane, John2 TenorsPrestigePR 7670
Coltrane, JohnOn A Misty NightPrestigeP-24084
Coltrane, JohnJohn Coltrane Legacy Vol. 2, ThePRST 7532Atlantic
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Coltrane, JohnGold CoastSavoySJL 1115
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Como, PerryWe Get LettersRCA VictorLPM-1463
Condon, EddieThat Toddlin' Town – Chicago Jazz RevisitedAtlantic90461-1-Y
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Condon, EddieBixielandColumbiaCL 719
Condon, EddieCondon's Treasury of JazzColumbiaCL 881
Condon, EddieDixieland JamColumbiaCJ 45145
Condon, EddieJam Session Coast to CoastColumbiaCL 547
Condon, EddieJammin' at CondonsColumbiaCL 616
Condon, EddieCondon A La CarteCommodoreGXC 3150
Condon, EddieJam Sessions at CommodoreCommodoreGXC 3149
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Condon, EddieIvy League JazzDeccaDL 8282
Condon, EddieDixieland Dance PartyDotDLP 3141
Condon, EddieMidnight In MoscowEpicLA 16024
Condon, EddieEddie Condon and His Strolling Reunion CommodoresFat Cats Jazz114
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Condon, EddieThat Toddlin' Town – Chicago Jazz RevisitedWarner Bros.W1315
Condon, EddieTiger Rag and All That JazzWorld PacificK18P-9268
Conniff, RayJust Kiddin' AroundColumbiaCS 8822
Connor, ChrisChris Connor Sings Ballads of The Sad CafeAtlanticSD 1307
Connors, GeneSanctifiedJSPJSP 1031
Cook, DocDoc Cook featuring Freddy Keppard 1923-1928PhilipsBBL 7520
Cook, J. LawrenceSt. Louis BluesHarmonyHL 7107
Cook, JuniorPressure CookerAffinityAFF.53
Cook, JuniorJunior's Cookin'JazzlandJLP 58
Coon, CarltonRadio's AcesRCA VictorLPV-511
Coon, Carlton“Everything Is Hotsy-Totsy Now” (1925-1927) Volume Two
Cooper, AlJumpin' at the SavoyAce of HeartsAH 80
Cooper, AlJumpin' at the SavoyMCAMCA-1345
Cooper, BobGroup ActivityAffinityAFF 65
Cooper, BobShifting WindsAffinityAFF 59
Cooper, BobMusic of Bob Cooper, TheContemporaryOJC-161
Cooper, BobTenor Sax Jazz ImpressionsTrendTR-518
Cooper, JeromePositionsKharmaPK 3 /4
Corea, ChickChick Corea Quartet – Live In New York, 1974OxfordOX/3005
Costa, EddieGuys and Dolls Like VibesCoralCRL 57230
Costa, EddieEddie Costa-Vinnie Burke Trio, TheJubileeLP 1025
Costa, EddieHouse of Blue Lights, TheMCAVIM-5577(M)
Costa, EddieV.S.O.P. - Eddie Costa QuintetModeMOD-LP 118
Cotton Pickers, TheCotton Pickers, TheArcadia2013
Cotton Pickers, TheCotton Pickers Volume One, TheGrannyphone3304
Cotton Pickers, TheCotton Pickers Volume Two, TheGrannyphone3305
Counce, CurtisExploring the FutureBoplicityBOP 7
Counce, CurtisLandslideContemporaryS7526
Counce, CurtisCarl's BluesContemporary7574
Counce, CurtisSonorityContemporaryC-7655
Counce, CurtisCurtis Counce Group, Vol. 2: “Councelation”, TheContemporaryS7539
Counce, CurtisExploring the FutureDootoDTL 247
Courtney, DelDel Courtney and His OrchestraSunbeamHB-317
Covington, WarrenWell Covington Orchestra Plays Hits of the 60's Vol. 1RecarRCS-2037
Covington, WarrenWell Covington Orchestra Plays Hits of the 60's Vol. 2RecarRCS-2038
Cowell, StanleyBrilliant CirclesFreedom28 425-7 U
Crawford, HankMore SoulAtlantic1356
Crawford, HankSoul Clinic, TheAtlantic1372
Crawford, HankFrom the HeartAtlantic1387
Crawford, HankIndigo BlueMilestoneM-9119
Crawford, HankGroove MasterMilestoneM-9182
Crawford, HankDown on the DeuceMilestoneM-9129
Crawford, HankNight BeatMilestoneM-9168
Crawford, HankBlue SideMilestoneM-9177
Crawford, PaulSound of the RiverAudiophileAP-109
Crawford, PaulCrawford-Ferguson Night Owls, TheNew Orleans OriginalsJM 65-2
Crawley, WiltonCrawley Clarinet Moan – The Complete Sessions 1927-1928HarlequinHQ 2035
Criss, SonnyDedication Series – Vol. 1/The BopmastersABCIA-9337/2
Criss, Sonny“Live” In ItalyFresh SoundFSR-401
Criss, SonnySonny Criss Quartet 1949-1957 featuring Hampton HawesFresh SoundFSR-403
Criss, SonnyIn Paris – The Complete 1962-1963 RecordingsFresh SoundsFSR BOX-2
Criss, SonnyGo ManImperialLP-9020
Criss, SonnyJazz-U.S.A.ImperialK18P-9253
Criss, SonnySonny Criss Plays Cole PorterImperialK18P 9255
Criss, SonnyCalifornia Boppin'Jazz Showcase5005
Criss, SonnyGo ManLibertyLLJ-70018
Criss, SonnyBeat Goes On, ThePrestigePR 7558
Criss, SonnyPortrait of Sonny CrissPrestigePR 7526
Criss, SonnyI'll Catch the SunPrestigePR 7628
Criss, SonnyUp, Up and AwayPrestigeVIJ-4057
Criss, SonnySonny Criss Memorial Album, TheXanadu200
Crosby, BingCrosbyanaBroadwayBR 111
Crosby, BingBing Crosy Collection, Volume 1, AColumbia35093
Crosby, BingBing Crosy Collection, Volume 2, AColumbia35094
Crosby, BingBing Crosy Collection, Volume 3, AColumbia35748
Crosby, BingCrosby ClassicsColumbiaP 13397
Crosby, BingBoth Sides of Bing CrosbyCurtainCallsNo. 100/2
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Crosby, BingSome Old Fine ChestnutsMCAVIM-5589(M)
Crosby, BingBing With a BeatRCA VictorLPM-1473
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Crosby, BingBing Crosby SingsVocalionVL 3603
Crosby, BobStomp Off, Let's GoAce of HeartsAH-29
Crosby, BobIn Disco Order, Volume 5AjaxAJAX-170
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Crosby, BobBig Apple, TheBandstandBS-7111
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Crosby, BobSummer of '39, TheGiants of JazzGOJ 1037
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Crosby, BobBob Crosby's Bob Cats 1937-1942SwaggieS1245
Crosby, BobBob Crosby's Bob Cats 1938-42 Volume TwoSwaggieS1288
Crosby, GaryGary Crosby Belts the BluesVerveMG V-2112
Crumb, R.R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit SerenadersBlue GooseBG 2014
Crumb, R.R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders Number 2Blue GooseBG 2019
Crumb, R.R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders No. 3Blue Goose BG 2025
Crumit, FrankMountain GreeneryAcademy Sound and VisionAJA 5001
Crumit, FrankReturn of the Gay CaballeroAcademy Sound and VisionAJA 5012
Cuber, RonnieInconsequenceDire (Ita)FO 365
Cullum, JimLook Over Here...Happy JazzAmerican JazzAJ-125
Cuozzo, MikeMike Cuozzo with the Costa-Burke TrioJubileeJGM 1027
Curson, TedNew Thing & The Blue Thing, TheAtlantic1441
Curson, TedUrgeFontana883 910 JCY
Curson, TedPop WineFuturaGER 26
Curson, TedJubilant PowerInner CityIC 1017
Curson, TedCattin' CursonMarge01 (Fra)
Curson, TedPlenty of HornOld TownOT LP 2003
Curson, TedJazz MeetingPolydor25MJ3533
Curson, TedTed Curson Plays Fire Down BelowPrestigePR 7263
Curson, TedBlue PiccoloTrioPA-7153
Curtis, KingLive at Small's ParadiseAtco33-198
Curtis, KingSoul SerenadeCapitolT 2095
Curtis, KingCollectables Presents: King Curtis - “Enjoy...The Best Of”CollectablesCOL-5156
Curtis, KingSoul MeetiingPrestigePRLP 7222
Curtis, KingNew Scene of King Curtis, ThePrestige/New JazzNJLP 8237
Curtis, KingIt's Party Time with King CurtisTru-SoundTRU 15008
Curtis, KingDoing the Dixie TwistTru-SoundTRU 15009
Curtis, KingTrouble In MindTru-SoundTRU 15001
Daily, PeteDixieland BandCapitolT 183
Daily, PeteDixie by DailyCapitolT 385
Daley, JoeJoe Daley Trio At Newport '63, TheRCA VictorLPM-2763
Dameron, TaddTadd Dameron Memorial Album, ThePrestigePR 7842
Daniel, TedTapestrySunSR 112
Daniel, TedTed Daniel SextetUjamaU-1001
Daniels, EddieFlower For All Seasons, AChoiceCRS 1002
Darensbourg, JoePetite FleurGNP-CrescendoDJ 515
Darensbourg, JoeOn A Lark In DixielandVogueLAE. 12149
Davenport, WallaceWallace Davenport and His New Orleans Jazz BandBlack and Blue33.172
Davenport, WallaceBourbon Street ParadeFat Cats JazzFCJ 130
Davenport, WallaceDarkness on the DeltaFat Cats JazzFCJ-122
Davenport, WallaceWallace Davenport in GermanyMy JazzLP-142
Davenport, WallaceWallace Davenport with Jim Robinson and Louis NelsonMy JazzLP-134
Davenport, WallaceWay Down Yonder In New OrleansMy JazzLP-133
Davenport, WallaceJazz Band BallPolskie NagraniaSX 1529
Davenport, WallaceDarkness on the DeltaStoryvilleSLP-512
Davern, Kenny...This Old Gang of Ours...CalligraphCLG LP 012
Davern, KennyJohn & JoeChiaroscuroCR-199
Davern, KennyIn the GlorylandElektra201-X
Davern, KennyEl Rado Scuffle – A Tribute to Jimmie NooneKennethKS 2050
Davern, KennyHot Three, TheMonmouth/EvergreenMES-7091
Davern, KennyOne Hour TonightMusicMastersMMD 20148A
Davern, KennyLive Hot JazzStatirasSLP 8077
Davis, BillWild Bill Davis at BirdlandEpicLN 3118
Davis, EddieEddie's Function featuring Shirley ScottBethlehemBCP 6035
Davis, EddieLand of DreamsClub JazzlandLP 120-588
Davis, EddieUptownContactST 1021
Davis, EddieWe Are HereJazzMRJ 1001
Davis, EddieThat's AllJazz Club2400601
Davis, EddieModern Jazz by Eddie DavisKingKLP-506
Davis, EddieWhat's NewMahogany558 104
Davis, EddieTough Tenors Again 'N' AgainMPS15283
Davis, EddieBattle StationsPrestigePR 7282
Davis, EddieEddie “Lockjaw” Davis Cookbook, ThePrestigePRLP 7141
Davis, EddieEddie “Lockjaw” Davis Cookbook Volume 3, ThePrestigePRST 7219
Davis, EddieEddie “Lockjaw” Davis with Shirley Scott – Prestige/Moodsville Volume 4PrestigeMVLP 4
Davis, EddieJawsPrestige7154
Davis, EddieTenor Scene, ThePrestigePRLP 7191
Davis, EddieJaws in OrbitPrestigePRLP 7171
Davis, EddieLove CallsRCAPL 43192
Davis, EddieLock, The FoxRCA VictorLPM-3652
Davis, EddieFox & the Hounds, TheRCA VictorLSP-3741
Davis, EddieCount Basie presents the Eddie Davis Trio + Joe NewmanRouletteR-52007
Davis, EddieSweets & JawsVogue P.I.P.VG 405
Davis, EddyEddy Davis and the Hot Jazz OrchestraJazzologyJ-67
Davis, Jr., SammySammy Davis Jr. All-Star Spectacular, TheRepriseR-6033
Davis, Jr., WalterDavis CupBlue NoteBLP 4018
Davis, MaxwellMaxwell Davis and His Tenor-SaxAladdinLP -804
Davis, MilesMiles DavisBlue NoteBLP 1501
Davis, MilesMiles Davis, Volume 2Blue NoteBST 81502
Davis, MilesBirth of the CoolCapitolDT 1974
Davis, MilesComplete Birth of the Cool, TheCapitolM-11026
Davis, MilesQuintet & SextetCBSSOPM 140
Davis, Miles1958 MilesCBS/Sony20AP 1401
Davis, MilesMiles At Plugged Nickel, ChicagoCBS/Sony23AP 2567
Davis, MilesMiles At Plugged Nickel, Chicago Vol. 2CBS/Sony23AP 2568
Davis, MilesParis Festival International, TheColumbiaJC 34804
Davis, MilesRound About MidnightColumbiaCL 949
Davis, MilesMilestonesColumbiaPC 9428
Davis, MilesPorgy and BessColumbiaPC 8085
Davis, MilesMiles & Monk at NewportColumbiaPC 8978
Davis, MilesKind of BlueColumbiaPC 8163
Davis, MilesMiles Davis at Carnegie HallColumbiaCL 1812
Davis, MilesSomeday My Prince Will ComeColumbiaPC 8456
Davis, MilesIn Person, Friday Night at the Blackhawk, San Francisco, Volume 1ColumbiaCJ 44257
Davis, MilesIn Person, Friday Night at the Blackhawk, San Francisco, Volume 2ColumbiaCJ 44425
Davis, MilesQuiet NightsColumbiaPC 8906
Davis, MilesHeard 'Round the WorldColumbiaC2 38506
Davis, MilesE.S.P.ColumbiaPC 9150
Davis, MilesMy Funny ValentineColumbiaPC 9106
Davis, MilesFour and MoreColumbiaPC 9253
Davis, MilesMiles SmilesColumbiaPC 9401
Davis, MilesCookin' at the Plugged NickelColumbiaCJ 40645
Davis, MilesMiles Davis Collection Vol. 1 – 12 Sides of MilesColumbiaC6X 36976
Davis, MilesNefertitiColumbiaPC 9594
Davis, MilesIn A Silent WayColumbiaCS 9875
Davis, MilesAt Last!ContemporaryC-7645
Davis, MilesMiles Davis & John Coltrane Live in Stockholm 1960DragonDRLP 90/91
Davis, MilesBlue MoodsFantasy86001
Davis, MilesPre-Birth of CoolJazz LiveBLJ 8003
Davis, MilesMiles in AmsterdamJazz O.P.OMS-7003
Davis, MilesAscenseur Pour L'echafaud – Des Femmes DisparaissentMercury6444 701
Davis, MilesMiles Davis Chronicle: The Complete Prestige Recordings 1951-1956Prestige81.125
Davis, MilesConceptionPrestigePR 7744
Davis, MilesEarly MilesPrestigePR 7674
Davis, MilesBlue HazePrestigeLP 7054
Davis, MilesWalkin'PrestigeLP 7076
Davis, MilesMiles Davis and The Modern Jazz GiantsPrestigePR 7650
Davis, MilesMiles Davis & Milt JacksonPrestigeLP 7034
Davis, MilesOleoPrestigePR 7847
Davis, MilesMiles Davis Plays Jazz ClassicsPrestigePR 7373
Davis, MilesWorkin' With the Miles Davis QuintetPrestigePRLP 7166
Davis, MilesCookin'Prestige7094
Davis, MilesRelaxin' With the Miles Davis QuintetPrestige7129
Davis, MilesSteamin' with the Miles Davis QuintetPrestige7200
Davis, MilesI Giganti Del JazzSIAEGJ-54
Davis, MilesTutuWarner Bros.25490-1
Davis, NathanHappy GirlBASF/MPSULX-69-P
Davis, NathanHip Walk, TheBASF/MPSULX-23-P
Davis, NathanLondon By NightDIWDIW-8019
Davis, NathanRules of FreedomHot HouseHH 1002
Davis, NathanNathan Davis QuartetIn-JazzEDICI 00 6101
Davis, NathanMakatukaSegueLPS 1000
Davis, Nathan6th Sense In the 11th House, TheSegueSEG-1002
Davis, NathanPeace TreatySFP10.003
Davis, NathanIfTomorrow International6112N1
Davis, RichardMuses for Richard DavisBASF/MPSMB 20725
Davison, Bill“Wild Bill” DavisonBearLPB 10,002
Davison, BillWild Bill Davison/Freddy RandallBlack LionBLP 30187
Davison, BillPretty WildColumbiaCL 871
Davison, BillMild & WildCommodoreFL-30009
Davison, BillLady of the EveningFat Cats JazzCR-120
Davison, BillWild Bill Davison Plays the Greatest of the GreatsGNPDJ 508-S
Davison, BillDixieland ExpressJazztoneJ-1232
Davison, BillLive! Miami Beach 1955Pumpkin111
Davison, BillSweet and HotRiversideRLP 12-211
Davison, BillWild Bill Davison at StoryvilleSavoyMG 12035
Davison, BillGood Clean FunShowtimeSJS-14
Davison, BillAll American BandSonetSNTF 880
Davison, BillWild Bill Davison & Papa BueStoryvilleSLP-250
Davison, BillClassic Jazz CollegiumSupraphon1 15 2030
De Paris Brothers, TheJimmy Ryan's & the Uptown Cafe SocietyCommodoreXFL15356
De Paris, WilburWilbur De Paris Plays Cole PorterAtlantic1288
De Paris, WilburPlays Something Old, New, Gay, BlueAtlantic1300
De Paris, WilburOn the RivieraAtlantic1363
De Paris, WilburNew Orleans BluesAtlantic1266
De Paris, WilburWilbur De Paris at Symphony HallAtlantic1253
De Paris, WilburWilbur De Paris and His New New Orleans JazzAtlantic1219
De Paris, WilburMarchin' and Swingin'Atlantic1233
De Paris, WilburWild Jazz Age, TheAtlantic1336
De Paris, WilburOver & Over AgainAtlanticSD 1552
De Paris, WilburThat's A PlentyAtlantic1318
De Paris, WilburThat's Jazz 7Warner Bros.ATL 50 237
Dedrick, RustySalute to BunnyFresh SoundFSR-534
Defemio, AlLive with Al DefemioDefemioDF-1001
DeFranco, BuddyBuddy DeFrancoClassic JazzCJ 33
DeFranco, BuddyHoliday for SwingContemporaryC-14047
DeFranco, BuddyGroovin'Hep2030
DeFranco, BuddyLiveliest, TheHep2014
DeFranco, BuddyOdalisqueNorgranMG N-1094
DeFranco, BuddyBuddy DeFranco and Oscar Peterson Play George GershwinNorgranMGN-1016
DeFranco, BuddyMr. LuckyPablo2310 906
DeFranco, BuddyBlack MagicShamrockLP-1801
DeFranco, BuddyBorinquinSonetSNTF 724
DefunktThermo Nuclear SweatHannibalHNBL 1311
Dejan, HaroldDejan's Olympia Brass Band in Europe77LEU 12/31
Dejan, HaroldNew Orleans Street ParadeMPS15 196 ST
Dejan, HaroldDeja's Olympia SerenadersOBBOBB 2
DeJohnette, JackSpecial EditionECMECM-1-1151
Delaney, JackJack Delaney and His New Orleans Jazz BabiesSouthlandS-LP 214
Delta Kings, TheAt SundownKappKS-3188
DeMichel, ReyFor Bloozers OnlyChallengeCHS 2503
DeMichel, ReyCookin' with ReyChallengeCHL 608
DeParis, SidneyOriginal blue Note Jazz – Volume IIBlue NoteB-6506
DeParis, SidneyDeParis DixieBlue NoteB-6501
Desmond, PaulPaul DesmondArtists HouseAH 2
Desmond, PaulLate LamentBluebird55778-1-RB
Desmond, PaulPaul Desmond Quartet featuring Don ElliottFantasyOJC-119
Desmond, PaulTwo Of a MindRCAFXL1 7311
Desmond, PaulEasy LivingRCAPL 42112
Desmond, PaulFirst Place AgainWarner Bros.P-7544W
Desmond, PaulThat's Jazz 29Warner Bros.WB 56 294
Dial, HarryHarry Dial and His Blusicians77LA 12/25
Dial, HarryJazz A La CarteYorkshireHD61565
Dickenson, VicVic Dickenson in SessionJazzwaysJW 106/3
Dickenson, VicMainstreamLondonLTZ-K 15182
Dickenson, VicVic DickensonRCALFL1 5036
Dickenson, VicVic Dickenson's QuintetStoryvilleSLP-4021
Dickenson, VicVic's Boston StoryTrioPA-6010(M)
Dickenson, VicEssential Vic Dickenson, TheVanguardVSD 99/100
Dickerson, WaltJazz Impressions “Lawrence of Arabia”DauntlessDM 4313
Dickerson, WaltTo My QueenNew JazzNJ 8283
Dickerson, WaltRelativityNew JazzNJ 8275
Dickerson, WaltTo My Queen RevisitedSteepleChaseSCS 1112
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, TheVoodooColumbiaFC 45042
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, TheMy Feet Can't Fail Me NowConcord JazzGW-3005
Dixie Double-Cats, TheIs It True What They Say About Dixie?20th FoxFOX 3027
Dixie Rebels, TheTrue Dixieland SoundCommandRS 825 SD
Dixie Rebels, TheTrue Dixieland Sound Volume 2CommandRS 33 825
Dixie Rebels, TheDixie Rebels Strike Back, TheCommandRS 801 SD
Dixon, BillFor FranzPipePR 152
Dixon, BillIntents and PurposesRCAFXL1 7331
Dixon, BillIntents and PurposesRCA VictorLSP-3844
Dixon, EricEric's EdgeMaster Jazz RecordingsMJR 8124
Dodds, JohnnyClarinet KingAce of HeartsAH 169
Dodds, JohnnyGreat Orginal Performances - Johnny Dodds 1923 – 1929BBCREB 603
Dodds, JohnnyJohnny Dodds – Tommy Ladnier – 1923-28BiographBLP 12024
Dodds, JohnnyJohnny Dodds and Kid OryEpicLN 3207
Dodds, JohnnyWeary Way BluesFamilySFR-DP 658
Dodds, JohnnyJohnny Dodds on Paramount Vol. 1HerwinHERWIN 115
Dodds, JohnnySpirit of New Orleans (1926-1927)MCAMCA-1328
Dodds, JohnnyImmortal Johnny Dodds, TheMilestoneMLP-2002
Dodds, JohnnyJohnny DoddsRCALPV-558
Dodds, JohnnyNew Orleans ClarinetRiversideRLP 12-104
Dodds, JohnnyIn the ValleyRiversideRLP 12-135
Dodds, JohnnyImmortal Johnny Dodds, TheVJMVLP48
Dodge, BillSwinging '34 Volume 1MelodeonMLP 7328
Dodge, BillSwinging '34 Volume 2MelodeonMLP 7329
Dolphy, EricOut To LunchBlue NoteBST-84163
Dolphy, EricIron ManDouglasSD 785
Dolphy, EricStockholm SessionsEnjaENJA 3055
Dolphy, EricLast DateFontana195J-20
Dolphy, EricBerlin Concerts, TheInner CityIC 3017-2
Dolphy, EricNaimaJazzwayMUTT-1502
Dolphy, EricLast DateLimelightEXPR-1017
Dolphy, EricOutward BoundOriginal Jazz ClassicsOJC-022
Dolphy, EricOut ThereOriginal Jazz ClassicsOJC-023
Dolphy, EricEric Dolphy In Europe, Vol. 2PrestigePR 7350
Dolphy, EricFire WaltzPrestigeP-24085
Dolphy, EricOutward BoundPrestigePR 7311
Dolphy, EricMagicPrestigeP-24053
Dolphy, EricEric Dolphy in Europe/Volume 3PrestigePRST 7366
Dolphy, EricEric Dolphy In Europe, Vol. 1PrestigePR 7304
Dolphy, EricEric Dolphy at the Five SpotPrestige/New JazzNJ 8260
Dolphy, EricEric Dolphy Memorial Album, TheVee-JayVJS-2503
Dolphy, EricUnrealized TapesWest Wind16
Domino, FatsWhen I'm WalkingColumbiaC 35996
Domino, FatsNew Orleans Rock'N'RollTrio1551833
Donahue, AlLow Down Rhythm In a Top HatGolden EraLP-15028
Donahue, SamConvoyHepHEP 2
Donaldson, LouLou Takes OffBlue NoteBST 81591
Donaldson, LouSunny Side UpBlue NoteK18P 9236 (BLP 4036)
Donaldson, LouWailing With LouBlue NoteBLP 1545
Donaldson, LouBlues WalkBlue NoteBLP 1593
Donaldson, LouTime Is Right, TheBlue NoteBST 84025 (BNJ-71031)
Donaldson, LouMidnight CreeperBlue NoteBST 84280
Donaldson, LouHot DogBlue NoteBST 84318
Donaldson, LouMr. Shing-A-LingBlue NoteBST 84271
Donaldson, LouAlligator BogalooBlue NoteBST 84263
Donaldson, LouSwing and SoulBlue NoteBLP-1566
Donaldson, LouGravy TrainBlue NoteBST 84079
Donaldson, LouGood GraciousBlue NoteBST-84125
Donaldson, LouNatural Soul, TheBlue NoteBST-84108
Donaldson, LouSweet SlumberBlue NoteGXF 3068
Donaldson, LouLush LifeBlue NoteBST-84254
Donaldson, LouMidnight SunBlue NoteLT-1028
Donaldson, LouHere 'TisBlue NoteBST-84066
Donaldson, LouLou Donaldson Quartet/Quintet/SextetBlue NoteBLP 1537
Donaldson, LouBack StreetMuseMR 5292
Donaldson, LouForgotten ManTimelessSJP 153
Donaldson, LouLive in BolognaTimelessSJP 202
Dorham, KennyRound About Midnight at The Cafe BohemiaBlue NoteGXK 8013(M)
Dorham, KennyUna Mas (One More Time)Blue NoteBST-84127
Dorham, KennyRound About Midnight at The Cafe Bohemia Volume 3Blue NoteBNJ-61004
Dorham, KennyRound About Midnight at The Cafe Bohemia Volume 2Blue NoteBNJ-61003
Dorham, KennyWhistle StopBlue NoteBST 84063
Dorham, KennyAfro-CubanBlue NoteBLP 1535
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Dorham, KennyJazz ContemporaryTimeULS 1804-V
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Dutch Swing College BandSwing That MusicDSC ProductionPA 1009
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Earland, CharlesThird Degree BrunMilestoneM-9174
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Edison, HarryBlues For LoversAtlasLA27-1027
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Edison, HarrySweetsVerveMGV-8097
Edwards, CliffCliff EdwardsRetrieval Recordings-Fountain[[England]
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Eldridge, RoyNifty Cat Strikes West, TheMJRMJR 8121
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Eldridge, RoyTour De ForceVerveMGV-8212
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Ellington, Duke[Duke Ellington And His Orchestra][Melody]C60 19718
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Ellington, DukeCotton Club Days - Vol. 2Ace of HeartsAH 89
Ellington, DukeCotton Club Days - Vol. 3Ace of HeartsAH 166
Ellington, Duke Duke in Harlem, TheAce of HeartsAH 47
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Ellington, DukeComplete Duke Ellington, The - Vol. 9 (1937)CBSCBS 88219
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Ellington, DukeDuke 56/62 Vol 1CBSCBS 88653
Ellington, DukeDuke 56/62 Vol 2CBSCBS 88654
Ellington, DukeMonologueCBS63563
Ellington, DukePiano In The BackgroundCBSCBS 84418
Ellington, DukeComplete Duke Ellington, The - Vol. 11-1938CBSCBS 88242
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Ellington, DukeEllington IndigosColumbiaCL 1085
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington Presents Ivie AndersonColumbiaCG 30264
Ellington, DukeMidnight In ParisColumbiaCL 1907
Ellington, DukeFirst Tme! The Count Meets The DukeColumbiaCL 1715
Ellington, DukeEllington Jazz PartyColumbiaCL 1323
Ellington, DukeCosmic Scene, The - Duke Ellington's SpacemenColumbiaCL 1198
Ellington, DukePlays Music From Broadway Hit All AmericanColumbiaCS 8590
Ellington, DukeSuch Sweet ThunderColumbiaCL 1033
Ellington, DukeMusic of Duke Ellington Played by Duke EllingtonColumbiaJCL-558
Ellington, DukeBal MasqueColumbiaCL 1282
Ellington, DukeEllington At NewportColumbiaCL 934
Ellington, DukeEllington At NewportColumbiaCL 934
Ellington, DukePiano In The ForegroundColumbiaCL 2029
Ellington, DukeUptownColumbia Jazz MasterpiecesCJ 40836
Ellington, DukeCompositions of Duke Ellington and OthersCrown5153
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #1, April 7, 1945D.E.T.S.1
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Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #3, April 28, 1945D.E.T.S.3
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #4, May 9, 1945D.E.T.S.4
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #5, May 12th, 1945D.E.T.S.5
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Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #18, August 11, 1945D.E.T.S.18
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #19, August 18th, 1945D.E.T.S.19
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Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #22, September 8, 1945D.E.T.S.22
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Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #24, September 22, 1945D.E.T.S.24
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Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #27-28, October 13th, 1945 and October 27th, 1945D.E.T.S.DETS 28
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #28-29, October 27th, 1945 and November 3rd, 1945D.E.T.S.DETS 29
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Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #31-32, November 17th, 1945 and November 24th, 1945D.E.T.S.DETS 32
Ellington, DukeCivic Opera Concert, January 20th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 33
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #33-34, April 13, 1946 and April 20th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 34
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #35, April 27th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 35
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #36, May 4th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 36
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #37, May 18th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 37
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #39, June 1st, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 38
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #40, June 8th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 39
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #41, July 6th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 40
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #42, July 27th, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 41
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #43, August 23rd, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 42
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #44, August 17, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 43
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #45, August 24, 1946D.E.T.S.DETS 44
Ellington, DukeTreasury Show #47, October 5th, 1946 and New YorkTreasury Star Parade, June 1943D.E.T.S.DETS 46
Ellington, DukeJune 24th and July 1st, 1953 Blue Note ChicagoD.E.T.S.DETS 47
Ellington, DukeApril 14th, 1945 400 Restaurant, New York City and August 1st, 1953 Blue Note ChicagoD.E.T.S.DETS Bonus
Ellington, DukeUncollected Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, The - Vol. 3, 1946Decca6.23577
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Ellington, DukeUncollected Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, The - Vol. 5, 1947HindsightHSR-129
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Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington, His Orchestra & Friends - First Annual Connecticut Jazz FestivalIAJRCIAJRC 45
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Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington and the Jungle Band "Rockin In Rhythm Vol. 3 (1929-1931)MCAMCA-1360
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Ellington, DukeWe Love EllingtonPhontasticphont 7520
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Ellington, DukeCarnegie Hall Concert #3 January, 1946PrestigeP-24074
Ellington, DukeCarnegie Hall Concert #4 December, 1947PrestigeP-24075
Ellington, DukeJohnny Hodges All-Stars CarvanPrestigeP-24103
Ellington, DukeDukeless Gand, TheQueen-DiscQ-041
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra Featruing Johnny HodgesRaritiesRar 29
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Ellington, DukeIn A MellotoneRCALPM 1364
Ellington, DukeAt His Very BestRCALPM 1715
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Ellington, DukeFlaming YouthRCALPV-568
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington And His Famous OrchestraRCA730.559
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Ellington, DukeWorks of Duke Ellington, The (Vol. 1 to 5)RCADUKE 1
Ellington, DukeWorks of Duke Ellington, The (Vol. 6 to 10)RCADUKE 2
Ellington, DukeWorks of Duke Ellington, The (Vol. 11 to 15)RCADUKE 3
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Ellington, DukeWorks of Duke Ellington, The (Vol. 21 to 24)RCADUKE 5
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Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington Plays Disney's Mary PoppinsRepriseR-6141
Ellington, DukeWill Big Band Ever Come Back?RepriseR 6168
Ellington, DukeThe Birth of Big Band Jazz:Duke Ellington - Fletcher HendersonRiversideRLP 12-129
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Ellington, DukeCotton Club StompTaxm-8012
Ellington, DukeSymphonic Ellington, TheTrendTR-529
Ellington, DukeThe Ellingtonians -Stewart/Taylor/Bigard/TizolTripTLP-5549
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Ellington, DukeHollywood Bowl Concert Volume 2 August 31, 1947Unique JazzUJ 003
Ellington, DukeMoneyJungleUnited ArtistsGXC-3131
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington's 70th Birthday ConcertUnited ArtistsHUS 061-59/60
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington - The Studio Series, Vol 5 1929-1956Up-To-Date2006
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington - The Studio Series, Vol 7 1929-1962Up-To-Date2008
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington - The Studio Series, Vol 8 1933-1967Up-To-Date2009
Ellington, DukeBack To Back Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges Play The BluesVerveV-8317
Ellington, DukeSide By Side Duke Ellington and Johnny HodgesVerveV6-8345
Ellington, DukeRare Duke Ellington MasterpiecesVJMVLP 9
Ellington, DukeDuke Ellington Volume 1VJMVLP 71
Ellington, Duke et alWinners CircleColumbiaGB 4
Ellington, MercerStepping Into Swing SocietyCoralCRL 57255
Ellington, MercerHot And Bothered (A Recreation)Doctor JazzFW 40029
Ellington, MercerRemembering Duke's WorldPoljazzZ-SX 0675
Elliott, DonDon Elliott At The Modern Jazz RoomABC-ParamountABC-142
Elliott, DonVoices Of Don Elliotr, TheABC-ParamountABC-190
Elliott, DonA Musical Offering By Don ElliottABC-ParamountABC-106
Elliott, DonDon Elliott SingsBethlehemBCP-15
Elliott, DonMellophoneBethlehemBCP-12
Elliott, DonMixed MoodsColumbiaDJ-1
Elliott, DonMello Sound, TheDeccaDL 9208
Elliott, DonMusic Of The Sensational SixtiesDesignDLP-69
Elliott, DonPal JoeyHollywood RecordsLPH-159
Elliott, DonDouble Trumpet DoingsJazzlandJLP 15
Elliott, DonDoubles In JazzJazztoneJ1256
Elliott, DonDon Elliott Quintet, TheRCA VictorLJM-1007
Elliott, DonCounterpoint For Six ValvesRiversideRLP 12-218
Elliott, DonVibrationsSaviyMG 12054
Ellis, DonHow Time PassesBarnaby/CandidBR-5020
Ellis, DonOut Of NowhereCandidGJS 9022
Ellis, DonElectric BathColumbiaCS 9585
Ellis, DonAutumnColumbiaCS 9721
Ellis, DonEssencePacific JazzPJ 55
Ellis, DonNew IdeasPrestigePRT-7607
Ellis, DonNew IdeasPrestige/New JazzNJLP 8257
Ellis, HerbMidnight Roll, TheEpicLA 16034
Ellis, HerbNothing But The BluesVerveMV 2529
Ellis, lloydLas Vegas–3 A.M.StateseidIHJ-80137
Ellis, SegerChoirs of Brass 1937AlamacQSR 2408
Enevoldsen, BobBob Enevoldsen QuintetTampaVSOP 14 || TAMPA 14
Enevoldsen, BobbySmorgasbordLibertyLJH 6008
English, BillBill EnglishVanguardVRS-9127
Ermoll, SergeCloudsAIMAIM 1009
Ermoll, SergeDedication to Horst LiepoltJanda JazzJJ 1002
Ervin, BookerThat's It!Barnaby/CandidZ 30560
Ervin, BookerBook, TheBethlehem22AP-122-BH
Ervin, BookerIn Between, TheBlue NoteBST 84283
Ervin, BookerThat's It!CandidCJM 8014
Ervin, BookerSong Book, ThePrestigeSMJ-6271
Ervin, BookerTrance, ThePrestigeVIJ-4060
Ervin, BookerExultation!PrestigePR 7293
Ervin, BookerGroovin' HighPrestigePR 7417
Ervin, BookerSetting The PacePrestigePRST 7455
Erwin, Pee WeeThe Land Of DixieBrunswickBL 54011
Erwin, Pee WeeJazz At The Grandview InnCadenceCLP-1011
Erwin, Pee WeeMemorialJazz CroonerJC 2829581
Erwin, Pee WeeDown By The RiversideUnited ArtistsUAS 6071
Erwin, Pee WeeOh Play That ThingUnited ArtistsUAS 5010
Erwin, Pee WeeAccent On DixielandUraniaUS 41202
Eureka Brass BandJazz At Preservation Hall IAtlantic1408
Eureka Brass BandMusic Of New Orleans Vol. 2FolkwaysFA 2462
Eureka Brass BandMusic Of New Orleans Vol. 2FolkwaysFA 2462
Eureka Brass BandNew Orleans ParadePax Productions9001
European Classic JazzbandWhip Me With Plenty Of LoveStomp OffSOS 1070
Evans, BillBill Evans Album, TheColumbiaC 30855
Evans, BillParis Concert, Edition TwoElectra Musician60311-1-E
Evans, BillCrosscurrentsFantasyF-9568
Evans, BillSolo Session, The Vol. 1MilestoneM-9170
Evans, BillPortrait In JazzRiversideRLP 12-315
Evans, BillGreen Dolphin StreetRiversideSMJ-6247
Evans, BillSunday At The Village VanguardRiversideSMJ-6201
Evans, BillThe Complete Riverside RecordingsRiversideR-018
Evans, BillUndercurrentUnited Artists JazzUAJ 14003
Evans, BillWe Will Meet AgainWarner Bros.HS 3411
Evans, DocDixieland EncoreSomaMG 1208
Fagerquist, DonEight By EightMode RecordsMOD-LP 124
Farlow, TalTal Farlow Album, TheVerveUMV 2584
Farlow, TalA Recital By Tal FarlowVerveMV 2586
Farlow, TalInterpretations of Tal Farlow, TheVerveMV 2542
Farlow, TalTalVerveUMV 2565
Farlow, TalFuerst SetXanadu109
Farlow, TalSecond SetXanadu119
Farmer, ArtLast Night When We Were YoungABC-ParamountABC-200
Farmer, ArtPerceptionArgoDJLP-738
Farmer, ArtArtArgoLPS-678
Farmer, ArtInteractionAtlantic1412
Farmer, ArtTo Sweden With LoveAtlanticP-7556A
Farmer, ArtLive aAt the Half NoteAtlanticSD 1421
Farmer, ArtSing Me Softly Of The BluesAtlantic1442
Farmer, ArtMeet The JazztetBaybridge RecordsUPS-2195-B
Farmer, ArtJazztet at Birdhouse, TheCadetULS-6109-BC
Farmer, ArtTime And The Place, TheColumbiaCS 9449
Farmer, Art Art Farmer Quintet Plays the Great Jazz HitsColumbia Jazz OdysseyPC 36826
Farmer, ArtBlame It On My YouthContemporaryC-14042
Farmer, ArtPh. DContemporaryC-14055
Farmer, ArtBack To The CityContemporaryC-14020
Farmer, ArtPortrait of Art FarmerContemporaryOJC-166
Farmer, ArtCentral Avenue ReunionContemporaryC-14057
Farmer, ArtYesterday's ThoughtsEast WindEW-8025
Farmer, ArtVoices All - The JazztetEastworldEWJ-90016
Farmer, ArtTo Duke With LoveInner CityIC 6014
Farmer, ArtGetting' it onJazz InternationalJIS-1102
Farmer, ArtAnother Git TogetherMercueryEXPR-1002
Farmer, ArtListen To Art Farmer and The OrchestraMercuryMG-20766
Farmer, ArtAnother Git TogetherMercuryEXPR-1002
Farmer, ArtHere And NowMercurySR-60698
Farmer, ArtArt WorkerMoon RecordsMLP 014-1
Farmer, ArtFarmer's MarketNew JazzNJ 8203
Farmer, ArtWork of ArtNew JazzNJ 8278
Farmer, ArtArt Farmer QuintetPrestigeSMJ-6545
Farmer, ArtWhen Farmer Met GrycePrestigeSMJ-6544
Farmer, ArtTwo TrumpetsPrestigeOJC-018
Farmer, ArtWhen Farmer Met GrycePrestigeOJC-072
Farmer, ArtArt Farmer SeptetPrestigeOJC-054
Farmer, ArtMany Faces of Art Farmer, TheScepter RecordsSRM-52-A
Farmer, ArtSleeping Bee, ASonetSNTF 715
Farmer, ArtJaztet, The - Moment To MomentSoul NoteSN 1066
Farmer, ArtMirageSoul NoteSN 1046
Farmer, ArtWhat Happens?TohoYX-7006
Farmer, ArtModern ArtUnited ArtistsGXC-3129
Farmer, ArtBrass ShoutUnited ArtistsUAS 5047
Farrah, ShamekWorld of ChildrenStrata-EastSES-19771
Favors Magoustous, Brother MalachiNatural and SpiritualAECO RecordsAECO-003
Feld, MoreyJazz Goes to BroadwayKapp RecordsKL-1007
Feldman, VictorVictor Feldman All Stars Play Soviet Jazz ThemesAVA RecordsA-19
Feldman, VictorSuite SixteenContemporaryC3541
Feldman, VictorArrival of Victor FeldmanContemporaryS7549
Feldman, VictorMallets A Fore ThoughtInterludeVSOP-13
Feldman, VictorTransatlantic AllianceJasmineJASM-2002
Feldman, VictorVictor Feldman in London [Vol. 2]JasmineJASM-2003
Ferbos, LionelAt the Jazz Band Ball504 RecordsLPS-18
Ferguson, Allyn Chamber Jazz SextetCadenceCLP-1020
Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson and His Original DreambandArtistry104
Ferguson, MaynardHollywood PartyEmArcyEXPR-1005
Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson Plays Jazz For DancingForumF-9035
Ferguson, MaynardHigh VoltageIntimaJ-73279
Ferguson, Maynard Blues RoarMainstream Records56045
Ferguson, MaynardMessage From NewportRoulette [Birdland Series]R-52012
Ferguson, MaynardNewport SuiteRoulette [Birdland Series]R-52047
Ferguson, MaynardMessage From BirdlandRoulette [Birdland Series]SR-52027
Ferguson, MaynardJam SessionTrip Jazz RecordsTLP-5524
Ferguson, MaynardBirdland Dream Band Vol 2ViikLX-1077
Ferguson, MaynardBirdland Dream BandVikLX-1070
Few, BobbyMore Or Less FewCenter of the WorldCW-003
Fielding, JerryPlay A Dance ConcertKapp RecordsKL-1026
Fields, HerbieBlow Hot - Blow CoolDeccaDL-8130
Fields, HerbieFields in CloverFraternityF-1011
Fields, HerbieJazz Lab Vol. 9MCA CoralPCO-7300
Fields, HerbieNight At Kitty'sRKO Unique RecordsULP-124
FiléCajun Dance BandFlying FishFF418
Finola, GeorgeNew Orleans After HoursMaison BourbonM.B.-4
Finola, GeorgeJazz of the Chosen FewNew Orleans OriginalsJM-65-4
Fischer, ClareFirst Time OutPacific JazzGXF-3158
Flanagan, TommyMore DelightsGalaxyGXY-5152
Flanagan, TommyTommy Flanagan Trio OverseasMetronomeKUX-109-E
Flanagan, TommyCommunication-Live At Fat Tuesday's N.Y. Vol.2Paddle WheelK28P-6056
Flanagan, TommyCommunication-Live At Fat Tuesday's N.Y. Vol.1Paddle WheelGP-3224
Flanagan, TommyCats, ThePrestigeSMJ-6540
Flanagan, Tommy]Tommy Flanagan TrioPrestige/MoodsvilleOJC-182
Flanagan, TommyIt's MagicSavoy JazzSJL-1158
Flanagan, TommyNew York Jazz SextetScepter RecordsCUL-1056-S
Florence, BobHere And NowLibertyLRP-3380
Florence, BobNorwegian Radio Big Band Meets Bob FlorenceOdinLP-18
Flory, MedJazz WaveJubileeJLP-1066
Folds, ChuckIt's Rag TimeJazz WaysJW-106/4
Ford, RickyFuture's GoldMuseMR 5296
Ford, RickyLoxodonta AfricanaNew World RecordsNE 204
Forrest, JimmyBlack ForrestDelmark427
Forrest, JimmyForrest FireNew JazzOJC-199
Forrest, JimmyHeart of the ForrestPalo Alto JazzPA-8021
Forrest, JimmyOut of the ForestPrestigeOJC-097
Forrest, JimmySit and RelaxPrestigePRST 7235
Forrest, JimmySoul StreetPrestige/New JazzNJ 8293
Foster, FrankBlues Ain't Nothing But A TripBingow RecordsBGW 3107
Foster, FrankChiquito LocoBingow RecordsBGW 02
Foster, FrankManhattan FeverBlue NoteBST 84278
Foster, FrankFrank Foster QuintetBlue NoteBLP 5043
Foster, FrankBasie Is Our BossCadetPLP-5005
Foster, Frank2 Franks PleaseSavoySJL 2249
Foster, FrankFrank Foster First AlbumVogueYX-2049
Foster, HermanExplosive Piano of Herman FosterEpicLA 16016
Fougerat, TonyNew Orleans JoymakersCenterCLP-16
Fougerat, Tonyevery Man A KingG.H.B RecordsGHB-69
Fougerat, TonyNew Orleans Dance at LuthjensNolaLP 8
Fougerat, TonyTony Fougerat at the Maple Leaf BarRampart RecordsRS 101
Fountain, PeteAt the Bateau LoungeCoralCRL 57314
Fountain, PeteBlues, TheCoralCRL 57284
Fountain, PeteStanding Room OnlyCoralCRL 757474
Francis, PanamaBeat Behind the Million SellersABC-ParamountABC-333
Francis, PanamaGood Life, ThePaddle WheelK25P-6275
Francis, PanamaEverything SwingsStashST 233
Francis, PanamaGroovingStashSt 218
Frankenfield, ParkeSwingin' DixieEkrap RecordsPF 44
Freeman, BudSatin DollAll LifeAl 005
Freeman, BudBud FreemanBethlehemBCP-29
Freeman, BudTest of Time, TheBethlehemBCP-6033
Freeman, BudLive From the Panther RoomBlue RhythmBlue Rhythm 12-3
Freeman, BudFreeman & Co.FontanaSTL5414
Freeman, BudBud Freeman EsqFontanaTL5370
Freeman, BudSee What the Boys in the Back Room Will HaveIAJRCIAJRC 53
Freeman, BudKings od MaliIndia NavigationIN-1035
Freeman, BudSummer Concert 1960Jazz ArchivesJA-38
Freeman, BudDolphin Has A Message, TheJSPJSP 1011
Freeman, BudCompleat Bud Freeman, TheMonmouth EvergreenMES/7022
Freeman, BudSong of the TenorPhilips6308 254
Freeman, BudBud Freeman All StarsPrestige/SwingvilleSVLP 2012
Freeman, BudReal Bud Freeman, ThePrincipally Jazz ProductionsPJP 01
Freeman, BudChicago/Austin High School Jazz in Hi-FiRCALPM-1508
Freeman, BudBud Meets BuddyRIFFRiff 659.027
Freeman, BudBud Freeman Group, TheStere-O-CraftRTN-103
Freeman, BudHome CookingTAXM-8019
Freeman, BudSomething TenderUnited Artists JazzUAJ 14033
Freeman, ChicoBeyond the RainContemporaryS7640
Freeman, ChicoDestiny's DanceContemporary14008
Freeman, ChicoSpirit SensitiveIndia NavigationIN-1045
Freeman, ChicoChicoIndia NavigationIN-1031
Freeman, ChicoMorning PrayerWHYNOTPA-7155
Freeman, RussRichard Twardzik Trio & Russ Freeman TrioPacific JazzGXF-3157 (M)
Freeman, VonDoin't It Right NowAtlanticSD 1628
Freeman, VonHave No FearNessaN-6
French Market Jazz BandDirect From New OrleansFlying DutchmanBDL1-1239
French Market Jazz BandA Buggy Full of Jazz Vol.2ShalomShalom 650
Fridie, VernVern Fridie and The Jazz DeciplesCo OpVS-1000
Friedman, DonFlashbackRiversideSMJ-6094
Friedman, DonCircle WaltzRiversideSMJ-6082
Frigo, JohnI Love John Frigo–He SwingsMercuryMG 20285
Fruscella, TonyTony FruscellaAtlanticP-7535A
Fruscella, TonyFru'n BrewSpotliteSPJ151
Fruscella, TonyTony Fruscella – Phil Woods QuintetStatesideISJ80117
Fuller, CurtisThe OpenerBlue NoteBLP 1567
Fuller, CurtisBone & BariBlue NoteBLP 1572
Fuller, CurtisCurtis FullerBlue NoteBLP 1583
Fuller, CurtisTwo BonesBlue NoteGXF 3064
Fuller, CurtisSoul TromboneImpulseA-13
Fuller, CurtisCrankin'Mainstream RecordsMRL 333
Fuller, CurtisSmokin'Mainstream RecordsMRL 370
Fuller, CurtisCurtis Fuller With Red GarlandNew JazzNJ 8277
Fuller, CurtisCurtis Fuller and Hampton Hawes With French HornsPrestige902.112
Fuller, CurtisCurtis FullerRoyal Roost
Fuller, CurtisCurtis Fuller All–Star Jazz SextetsSavoySJL 2239
Fuller, CurtisIt's MagicSavoyMG 12209
Fuller, CurtisBlues–etteSavoy JazzSJL 1135
Fuller, CurtisJazz Conference AbroadTripTLP-5580
Fuller, CurtisSliding EasyUnited ArtistsGXC-3141
Fuller, CurtisBoss of the Soul-Stream TromboneWarwickRJ-7151
Fuller, GilGil Fuller and the Monterey Jazz Festival OrchestraPacific JazzLN-10060
Gagliardi, NickLast Straws, TheDulai803
Gagliardi, NickNick's Jazz BandDulai309
Gagliardi, NickNickie's Jass BandWhite CliffsLP 1003
Galper, HalSpeak With A Single VoiceEnja4006
Galper, HalNow Hear ThisEnja2090
Garcia, DickA Message From GarciaDawnDLP 1006
Garcia, RussI'll Never Forget What's Her NameBethlehemBCP 6044
Gardner, JuneBustin' OutEmArcySRE-66014
Gari, RalphRalph GariEmArcyMG-36019
Garland, HankJazz Winds From A New DirectionCSPJCS 8372
Garland, RedSo Long BluesGalaxyGXY-5149
Garland, RedSolarJazzlandJLP 73
Garland, RedAll Kinds Of WeatherPrestigeOJC-193
Garland, RedCan't See For Lookin'PrestigePR 7276
Garland, RedDig It!PrestigePR 7229
Garland, RedGarland Of Red, APrestigeOJC-126
Garland, RedGroovyPrestigeOJC-061
Garland, RedJazz JunctionPrestigePRT 24023
Garland, RedRediscovered MastersPrestigeP-24078
Garland, RedRed Garland's PianoPrestigeOJC-073
Garland, RedRojoPrestigePRLP 7193
Garland, RedSoul JunctionPrestigePRLP 7181
Garland, RedRed Garland Trio, ThePrestige/MoodsvilleMVLP6
Garland, RedThe Red BluesStatusST 1
Garner, ErrollThat's JazzAtlanticATL 50 243
Garner, ErrollConcert by the SeaColumbia Jazz MasterpiecesCJ40589
Garner, ErrollErroll Garner Plays Gershwin & KernEmArcy826 224-1
Garner, ErrollLiveJazz BandEB 404
Garner, ErrollErroll Garner, Vol. 1JokerSM3718
Garner, ErrollErroll Garner, Vol. 2JokerSM3719
Garner, ErrollMagic KeysPhilipsB 07046 L
Garner, ErrollThe ElfSavoySJL 2207
Garner, ErrollPlay, Piano, PlaySpotliteSPJ129
Garnett, CarlosBlack LoveMuseMR 5040
Garnett, CarlosLet This Melody Ring OnMuseMR 5079
Gaska, LuisThe Little GiantAtlanticSD-1527
Gaska, LuisBorn to Love YouFantasyF-9461
Gaynair, Wilton "Bogey"Blue BogeyJasmineJASM 2016
Gee, MatthewJazz by Gee!RiversideRLP 12-221
Geller, HerbFungi MamaCircleRK 241184/34
Geller, HerbHot HouseCircleRK 241184/30
Geller, HerbThe GellersEmArcyMG-36024
Geller, HerbHerb Geller PlaysEmArcyMG 36045/EXPR-1025
Geller, HerbThe Herb Geller SextetteEmArcyMG-36040
Geller, HerbFire in the WestJubilee1044
Geller, HerbStax of SaxJubileeJLP 1094
Geller, LorraineLorraine Geller at the PianoWindWLP-3102
Georgia Melodians, TheThe Georgia Melodians, Vol. 1 1924RetrievalFG-402
Georgia Melodians, TheThe Georgia Melodians, Vol. 2 1924-1926RetrievalFG-405
Georgians, TheThe GeorgiansVJMVLP 12
Georgians, TheThe Georgians, Volume 2VJMVLP 13
Georgians, TheThe Georgians, Volume 3VJMVLP 14
Getz, EddieEddie Getz QuintetMGME3462
Getz, StanThat Top Tenor TechnicianAlto RecordsAL 704
Getz, StanThe Lyrical Stan GetzColumbia Jazz MasterpiecesCJ44047
Getz, StanStockholm Sessions '58DragonDRLP1517/158
Getz, StanHappy 5oth, StanInner City1040
Getz, StanUnearthed Masters, Volume 2Jazz America MarketingJAM5007
Getz, StanStan & Shelly Live in 1956/57Jazz BandEB 407
Getz, StanA Look at YesterdayMainstreamS/6025
Getz, StanMarrakesh ExpressMGMSE-4696
Getz, StanW PolsceMuza Polskie NagraniaL 0329
Getz, StanLong Island SoundNew Jazz8214
Getz, StanMore West Coast Jazz with Stan GetzNorgranMG N-1088
Getz, StanAcademy of JazzPoljazzZ-SX 0681
Getz, StanThe BrothersPrestige7252
Getz, StanThe BrothersPrestigeOJC-008
Getz, StanEarly GetzPrestigeP-24088
Getz, StanEarly StanPrestigePRLP 7255
Getz, StanPrezervationPrestige7516
Getz, StanGetzPrestigePR 24019
Getz, Stan Stan Getz QuartetsPrestigeOJC-121 (P-7002)
Getz, StanStan GetzQueen-DiscQ-013
Getz, StanThe SoundRoostLP 2207
Getz, StanAt Storyville, Volume 1RoostLP 2209
Getz, StanAt Storyville, Volume 2RoostLP 2225
Getz, StanBest of Stan GetzRouletteRE-119
Getz, StanIn Paris 1958-1959RoyalLD 4002
Getz, StanOpus de BachSavoySJL-1105
Getz, StanHooray for Stan Getz QuintetSession Disc108
Getz, StanLine for LyonsSonetSNTF899
Getz, StanTwo Sides of Stan GetzUnique JazzUJ 33
Getz, StanGroovin' with GetzUnited SuperiorUS-7709
Getz, Stan57VerveMGV-8029
Getz, StanThe Best of Stan GetzVerveV6-8719
Getz, StanStan GetzVerveVE-2510
Getz, StanCool VelvetVerveMG VS-68379
Getz, StanDynastyVerveMV 9054/5
Getz, StanFocusVerveV-8412
Getz, StanImported from EuropeVerveMV 2615
Getz, StanJazz Giants '57VerveUMV 2540
Getz, StanStan Getz and J.J. Johnson at the Opera HouseVerve20MJ-0051
Getz, StanStan Getz and J.J. Johnson at the Opera HouseVerve23MJ 3085
Getz, StanStan Getz at LargeVerveMG VS-68393-2
Getz, StanStan Getz/Bob BrookmeyerVerveV/V6-8418
Getz, StanStan Getz in StockholmVerveUMV 2614
Getz, StanStan Getz PlaysVerve2304 387/POL 340
Getz, StanStan Meets ChetVerveMG V8263
Getz, StanWest Coast JamVerveMV 2593
Getz, StanIt Might As Well Be SpringVogueVJD 573
Getz, StanAt Storyville, Volume 1Vogue P.I.P.VG 405/JL.79
Getz, StanAt Storyville, Volume 2Vogue P.I.P.VG 405/500107
Getz, StanStan Getz BluesVSP VerveVSPS-31
Gibbs, TerryMy BuddyAtlasLA27-1017
Gibbs, TerryAir Mail SpecialContemporaryC-14056
Gibbs, TerryTerry Gibbs Dream Band, Volume 4ContemporaryC-7656
Gibbs, TerrySteve Allen presents Terry Gibbs at the PianoHanover SignatureSM6007
Gibbs, TerryAllen's All-StarsMercurySR 8004
Gibbs, TerryExplosion!Mercury60704
Gibbs, TerryJewish Melodies in Jazz TimeMercurySR 60812
Gibbs, TerryLaunching a New BandMercury60112
Gibbs, TerryMore Vibes on VelvetMercurySR80027
Gibbs, TerryThe Exciting Terry Gibbs Big BandVerveV-2151
Gifford, WaltNew YorkersDel MarDL-206
Gillespie, DizzyMonterey Jazz FestivalALA EnterprisesA 601
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie's Big Band JazzAmerican Recording SocietyG-423
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy GillespieArtistry110
Gillespie, DizzyOn Tour with Dizzy Gillespie and His Band 1956Artistry111
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy at Home and AbroadAtlantic1257
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie's Orchestra Vol. 1 (1947-1949)Black & WhiteVOL. 92/741 095
Gillespie, DizzyDizziestBlue Bird5785-1-RB
Gillespie, Dizzy20 Golden Pieces of Dizzy GillespieBulldogBDL 2006
Gillespie, DizzyThe Many Faces of Jazz, Vol. 48: Concert Pleyel 1953Collection UniverselleCMDINT 9859
Gillespie, DizzyConfirmationDial132
Gillespie, DizzyBebop Enters Sweden 1947-49DragonDRLP 34
Gillespie, DizzyBirks WorksDukeD-1019
Gillespie, DizzyCloser to the SourceElectric BirdK28P 6330
Gillespie, DizzyComposer's ConceptsEmArcyEMS-2-410
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie and His Big BandGNP CrescendoGNP-23
Gillespie, DizzyNew FacesGRPGRP-A 1012
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie at the Downbeat Club Summer 1947Jazz Guild1010
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie, Volume 1/2 (1946/1949)Jazz TribunePM 42 408
Gillespie, DizzyThe Melody LingersLimelightLM82042
Gillespie, DizzyOne Night in WashingtonMusician9 60300-1
Gillespie, DizzyTo a Finland StationPablo2310-889
Gillespie, DizzyGiantsPerceptionPLP 19
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie Goes to HollywoodPhilipsPHM-200-123
Gillespie, DizzyDizQuintessenceQJ-25071
Gillespie, DizzyThe Greatest of Dizzy GillespieRCA VictorLPM-2398
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy GillespieRCA Victor/Vintage SeriesLPV-530
Gillespie, DizzyDee Gee DaysSavoySJL2209
Gillespie, DizzyThe Dizzy Gillespie StorySavoyMG 12110
Gillespie, DizzyGroovin' HighSavoyMG-12020
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie: The Development of an American Artist, 1940-1946Smithsonian CollectionR004
Gillespie, DizzyGood BaitSpotliteSPJ122
Gillespie, DizzyThe Dizzy Gillespie Quintet in EuropeUnique JazzUJ 30
Gillespie, DizzyBirks' WorksVerve23MJ 3361
Gillespie, DizzyDiz and GetzVerveMV2517
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie-Stuff SmithVerveMG V-8214
Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie at NewportVerveMV 4021
Gillespie, DizzyDuetsVerveMV 2522
Gillespie, DizzyThe Ebullient Mr. GillespieVerveMG VS-68328
Gillespie, DizzyThe Greatest Trumpet of them AllVervePOL 340/2304 382
Gillespie, DizzyJazz from ParisVerveMGV-8015
Gillespie, DizzyThe Modern Jazz SextetVerve20MJ-0078
Gioia, TedThe End of the Open RoadQuartetQ-1001LP
Giuffre, JimmyFour BrothersAffinityAFF70
Giuffre, JimmyTangents in JazzAffinityAFF60
Giuffre, JimmyThe Four Brothers SoundAtlantic1295
Giuffre, JimmyThe Jimmy Giuffre ThreeAtlantic1254
Giuffre, JimmyThe Jimmy Giuffre ClarinetAtlantic1238
Giuffre, JimmyThe Music ManAtlantic1276
Giuffre, JimmyTrav'lin' LightAtlantic1282
Giuffre, JimmyWestern SuiteAtlantic1330
Giuffre, JimmyJimmy GiuffreCapitolT549
Giuffre, JimmyFree FallColumbiaCS 8764
Giuffre, JimmyHollywood Live Session 1957/58Fresh SoundFSR-405
Giuffre, JimmyTenors WestGNPGNP-21
Giuffre, JimmyTenors WestGNP CrescendoGNPS-9040
Giuffre, JimmyFirst Time on RecordsUnique JazzUJ 18
Giuffre, JimmyFusionVerveV-8397
Glasel, JohnnyJazz SessionABC ParamountABC-165
Gleason, JackieJackie Gleason Plays Romantic JazzCapitolW568
Gleason, JackieMusic for Lovers OnlyCapitolSM-352
Gleason, JackieTaste of Brass For Lovers OnlyCapitolW 2684
Glenn, TyreeLet's Have a BallRouletteSR25115
Glenn, TyreeAt the EmbersRouletteR-25009
Glenn, TyreeAt the London House in ChicagoRouletteR 25138
Glenn, TyreeAt the Round TableRouletteR-25050
Golden Gate OrchestraGolden Gate Orchestra and Five Birmingham BabiesRisticRCR 745
Golden West SyncopatorsLike a Dixieland BandSouthern ComfortSC 81-101
Goldie, DonBrilliant!ArgoLP-4010
Goldie, DonTrumpet CalienteArgoLP-708
Goldie, DonTalk of the TownJazz ForumCM-2029
Goldkette's BandThe Sounds of New York Volume 3Black & WhiteVOL. 146/FXM1 7136
Golia, VinnySpirits and FellowshipsNinewinds101
Golson, BennyFreeArgoLP-716
Golson, BennyCalifornia MessageBaystateRJL-8013
Golson, BennyThis Is for You JohnBaystateRJL-8092
Golson, BennyAre You Real?CBS/Sony25AP 796
Golson, BennyRoger GuerinColumbia Jazz Star Series054-2611291
Golson, BennyBenny Golson's New York SceneContemporaryC3552
Golson, BennyTurning PointMercuryEXPR-1021
Golson, BennyBlues on DownMilestoneM-47048
Golson, BennyGroovin' with GolsonNew Jazz8220
Golson, BennyGettin' With ItPrestige/New Jazz8248
Golson, BennyGone With GolsonPrestige/New Jazz8235
Golson, BennyThe Modern Touch: Benny Golson SextetRiversideRLP 12-256
Golson, BennyThe Other Side of Benny GolsonRiversideRLP 12-290
Golson, BennyThe PhiladelphiansUnited ArtistsLAX 3119
Golson, BennyTune In, Turn OnVerveV/V6-8710
Gomez, EddieDiscoveryColumbiaFC 40548
Gonsalves, PaulCookin'ArgoLP626
Gonsalves, PaulEllingtonia Moods & BluesBlack & WhiteVOL 36/731071
Gonsalves, PaulThe Bueno Aires SessionsCatalystCAT-7913
Gonsalves, PaulHumming BirdDeramSML1064
Gonsalves, PaulGettin' TogetherFantasyOJC-203
Gonsalves, PaulMexican Bandit Meets Pittsburgh PirateFantasyF-9646
Gonsalves, PaulCleopatra: Feelin' JazzyImpulseAS-41
Gonsalves, PaulTell It the Way It IsImpulseA-55
Gonsalves, PaulCleopatra: Feelin' JazzyJasmineJAS 47
Gonsalves, PaulRare Paul Gonsalves Sextet In Europe 1963Jazz ConnoisseurJC 109
Gonsalves, PaulGettin' TogetherJazzlandJLP 936S
Gonsalves, PaulPaul Gonsalves and His All-StarsRiviera521.149
Gonsalves, VirgilJazz San Francisco StyleLibertyLJH-6010
Gonsalves, VirgilJazz in MontereyOmegaVSOP24
Gonsalves, VirgilJazz in MontereyOmegaOSL-47
Gonzalez, DennisAnthem SuiteDaagnim11
Gonzalez, DennisStefanSilkheartSHLP-101
Goodman, BennyThe King of Swing "On the Air"Aircheck16
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman "On the Air" Volume TwoAircheck32
Goodman, BennyA Legendary ConcertArtistry108
Goodman, BennyThe Great Soloists 1929-33BiographBLP-C1
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman: The Complete Small Combinations Volumes 1/2 (1935-1937)Black & WhitePM 43176
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman: The Complete Small Combinations Volumes 3/4 (1937/1939)Black & WhitePM 43684
Goodman, BennyGene Krupa's Swing Band Volume 4 (1935-1939)Black & WhiteVol. 46 / 731 092
Goodman, BennyThe Unheard Benny Goodman, Volume ThreeBlu-DiscT-1006
Goodman, BennyThe Unheard Benny Goodman, Volume Six 1939-1945Blu-DiscT-1012
Goodman, BennyThe RCA Victor YearsBluebird5704-1-RB
Goodman, BennyBoppin' BennyCapitolECJ-50074
Goodman, BennyMostly SextetsCapitolT668
Goodman, BennyB.G. In Hi-FiCapitolW565
Goodman, BennyBebop Spoken Here Vol. 15Capitol Jazz Classics5C 052-80 854
Goodman, BennyBenny's CaravanCarib810
Goodman, BennyThe Legendary Benny GoodmanCBSP5 15536
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman Vintage Sessions 1941-1946CBS/Sony20AP 1810
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman's 1934 Bill Dodge All-Star RecordingsCircleCLP-111/112
Goodman, BennyThe King of SwingColumbiaBG 25
Goodman, BennyHappy SessionColumbiaCL 1324
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman CombosColumbiaCL 500
Goodman, BennyThe Benny Goodman Trio Plays For the Fletcher Henderson FundColumbiaCL 516
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman and His OrchestraColumbiaCL 534
Goodman, BennyThe New Benny Goodman SextetColumbiaCL 552
Goodman, BennyCarnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol. IIIColumbiaCL 816
Goodman, BennyThe King of Swing Vol. 1ColumbiaCL 817
Goodman, BennyHappy SessionColumbiaCS 8129
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman Swings AgainColumbiaCS 8379
Goodman, BennyCarnegie Hall Jazz Concert - Vol. IColumbiaML 4358
Goodman, BennyCarnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol. IIColumbiaML 4359
Goodman, BennyBenny in Brussels Vol. IColumbiaP 13502
Goodman, BennyBenny in Brussels Vol. IIColumbiaP 13515
Goodman, BennyThe Great Benny GoodmanColumbiaPC 8643
Goodman, BennySolid Gold Instrumental HitsColumbiaPG 33405
Goodman, BennyRoll 'Em Volume IColumbia Jazz MasterpiecesCJ 40588
Goodman, BennySmall Groups: 1941-1945Columbia Jazz MasterpiecesCJ 44437
Goodman, BennyListen to the MagicCommandRS 921 SD
Goodman, BennySalute to Benny GoodmanCrownCLP 5090
Goodman, BennyI Giganti Del JazzCurcioGJ-4
Goodman, BennyBenn's BopDanVC-5003
Goodman, BennyHe's the KingDonna Discskos 1100
Goodman, BennySwedish PastryDragonDRLP 16
Goodman, BennyInto BebopElecR-7366
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman Big BandEuropa JazzEJ-1031
Goodman, BennyCamel Caravan BroadcastsFanfare13-113
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman and His Orchestra Live Volume IIFanfareLP 19-119
Goodman, BennyCoca Cola Spotlight Bands BroadcastsFanfarelp 27-127
Goodman, BennyThe 1938 Band LiveFanfarelp 37-137
Goodman, BennySwonderful SwingFirst HeardFH-23
Goodman, BennyAll the Cats Join InFirst HeardFH-37
Goodman, BennySpotlighting Benny GoodmanGiants of JazzGOJ -1024
Goodman, BennyCiribiribinGiants of JazzGOJ 1030
Goodman, BennySwingin' Down the LaneGiants of JazzGOJ 1033
Goodman, BennySwingin' Through the Years with Benny Goodman, Volume 1Giants of JazzGOJ LP-1005
Goodman, BennyThe Small Groups, Volume 1Giants of JazzGOJ-1034
Goodman, BennyOne O'Clock JumpGiants of JazzGOJ-1036
Goodman, BennySing, Sing, SingGiants of JazzGOJ-1039
Goodman, BennyJumpin' at the WoodsideGiants of JazzGOJ-1042
Goodman, BennyThe King of SwingGOJlp-1017
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman and His Orchestra featuring Bunny BeriganGolden EraGE-15001
Goodman, BennyBenny's BopHep36
Goodman, BennyBenny and Sid "Roll Em"Honeysuckle RoseHR 5004/5005
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman Vol. 1 1934Hot 'n SweetHOL 6427
Goodman, BennyGoodman AirchecksIAJRC8
Goodman, BennyThe Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders - 1926Jazz ArchivesJA43
Goodman, BennySo RareJazz ArchivesJA-49
Goodman, BennySecond Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert 6 October 1939Jazz BandEB 401
Goodman, BennyKing of SwingKing of Swing RecordsLP-435
Goodman, BennyMemorialMagicAWE 23
Goodman, BennyThe Treasure ChestMGM2615 060
Goodman, BennySing a Song of GoodmanMGME3720
Goodman, BennyBig Band in Europe Volume 3MusicmastersCIJ 20157Z
Goodman, BennyThe Alternate Vol. INostalgiaNOST 7606
Goodman, BennyThe Alternate Vol. IVNostalgiaNOST 7615
Goodman, BennyThe Alternate Vol. VIINostalgiaNOST 7620
Goodman, BennyThe Best of Benny Goodman, His Orchestra, Trio & Quartet 1938-39NostalgiaNOST 7625/26
Goodman, BennyLive at Basin Street EastPhilips28PP-29
Goodman, BennyFeaturing Great Vocalists of Our TimeRCA CamdenCAL-872
Goodman, BennyMozart Concerto For ClarinetRCA VictorLM-2073
Goodman, BennyNielsen / Clarinet Concerto Symphony No. 2RCA VictorLM-2920
Goodman, BennyWhen Swing Was KingSounds GreatSG 8004
Goodman, BennyHallelujah!Sounds GreatSG-8016
Goodman, BennyThesaurus Rhythm Makers OrchestraSunbeamSB 102
Goodman, BennyLet's Dance 1934-35SunbeamSB100
Goodman, BennyThesaurusSunbeamSB103
Goodman, BennyLet's Dance 1934-35SunbeamSB104
Goodman, BennyBG "On the Air" 1935-36SunbeamSB105
Goodman, BennyIn A Melotone MannerSunbeamSB106
Goodman, BennyOn the SideSunbeamSB107
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman Accompanies the GirlsSunbeamSB111
Goodman, BennyThe Rare BG 1927-29SunbeamSB112
Goodman, BennyWith the Hotsy Totsy GangSunbeamSB113
Goodman, BennyAt the Madhattan Room November 6 and December 22, 1937SunbeamSB124
Goodman, BennyAt the Madhattan Room November 20, 1937SunbeamSB125
Goodman, BennyAt the Madhattan Room December 18, 1937SunbeamSB126
Goodman, BennyAt the Madhattan Room 1937SunbeamSB127
Goodman, BennyFrom the Congress Hotel, December 23, 1935SunbeamSB128
Goodman, BennyFrom the Congress Hotel 1936SunbeamSB129
Goodman, BennyFrom the Congress Hotel 1936SunbeamSB130
Goodman, BennyFrom the Congress Hotel 1936SunbeamSB131
Goodman, BennyFrom the Congress Hotel 1936SunbeamSB132
Goodman, Benny1933SunbeamSB133
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman & the Moderness 1934-35SunbeamSB135
Goodman, BennyThe Early YearsSunbeamSB138
Goodman, Benny1934 The Early YearsSunbeamSB139
Goodman, Benny1934-35 The Early YearsSunbeamSB140
Goodman, BennyWith Jim and GlennSunbeamSB141
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman on V-Disc Volume 1SunbeamSB142
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman on V-Disc Volume 2SunbeamSB143
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman on V-Disc Volume 3SunbeamSB144
Goodman, BennyOn The Fitch BandwagonSunbeamSB145
Goodman, BennyThe Camel CaravanSunbeamSB147
Goodman, Benny1934SunbeamSB148
Goodman, BennyA Jam Session with Benny Goodman 1935-37SunbeamSB149
Goodman, BennyThe Let's Dance Broadcasts 1934-35SunbeamSB-150
Goodman, BennyThe Benny Goodman Show 1946SunbeamSB151
Goodman, BennySwingtimeSunbeamSB-152
Goodman, BennyBG "On the Air" Volume 2SunbeamSB153
Goodman, Benny1946SunbeamSB154
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman featuring Jess StaceySunbeamSB155
Goodman, BennyIn A Melotone MannerSunbeamSB156
Goodman, BennyMelotone Melodies 1930-31SunbeamSB157
Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman and His Orchestra 1941-42SunbeamSB158
Goodman, BennySwedish Pastry Vol. IISwe Disc JazzSJ25-9016
Goodman, BennyOh! Mister GoodmanSwing HouseSWH-3
Goodman, BennyCommand PerformanceSwing HouseSWH46
Goodman, BennyBig BandsTime Life MusicSTBB 03
Goodman, BennyThe Early B.G.VocalionVLP 2
Goodman, BennyPlays World Favorites in High FidelityWestinghouse[none]
Goofus FiveGoofus Five, TheParlophonePMC 7183
Goofus FiveGoofus, TheRetrievalFJ 118
Goofus FiveGoofus Five and Ted Wallace and His Orchestra, TheThe Old MastersTOM-9
Gordon, BobMoods in JazzTampaTP26
Gordon, DexterLive at the Amsterdam Paradiso Volume TwoAffinityL6 AF102
Gordon, DexterDexter Blows Hot and CoolAuthenticAUL-207
Gordon, DexterBethlehem Years, TheBethlehemBCP-6008
Gordon, DexterBlues Walk!Black LionBL-309
Gordon, DexterThe Monmartre Collection Vol. 1Black LionBL-108
Gordon, DexterGoBlue Note84112
Gordon, DexterGetting' AroundBlue Note84204
Gordon, DexterDoin' AlrightBlue NoteK18P 9247
Gordon, DexterDexter Calling…Blue Note84083
Gordon, DexterOne Flight UpBlue NoteBST-84176
Gordon, DexterOur Man in ParisBlue NoteST-84146
Gordon, DexterSwingin' Affair, ABlue NoteBST 84133
Gordon, DexterLandslideBlue Note ClassicLT-1051
Gordon, DexterClubhouseBlue Note ClassicLT-989
Gordon, DexterDexter Gordon Live at the Amsterdam ParadisoCatfish5C188.24 336/37
Gordon, DexterGreat EncountersColumbiaJC 35978
Gordon, DexterGotham CityColumbiaJC 36853
Gordon, DexterBest of Dexter Gordon, TheColumbiaJC 36356
Gordon, DexterManhattan SymphonieColumbiaJC 35608
Gordon, DexterThe Resurgence of Dexter GordonJazzland29
Gordon, DexterA Day In CopenhagenMPSBAP 5062
Gordon, DexterDexter: The Dial SessionsPolydor582 735
Gordon, DexterDexter Gordon at Montreux with Junior MancePrestigeP-7861
Gordon, DexterLong Tall DexterSavoySJL 2211
Gordon, DexterThe HuntSavoySJL 2222
Gordon, DexterDexter Rides AgainSavoyMG 12130
Gordon, DexterDexter Gordon Sonny GreySpotliteSPJ LP 10
Gordon, DexterThe ChaseSpotliteSPJ130
Gordon, DexterMove!SpotliteSPJ133
Gordon, DexterApartment, TheSteeple ChaseSCS-1025
Gordon, DexterStrings and ThingsSteepleChaseSCS 1145
Gordon, DexterLive at the Amsterdam Paradiso Vol IYes To Jazz10064
Gordon, FrankClarioin EchoesSoul NoteSN 1096
Gordon, JoeLookin' Good!ContemporaryS7597
Gordon, JoeIntroducing Joe GordonEmArcyMG 36035
Gordon, JoeIntroducing Joe GordonTrip JazzTLP-5535
Gordon, JohnStep By StepStrata-EastSES 19760
Gordon, PeterFrench ToastElectric BirdN 8 21
Gordy, JohnNight at Poppa John'sRCA VictorLPM-1424
Gorman, IsraelIsrael Gorman at Happy LandingCenterCLP-12
Gozzo, ConradGoz the GreatRCA VictorLPM-1124
Graas, JohnInternational Premiere in JazzAndexA3003
Graas, JohnJazz Lab 2DeccaDL 8478
Graas, JohnJazz-Lab-1DeccaDL 8343
Graas, JohnJazz Studio 3DeccaDL 8104
Graas, JohnJazzmanticsDeccaDL8677
Graas, JohnJazz Studio 2JasmineJASM 1029
Graas, JohnFrench Horn JazzKappKL-1046
Graas, JohnCoup de GraasMercuryMG 36117
Graas, JohnJohn Graas!MercurySR 80020
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra (Vol. 10)AjazzAJAZZ 454
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra (Vol. 13)AjazzAJAZZ 465
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra (Vol. 14)AjazzAJAZZ 468
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra (Vol. 6)AjazzAJAZZ 439
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra (Vol. 9)AjazzAJAZZ 452
Gray, GlenOriginal Recordings From 1930 to 1936Bandstand7126
Gray, GlenCaravanCapitolT856
Gray, GlenOne More TimeCapitolSQBO 91595
Gray, GlenSolo SpotlightCapitolT-1234
Gray, GlenSounds of the Great Casa Loma BandCapitolT-1588
Gray, GlenSwingin' DecadeCapitolT1289
Gray, GlenSwingin' Southern StyleCapitolST1400
Gray, GlenPlay Themes of the Great BandsCapitolSM-1812
Gray, GlenCaravanCapitolT856
Gray, GlenSounds Of the Great Casa Loma BandCapitolSM 1588
Gray, GlenShall We Swing?Creative World IncST 10055
Gray, Glen1907-1963EpitaphE-4005
Gray, GlenSwing InstrumentalsFanfare11/01/11
Gray, GlenCamel Caravan Show InstrumentalsFanfareLP 11-111
Gray, GlenCasa Loma StompHep1010
Gray, GlenThe UncollectedHindsightHSR-104
Gray, GlenThe Uncollected Vol. 2HindsightHSR-120
Gray, GlenUncollected, The HindsightHSR-104
Gray, GlenUncollected, The (Vol. 2)HindsightHSR-120
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Casa Loma OrchestraJazum61
Gray, Glen1934-1941Jazz Museum0052.044 / COPS-8841
Gray, GlenOne Night Stand With Glen Gray and the Casa Loma OrchestraJoyceLP-1017
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra in 1936JRCJRC-1206
Gray, GlenGlen Gray and the Original Casa Loma Orchestra's Greatest HitsMCAMCA-122
Gray, GlenCasa Loma Orchestra, TheSwingfanLP 1024
Gray, WardellThe Master SwingersBlack LionPA-3145(M)
Gray, WardellThe Chase and the Steeple ChaseMCA RecordsVIM-5506 (M)
Gray, WardellThe Chase and the Steeple ChaseMCA Records510.127
Gray, WardellThin Man Meets Fatboy, TheMisteriosoMLP 1981
Gray, WardellWardell Gray and the Big BandsOfficial3029
Gray, WardellFeaturing Wardell GrayOzone6
Gray, WardellCentral AvenuePrestigeP-24062
Gray, WardellJazz Concert - West CoastSavoyMG-12-12
Gray, WardellWest Coast Jazz ConcertSavoy12196
Gray, WardellWardell Gray Stan HasselgardSpotliteSPJ134
Gray, WardellOut of NowhereStraight AheadSAJ-1003
Gray, WardellEasy SwingSwingtimeSTD1032
Gray, WardellLive in HollywoodXanadu146
Graye, TonyLet's Swing Away with Tony GrayeFuturaLP-55514
Green, BennieCatwalkBethlehemBCP-6018
Green, BennieHornful of SoulBethlehemB X 4019
Green, Bennie45 Session, TheBlue Note61020
Green, BennieBack on the SceneBlue Note1587
Green, BennieSoul Stirrin'Blue NoteBST-81599
Green, BennieWalkin' and Talkin'Blue NoteGXK 8217
Green, BennieBlow Your HornDeccaDL 8176
Green, BennieBlow Your HornDeccaDL 8176 (MG 4229)
Green, BennieSwings the BluesEnricaLP 2002
Green, BennieGlidin' AlongJazzlandJLP 943S
Green, BennieBest of Benny Green, ThePrestige7776
Green, BennieBennie GreenTime RecordsUls-1806-V
Green, BennieJuggin' AroundVee Jay22YB-2020
Green, BunkyTestifyin' TimeArgoLP-753
Green, FreddieMr. RhythmRCA MastersPM 42114
Green, GrantAm I BlueApplauseAPBL 2319
Green, GrantAlive!Blue NoteBST-84360
Green, GrantBorn To Be BlueBlue NoteBST 84432
Green, GrantGoin' WestBlue NoteBST 84310
Green, GrantGooden's CornerBlue NoteGCK 8168
Green, GrantGreen StreetBlue NoteST-84071
Green, GrantI Want to Hold Your HandBlue NoteST-84202
Green, GrantIdle MomentsBlue NoteBLP-4154 / BST-84154
Green, GrantOleoBlue NoteGXK 8169
Green, GrantStreet of DreamsBlue NoteBLP 4253 / 84253
Green, GrantNigeriaBlue Note ClassicLT-1032
Green, GrantSolidBlue Note ClassicLT-990
Green, UrbieAll About Urbie Green and His Big BandABC-ParamountABC-137
Green, UrbieUrbie GreenABC-ParamountABC-101
Green, UrbieLyrical Language of Urbie Green, TheBethlehemBCP-6041
Green, UrbieEast Coast Jazz Series No. 6BethlehemBCP-14
Green, UrbieThe Urbie Green 6-tetCommandRS 33-857
Green, UrbieMessage, TheRCANL-46033
Green, UrbieLet's Face the Music and DanceRCA VictorNL-45906
Green, UrbieNew Show HitsRCA VictorNL-45907
Green, UrbieOld Time ModernVanguardVRS8530
Greene, BobBob Greene and His International New Orleans Jazz BandFat Cat's JazzFCJ 108
Greene, BobBob Greene and the Peruna Jazz BandFat Cat's JazzFCJ 139
Greene, BurtonTreesButton Nose2
Greene, BurtonLightButton Nose6812 222
Greene, BurtonAquarianaBYG529.308
Greene, BurtonPresenting Burton GreeneColumbiaCS 9784
Greene, BurtonYou've Never Heard Suc Sounds In Your LifeESP Disk1024
Greene, BurtonOn TourKharma1074
Greene, BurtonVariations on a Coffee MachineKharmaPK-6
Grey, AlAl Grey and the Basie SwingArgoLP-653
Grey, AlAl Grey-Billy Mitchell Sextet, TheArgoLP 689
Grey, AlThinking Man's Trombone, TheArgoLP 677
Grey, AlAl Grey featuring Arnett CobbBlack and Blue33.143
Grey, AlBasic GreyChess Jazz Masters2ACMJ-409
Grey, AlGreyContemporaryFC 38505
Grey, AlGet It TogetherPizza ExpressPE5504
Grey, AlDizzy AtmosphereSpecialtyYZ-7026-SP
Grey, AlTravelers Lounge LiveTravelers ProductionsTRV-3001
Grey, AlSide By SideXremSLPX 17764
Griffin, DickEighth Wonder, TheStrata-EastSES-19747
Griffin, JohnnyJazzbuhne Berlin '84Amiga Jazz8 56 089
Griffin, JohnnySoul GrooveAtlantic1431
Griffin, JohnnyIntroducing Johnny GriffinBlue Note1533
Griffin, JohnnyJohnny GriffinBlue Note1559
Griffin, JohnnyInternational Jazz WorkshopEmArcyMGE-26002
Griffin, JohnnyNight LadyEmArcySRE 66001
Griffin, JohnnySincerely OursFour LeafFLC 5027
Griffin, JohnnyJazz A ConfrontoHOROHLL 101-10
Griffin, JohnnyGriff and LockJazzlandJLP 42
Griffin, JohnnyLookin' at MonkJazzlandJLP 9393
Griffin, JohnnyTough Tenor FavoritesJazzlandJLP 76
Griffin, JohnnyTough TenorsJazzlandJLP 31
Griffin, JohnnyBig SoulMilestoneM-47014
Griffin, JohnnyLive in TokyoPhilipsRJ-7160
Griffin, JohnnyBig Soul-Band, TheRiversideRLP 1179
Griffin, JohnnyChange of PaceRiversideRLP 9368
Griffin, JohnnyGrab This!RiversideRM 437
Griffin, JohnnyWay Out!RiversideSMJ-6067M
Griffin, JohnnyJohnny Griffin SextetRiversideRLP 12-264
Griffin, JohnnyKerry Dancers, TheRiversideRLP 420
Griffin, JohnnyLittle Giant, TheRiversideOJC-136
Griffin, JohnnyLittle Giant, TheRiversideRLP 12-304
Griffin, JohnnyStudio Jazz PartyRiversideRLP 9338
Griffin, JohnnyBlues For HarveySteepleChaseSCS-1004
Grimes, HenryYou Never Heard Such Sounds In Your LifeESP Disk1026
Grimes, TinyTiny GrimesBlack and Blue33 30 U
Grimes, TinyHis Rockin' HighlandersCaracol442
Grimes, TinyTiny in SwingvillePrestige Swingville2002
Grimes, TinyCallin' the BluesPrestige Swingville2004
Grimes, TinyOne Is Never Too Old To SwingSonetSNTE 736
Grosz, MartyGoody GoodyAviva6003
Grosz, MartyI Hope Gabriel Likes My MusicAviva6004
Grosz, MartyLet Your Fingers Do the WalkingAviva6000
Grosz, MartyChicago 1957Ristic SAH8
Grosz, MartyHooray For Bix!RiversideRLP 1109
Grove Street StompersArthur's Tavern Presents the Grove Street StompersVillageVR 500
Grove, DickLittle Bird SuitePacific JazzPJ-74
Gruzo, TomSay WhenNine WindsNW 0123
Gryce, GigiNew Formulas From the Jazz LabJazz LinePL 43698 / RC 330
Gryce, GigiJazz LabJubilee1059
Gryce, GigiGigi GryceMetro JazzSL-3024
Gryce, GigiRat Race Blues, TheNew JazzNJ 8262
Gryce, GigiSayin' SomethingNew Jazz8230
Gryce, GigiHap'nin's, ThePrestigeLPJ-70006
Gryce, GigiNica's TempoSavoyMG 12137
Gryce, GigiReminiscin'Trip JazzTLP-5598
Guaraldi, VinceVince Guaraldi and the Conte Candoli All StarsCrownCST 417
Guaraldi, VinceVince Guaraldi Trio, TheFantasyOJC-149
Guaraldi, VinceVince Guaraldi - Conte Candoli Quartet, ThePremierPS 2009
Guarnieri, JohnnyJohnny Guarnieri Plays Harry WarrenJim Taylor PresentsJTP 102
Guarnieri, JohnnySuperstrideTaz JazTJZ-1001
Guesnon, GeorgeCreole Blues, TheIconoclastI-LP1
Guesnon, GeorgeCreole George GuesnonJazz CrusadeJC-2011
Gulf Coast SevenGulf Coast Seven and the Original Jazz Hounds, TheVJM TimespanVLP.45
Habian, CliffManhattan BridgeMilestoneM-9172
Hackett, BobbyAt the EmbersCapitolT1077
Hackett, BobbyBobby Hackett Quartet, TheCapitolT1235
Hackett, BobbyCoast ConcertCapitolT692
Hackett, BobbyEasy BeatCapitolST 1413
Hackett, BobbyGotham Jazz SceneCapitolT857
Hackett, BobbyIn a Mellow MoodCapitol1552971
Hackett, BobbyJazz UltimateCapitolT933
Hackett, BobbyRendezvousCapitolT719
Hackett, BobbyLive at the Roosevelt GrillChiaroscuroCR-179
Hackett, BobbyDream AwhileColumbiaCL 1602
Hackett, BobbyNight LoveColumbiaCS 8695
Hackett, BobbyHackett Horn, TheColumbia Special ProductsJEE 22003
Hackett, BobbyBobby Hackett Henry ManciniEpicBN 26061
Hackett, BobbyPlays Tony Bennett's Greatest HitsEpicBN 26220
Hackett, BobbyOliver!EpicBA 17037
Hackett, BobbyString of Pearls, AEpicLN 24174
Hackett, BobbySweet CharityEpicFLS 15107
Hackett, BobbyTrumpet's Greatest HitsEpicLN 24155
Hackett, BobbyJazz From Bill Green's Rustic LoungeJass16
Hackett, BobbyLive From ManassasJazzologyJ-76
Hackett, BobbyThis Is My BagProject 3PR5034SD
Hackett, BobbySpirit Swings Me, TheSesac RecordingN.4101/02
Hackett, BobbyLive From the Voyager RoomShoestringSS-108
Hackett, BobbyBobby Hackett's SextetStoryvilleSLP 4059
Haden, CharlieQuartet WestVerve831 673-1
Haig, AlJazz Will-O-the-WispCounterpointCPT-551
Haig, AlMeets the Master Saxes Volume OneSpotliteSPJ139
Haig, AlMeets the Master Saxes Volume TwoSpotliteSPJ140
Haig, AlMeets the Master Saxes Volume ThreeSpotliteSPJ141
Hakim, SadikResurgenceProgressiveUPS-2289-G
Hakim, SadikSadik Hakim Plays Duke EllingtonRCI379
Hakim, SadikWitches, Goblins, etc.SteepleChaseSCS-1091
Hale, CorkyGene Norman Presents Corky HaleGNPVol. 17 / GNP 182
Hale, CorkyHarp BeatStashST245
Halen, CarlGin Bottle SevenIAJRC32
Halen, CarlCarl Halen's Summa Cum Laude Orchestra 1982JazzologyJ-152
Halen, CarlGin Bottle JazzRiversideRLP 12-231
Halen, CarlWhoopee Makers' JazzRiversideRLP 12-261
Half-Way House OrchestraHalf-Way House Orchestra, TheVJMVLP-62
Hall BrothersJazz Band[none]MMS 7202
Hall, EdmondSwing SessionAce of HeartsZAHC 180
Hall, EdmondEdmond Hall Art HodesBlue NoteB-6504
Hall, EdmondCelestial ExpressBlue NoteB-6505
Hall, EdmondRumpus on Rampart StreetRae Cox1120 ST
Hall, EdmondDixieland Main StemSavoyMG-12213
Hall, EdmondEdmond Hall QuartetStoryville671 190
Hall, EdmondEdmond Hall at Club HangoverStoryvilleSLP 4009
Hall, EdmondPetite FleurUnited ArtistsUAS 5028
Hall, HerbOld Tyme ModernSackville3003
Hall, HerbieClarinet WobbleFat Cat's Jazz118
Hall, JimJazz GuitarLibertyLLJ-70061
Hall, JimIt's Nice To Be With YouMPSMPS 15245
Hall, JimGood Friday BluesPacific JazzGXF 3138
Hambro, LennyMessage From HambroColumbiaCL 757
Hambro, LennyNature of ThingsEpicLN 3361
Hamilton, ChicoChico Hamilton Special, TheColumbiaP 13290
Hamilton, ChicoDrumfusionColumbiaCL 1807
Hamilton, ChicoPassin' ThruImpulseA-29
Hamilton, ChicoThe Chico Hamilton TrioPacific Jazz1220
Hamilton, ChicoA Different JourneyRepriseR-6078
Hamilton, ChicoGongs East!Warner Bros.1271
Hamilton, ChicoThat's JazzWB RecordsWB 56 239
Hamilton, ChicoEllington SuiteWorld PacificWP-1258
Hamilton, JimmySwing Low, Sweet ClarinetFresh SoundFSR 510
Hamilton, JimmyJimmy Hamilton and His OrchestraJazz Kings1208
Hamilton, JimmyIt's About TimePrestige SwingvilleSV 2022
Hamilton, JimmyCan't Help SwingingSwingville2028
Hamilton, JimmyRediscovered at the BuccaneerWho's Who In JazzWWLP-21029
Hamilton, ScottScott Hamilton, 2Concord JazzCJ-61
Hamilton, ScottThe Second SetConcord JazzCJ-254
Hamilton, ScottScott HamiltonConcord JazzCJ-42
Hamilton, ScottThe Grand AppearanceProgressive7026
Hammer, BuckThe Discovery of Buck HammerHanoverM 8001
Hampel, GunterDancesBirth2
Hampel, GunterThe Music of Gunter HampelBirth008, 009, 0010, 0011, 0012
Hampel, GunterVogelfreiBirth29
Hampel, GunterJourney to the Song WithinBirth17
Hampel, GunterAll is RealBirth28
Hampel, GunterThat Came Down On MeBirth27
Hampel, GunterGunter Hamplet: The 8th of July 1969Flying DutchmanFDS-126
Hampel, GunterFlying CarpetKharmaPK8
Hampel, Gunter and Jeanne LeeFreedom of the UniverseBirth30
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton & His Orchestra - 1948AlamacQSR 2419
Hampton, LionelThe Complete Lionel Hampton/1937-1941BluebirdAXM6-5536
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton Quartet/Quintet, TheClefMG C-667
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton and his GiantsColumbia10063
Hampton, LionelSilver VibesColumbiaCS 8277
Hampton, LionelGolden VibesColumbiaCS 8110
Hampton, LionelWailin' at the TrianonColumbiaCL 711
Hampton, LionelI Giganti Del JazzCurcio36
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton At the VibesDiplomat2235
Hampton, LionelJam Session in ParisEmArcyMG-36035
Hampton, LionelHamp In ParisEmArcyMG 36032
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton and His New French Sound, Volume IFelstedPDL 85002
Hampton, LionelJam BandFirst HeardFH-54
Hampton, LionelVibebrationsGiants of JazzGOJ 1014
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton On TourGlad-HampGHLP 1005
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton and the Just Jazz All StarsGNPvol 15
Hampton, LionelYou Better Know ItImpulseA-78
Hampton, LionelFabulous Lionel Hampton and His All-stars, TheJazztoneJ-1238 / JZ-1238
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton Swings with George KawaguchiKingK28P-6170
Hampton, LionelMess Is Here, TheMagicAWE 18
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton 1 - Steppin' Out 1942-1944MCA RecordsMCA-1315
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton 3 - Sweatin' With Hamp 1945-1950MCA RecordsMCA-1331
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton 4 - Seeds of Swing 1945-1949MCA Records510 112
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton 5 - Swinging Sessions! 1945-1950MCA Records510 117
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton - RaritiesMCA RecordsMCA-1351
Hampton, LionelApollo Hall ConcertMercury6499 356
Hampton, LionelGreat Lionel Hampton, TheMusidiscCV 1064
Hampton, LionelMoustache / Salvador / Hampton et leurs Amis jouent BrassensPhilips812 386-1
Hampton, LionelJivin' the VibesRCA CamdenCDN-129
Hampton, LionelUnforgettable Triumph, AnRCA VictorLPM-3891
Hampton, LionelLionel Hampton in ParisSwingSW 8415
Hampton, LionelJiving the BluesSwing HouseSWH-45
Hampton, LionelLionel HamptonTime Life MusicSTBB 24
Hampton, LionelFlying HomeVerve813091 1
Hampton, LionelTravelin' BandVerveMGV-8019
Hampton, Lionel and Charlie TeagardenThe Great Hamp and Little 'T'CoralLVA 9217
Hampton, SlideSister SalvationAtlantic1339
Hampton, SlideSomethin' SanctifiedAtlantic1362
Hampton, SlideLife MusicCaroselloCLE 21019
Hampton, SlideTwo Sides of SlideCharlie ParkerPLP-803
Hampton, SlideRootsCriss Cross Jazz1015
Hampton, SlideFabulous Slide Hampton Quartet 1969, ThePathe1552621
Hampton, SlideSlide Hampton and His Horn of PlentyStrandSLS 1006
Hampton, SlideSlide Hampton & Vaclav Zahradnik Big BandSupraphon1 15 0929
Hampton, SlideInterjazz 2Supraphon1 15 1370
Hancock, HerbieTakin' OffBlue Note8 4109
Hancock, HerbieMaiden VoyageBlue NoteBST 84195
Hancock, HerbiePrisoner, TheBlue NoteBST 84321
Hancock, HerbieMy Point of ViewBlue NoteBST-84126
Hancock, HerbieEmpyrean IslesBlue NoteLW-84175
Hancock, HerbieBest of Herbie Hancock, TheBlue NoteBST-89907
Hancock, HerbieSpeak Like a ChildBlue NoteBST-84279
Handy, Cap'n JohnIn the Groove77 Records77 LEU 12/15
Handy, Cap'n JohnHandyman Vol 277 Records77 LEU 12/23
Handy, Cap'n JohnHandyman Vol 177 Records77 LEU 12/16
Handy, Cap'n JohnHandy Session, TheG.H.B.GHP-251
Handy, Cap'n JohnIntroducing Cap'n John HandyRCA VictorLSP-3762
Handy, Cap'n JohnNew Orleans and the BluesRCA VictorLSP-3929
Handy, GeorgeHandyland U.S.A.RCALXA-1004
Handy, JohnHard WorkImpulseASD-9314
Handy, JohnCenterpieceMilestoneM-9173
Hanna, RolandEasy To LoveAtcoP-7560T
Hardeman, RickNew Orleans Dixieland JazzShalom658
Hardman, BillBill HardmanMuseMR 5259
Hardman, BillSaying SomethingSavoy JazzSJL 1164
Harlem HamfatsHarlem Hamfats, TheAce of HeartsAH 77
Harlem HamfatsHarlem Hamfats (1936-1939)DocumentDLP 547
Harlem HamfatsI'm So GladQueen-disc62
Harlem HamfatsHarlem Hamfats (1936-1939) Keep It Swinging Round and RoundRSTBD-2045
Harlem HamfatsHarlem Hamfats (1936-1939)Wolf Jazz SeriesWJS-1007
Harper, BillyBilly Harper QuintetPolJazzPSJ 99
Harper, HerbieHerbie Harper Featuring Bud ShankLibertyLJH 6003
Harper, HerbieHerbie Harper Sextet!ModeMOD LP-100
Harper, HerbieHerbie Harper QuintetTampaLP-11
Harrell, TomAuroraAdamoADS 9502
Harrell, TomStoriesContemporaryC-14043
Harrell, TomSail AwayContemporaryC-14054
Harrell, TomMoon AlleyCriss Cross Jazz1018
Harris-Leigh Boroque BandJazz 1755 An Eighteenth Century Jam SessionKappKL-1011
Harris, BarryCadillac and MackDirect Dish EWLP-98005
Harris, BarryBull's EyePrestigePR 7600
Harris, BarryNewer Than NewRiversideRLP 9413
Harris, BarryPreminadoRiversideRLP 354
Harris, BarryBarry Harris at the Jazz WorkshopRiversideRLP 326
Harris, BarryFor the MomentUptownUP27.20
Harris, BarryBarry Harris Plays Tadd DameronXanadu113
Harris, BarryBarry Harris Plays Barry HarrisXanadu154
Harris, BeaverWell Kept Secret, AShempHWSI 2701
Harris, BeaverBeautiful AfricaSoul NoteSN 1002
Harris, BillBill Harris and FriendsFantasyOJC-083
Harris, BillKnight In the Village, AJazz Showcase5001
Harris, BillBill Harris Memorial AlbumXanadu191
Harris, CraigShelterJMT Body and SoulJMT 870 008
Harris, CraigBlackout In the Square Root of SoulJMT Body and SoulJMT 880 015
Harris, CraigBlack BoneSoul NoteSN 1055
Harris, EddieSteps UpSteepleChaseSCS-1151
Harrison, DonaldBlack PearlColumbiaC 44216
Harrison, WendellEvening With the Devil, AnHarrison and RanelinPRSD 2212
Hart, BillyOshumareGramavision18-8502-1
Hashim, MichaelPeacocksStashST227
Hawes, HamptonHampton Hawes Jam SessionColumbiaSW-7055
Hawes, HamptonHere and NowContemporaryOJC-178
Hawes, HamptonFour!ContemporaryOJC-165
Hawes, HamptonFor Real!ContemporaryS7589
Hawes, HamptonChallenge, TheNivicoSMJ-7488
Hawes, HamptonHampton Hawes Memorial Album, TheXanadu161
Hawkins, ColemanBenny and the Hawk On the Loose In Europe (Volume 1[none]OTL 1
Hawkins, ColemanBenny and the Hawk On the Loose In Europe (Volume 2)[none]OTL 2
Hawkins, ColemanBenny and the Hawk On the Loose In Europe (Volume 3)[none]OTL 3
Hawkins, ColemanBenny and the Hawk On the Loose In Europe (Volume 4)[none]OTL 4
Hawkins, ColemanBenny and the Hawk On the Loose In Europe (Volume 5)[none]OTL 5
Hawkins, ColemanHawk Talks, TheAffinityAFF 139
Hawkins, ColemanColeman Hawkins & His Orchestra 1940AlamacQSR 2417
Hawkins, ColemanTenor Sax: Coleman Hawkins & Frank Wess, TheAtlanticSD2 306
Hawkins, ColemanHawk in GermanyBlack LionBL-159
Hawkins, ColemanBody and SoulBluebird5658-1-RB
Hawkins, ColemanThe Gilded HawkCapitol5C 038-85287
Hawkins, ColemanCapitol Jazz Classic Vol. 5: Hollywood StampedeCapitol5C052.808002
Hawkins, ColemanRecordings Made Between 1930 and 1941CBS68227
Hawkins, ColemanBack in Bean's BagColumbiaCL 1991
Hawkins, ColemanClassic Tenors: Coleman Hawkins/Lester YoungDoctor JazzFW38446
Hawkins, ColemanLover ManEsoldunFC 104
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Hawkins, ColemanTimeless JazzJazztoneJ-1201
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Hawkins, Coleman and Red AllenVolume One: WarhorsesJassJass Ten
Hawkins, ErskineSneakin OutFirst HeardFH-30
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Hawkins, ErskineErskine Hawkins - Vol. 2ImperialLP-9197
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Hayes, Louis and Junior CookIchi-banTimelessSJP 102
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Heath, JimmyNew PictureLandmarkLLP 1506
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Hendersmen, TheThe Hendersmen Play ParisFantasyF-3-201 (OJC-116)
Henderson, BobbyA Home in the CloudsChiaroscuro102
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Henke, MelMel Henke, Volume 2ContemporaryC5003
Henke, MelMel Henke, Volume 2ContemporaryC5001
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Herman, WoodyThe Third Herd (Vol. 1)DiscoveryDS-815
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Herman, WoodyGiant StepsFantasy9432
Herman, WoodyThe Raven SpeaksFantasy9416
Herman, WoodyChildren of LimaFantasyF-9477
Herman, WoodyHerd at MontreuxFantasyF-9470
Herman, WoodyAt The RoundtableForumSF 9016
Herman, WoodyLive In New OrleansGiants of JazzLP-1022
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Herman, WoodyV Disc Years 1944-46 Volume 2hephep 35
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Herman, WoodyWoody Herman and His Orchestra - 1937HindsightHSR-116
Herman, WoodyThe Fourth HerdJazzlandJLP 917S
Herman, WoodyOne Night Stand With Woody Herman and Allan JonesJoyceLP-1037
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Herman, WoodyEncorePhilipsPHS 600-092
Herman, WoodyThe Swingin'est Big Band EverPhilipsPHM 200-065
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Herman, WoodyJazz, The Utmost!VerveMGV-8014
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Herman, WoodyConcerto For HerdVerveV6-8764
Herman, WoodyThe First Herd at Carnegie HallVerveVSP-1
Herman, Woody and Will BradleyLive from the Famous Door (Woodchopper's Ball at the Famous Door)Bandstand7105
Heywood, EddieEddie HeywoodEmArcyMG-36042
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Heywood, EddieThe Touch of Eddie HeywoodRCA VictorLPM-1466
Hicks, JohnIn ConcertTheresaTR-123
Higgins, EddieOnce In a WhileSpinnsterSP.0002
Higgins, EddieEddie HigginsVee JaySR 3017
Hildinger, DaveThe Young Moderns featuring the Arrangements and Quintet of Dave HildingerBatonBL 1204
Hill, AndrewDance With DeathBlue NoteLT-1030
Hill, AndrewBlack FireBlue NoteBST-84151
Hill, AndrewCompulsionBlue NoteBST-84217
Hill, AndrewAndrew!Blue NoteBST 84203
Hill, AndrewPoint of DepartureBlue NoteBST 84167
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Hill, AndrewSpiralFreedomFLP 40156
Hill, AndrewSo In Love with the Sound of Andrew HillWarwickW 2002 ST
Hill, TeddyTeddy Hill and His OrchestraQueen-discQ-021
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Hines, EarlGrand Reunion (1965)TripTLP-5557
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Hines, Earl "Fatha"In New OrleansMagnum Music GroupMTLP 014
Hines, Earl "Fatha"The Father of Modern Jazz PianoMF ProductionsMF 203/5
Hines, Earl "Fatha"Earl's PearlsMGME3832
Hines, Earl "Fatha"Earl Meets Sweets and JawsPhilips9198 205
Hines, Earl "Fatha"A Monday DateRiversideRLP 9398
Hines, Earl and Paul GonsalvesIt Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing!Black LionBLP 30153
Hinton, MiltonEast Coast Jazz Series No. 5BethlehemBCP-1020
Hipp, JuttaJutta Hipp with Zoot SimsBlue Note1530
Hirt, Al and Ann-MargaretBeauty and the BeardRCA VictorLSP-2690
Hodes, ArtThe Funky Piano of Art HodesBlue NoteB-6502
Hodes, ArtThe Art Hodes Notebook - V: Friar's Inn RevisitedDelmarkDS-215
Hodes, ArtThe Art Hodes Notebook - Hodes' ArtDelmarkDS-213
Hodes, ArtBlues to Save the TreesL+RLR 40.015
Hodes, ArtChicago StyleMercuryMG-20185
Hodes, ArtThe Authentic Art Hodes Rhythm SectionParkwood106
Hodes, ArtThe Music of Lovie AustinStomp OffSOS 1184
Hodes, Art and Truck ParhamPlain Old BluesEmArcyMGE 26005
Hodges, JohnnyHodge PodgeEpicEE 22001
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Hodges, JohnnyThe Rabbit In ParisInner CityIC 7003
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Hodges, JohnnyTriple PlayRCARGP-1183
Hodges, JohnnyThings ain't What They Used to BeRCA VictorLPV-533
Hodges, JohnnyLove In SwingtimeTAXm-8022
Hodges, JohnnyThe Smooth OneVerve2362 082
Hodges, JohnnyJohnny Hodges and His Strings Play the Prettiest GershwinVerveMG V-8314
Hodges, JohnnyHodges & Hines: Swing's Our thingVerveV6-8732
Hodges, JohnnyThe Big Sound: Johnny Hodges and the Ellington MenVerveMG V-8271
Hodges, JohnnyUsed to Be DukeVerveMGV-8150
Hodges, JohnnyDon't Sleep In the SubwayVerveV6-8726
Hodges, JohnnyJumpin' with Johnny HodgesVogueLDML 30204
Holiday, BillieThe Golden YearsColumbiaC3L 21
Holiday, JoeHoliday for JazzDeccaDL 8487
Holman, BillBill Holman Arranges The Wright ApproachAndexS 3006 (FSR-501)
Holman, BillBig Band in a Jazz OrbitAndexS 3004
Holman, BillBill Holman's Great Big BandFresh SoundT 1464
Holman, BillThe Fabulous Bill HolmanJasmineJASM 1009
Holman, BillThe Fabulous Bill HolmanSackville2013
Holman, Bill and Mel LewisJive for FiveAndexA 3005
Holmes, Richard "Groove"GroovePacific JazzPJ-23
Hope, ElmoHigh HopeBeaconLP#401
Hope, ElmoElmo Hope Trio & QuintetBlue NoteK18P 9271
Hope, ElmoHope From Rikers IslandChiaroscuroCR 2009
Hope, ElmoHope Meets FosterPrestigeLP 7021 (oJC-1703)
Hope, ElmoHomecomingRiversideSMJ-6161
Hope, ElmoHope-Full: Elmo an Bertha HopeRiversideRLP 408
Hopkins, ClaudeClaude Hopkins 1932-1934GAPS120
Hopkins, ClaudeClaude Hopkins and His Orchestra: 1932-1933, 1940Jazz ArchivesJA-4
Hopkins, ClaudeSingin In the RainJazz ArchivesJA-27
Hopkins, ClaudeYes Indeed!Prestige/Swingville2009
Hopkins, ClaudeLet's JamPrestige/SwingvilleSV 2020
Hopkins, ClaudeSwing TimeSwingvilleSV 2041
Horn, PaulCycleRCA VictorLSP-3386
Horn, PaulJazz Suite on the Mass TextsRCA VictorLSP-3414
Horne, LenaI Feel So SmoochieLionL70050
Howard, KidKid Howard at the San Jacinto HallGHBGHB-23
Howard, KidKid Howard: Afraid to Stay, Afraid to Leave This TownIconLP-4
Howard, KidKid Howard's New Orlean's Band: New Orleans - The Legends Live - Volume 22JazzologyJCE-32
Howard, KidKid Howard's Olympia Band: New Orleans - The Legends - Volume 8JazzologyJCE-18
Howard, NoahPatternsAltsax Music CompanyAMC.1000
Howard, NoahNoah Howard at Judson HallESP DiskESP 1064
Howard, NoahNoah Howard QuartetESP DiskESP 1031
Howard, NoahThe Black ArkFreedom28 426-5 U
Howard, NoahNoah Howard: Live in Europe Vol. 1SunSR 105
Howard, PaulCalifornian Jazz (1929-1930)RCAFXM1 7106
Hubbard, DaveLabor of LoveSybariteSB 326
Hubbard, FreddieBacklashAtlantic90466-1-Y
Hubbard, FreddieBacklashAtlanticSD 1477
Hubbard, FreddieHigh Blues PressureAtlanticSC 1501
Hubbard, FreddieThe Hub of HubbardBASFBAP 5036
Hubbard, FreddieBlue SpiritsBlue NoteBST 84196
Hubbard, FreddieBreaking PointBlue NoteBST 84172
Hubbard, FreddieGoin' UpBlue NoteBST 84056
Hubbard, FreddieHere to StayBlue NoteBN-LA496-H2
Hubbard, FreddieHub-TonesBlue NoteBST-84115
Hubbard, FreddieThe Night off the Cookers - Volume 1 (Live at La Marchal)Blue NoteBST-84207
Hubbard, FreddieOpen SesameBlue NoteGXK8022
Hubbard, FreddieReady for FreddieBlue NoteBST 84085
Hubbard, FreddieClassicsFantasyF-9635
Hubbard, FreddieThe Artistry of Freddie HubbardJasmineJAS 71
Hubbard, FreddieNo. 5Jazz LinePA-3081
Hubbard, FreddieThe Best of Freddie Hubbard: Live and In StudioPablo2310-884
Hubbell, FrankPenny Candy & Other TreatsAtco33-196
Human Arts EnsembleUnder the SunUniversal JusticeTS73-776
Humphrey, EarlEarl Humphrey and His FootwarmersBiographCEN-11
Humphrey, EarlEarl Humphrey & Igor's Imperial OrchestraBiographCLP-6
Humphrey, PaulPaul Humphrey Sextet featuriing Oscar BrashearDiscoveryDS-850
Humphrey, PercyPercy Humphrey at Manny's TavernCenterCLP-13
Humphrey, PercyPercy Humphrey & the Maryland Jazzband of Cologne: Jazz in Schloss GrachtMaryland Jazz Band of CologneMJ 82012 ST
Humphrey, PercyPercy Humphrey and His Crescent City JoymakersPearlPLP 3
Humphrey, PercyBack to New OrleansRhythm 6[none]
Humphrey, PercyPortrait of Percy Humphrey, AStoryvilleSLP 231
Hunt, Pee WeeMusic From the Gaslight EraAAMCOALP 323
Hunt, Pee WeeAla DixieCapitolT984
Hunt, Pee WeeBest of Pee Wee Hunt, TheCapitolSM-1853
Hunt, Pee WeeStraight From DixieCapitolT203
Hunt, Pee WeePlays and Sings DixieTopsL-1603
Hutcherson, BobbyComponentsBlue NoteBST-84213
Hutcherson, BobbyDialogueBlue NoteBST-84198
Hutcherson, BobbyMedinaBlue Note ClassicLT-1086
Hutcherson, BobbyPatternsBlue Note ClassicLT-1044
Hutcherson, BobbySpiralBlue Note ClassicLT-996
Hutcherson, BobbyAmbos MundosLandmarkLLP-1522
Hutcherson, BobbyColor SchemesLandmarkLLP-1508
Hutcherson, BobbyGood BaitLandmarkLLP-501
Hyman, DickSolo PianoProject 3PR 5070SD
International Sweethearts of RhythmInternational Sweethearts of RhythmRosettaRR1312
Jackson, CalvinRave NoticeColumbiaCL 824
Jackson, CalvinCalvin Jackson at the PlazaXLXA-1005
Jackson, ChubbyChubby's BackArgoLP-614
Jackson, ChubbySatin DollJazz ForumCM-2027
Jackson, CliffParlor Social PianoFat Cat's JazzFCJ-107
Jackson, CliffCliff Jackson and His Crazy Kats 1930RetrievalFJ-119
Jackson, FranzJass, Jass, JassPhilipsPHM 200-013
Jackson, FranzGood Old DaysPinnaclePLP 108 M
Jackson, FranzNight at Red Arrow, APinnaclePLP 104S
Jackson, FranzVisit to New Orleans, APolydor237 574
Jackson, FranzFranz Jackson's Original Jass All-StarsRiversideRLP 406
Jackson, MiltImpulse Years, Theabc ImpulseASH-9282-2
Jackson, MiltBags and FlutesAtlantic1294
Jackson, MiltBags and TraneAtlanticSD 1368
Jackson, MiltBallads and BluesAtlantic1242
Jackson, MiltBean BagsAtlantic1316
Jackson, MiltPlenty, Plenty SoulAtlanticP-7548A
Jackson, MiltMilt JacksonBlue NoteBST-81509
Jackson, MiltDate In New York, AInner CityIC 7007
Jackson, MiltBags Meets WesMilestoneSMJ-6058
Jackson, MiltBig Band BagsMilestone47006
Jackson, MiltJackson, Johnson, Brown and CompanyPablo2310-897
Jackson, MiltLondon Bridge, APablo2310-932
Jackson, MiltSoul RoutePablo2310-900
Jackson, MiltOpus De FunkPrestigeP-24048
Jackson, MiltBig BagsRiversideRLP 9429
Jackson, MiltBluesologySavoySJL 1130
Jackson, MiltFirst Q, TheSavoySJL 1106
Jackson, MiltJazz Skyline, TheSavoyMG 12070
Jackson, MiltSecond NatureSavoySJL 2204
Jackson, MiltLive at the Museum of Modern ArtTrip JazzTLP-5553
Jackson, MiltBags OpusUnited ArtistsGXC-3135
Jackson, MiltRay Brown / Milt JacksonVerveV6-8615
Jackson, OliverBroadwayBlack & Blue33.151
Jackson, OliverOliver Jackson Presents "Le Quartet"Black & Blue33.18
Jackson, OliverReal Jazz ExpressBlack & Blue33.126
Jackson, PrestonIn StockholmKennethKS 2040
Jackson, Ronald ShannonBarbeque DogAntillesAN 1015
Jackson, WillisGator Horn, TheMuseMR 5146
Jackson, WillisTogether Again!Prestige7364
Jacquet, IllinoisIllinois Jacquet and His Tenor SaxAladdin803
Jacquet, IllinoisDesert WindsArgoLP-735
Jacquet, IllinoisJacquet's Got It!Atlantic7 81816-1
Jacquet, IllinoisMessage, TheCadetCA 722
Jacquet, IllinoisIllinois JacquetEpicLA 16033
Jacquet, IllinoisPort of RicoVerveMG V-8085
Jacquet, IllinoisSwing's the ThingVerveMV 2660
Jacquet, IllinoisFabulous Apollo Sessions, TheVogueCLDAP. 858
Jaffe, AndyManhattan ProjectionsStashST-247
Jam Session#3VerveV-8051
Jam Session#4VerveUMV 2518
Jam Session#6VerveMG V-8054
Jam Session#9VerveMG V-8196
Jamal, AhmadAhmad Jamal At the BlackhawkArgoLP 703
Jamal, AhmadPoincianaArgoLP-713
Jamal, AhmadDigital WorksAtlantic81258-1-G
Jamal, AhmadPoincianaPortrait MastersRJ 44394
Jamal, KhanGive the Vibes SomePalm10
Jamal, KhanRiver, ThePhilly JazzPJ1002
Jamal, KhanInfinityStashST-278
Jamal, KhanDark WarriorSteepleChaseSCS 1196
Jamal, KhanThinking of YouStoryvilleSLP 4138
James, BobTwoCBS TappanZee20AP 2006 (TZ)
James, HarryOn the AirAircheck18
James, HarryOn the Air Volume IIAircheck33
James, HarrySwingtime With Harry James & Benny GoodmanArchive of Jazz101.611
James, HarryIn the BeginningBig Band ArchivesLP 1206
James, HarryUnheard Harry James,TheBlu-DiscT-1010
James, HarryHarry James in Hi-FiCapitolW654
James, HarryHarry's ChoiceCapitolST1093
James, HarryWild About HarryCapitolT874
James, HarryJazz SessionColumbiaCL 669
James, HarrySoft Lights, Sweet TrumpetColumbiaCL 581
James, HarryTrumpet After MidnightColumbiaCL 553
James, HarryMan With the Horn,TheEncoreP 14357
James, HarryD-Day Broadcasts, TheFanfare12/01/12
James, HarryHarry James & His OrchestraFanfare09/01/09
James, HarryHarry James and His OrchestraFanfareLP 36-136
James, HarryLive From Clearwater Florida Volume 2First HeardFH57
James, HarryHarry James and His Great VocalistsHarmonyHL 7159
James, HarrySongs That Sold A MillionHarmonyHL 7191
James, HarryKing Porter StompHep31
James, HarryUncollected, The: 1943-1946HindsightHSR-102
James, HarryUncollected, The: Vol. 2HindsightHSR-123
James, HarryUncollected, The: Vol. IIIHindsightHSR-135
James, HarryUncollected, The: Vol. 4HindsightHSR-141
James, HarryUncollected, The: Vol. 5HindsightHSR-142
James, HarryUncollected, The: Vol. 6HindsightHSR-150
James, HarryHarry James and His Orchestra 1940 / 1941Jazz AnthologyJA 5150
James, HarryLive in the 70s Volume 2Jazz BandEB 410
James, HarryBig Bands' Greatest Vocalists - Marion MorganJoyce6024
James, HarryOne Night Stand With Harry James and His Swingin' '46 BandJoyce1134
James, HarryLiveKaydeeKD-1
James, HarrySpot Light OnMagicAWE 21
James, HarrySounds FamiliarSavilleSVL 151
James, HarryFirst-Team Player On the Jazz VarsitySavoy JazzSJL 2262
James, HarryHarry James & His OrchestraSunbeamSB 203
James, HarryHarry James 1940 / Ziggy Elman 1939SunbeamSB-233
James, HarryTexas ChatterTaxm-8015
James, StaffordJazz a ConfrontoHoroHLL 101-26
James, StaffordStafford James EnsembleRed RecordVPA 142
Janis, ConradConrad Janis and His Tailgate FiveJubileeLP1010
Janis, ConradDixieland Jam SessionRiversideRLP 12-215
Jarman, JosephSunbound Volume OneAECO2
Jarman, JosephInheritanceBaybridgeKUX-189-B
Jarman, JosephSong ForDelmarkDS-410
Jarman, JosephEgwu-AnwuIndia Navigation1033
Jarrett, KeithTreasure Islandabc ImpulseAS-9274
Jaspar, BobbyThe Barclay & Columbia RecordingsFresh SoundsFSR BOX-3
Jazz At the PhilharmonicHartford, 1953Pablo Live2308-240
Jazz At the PhilharmonicIn London, 1969Pablo Live2620-119
Jazz At the PhilharmonicHistoric Recordings, TheVerveVE-2-2504
Jazz At the PhilharmonicJATP All-Star At the Opera HouseVerveV 8489
Jazz At the PhilharmonicJATP in EuropeVerveUMV 2568
Jazz At the PhilharmonicJATP in EuropeVerveV6-8541
Jazz At the PhilharmonicJazz At the Philharmonic in EuropeVerve2V6S-8823
Jazz At the PhilharmonicNorgran Blues 1950Verve815 151 1
Jazz At the PhilharmonicOne O'Clock Jump 1953Verve815 153 1
Jazz At the PhilharmonicTrumpet Battle, 1952, TheVerve815 152 1
Jazz At the PhilharmonicVolume 3VerveMG VOL. 3
Jazz At the PhilharmonicVolume #11VerveMG VOL. 11
Jazz At the PhilharmonicPerdidoVSP VerveVSPS-16
Jazz CrusadersLive SidesBlue NoteLT-1046
Jazz CrusadersYoung Rabbits, TheBlue NoteBN-LA530-HZ
Jazz CrusadersAt the LighthousePacific Jazz57
Jazz CrusadersFreedom SoundPacific JazzPJ-27
Jazz CrusadersHeat WavePacific JazzPJ-76
Jazz CrusadersLookin' AheadPacific JazzA-4014
Jazz CrusadersLookin' AheadPacific JazzPJ-43
Jazz CrusadersTough TalkPacific JazzPJ-68
Jazz CrusadersFestival Album, TheWorld Pacific JazzST-20115
Jazz PickersFor Moderns OnlyMercurySR 80013
Jazz PickersHarry Babasin and the Jazz PickersModeMOD LP #119
Jazz Renaissance QuintetMovin' EasyMercuryMG 20605
Jazz W.O.R.M.S.Crawling OutVan BurenJW6801
Jefferson, CarterRise of Atlantis, TheTimeless MuseTI 309
Jefferson, RonLove Lifted MePacific JazzStereo-36
Jefferson, ThomasIf I Could Be With YouShalom645
Jefferson, ThomasNew Orleans at MidnightSouthlandLP 229
Jefferson, ThomasThomas Jefferson's International New Orleans Jazz BandStoryvilleSLP 254
Jeffrey, PaulWatershedMainstreamMRL 390
Jenkins, JohnJohn JenkinsBlue Note1573
Jenkins, JohnJenkins, Jordan, TimmonsPrestige / New Jazz8232
Jerome, HenryBrazen BrassMCAMCA-728
JFK QuintetNew Jazz Frontiers From WashingtonRiverside396
JFK QuintetYoung IdeasRiverside9424
Johnson, BuddOff the WallArgo748
Johnson, BuddYa! Ya!Argo736
Johnson, BuddFrench Cookin'Argo Jazz721
Johnson, BuddBlues A La ModeFelstedSJA 2007
Johnson, BuddBlues A La ModeMaster JazzMJR 8119
Johnson, BuddLet's SwingPrestige / Swingville2015
Johnson, BuddBudd Johnson and the Four Brass GiantsRiverside343
Johnson, BuddThe Ole Dude & the Fundance KidUptownUP27.19
Johnson, BuddyFine Brown FrameMCAMCA-1356
Johnson, BuddyBuddy Johnson WailsMercuryMG20330
Johnson, BunkLast Testament of a Great New Orleans Jazzman, TheColumbiaCL 829
Johnson, BunkBunk Johnson and his New Orleans Jazz BandCommodoreDL 30,007
Johnson, BunkBunk Johnson & Dink JohnsonDanVC-4021
Johnson, BunkBunk Johnson 1944 Vol. 4DanVC-7018
Johnson, BunkBunk Johnson In New York 1945Dawn ClueDC 12012
Johnson, BunkSpicy AdviceG.H.B.GHB-101
Johnson, BunkBunk & LuGood Time JazzL-12024
Johnson, BunkBunk Johnson and his Superior Jazz BandGood Time JazzM12048
Johnson, BunkLegend, AMainstreamS/6039
Johnson, BunkBunk Johnson / Don Ewell / Doc EvansParagonPLE M-102
Johnson, BunkBunk JohnsonStoryville670 202
Johnson, BunkBunk Johnson's Band 1944StoryvilleSLP 128
Johnson, BunkBiggest Jazz BonanzaTrans-Ark1000
Johnson, CharlieCharlie JohnsonRCA741.065
Johnson, DickDick Johnson Plays Alto Sax & Fluet & Soprano Sax & ClarinetConcordCJ-107
Johnson, DickSwing ShiftConcordCJ-167
Johnson, DickMusic For SwingingEmArcySJ-19806
Johnson, DickMost LikelyRiversideRLP 12-253
Johnson, EddieIndian SummerNessan-22
Johnson, J.J.OverdriveAffinityAFF 177
Johnson, J.J.Finest of Kai Winding and J.J. Johnson, TheBethlehemBCP-6001
Johnson, J.J.Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, TheBlue NoteBLP-1506
Johnson, J.J.Dial J.J. 5CBS Sony20AP 1819
Johnson, J.J.Andre Previn and J.J. Johnson Play Kurt Weill's Mack the Knife and Bilbao-SongColumbiaCL 1741
Johnson, J.J.Blue TromboneColumbiaCL 1303
Johnson, J.J.First PlaceColumbiaJCL 1030
Johnson, J.J.J Is For JazzColumbiaCL 935
Johnson, J.J.J.J. In Person!ColumbiaCS 8009
Johnson, J.J.J.J. Inc.ColumbiaCL 1606
Johnson, J.J.Jay & Kai + 6ColumbiaCL 892
Johnson, J.J.Jay and KaiColumbiaCL 973
Johnson, J.J.Really Livin'ColumbiaCS 8178
Johnson, J.J.Touch of Satin, AColumbiaCS 8537
Johnson, J.J.Trombone For TwoColumbiaCL 742
Johnson, J.J.Trombone Master, TheColumbia Jazz MasterpiecesCJ 44443
Johnson, J.J.Great Kai & J.J., TheMCA Impulse!MCA-29061
Johnson, J.J.Proof PositiveMCA Impulse!MCA-29072
Johnson, J.J.Early BonesPrestigeP-24067
Johnson, J.J.Looking BackPrestige7253
Johnson, J.J.Mr. Jay Jay Johnson - Live!Queen discQ-046
Johnson, J.J.Broadway ExpressRCA VictorLPM-3544
Johnson, J.J.GoodiesRCA VictorLPM-3458
Johnson, J.J.J.J.!RCA VictorLPM-3350
Johnson, J.J.Jay and KaiSavoyMG-12010
Johnson, J.J.Mad Be BopSavoySJL 2232
Johnson, J.J.J.J.'s BroadwayVerveV6-8530
Johnson, James P.Ain'tcha Got MusicPumpkin Productions, Inc.117
Johnson, James P.New York JazzStinsonSLP 21
Johnson, James P.James P. JohnsonSwaggieS1211
Johnson, OsieComplete Period Sessions, ThePeriodSPL 1108
Johnson, OsieBit of the Blues, ARCA VictorNL-45989
Johnson, PeteBoogie Woogie Mood 1940-1944MCAMCA-1333
Johnson, PeteAll Star Swing GroupsSavoySJL 2218
Johnson, PetePete's BluesSavoyMG 12199
Johnson, PlasRockin' With the PlasCapitol2C 068 - 86.529
Johnson, PlasValley Girl JazzProgressivePRO 7071
Johnson, PlasBop Me DaddyTampaTP-24
Jolly, PeteStrike Up the BandAtlasLA27-1003
Jolly, PeteLittle BirdAvaA-22
Jolly, PeteSweet SeptemberAvaAS-39
Jolly, PeteGasses EverybodyCharlie ParkerPLP 825
Jolly, PeteToo Much BabyColumbiaCL 2397
Jolly, PeteJolly Jumps InJazz LinePM 43666
Jolly, PeteJolly Jumps InRCA VictorLPM-1105
Jones, ArthurScorpioBYGVol. 50
Jones, BobbyHill Country SuiteEnja2046
Jones, CarmellRemarkable Carmell Jones Featuring Harold Land, TheAffinityAFF 132
Jones, CarmellBrass BagPacific JazzStereo-49
Jones, CarmellBusiness Meetin'Pacific JazzPJ-53
Jones, CarmellJay Hawk TalkPrestigePR 7401
Jones, DillUp Jumped You With Love7777SEU12/45
Jones, ElvinMusic Machine[none]30PJ-8
Jones, ElvinImpulse Years, Theabc ImpulseASH-9283-2
Jones, ElvinAnd Then Again: Elvin JonesAtlanticSD 1443
Jones, ElvinPuttin' It TogetherBlue NoteBST 84282
Jones, ElvinSoul TrainDenonYF-7004
Jones, ElvinDear John C.ImpulseA-88
Jones, ElvinIllumination!ImpulseA-49
Jones, ElvinElvin!RiversideSMJ-6192
Jones, HankHappeningsImpulseA-9132
Jones, HankRelaxin' At CamarilloSavoy JazzSJL 1138
Jones, JoOur Man, Papa Jo!DenonYX-7527-ND
Jones, JoJo Jones Special, TheVanguardVRS 8503
Jones, JonahJonah Jones / Glen GrayCapitolT 1660
Jones, JonahBroadway Swings AgainCapitolT1641
Jones, JonahJonah Jones / Glen GrayCapitolT 1660
Jones, JonahSwingin' On BroadwayCapitolT963
Jones, JonahJonah Jones Swings Etta Jones Sings With Earl "Fatha" HinesCrownCLP 5422
Jones, JonahSweet With a BeatDeccaDL74800
Jones, JonahLow Down BluesJazz Showcase5006
Jones, JonahJonah Jones At the EmbersRCA VictorLPM-2004
Jones, JonahParis 1954Swing DisquesSW 8408
Jones, Philly JoePhilly Joe Jones & Elvin Jones Together!Atlantic1428
Jones, Philly JoePhilly Joe's BeatAtlantic1340
Jones, Philly JoeTrailways ExpressBlack LionBLP 30116
Jones, Philly JoeDrum SongGalaxyGXY-5153
Jones, Philly JoeBlues For DraculaRiversideRLP 12-282
Jones, Philly JoeShowcaseRiversideRLP 1159
Jones, QuincyWalking In SpaceA&MSP 3023
Jones, QuincyGo West, ManABC Paramount2552278-1
Jones, QuincyMusic of Quincy Jones, TheArgoLP 668
Jones, QuincyBirth Of a BandEmArcy818 177-1
Jones, QuincyJazz AbroadEmArcyMG 36083
Jones, QuincyQuintessenceImpulseA-11
Jones, QuincyThis Is How I Feel About JazzMCAVIM-4656(M)
Jones, QuincyAround the WorldMercuryPPS 2014
Jones, QuincyBossa NovaMercury814 225-1
Jones, QuincyGreat Wide World of Quincy Jones Live!, TheMercury195J132
Jones, QuincyHarry Arnold + Big Band + Quincy Jones = Jazz!MercuryMG 36139
Jones, QuincyI Dig DancersMercurySR 60612
Jones, QuincyQuincy Plays For PussycatsMercuryMG 21050
Jones, QuincyLive At Newport 1961Trip JazzTLP-5554
Jones, SamSoul Society, TheRiversideRLP 1172
Jones, ThadDetroit - New York JunctionBlue Note1513
Jones, ThadMagnificent Thad Jones, TheBlue Note1527
Jones, ThadMagnificent Thad Jones, TheBlue Note1546
Jones, ThadFabulous Thad Jones, TheFantasy86004
Jones, ThadGreetings and SalutationsFour LeafFLC 5001
Jones, ThadThad Jones & Aura RullyFour LeafFLC 5020
Jones, ThadJones Boys, TheFresh SoundFSR-754
Jones, ThadKeepin' Up With the JonesesMetro JazzUMM 2090
Jones, ThadGood Time Was Had By All, AMetronomeMLP 15644
Jones, ThadLiveMetronomeMLP 15669
Jones, ThadMad ThadPeriodYW-7586-EV
Jones, ThadThree and OneSteepleChaseSCS 1197
Jones, ThadMotor City SceneUnited ArtistsUAL 4025
Jordan, CliffordThese Are My RootsAtlantic1444
Jordan, CliffordRotterdam Session, TheAudio DaddioRS 1013
Jordan, CliffordBlowing In From ChicagoBlue Note1549
Jordan, CliffordCliff CraftBlue Note1582
Jordan, CliffordCliff JordanBlue Note1565
Jordan, CliffordTwo Tenor WinnerCriss Cross Jazz1011
Jordan, CliffordPentagon, TheEast WindEW-10002
Jordan, CliffordHello, Hank JonesEast WorldEWLF-98003
Jordan, CliffordBearcatJazzlandJLP 69
Jordan, CliffordStory Tale, AJazzlandJLP 40
Jordan, CliffordSpellboundRiversideRLP 9340
Jordan, CliffordStarting TimeRiverside68.931
Jordan, CliffordClifford Jordan In the WorldStrata-EastSES-1972-1
Jordan, CliffordGlass Bead GamesStrata-EastSES 19737/8
Jordan, DukeFlight To JordanBlue NoteST-84046
Jordan, DukeEast and West of JazzCharlie ParkerPLP-805
Jordan, DukeLes Liaisons DangereusesCharlie ParkerPLP-813
Jordan, DukeBlue DukeJazz LineNL 70245
Jordan, DukeJealousyMarshmallowMMLP-103
Jordan, DukePlays Standards Vol. 1 Autumn LeavesMarshmallowMMLP-104
Jordan, DukeSignal II - Jazz LaboratorySignalK18P-9346
Jordan, DukeSignal I-TrioSignalK18P 9345
Jordan, DukeTivoli TwoSteepleChaseSCS 1193
Jordan, StanleyMagic TouchBlue NoteBT 85101
Jordan, TaftMood IndigoPrestige MoodsvilleMV 21
Joseph, DonOne Of a KindUptownUP27.23
Joy, JimmyJimmy's JoysArcadia2017D
Jurgens, DickUncollected, The: 1937-1939HindsightHSR-111
Jurgens, DickUncollected, The: Vol. IIHindsightHSR-138
Kahn, Roger WolfeRoger Wolfe Kahn & His OrchestraAlpha0 3302
KalaparushaPeace and BlessingsBlack SaintBSR 0037
KalaparushaForces and FeelingsDelmarkDS-425
Kamal Abdul AlimDance52e Rue EstRE 005
Kaminsky, MaxWhen Summer Is GoneChiaroscuroCR 176
Kaminsky, MaxUnder the Direction of Eddie CondonCommodoreFL 30,013
Kaminsky, MaxChicago StyleJazztoneJ-1208
Kamuca, RichardRichard Kamuca Quartet 1976Jazzz104
Kamuca, RichardRichie Kamuca QuartetMode102
Kamuca, RichieJazz EroticaHi Fi RecordR-604
Katz, DickIn High ProfileBee HiveBH 7016
Kellaway, RogerFifty FiftyStashST-271
Kellin, OrangeOrange Kellin In New OrleansCenterCLP-7
Kelly, GeorgeIn CimiezBlack & Blue33.161
Kelly, GeorgeGeorge Kelly Plays the Music of Don RedmanStashST240
Kelly, WyntonLive in BaltimoreAffinityAFF(D) 108
Kelly, WyntonKelly BlueRiversideRLP 12-298
Kelly, WyntonKelly GreatVee JayRJL-2302
Kemp, HalFeaturing Bunny BeriganShoestringSS-110
Kenton, StanFormative Years, TheAce of HeartsAH 123
Kenton, StanConcepts Era, TheArtistry103
Kenton, StanDefinitive Kenton, TheArtistryAR-2-102
Kenton, StanOn the Road With Stan KentonArtistryAR-101
Kenton, Stan(Capitol Jazz Classics Vol. 2) Artistry In JazzCapitolM-11027
Kenton, StanArtistry in RhythmCapitolSM-167
Kenton, StanCity Of Glass And This Modern WorldCapitolW736
Kenton, StanContemporary ConceptsCapitolT666
Kenton, StanCuban FireCapitolSM-11794
Kenton, StanFinian's RainbowCapitolST 2971
Kenton, StanGirls & KentonCapitolECJ-50075
Kenton, StanHairCapitolST-305
Kenton, StanKenton / WagnerCapitolTAO 2217
Kenton, StanKenton With VoicesCapitolT810
Kenton, StanKenton's West Side StoryCapitolT 1609
Kenton, StanNew ConceptsCapitolT383
Kenton, StanRendezvous With KentonCapitol1547801
Kenton, StanRoad ShowCapitolSTBO 1327
Kenton, StanRomantic Approach, TheCapitolT 1533
Kenton, StanStage Door Swings, TheCapitolT1166
Kenton, StanStan Kenton ClassicsCapitolT 358
Kenton, StanStan Kenton PresentsCapitolT248
Kenton, StanStan Kenton's Greatest HitsCapitolMFP 5607
Kenton, StanThose Kenton DaysCapitolECJ-50070
Kenton, StanViva Kenton!CapitolW1305
Kenton, StanSome Women I've KnownCreative WorldST 1029
Kenton, StanIn Berlin 1953DukeD-1022
Kenton, StanEurope - Fifty Three Part OneFirst HeardFH-49
Kenton, StanEurope - Fifty Three Part TwoFirst HeardFH-50
Kenton, StanHollywood Bowl - 1948 Part OneFirst HeardFH52
Kenton, StanPainted RhythmGiants of JazzGOJ-1007
Kenton, StanUncollected, The: 1941HindsightHSR-118
Kenton, StanUncollected, The: Vol. IIHindsightHSR-124
Kenton, StanUncollected, The: Vol. IIIHindsightHSR-136
Kenton, StanUncollected, The: Vol. 4HindsightHSR-147
Kenton, StanUncollected, The: Vol. 5HindsightHSR-157
Kenton, StanUncollected, The: Vol. 6HindsightHSR-195
Kenton, StanLive in 1951 at the Hollywood Palladium Volume 1Jazz BandEB 413
Kenton, StanStan Kenton's Artistry In Rhythm 1946SunbeamSB-213
Kenton, StanThree Kenton's Be Boppers Groups 1947-50Unique JazzUJ 36
Kenyatta, RobinUntilVortex2005
Keppard, FreddieFreddie KeppardSmithsonian CollectionR 020
Keppard, FreddyVolume 25Archive of JazzBYG 529.075
Keppard, FreddyR.O.J.B and Cook's Dreamland OrchestraFountainFJ-107
Kerr, BrooksSoda Fountain Rag: The Music of Duke EllingtonChiaroscuroCR 2001
Kessel, BarneyEl TigreCharlie ParkerPLP 832 S
Kessel, BarneyCarmenContemporaryM 3563
Kessel, BarneyEasy LikeContemporaryC 3511
Kessel, BarneyFeeling FreeContemporaryGXC 3163
Kessel, BarneyPoll Winners, TheContemporaryS7535
Kessel, BarneyRed Hot and BluesContemporaryC-14044
Kessel, BarneySome Like It HotContemporaryM 3565
Kessel, BarneyTo Swing Or Not To SwingContemporaryC 3513
Kessel, BarneyMusic From Breakfast At Tiffany'sRepriseR-6019
Kirby, JohnJohn Kirby and His SextetAlamacQSR 2421
Kirby, JohnIntimate SwingHarmonyHL 7124
Kirby, JohnFlow Gently Sweet RhythmTAXm-8016
Kirk, AndyClouds Of JoyAce of HeartsAH-105
Kirk, AndyTwelve Clouds of JoyAce of HeartsAH 160
Kirk, AndyTerritories, TheArcadia2006 / 750644
Kirk, AndyInstrumentally Speaking 1936-1942DeccaDL 79232
Kirk, AndyAll Out For Hicksvillehep1007
Kirk, AndyCloudyhep1002
Kirk, AndyClouds At SundownMCA510.133
Kirk, AndyInstrumentally Speaking 1936-1942MCAMCA-1308
Kirk, AndyLady Who Swings the BandMCAMCA-1343
Kirk, Andy11748ParlophonePMC 7156
Kirk, AndyClouds From the SouthwestRCARMP 42418
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandEarly RootsAffinityAFF 121
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandIntroducing Roland Kirk And Featuring Ira SullivanArgoLP 669
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandBlacknussAtlanticSD 1601
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandInflated Tear, TheAtlanticSC 1502
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandLeft & RightAtlanticSD 1518
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandMeeting Of the Times, AAtlanticSD 1630
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandNatural Black Inventions: Root StrataAtlanticSD 1578
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandOther Folks MusicAtlanticSD 1686
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandPrepare Thyself To Deal With a MiracleAtlanticSD 1640
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandVolunteered SlaveryAtlanticSD 1534
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandEarly RootsBethlehemBCP-6016
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandIntroducing Roland Kirk And Featuring Ira SullivanChessCH 9160
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandI Talk With the SpiritsLimelightLM 82008
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandRip, Rig & PanicLimelightLM-82027
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandRoland Kirk Quartet Featuring Elvin Jones, TheLimelightLS 86027
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandSlightly LatinLimelightLS 86033
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandDominoMercuryMG 20748
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandKirk In CopenhagenMercuryMG 20894
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandRoland Kirk Quartet Meets the Benny Golson Orchestra, TheMercuryMG-20844
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandWe Free KingsMercurySR 60679
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandFunk UnderneathPrestigePRST 7450
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandKirk's WorkPrestigePR 7210
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandVibration SocietyStashST-261
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandGifts & MessagesTrip JazzTLP-5572
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandNow Please Don't You Cry Beautiful EdithVerve2304 519
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandBoogie-Woogie String Along For RealWarner Bros.BSK 3085
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandKirkatronWarner Bros.BS-2982
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandReturn Of the 5000 lb. ManWarner Bros.BS 2918
Kloss, EricDoorsMuseMR 5291
Knapp, OrvilleOrville Knapp and His OrchestraSunbeamHB-312
Knepper, JimmySwinging Introduction To Jimmy Knepper, ABethlehem22AP 123
Knepper, Jimmy1st PlaceBlack HawkBKH 51001-1 D
Knepper, JimmyDream DancingCriss Cross JazzCriss 1024
Knepper, JimmyJimmy Knepper In L.A.Disco MateDSP-5008
Knepper, JimmyJimmy Knepper In L.A.Inner CityIC 6047
Knepper, JimmyCunningbirdSteepleChaseSCS-1061
Knittel, RickIvy Five Make Europe, TheCollector's IssueKO8P-3688
Knopf, PaulOutcat Comes BackOutcat ProductionOP 126
Knopf, PaulOutcat, ThePlaybackPLP-500ST
Konitz, LeeInside Hi-FiAtlanticP-7528A
Konitz, LeeInside Hi-FiAtlanticP-7528A
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz With Warne MarshAtlantic90050-1
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz With Warne MarshAtlanticP-6071A
Konitz, LeeReal Lee Konitz, TheAtlanticP-6033A
Konitz, LeeWorth WhileAtlanticP-6109A
Konitz, LeeHigh JingoAtlasLA27-1016
Konitz, LeeEuropean EpisodeCampiYX-7007
Konitz, LeeImpressive RomeCampiYX-7008
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz Nonet, TheChiaroscuroCR 186
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz Quintet, TheChiaroscuroCR 166
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz In West Germany, 1956DaedalusBS-001
Konitz, LeeDedicated To LeeDragonDRLP 66
Konitz, LeeGlad KoonixDragonDRLP 104
Konitz, LeeSax Of a KindDragonDRLP 18
Konitz, LeeAgainEpic25AP 897
Konitz, LeeJazz A ConfrontoHoroHLL 101-32
Konitz, LeeMedium RareLabel BleuLBL 6501
Konitz, LeePeacemealMilestoneMSP 9025
Konitz, LeeSpirits SpiritsMilestoneMSP 9038
Konitz, LeeZo-Ko-MaMPS21 20664-5
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz Michel PetruccianiOwl28
Konitz, LeeEzz-theticPrestigeSMJ-6524
Konitz, LeeEzz-theticPrestigePR 7827
Konitz, LeeSubconscious LeePrestigePRLP 7250
Konitz, LeeSubconscious-LeePrestigeOJC-186
Konitz, LeeFigure & SpiritProgressiveKUX-13-G
Konitz, LeeStereokonitzRCAOLS 2
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz Nonet, TheRouletteSR 5006
Konitz, LeeOleoSonetSNTF 690
Konitz, LeeIdeal SceneSoul NoteSN 1119
Konitz, LeeLive At LarenSoul NoteSN 1069
Konitz, LeeI Concentrate On YouSteepleChaseSCS-1018
Konitz, LeeJazz A JuanSteepleChaseSCS-1072
Konitz, LeeLone-LeeSteepleChaseSCS-1035
Konitz, LeeWindowsSteepleChaseSCS 1057
Konitz, LeeYes, Yes, NonetSteepleChaseSCS 1119
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz At StoryvilleStoryvillePA-6002(M)
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz In Harvard SquareStoryvillePA-3115(M)
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz Meets Jimmy GiuffreVerveMG V-8335
Konitz, LeeMotionLeeVerveV-8399
Konitz, LeeTranquilityVerveMV 2508
Konitz, LeeVery CoolVerveMG V-8209
Konitz, LeeYou And LeeVerve2304 444
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz & Hans KollerVogueYX-2021
Konitz, LeeLondon ConcertWaveLP 16
Konitz, LeeTimespanWaveLP 14
Konitz, LeeLee Konitz Plays With the Gerry Mulligan QuartetWorld PacificPJM-406
Krechmer, BillyBilly Krechmer + 5RansteadLP K100
Krupa, GeneOn the Air 1944-46Aircheck35
Krupa, GeneKrupa and RichClefMG C-684
Krupa, GeneSing Sing SingClefMG C-627
Krupa, GeneBig Noise From WinnetkaClefMG V-8310
Krupa, GeneGene Krupa, His Orchestra and Anita O'Day Featuring Roy EldridgeColumbiaKG 32663
Krupa, GeneGene KrupaColumbiaCL 753
Krupa, GeneSidekicksColumbiaJCL 641
Krupa, GeneKrupa SwingsEncoreP 14379
Krupa, GeneGene Krupa And His OrchestraFanfareLP 10-110
Krupa, GeneVolume OneFirst HeardFHR-1974-7
Krupa, Gene1946First Time RecordsFTR 1512-1
Krupa, GeneAce Drummer ManGiants Of JazzGOJ-1006
Krupa, GeneExciting Gene Krupa, TheGiants Of JazzGOJ 1028
Krupa, Gene44-'46hepHEP 16
Krupa, GeneGene Krupa: TranscribedIAJRC International Association Of Jazz Record CollectorsIAJRC 10
Krupa, GeneOne Night Stand With Gene KrupaJoyceLP-1029
Krupa, GeneGene Krupa Trio At Jazz At the PhilharmonicMercuryMG C-500
Krupa, GeneGene KrupaMetroM518
Krupa, GenePerdidoSwing HouseSWH 21
Krupa, GeneGene KrupaSwing HouseSWH40
Krupa, GeneGene KrupaTop Classic HistoriaH 637
Krupa, GeneKrupa RocksVerveMGV-8276
Krupa, GeneGene Krupa Play Gerry Mulligan ArrangementsVerveMG VS-6008
Kuhn, PeterLivin' RightBig City RecordsLPK 225
Kyle, BillyFinishing Up a DateCollectors Items20
L.A. 4Going HomeEast WindEW-10004
L.A. 4Pavane Pour Une Infante DefunteEast WindEW-10003
Lacy, SteveStabs[none]SAJ-20
Lacy, SteveRapsAdelphiAD 5004
Lacy, SteveGap, TheAmerica6125
Lacy, SteveTricklesBlack SaintBSR 0008
Lacy, SteveTroublesBlack Saint35
Lacy, SteveEpistrophyBYG529.126
Lacy, SteveMoonBYG529 352
Lacy, SteveForest And the Zoo, TheCampatibleESP 1060
Lacy, SteveStraight Horn Of Steve Lacy, TheCandidSMJ-6174
Lacy, SteveHigh, Low and OrderClaxon79.3
Lacy, SteveStrawsDiverso5206 206
Lacy, SteveSchool DaysEmanem3316
Lacy, SteveSoprano SaxFantasyOJC-130
Lacy, SteveFolliesFMPSAJ-18
Lacy, SteveJaguar Sessions, TheFresco JazzFJ 1
Lacy, SteveClinkersHat HutHAT-F
Lacy, SteveStampsHat HutK/L
Lacy, SteveCatchHoboHZ 08
Lacy, SteveClangsIctus1
Lacy, SteveTrio LiveIctus5
Lacy, SteveSidelinesImprovising Artists37.38.47
Lacy, SteveSortieInternational Polydor623 223
Lacy, StevePointsLe Chant Du MondeLDX 74680
Lacy, SteveWordlessMusicaMUS 2006
Lacy, SteveEvidence With Don CherryNew JazzNJ 8271
Lacy, SteveReflectionsNew JazzVIJ-5032
Lacy, SteveFlapsPipePR 151
Lacy, SteveCrops – Solo In Montreal (1976) + The Woe (1973)Quark9998
Lacy, SteveAxieme 1Red RecordVPA 120
Lacy, SteveAxieme 2Red RecordVPA 121
Lacy, SteveDreamsSaravahSH 10.058
Lacy, SteveOwl, TheSaravahSHL 1088
Lacy, SteveScrapsSaravahSH 10049
Lacy, SteveChange Of SeasonSoul NoteSN 1104
Lacy, SteveCondor, TheSoul NoteSN 1135
Lacy, SteveDeadlineSound AspectsSas 013
Lacy, SteveSteve Lacy With Wynton KellyStatusST 8308
Lacy, SteveDisposabilityVikKLVP 200
Lacy, SteveFlakesVistaTPL1 1097
Lacy, SteveAlter EgoWorld ArtistsWA 1004
Ladd, CherylCheryl LaddCapitolSW-11808
Ladnier, TommyBlues And StompsRiversideRLP 154
Lambert, DaveSwingers, TheAffinityAFF 131
Lambert, DonaldClassics In StridePumpkin Productions110
Lambert, DonaldHarlem Stride ClassicsPumpkin Productions104
Lan Doky, NielsDreamsMilestoneM-9178
Lancaster, ByardDocumentation; The End Of a DecadeBellowsT-801
Lancaster, ByardExactementPalmPalm 11/12
Lancaster, ByardUSPalmPalm 8
Lancaster, ByardIt's Not Up To UsVortexSD 2002
Land, HaroldTopologyAketa's DiscAD-16
Land, HaroldTake AimBlue Note ClassicLT-1057
Land, HaroldFox, TheContemporaryS7619
Land, HaroldGrooveyardContemporaryS7550
Land, HaroldHarold In the Land Of JazzContemporaryC7550
Land, HaroldJazz Impressions Of Folk MusicImperialLP-12247
Land, HaroldEastward Ho!JazzlandJLP 33
Land, HaroldWest Coast BluesJazzlandVIJ-4080
Land, HaroldChomaMainstreamMRL 344
Land, HaroldDamisiMainstreamMRL-367
Land, HaroldNew Shade Of Blue, AMainstreamMRL 314
Lang, EddieStringing the BluesCBSJC2L 24
Lang, EddieStringing the BluesColumbiaCL2L 24
Lang, EddieGuitar Accompaniment by Eddie LangGrannyphone3318
Lang, EddieJazz Guitar VirtuosoYaZoo1059
Lanphere, DonDon Lanphere QuintethepHEP 2019
LaPorta, JohnJohn LaPorta QuintetDebutDLP-10
LaPorta, JohnMost Minor, TheEverestSDBR-1037
LaPorta, JohnClarinet Artistry of John LaPorta, TheFantasy3248
LaPorta, JohnConceptionsFantasy-610624
Larkins, EllisGregory's Presents Ellis Larkins and Al Hall In ConcertNorman Silver Prod.[none]
LaRoca, PeteBasraBlue NoteST-84205
LaRoca, PeteTurkish Women At the BathDouglasSD 782
Lasha, PrinceInsightCBS62409
Lasha, PrinceFirebirdsContemporaryS7617
Lasha, PrinceInside StoryEnja3073 ST
Last ExitIron PathVirgin1-91015
Laster, AndyHippo StompSound AspectsSas 020
Lateef, YusefContemplationAffinityAFF120
Lateef, YusefBlue Yusef LateefAtlanticSD 1508
Lateef, YusefYusef LateefCadetLPS 816
Lateef, YusefLost In SoundCharlie ParkerPLP-814
Lateef, YusefYusef Lateef In NigeriaLandmarkLLP-502
Lateef, YusefEastern SoundsMoodsvilleMVST-22
Lateef, YusefOther SoundsNew JazzNJLP 8218
Lateef, YusefYusef LateefPrestige24007
Lateef, YusefCentaur And the Phoenix: The Big Sound of Yusef LateefRiversideRS 9337
Lateef, YusefThree Faces Of Yusef Lateef, TheRiversideRLP 325
Lateef, YusefAngel EyesSavoy2238
Lateef, YusefGong!Savoy2226
Lateef, YusefMorningSavoySJL 2205
Lateef, YusefStable MatesSavoyMG 1211J
Lateef, YusefBefore DawnVerveMGV 8217
LaVere's Chicago LoopersJump With La Vere's Chicago LoopersJumpJ12-3
Lawrence, ElliotElliot Lawrence Plays For Swinging DancersFantasy3246
Lawrence, ElliotElliot Lawrence Plays Gerry Mulligan ArrangementsFantasy3-206 / F-1548
Lawrence, ElliotElliot Lawrence Plays Gerry Mulligan ArrangementsFantasyOJC-117
Lawrence, ElliotSwinging At the Steel PierFantasy3236
Lawrence, ElliotElevationFirst HeardFH 38
Lawrence, ElliotJazz Goes BroadwayVikNL-45905
Lawson, YankBig Yank Is Here!ABC ParamountABC 518
Lawson, YankOle DixieABC ParamountABC-567
Lawson, YankLive At the Roosevelt GrillAtlanticSD 1570
Lawson, YankWhat's New?AtlanticSD 1582
Lawson, YankBlues On the RiverDeccaDL 8196
Lawson, YankKing Oliver's JazzDeccaDL 8195
Lawson, YankRagtime JamboreeDeccaDL 8199
Lawson, YankSouth Of the Mason Dixon LineDeccaDL 8197
Lawson, YankWindy City JazzDeccaDL 8198
Lawson, YankGood NewsDoctor JazzFW 40951
Lawson, YankThat's a PlentyDoctor JazzFW40064
Lawson, YankDixieland Goes WestEverestSDBR 1084
Lawson, YankJunior PromEverestLPBR-5040
Lawson, YankEasy To RememberFlyrightLP 208
Lawson, YankExtra!Project 3PR 5039 SD
Lawson, Yank[none]Specialty90982
Legrand, MichelLegrand JazzColumbiaCL 1250
Legrand, MichelMichel Legrand Meets Miles DavisPhilipsEVER-1022
Leonard, HarlanHarlen Leonard And His RockiesRCA VintageLPV-531
Leslie, BillDiggin' the ChicksArgo JazzLP-710
Letman, JohnnyMany Angles Of John Letman, TheBethlehemBCP 6053
Letman, JohnnyFunky Day In Paris, ABlack and Blue33015
Levey, StanWest Coast RhythmAffinityAFF95
Levey, StanStanley the SteamerBethlehemBCP-6030
Levey, StanThis Time the Drum's On MeBethlehemBCP-37
Levey, StanGrand StanFresh SoundFSR-2000
Levey, StanStan Levey QuintetModeMOD-LP 101
Leviev, MilchoBlues For the FishermanMole JazzTAA 2401
Levin, MarcSongs Dances And PrayersSweet DragonML-1
Levitt, RodInsightRCA VictorLSP-3372
Levitt, RodSolid GroundRCA VictorLSP-3448
Levitt, RodDynamic Sound Patterns Of the Rod Levitt OrchestraRiversideRS 9471
Levy, LouLou Levy Trio, TheFresh SoundFSR-608
Levy, LouJazz In Four ColorsRCA VictorNL-45908
Levy, LouMost Musical Fella, ARCA VictorNL-45996
Lewis, AlfredFather Al And His FriendsCarrot RecordsTWO
Lewis, GeorgeSmile Darn Ya7777-LA-12-28
Lewis, GeorgeJam Session 1950AlamacQSR 2409
Lewis, GeorgeJazz At Preservation Hall IVAtlantic1411
Lewis, GeorgeRequiem Pour Un Roi Du JazzBarclay920161
Lewis, GeorgeClimax RagBlue NoteK23P 9289
Lewis, GeorgeMemorable ConcertBlue NoteK23P 9290
Lewis, GeorgeNew Orleans Stompers '55Blue NoteK23P 9291
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge LewisCavalierCVLP 6004
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis With the Mustache StompersCenterCLP-1
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis & Kid Shots MadisonDanVC-7017
Lewis, GeorgeMemorial AlbumDelmarkDL 203
Lewis, GeorgeJass At the Ohio UnionDisc JockeyDJL-100
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge LewisEverestFS-240
Lewis, GeorgePapa CelestinFolklyric9030
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis And the Easy Riders Jazz BandG.H.B.12-BSLP-78
Lewis, GeorgeEasy Riders Jazz Band, TheGHBGHBS-29
Lewis, GeorgeTin Angel, TheGolden SunsetGS-101
Lewis, GeorgeJazz Band BallGood Time JazzGTJ L-12005
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis Quartet & George Lewis With Papa Bue's Viking JazzbandJazz UnlimitedJU 1
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis At Herbert Otto's Party, 1949JazzologyJCE-24
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis Plays HymnsMilneburg[none]
Lewis, GeorgeComplete Blue Note Recordings Of George Lewis, TheMosaicMR5-132
Lewis, GeorgePied Piper, TheRarities69
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis Of New OrleansRiversideRLP 12-283
Lewis, GeorgeJazz At VespersRiversideRLP 12-230
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis At the San Jacinto HallSan JacintoSJ 2
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis And His Ragtime Jazz BandSouthlandS-LP 208
Lewis, George1943-1945Storyville670 201
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis & Papa Bue's Viking JazzbandStoryville671 209
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis In JapanStoryvilleSLP 514
Lewis, GeorgeIn ConcertStoryvilleSLP 106
Lewis, GeorgeJazz BandStoryvilleSLP 108
Lewis, GeorgeAt NewportVerveUMV 2621
Lewis, GeorgeBlues From the BayouVerveMG V-1019
Lewis, GeorgeDr. JazzVerveMG V 1021
Lewis, GeorgeOh, Didn't He RambleVerveMG V-8325
Lewis, GeorgeOn StageVerveMG V-8304
Lewis, GeorgePerennial George Lewis, TheVerveMG V-8277
Lewis, George (trombone)George Lewis Douglas EwartBlack SaintBSR 0026
Lewis, George (trombone)ShadowgraphBlack SaintBSR 0016
Lewis, George (trombone)George Lewis Solo Trombone Record, TheSackville3012
Lewis, JohnAfternoon In ParisAtlanticP-4571A
Lewis, JohnAnimal DanceAtlantic1402
Lewis, JohnEuropean EncounterAtlantic1392
Lewis, JohnGolden Striker, TheAtlantic1334
Lewis, JohnImprovised Meditations & ExcursionsAtlanticSD-1313
Lewis, JohnJazz AbstractionsAtlanticSD 1365
Lewis, JohnJazz AbstractionsAtlanticSD 1365
Lewis, JohnMilanese Story, AAtlantic1388
Lewis, JohnWonderful World Of Jazz, TheAtlantic1375
Lewis, JohnOrchestra U.S.A.ColpixCP 448
Lewis, JohnJazz Journey ColumbiaCS 9047
Lewis, JohnGrand EncounterPacific JazzK23P-6701(M)
Lewis, JohnBridge Game, ThePhilips826 698-1
Lewis, JohnChess GamePhilips20PJ-10001
Lewis, JohnJ.S. Bach Preludes and FuguesPhilips824 381-1
Lewis, Meade LuxYancey's Last RideDown HomeMG D-7
Lewis, Meade LuxBlues Piano Artistry Of Meade Lux Lewis, TheRiversideRLP 402
Lewis, Mel20 Years At the Village VanguardAtlantic81655-1
Lewis, MelGot 'ChaJazzJR-2
Lewis, MelMel Lewis SextetModeLP-103
Lewis, MelGetting' TogetherVJ InternationalVJS 3062
Lewis, SabbyBoston BouncePhoenix JazzLP 9
Lewis, WillieWillie Lewis and His EntertainersPathe2C 054 - 11.416
Liebman, DavidTrio + OneOwl051 3800511
Liebman, DavidNatural SelectionPathfinderPTF8839
Liebman, DavidFirst VisitPhilipsRJ-5101
Lifton, LloydSummer Of 81, TheStashST229
Lighthouse All StarsSunday Jazz a La LighthouseContemporaryOJC-151
Lighthouse All StarsJazz InventionsContemporaryC-14051
Lighthouse All StarsLighthouse At LagunaContemporaryLAC 12125
Lighthouse All StarsMusic For LighthousekeepingContemporaryC 3528
Lighthouse All StarsSunday Jazz A La LighthouseContemporaryOJC-151
Lighthouse All StarsDouble Or Nothin'LibertyLRP 3045
Lightsey, KirkIsotopeCriss Cross JazzCriss 1003
Lightsey, KirkLightsey 1SunnysideSSC 1002
Lightsey, KirkShorter By TwoSunnysideSSC 1004
Lindbert, NilsTrisectionCapitolT10363
Linn, RayEmpty Suit BluesDiscoveryDS-823
List, GarrettAmerican ImagesHoroHDP 37-38
Liston, MelbaMelba Liston And Her BonesMetro JazzSE1013
Little RamblersLittle Ramblers, TheVJMVLP 28
Little RamblersLittle Ramblers, The (Vol. 2)VJMVLP 29
Little, BookerVictory And SorrowAffinityAFF124
Little, BookerBooker Little And FriendBethlehem22AP 121
Little, BookerOut FrontCandidCJM 8027
Little, BookerSeries 2000OverseasULS-1802-V
Little, BookerSounds Of Inner CityTCB1002
Little, BookerBooker Little 4 And Max RoachUnited ArtistsLAX 3123
Little, JackYours Very TrulyGolden EraLP-15025
Lloyd, CharlesDream WeaverAtlanticSD 1459
Lloyd, CharlesForest FlowerAtlantic1473
Lloyd, CharlesDiscovery!ColumbiaCS 9067
Lloyd, CharlesOf Course / Of CourseColumbiaCS 9212
Locke, EddieAFS & All That Global JazzAFSAFS 9999
Logan, GiuseppiGiuseppi Logan QuartetESP-DISK1007
Logan, GiuseppiMore Giuseppi LoganESP-DISKESP 1013
Lookofsky, HarryStringsvilleAtlantic1319
Lounge LizardsBig HeartNon-Standard28NS-9
Lovett, LeeJazz Dance PartyWynneWLP 108
Lowe, FrankDon't Punk Out[none]QED 995
Lowe, FrankFreshAristaAL 1015
Lowe, FrankFlam, TheBlack SaintBSR 0005
Lowe, FrankIntensive CareCadillacSGC 1011
Lowe, FrankOut Of NowhereEcstatic PeaceE#19
Lowe, FrankBlack BeingsESP-DISKESP-3013
Lowe, FrankTricks Of the TradeMargeMARGE 02
Lowe, FrankLowe & BeholdMusicworks3002
Lowe, FrankOther Side, ThePalm25
Lowe, FrankDecision In ParadiseSoul NoteSN 1082
Lowe, FrankExotic HeartbreakSoul NoteSN 1032
Lowe, FrankExchangeSurvivalSR-101
Lowe, MundellGershwin's Porgy and BessRCA CamdenCAL-490
Lowe, MundellTV Action Jazz!RCA CamdenCAL-522
Lowe, MundellMundell Lowe Quartet, TheRiversideRLP 12-204
Lowe, MundellCalifornia GuitarStatesideIHJ-80098
Lucas, NickSinging Troubadour, TheASVAJA 5022
Lucraft, HowardShowcase For Modern JazzDeccaDL 8679
Lunceford, JimmieVictory Parade Of Spotlight BandsAircheck8
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford In Hi-FiCapitolTAO924
Lunceford, JimmieComplete Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40, TheCBSCBS 66421
Lunceford, JimmieLunceford SpecialCBS Sony20AP 1818
Lunceford, JimmieJimmy Lunceford And His OrchestraDeccaDL 8050
Lunceford, JimmieKings Of Jazz Big Bands, TheDisques Festival100.105
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford And His Orchestra 1942-43First TimeFTR 1506-1
Lunceford, JimmieRhythm Businesshep1013
Lunceford, JimmieStratospherichep1011
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford 1 (Rhythm Is Our Business)MCAMCA-1302
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford 2 (Harlem Shout)MCAMCA-1305
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford 3 (For Dancers Only)MCAMCA-1307
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford 4 (Blues In the Night)MCAMCA-1314
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford 5 (Jimmie's Legacy)MCAMCA-1320
Lunceford, JimmieJimmie Lunceford 6 (The Last Sparks)MCAMCA-1321
Lunceford, JimmieMemphis To HarlemRCA741.045
Lunceford, JimmieTakin' Off With JimmieTaxm-8003
Lundy, CurtisJust Be YourselfNew NoteNN1003
Lundy, RickSaints Come Marching In, TheWestminsterWST 15044
Lynch, BrianPeer PressureCriss Cross JazzCriss 1029
Lyons, JimmyGive It UpBlack SaintBSR 0087
Lyons, JimmyOther AfternoonsBYG529.309
Lytell, JimmyHeadin' For HarlemClass Jazz MastersCJM 11
Lytle, JohnnyVillage Caller, TheFantasy
Mabern, HaroldJoy SpringSackville2016
MacDonald, JeanetteJeanette MacDonald And Nelson EddyRCA VictorLPV-526
MacDonald, KeithThis Is Keith MacDonaldLandmarkLLP-503
Macero, TeoTeoAmerican ClaveAMCL 1002
Macero, TeoTeo MaceroColumbia99045-1
Macero, TeoTime Plus SevenFinnadarSR 9024
Macero, TeoTeoPrestigeOJC-1715
Mack, DavidNew DirectionsSerenusSRS 12009
Maheu, JackClarinet Artistry Of Jack Maheu, TheFat Cat's JazzFCJ 135
Makowicz, AdamMoonrayNovus3003-1-N
Mance, JuniorTruckin' And Trakin'Bee HiveBH 7015
Mance, JuniorHappy TimeJazzland977
Mance, JuniorJunior Mance Trio At the Village VanguardJazzlandOJC-204
Mancuso, GusIntroducing Gus MancusoFantasy150125
Mangione, ChuckHey BabyRiversideRLP 9371
Mangione, ChuckJazz Brothers, TheRiversideRLP 9335
Manhattan Jazz QuintetAutumn LeavesKingK28P 6350
Manhattan Jazz QuintetManhattan Jazz QuintetKingK28P 6313
Mann, HerbieCommon Ground, TheAtlanticSD-1343
Mann, HerbieFamily Of Mann, TheAtlanticSD 1371
Mann, HerbieEarly Mann Volume 1BethlehemBCP-6011
Mann, HerbieEarly Mann Volume IIBethlehemBCP-6012
Mann, HerbieHerbie Mann - Sam Most QuintetBethlehemBCP-40
Mann, HerbieMann With the Most, TheBethlehemBCP-6020
Mann, HerbieLatin Mann Afro To Bossa To BluesCalienteCLT 7073
Mann, HerbieHerbie Mann With the Wessel Ilcken TrioEpicLN 3499
Mann, HerbieSalute To the FluteEpicLN 3395
Mann, HerbieJust Wailin'New JazzNJLP 8211
Mann, HerbieFlute FlightPrestigePRLP 7124
Mann, HerbieFlute SoufflePrestigePRLP 7101
Mann, HerbieJasil BrazzRBIRBIR 401
Mann, HerbieGreat Ideas Of Western MannRiversideRLP 12-245
Mann, HerbieMann In the MorningStatusST 7136
Manne, ShellyBoss Sounds!AtlanticSD 1469
Manne, ShellyJazz GunnAtlantic1487
Manne, ShellyHollywood JamAtlasLA27-1012
Manne, ShellyPerk UpConcord JazzCJ-21
Manne, ShellyCheckmateContemporaryS7599
Manne, ShellyMy Fair LadyContemporaryS7527
Manne, ShellyMy Son the Jazz DrummerContemporaryM3609
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & His Men Play Peter GunnContemporaryC 3560
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & His Men Volume 1 (West Coast Sound, The)ContemporaryOJC-152
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & His Men Volume 4 (Contemporary Swinging Sounds)ContemporaryLAC 12062
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & His Men Volume 5 (More Swinging Sounds)ContemporaryC3519
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & His Men Volume 6 (Concerto For Clarinet)ContemporaryC 3536
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & His Men Volume 7 (Gambit, The)ContemporaryS7030
Manne, ShellyThree & the Two, TheContemporaryP-7621
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & His FriendsDoctor JazzFW38728
Manne, ShellyManne We Love, TheEast WorldEWLF-98009
Manne, ShellyShelly Manne & Co.Flying DutchmanFD 10150
Manne, Shelly36558Impulse!A-20
Manne, ShellyDeep PeopleSavoyMG 12045
Manone, WingyTrumpet On the WingDeccaDL 8473
Manone, WingyOn the Jazzband BusImperialLP 9190
Manone, WingyWildest Horn In Town, TheImperialLP 12037
Manone, WingyChew, Choo, Chu & CoRCAFPM1 7026
Manone, WingyWingy Manone - Vol. IRCALPV-563
Manone, WingyPapa Bue & Wingy ManoneStoryvilleSLP 210
Marable, LawrenceTenormanJazzwest054 2608851
Margulis, CharlieMarvelous MargulisCarltonSTLP 12/103
Mariano, CharlieCharlie Mariano's Portrait In Jazz Vol. 1[none]3
Mariano, CharlieAlto Sax For Young ModernsAffinityAFF 99
Mariano, CharlieCharlie Mariano PlaysBethlehem22AP 127
Mariano, CharlieToshiko MarianoCandidSMJ-6173
Mariano, CharlieIt's Standard Time Vol. IFresh SoundFSR-111
Mariano, CharlieIt's Standard Time Vol. IIFresh SoundFSR-112
Mariano, CharlieCharlie Mariano With His Jazz GroupImperial054.. 2604341
Mariano, CharlieCascadeKeytonekt 444 054
Mariano, CharlieIberian WaltzTakt Jazz SeriesXMS-10012-CT
Mariano, CharlieBeauties of 1918World PacificWP-1245
Mark, StanHere's Stan Mark And His New Big BandProgressivePRO 7070
Marmarosa, DodoChicago Sessions, TheArgo JazzARCD 502
Marmarosa, DodoDodo's DanceSpotliteSPJ128
Marsalis, BranfordSelectionsCBS Sony28AP 3368
Marsalis, BranfordRandom AbstractColumbiaOC 44055
Marsalis, BranfordScenes In the CityColumbiaFC 38951
Marsalis, BranfordTrio JeepyColumbiaCX2 44199
Marsalis, EllisSyndromeELMJS 4834
Marsalis, WyntonEarly MarsalisAtlas EastAE27-7002
Marsalis, WyntonHaydn / Hummel / L. Mozart Trumpet ConcertosCBS MasterworksIM 37846
Marsalis, WyntonWynton Marsalis Plays Handel, Purcell, Torelli, Fasch, MolterCBS MasterworksIM 39061
Marsalis, WyntonCrescent City Christmas CardColumbiaFC 45287
Marsalis, WyntonHot House FlowersColumbiaFC 39530
Marsalis, WyntonLive At Blues AlleyColumbiaPC2 40675
Marsalis, WyntonMajesty Of the Blues, TheColumbiaOC 45091
Marsh, WarneWarne MarshAtlanticP-6136A
Marsh, WarneBack HomeCriss Cross JazzCriss 1023
Marsh, WarneBallad Album, ACriss Cross JazzCriss 1007
Marsh, WarneStar HighsCriss Cross JazzCriss 1002
Marsh, WarneTenor GladnessDisco MateDSP-5004
Marsh, WarneHow Deep, How HighDiscoveryDS-863
Marsh, WarneWarne Marsh Meets Gary FosterEast WorldEWJ-90024
Marsh, WarneSax Of a KindHot ClubHCR 7
Marsh, WarneWarne OutInterplayIP-7709
Marsh, WarneJazz Of 2 CitiesLibertyLR -8055
Marsh, WarneMusic For PrancingModeMOD-LP 125
Marsh, WarneAll MusicNessan-7
Marsh, WarneNe Plus UltraRevelationREV-12
Marsh, WarneSymposiumRevelationREV-17
Marsh, WarneJazz Exchange Vol. 1StoryvilleSLP-1017
Marsh, WarneJazz Exchange Vol. 2 (Live At the Montmartre Club)StoryvilleSLP 4026
Marsh, WarneJazz Exchange Vol. 3StoryvilleSLP 4096
Marsh, WarneJazz From the East VillageWaveLP 10
Marsh, WarneWarne MarshWaveLP/6
Marsh, WarneLive In HollywoodXanadu151
Marterie, RalphBig Band ManMercurySR-60183
Martino, PatEl HombrePrestigeOJC-195
Martyn, KidEverybody's Talkin' 'bout the Morgan BandG.H.B.GHB-38
Masekela, HughTomorrowWarner Bros.1-25566
Maslak, KeshavanKeshavan MaslakAtman[none]
Massey, CalBlues To ColtraneCandidCS 9029
Masso, GeorgeChoice N.Y.C. 'BoneFamous DoorHL 129
Masso, GeorgeSwinging Case Of Masso-Ism, AFamous DoorHL 138
MastersoundsJazz ShowcaseWorld PacificA-3070
MastersoundsMastersounds In Concert, TheWorld PacificA-813
Mathews, MatModern Art Of Jazz By Mat Mathews, TheDawnDLP 1104
Mathews, MatSwingin' Pretty And All That JazzDesign Compatible FidelityDCF-1036
Mathews, RonnieDoin' the ThangPrestigePR 7303
Matlock, MattyDixielandTopsL1569
Matlock, MattyDixieland Story, TheWarner Bros.2B 1202
Matlock, MattyDixieland Story, The (Vol. 1)Warner Bros.B 1317
Matlock, MattyDixieland Story, The (Vol. 2)Warner Bros.B 1318
Matlock, MattyFour-Button DixieWarner Bros.W-1280
Matlock, MattyThey Made It Twice As Nice As Paradise And They Called It DixielandWarner Bros.BS-1262
Mauro, TurkUnderdog, TheJazzcraft76.23731-01-1
May, BillyBacchanalia!CapitolED 2604201
May, BillyBest Of Billy May, TheCapitolMFP 5609
May, BillyBill's BagCapitolT 1888
May, BillyGirls And Boys On BroadwayCapitol054-1867331
May, BillyNaughty Operetta!CapitolCAPS 2400151
May, BillySorta-Dixie!CapitolT677
May, BillyHorn A-PlentyRCA VictorLPM-2446
May, Billy70TimeS/2064
Mayl, GeneDixieland Rhythm KingsRed Onion810338
Mayl, GeneDixieland In Hi-FiRiversideRLP 12-210
Mayl, GeneJazz In RetrospectRiversideRLP 12-289
Mays, BillTwo Of a MinditiJL004
McBrowne, LennyLenny McBrowne And the 4 SoulsPacific JazzPJ-1
McBrowne, LennyEastern LightsRiversideRLP 9346
McCann, LesLes McCann Ltd. In New YorkPacific JazzPJ-45
McCann, LesLes McCann Ltd. In San FranciscoPacific JazzPJ-16
McDougal, E. ParkerInitial VisitGritsGR 2001
McDuff, JackDouble Barrelled SoulAtlantic1498
McDuff, JackBrother JackPrestigePRLP 7174
McDuff, JackHoneydripper, ThePrestigePRLP 7199
McDuff, JackLive!PrestigePRLP 7274
McDuff, JackTough 'DuffPrestigePRLP 7185
McEachern, MurrayCaressCapitolT899
McEachern, MurrayWarm TromboneDotDLP 3620
McFarland, GaryPoint Of DepartureImpulse!A-46
McGarity, LouBlue LouArgoLP-654
McGarity, LouIn Celebrationiajrc36
McGhee, HowardDusty BlueAffinityAFF 156
McGhee, HowardReturn Of Howard McGhee, TheBethlehem22AP 130(BH)
McGhee, HowardSharp Edge, TheBlack LionPA-3146
McGhee, HowardHoward McGhee All Stars & SextetBlue NoteK18P 9274
McGhee, HowardMaggie's Back In TownContemporaryS7596
McGhee, HowardMcGhee Special 1945-1948Jazz Circle BaselJCB-20
McGhee, HowardHome RunJazzcraft5
McGhee, HowardMaggieSavoySJL 2219
McGhee, HowardTrumpet At TempoSpotliteSPJ 131
McGhee, HowardJust Be ThereSteepleChaseSCS 1204
McGhee, HowardJazzbrothersStoryvilleSLP-4077
McGhee, HowardNobody Knows You When You're Down And OutUnited Artists JazzUAJS 15028
McGhee, HowardCookin' TimeZimZMS-2004
McGhee, HowardLive At Emerson'sZimZMS-2006
McGriff, JimmyBlue To the BoneMilestoneM-9163
McGriff, JimmyState Of the ArtMilestoneM-9135
McGriff, JimmySykwalkMilestoneM-9126
McHarg, JimStompin' At the Penny With Jim McHarg's Metro StompersColumbiaEL 110
McHargue, RosyEchoes Of Bix[none]ML6928
McHargue, RosyMcHargue's Memphis FiveJumpJ12-7
McHargue, RosyRosy McHargue's RagtimersJumpJ12-2
McIntyre, HalHal McIntyre And His OrchestraFirst HeardFHR 197413
McIntyre, Hal1943-1946HindsightHSR-172
McIntyre, HalOne Night Stand With Hal McIntyre, In 1944Joyce1138
McIntyre, Hal1944-45SunbeamSB 228
McIntyre, KenLooking AheadNew JazzNJLP 8247
McIntyre, KenStone BluesNew JazzPRNJ 8259
McIntyre, KenChasing the SunSteepleChaseSCS 1114
McIntyre, KenHomeSteepleChaseSCS1039
McIntyre, KenYear Of the Iron SheepUnited Artists JazzUAJS 15015
McIntyre, MauriceHumilityDelmarkDS-419
McKenna, DavePiano Scene Of Dave McKenna, TheEpicECPU 7
McKenna, DaveNo Holds BarredFamous DoorHL 122
McKenna, DaveThis Is the MomentPortrait MastersRJ 44091
McKenna, DaveSolo PianoYW-8506-ABABC-104
McKenzie, RedMound City Blue Blowers Volume 1Gardenia4006
McKenzie, RedMound City Blue Blowers Volume 2Gardenia4007
McKenzie, RedMound City Blue Blowers Volume 3Gardenia4008
McKinley, RayMost Versatile Band, TheSavoySJL 2261
McKinney's Cotton PickersNew McKinney's Cotton Pickers, TheBountifulB-38000
McKinney's Cotton PickersYou're Driving Me CrazyBountifulB-38001
McKinney's Cotton PickersComplete McKinney's Cotton Pickers Volumes 1/2RCAPM 42407
McKinney's Cotton PickersComplete McKinney's Cotton Pickers Volumes 3/4RCAPM 43258
McKinney's Cotton PickersComplete McKinney's Cotton Pickers Volumes 5RCANL 89161
McKusick, HalEast Coast Jazz #8Bethlehem22AP 131(BH)
McKusick, HalCross Section -SaxesMCA510 186
McKusick, HalHal McKusick Quintet Featuring Art FarmerMCAMCA-1379
McKusick, HalJazz Stars Volume 32MCA510.175
McKusick, HalJazz Lab Vol. 3MCA CoralPCO 7179
McKusick, HalTriple ExposurePrestigeSMJ-6620
McKusick, HalIn a Twentieth Century Drawing RoomRCANL-45954
McKusick, HalJazz WorkshopRCAPM 43637
McLaughlin, JohnWhere Fortune SmilesDawnDNLS 3018
McLaughlin, JohnWhere Fortune SmilesPYEPYE 12103
McLean, JackieActionBlue NoteBLP 4218
McLean, JackieBluesnikBlue NoteBST 84067
McLean, JackieBout SoulBlue NoteBST 84284
McLean, JackieCapuchin SwingBlue NoteBST-84038
McLean, JackieDemon's DanceBlue NoteBST 84345
McLean, JackieDestination OutBlue NoteST-84165
McLean, JackieFickle Sonance, ABlue NoteBST 84089
McLean, JackieHipnosisBlue NoteBN-LA483-J2
McLean, JackieIt's TimeBlue NoteGXK 8085
McLean, JackieJackie's BagBlue NoteBST 84051
McLean, JackieStreet SingerBlue Note
McLean, JackieJacknifeBlue NoteBN-LA457-H2
McLean, JackieLet Freedom RingBlue NoteBST-84106
McLean, JackieNew And Old GospelBlue NoteBST 84262
McLean, JackieNew SoilBlue NoteBST 84013
McLean, JackieOne Step BeyondBlue NoteBST 84137
McLean, JackieRight Now!Blue NoteBST-84215
McLean, JackieStreet SingerBlue NoteGXF 3067
McLean, JackieSwing Swang Swingin'Blue NoteBST 84024
McLean, JackieTippin' the ScalesBlue NoteBST 84427
McLean, JackieTippin' the ScalesBlue NoteGXF-3062
McLean, JackieConsequenceBlue Note ClassicLT-994
McLean, JackieVertigoBlue Note ClassicLT-1085
McLean, JackieJackie McLean Plays Fats JazzJubileeJUBILEE 1093 / FSR-612
McLean, JackieMakin' the ChangesNew JazzOJC-197
McLean, Jackie4 5 and 6PrestigeOJC-056
McLean, JackieAlto MadnessPrestigeCA 671
McLean, JackieContourPrestigeP-24076
McLean, JackieJackie McLean & Co.PrestigePJ-10
McLean, JackieJackie's PalPrestigeLPJ-70049
McLean, JackieMcLean's ScenePrestigeSMJ-6593
McLean, JackieStrange BluesPrestigePR 7500
McLean, JackieTune UpRouletteRE-129
McLean, JackieNew York CallingSteepleChaseSCS-1023
McLean, ReneWatch OutSteepleChaseSCS-1037
McMaster Jazz SeptetMcMaster Jazz Septet And Guest Artists, TheNewberry Sound Studio[none]
McNabb, TedBig Band SwingEpicLN 3663
McNeill, LloydWashington SuiteAsha3
McPartland, JimmyJimmy McPartland's DixielandEpicLN 3371
McPartland, JimmyMiddle Road, TheJazztoneJ-1227
McPartland, JimmyShades Of BixMCAMCA2-4110
McPartland, JimmyMeet Me In ChicagoMercurySR 60143
McPartland, JimmyThat Happy Dixieland JazzRCA CamdenCAL-549
McPhee, JoeGraphicsHat HutHAT-I/J
McPhee, JoeWillisau Concert, TheHat HutHAT-B
McPherson, CharlesCharles McPhersonMainstreamMRL 329
McPherson, CharlesToday's ManMainstreamMRL 395
McPherson, CharlesCon Alma!PrestigeVIJ-4062
McPherson, CharlesHorizonsPrestigePRST 7603
McPherson, CharlesQuintet, The / LivePrestigePRST 7480
McPherson, CharlesNew HorizonsXanadu149
McRitchie, GreigFighting BackCadetLP-4058
McShann, JayLast Of the Blue Devils, TheAtlanticSD 8800
McShann, JayMcShann's PianoCapitolST 2645
McShann, JayNew York - 1208 MilesDeccaDL 79236
McShann, JayEarly Bird Charlie Parker, TheMCAMCA-1338
McShann, JayGoing To Kansas CitySwaggieS1322
Mehegan, JohnCasual AffairT.J.TJLP-A1
Meldonian, DickPlays Gene Roland MusicProgressivePRO 7062
Meldonian, DickSome Of These DaysProgressive7033
Melis, MarcelloFree To DanceBlack SaintBSR 0023
Melle, GilGil Melle Quintet & SextetBlue NoteK18P 9275
Melle, GilPatterns In JazzBlue NoteBLP 1517
Melle, GilGil's GuestsPrestigeVIJ-5024
Melle, GilPrimitive ModernPrestigeOJC-1712
Melle, GilQuadramaPrestigePRLP 7097
Memphis NighthawksJazz LipsDelmarkDS-216
Menza, DonEl EncuentroFour LeafFLC 5064
Menza, DonMorning SongMPSCRM 614
Menza, DonHorn Of PlentyVossD1 72931
Meredith, MarvStrings (and all that) JazzStrandSL 1003
Merkle, FreddyJazz Under the DomeRCA VictorNL-45957
Metcalf, LouisI've Got the Peace Brother BluesSpiveyLP 1007
Metropolitan Bopera HouseStill Comin' On UpV.S.O.P.32
Mezzrow, MezzMezz Mezzrow At the Schola Cantorum, ParisLondonTKL.93092
Mezzrow, MezzMany Faces Of Jazz, TheMode SerieCMDINT. 9583
Mezzrow, MezzBig Apple, TheRCA741.046
Mezzrow, MezzParis 1955Swing DisquesSW 8409
Mezzrow, MezzPleyel ConcertVogueLAE 12007
Microscopic SeptetLet's FlipOsmosis6003
Microscopic SeptetOff Beat GloryOsmosis6006
Microscopic SeptetZ Train, ThePressP 4003
Microscopic SeptetBeauty Based On Science!StashST-276
Miles, BarryMiles Of GeniusCharlie ParkerPLP-804
Miles, BuddyThem ChangesMercurySR-61280
Miley, BubberBubber Miley And His Friends 1929-1931RCA Victor741 057
Miller, ArtieWaveBuffaloBR 101
Miller, DonDon Miller Quartet, TheKingKing
Miller, EddieLazy Mood For Two7777S59
Miller, EddieIt's Miller TimeFamous DoorHL 131
Miller, EddieSoft JiveGolden EraLP-15023
Miller, EddieJust FriendsLand 'O JazzLOJ 5876
Miller, GlennGlenn Miller's Original Film Sound Tracks20th FoxTCF 100-2S
Miller, GlennSwing Happy Years, TheAce Of HeartsAH 143
Miller, GlennOn the Air Volume 1Aircheck39
Miller, GlennOn the Air Volume 2Aircheck40
Miller, GlennTribute To Glenn Miller & Ray McKinleyAuditionAUD 33-5915
Miller, GlennMillion Dreams Ago, ABandstandBS-7136
Miller, GlennComplete Glenn Miller, The (Volume 1)BluebirdAXM2-5512
Miller, GlennComplete Glenn Miller, The (Volume 2)BluebirdAXM2-5514
Miller, GlennComplete Glenn Miller, The (Volume 3)BluebirdAXM2-5534
Miller, GlennComplete Glenn Miller, The (Volume 3)BluebirdAXM2-5565
Miller, GlennMajor Glenn Miller And the Army Air Force BandBluebird6360-1-RB
Miller, GlennPopular Recordings (1938-1942)Bluebird9785-1-RB
Miller, GlennMusical Memory By the Tex Morgan Orchestra, ACoronetCXS 103
Miller, GlennMusical Memory By the Tex Morgan Orchestra, A (Vol. 2)CoronetCX-172
Miller, GlennLegend, TheDance Band DaysDBD 01
Miller, GlennDance Anyone?DancetimeLPM-2193
Miller, GlennGlenn Miller Time - 1965EpicBN 26133
Miller, GlennGreat Songs Of the 60'sEpicLN 24157
Miller, GlennHis Complete Recordings On Columbia RecordsEverest4000/5
Miller, GlennUncle Sam Presentshephep 32
Miller, GlennLive In 1944Jazz BandEB 412
Miller, GlennGlenn Miller And His OrchestraJokerSM 3865
Miller, GlennVolume 2 (Here We Go AgainMagicAWE 17
Miller, GlennVolume 3 (Dancing In a Dream)MagicAWE 22
Miller, GlennVolume 5 (Oh! So Good)MagicAWE 29
Miller, GlennWhamMagicAWE 14
Miller, Glenn20 Greatest HitsMP33009
Miller, GlennUp Where We BelongMusic MastersHMC-84012
Miller, GlennSwing And SweetNostalgia DocumentNOST 7651
Miller, GlennMostly Swinging!Nostalgia PhontasticNOST 7601
Miller, GlennChesterfield Broadcasts, TheRCAANL1-1139
Miller, GlennLegendary Performer, A (Volume 2)RCACPL1-2080
Miller, GlennMemorial, ARCAVPM-6019(2)
Miller, GlennEchoes Of Glenn MillerRCA VictorLSP 2519
Miller, GlennGlenn Miller Orchestra Under the Direction Of Buddy DeFranco, The (Makes the Goin' Great)RCA VictorLSP 3971
Miller, GlennGlenn Miller TimeRCA VictorLPM-2436
Miller, GlennMiller MoodsRCA VictorLPM-1494
Miller, GlennMiller Sound, TheRCA VictorLPM 1852
Miller, GlennNew Glenn Miller Orchestra, TheRCA VictorLPM-1522
Miller, GlennOn the AirRCA VictorLPM-2768
Miller, GlennOn Tour With the New Glenn Miller OrchestraRCA VictorLPM 1948
Miller, GlennSomething Old, New, Borrowed and BlueRCA VictorLPM 1678
Miller, GlennThis Is Glenn Miller And the Army Air Force BandRCA VictorVPM-6080-1
Miller, GlennCafé Rouge / ChesterfieldSoundCraftLP-1003
Miller, GlennChesterfield Show July 16 - 1942…SoundCraftLP-1002
Miller, GlennChesterfield ShowsSoundCraftLP-1012
Miller, GlennDecember 4-1943 -- December 11, 1943SoundCraftLP-1015
Miller, GlennI Sustain the 'WingsSoundCraftLP-1004
Miller, GlennSunset Serenade / ChesterfieldSoundCraftLP-1001
Miller, GlennSunset Serenade ProgramSoundCraftLP-1006
Miller, GlennSwing Shift ProgramsSoundCraftLP-1016
Miller, GlennComplete V-Disc Sessions Volume OneSounds GreatSG-8013
Miller, GlennLive 1940Sounds GreatSG-8012
Miller, GlennLive 1940 Volume TwoSounds GreatSG-8018
Miller, GlennModernaires Sing, TheUnited ArtistsWWR 3510
Miller, GlennLegendary Performer, AVictorCPM2-0693-1
Miller, MulgrewFrom Day To DayLandmarkLLP-1525
Miller, MulgrewKeys To the CityLandmarkLLP 1507
Miller, PunchKid Punch MillerHerwinH-108
Miller, PunchRoot, Bone And Marrow, Flower (Volume 1)IconLP-2
Miller, PunchOh! Lady Be GoodJazz CrusadeJC-2016-CS
Miller, PunchJazz – New Orleans (Vol. 1)SavoyMG-12038
Miller, PunchJazz – New Orleans (Vol. 2)SavoyMG-12050
Miller, RaySunny Meadows Radio Show -1929, TheSunbeamMFC-14
Millman, JackJazz Studio 4DeccaDL 8156
Millman, JackShades Of Things To ComeLibertyLJH 6007
Millman, JackJazz Lab Vol. 11MCA Coral6.22 067
Mills Blue Rhythm Band1931Classic Jazz MastersCJM 23
Mills Blue Rhythm Band1931-1932GapsGAPS 130
Mills Blue Rhythm Band1931-1933GapsGAPS 110
Mills Blue Rhythm BandHenry 'Red' Allen And the Mills Blue Rhythm BandGapsGAPS 170
Mills Blue Rhythm BandBlue RhythmhepHEP 1008
Mills Blue Rhythm BandRhythm SpasmhepHEP 1021
Mills Blue Rhythm BandSavage RhythmhepHEP 1015
Mills, IrvingVolume 1 (Doin' the New Low Down)RetrievalFJ-122
Mills, IrvingVolume 2 (Some Fun)RetrievalFJ-123
Mills, IrvingVolume 3 (High And Dry)RetrievalFJ-127
Mills, IrvingHotsy Totsy Gang With Benny GoodmanSunbeamSB-113
Mingus, CharlesEast CoastingAffinityAFF 86
Mingus, CharlesBlue BirdAmerica6110
Mingus, CharlesClown, TheAtlanticP-7509
Mingus, CharlesMe Myself An EyeAtlanticSD 8803
Mingus, CharlesMingus MovesAtlanticSD 1653
Mingus, CharlesPassions Of a ManAtlanticSD 3-600
Mingus, CharlesPithecanthropus ErectusAtlanticP-7508A
Mingus, CharlesCandid Recordings Featuring Eric Dolphy, TheBarnabyKZ 31034
Mingus, CharlesCharles Mingus Presents Charles MingusBarnabyBR-5012
Mingus, CharlesNewport RebelsBarnabyBR-5022
Mingus, CharlesCharles Mingus Sextet In Berlin, TheBeppoBEP 508
Mingus, CharlesJazz Experiments Of Charlie Mingus, TheBethlehemBCP 65
Mingus, CharlesModern Jazz Symposium Of Music And Poetry, ABethlehemBCP 6026
Mingus, CharlesNew Tijuana MoodsBluebirdS635-1-RB
Mingus, CharlesMingus DynastyCBSCBS 21101
Mingus, CharlesMingus Ah UmColumbiaCS 8171
Mingus, CharlesAutobiography In JazzDebutDEB-198
Mingus, CharlesAutobiography In JazzDebutOJC-115
Mingus, CharlesMingus At the BohemiaDebutOJC-045
Mingus, CharlesMusic Written For Monterey, 1965East CoastingJWS 0013
Mingus, CharlesMingus In Europe, Volume IEnja3049
Mingus, CharlesMingus In Europe, Volume IIEnja3077
Mingus, CharlesCharles Mingus Quintet Plus Max RoachFantasyF-86009
Mingus, CharlesChazz!FantasyF-86002
Mingus, CharlesMingus At Town Hall With Eric DolphyFantasyJWS-9
Mingus, CharlesRight NowFantasyF-86017
Mingus, CharlesJazz ExperimentHall Of Fame Jazz GreatsJG-618
Mingus, CharlesMingus Mingus MingusImpulse!A-54
Mingus, CharlesBlack Saint And the Sinner LadyJasmineJAS 13
Mingus, CharlesTown Hall ConcertJazz WorkshopOJC-042
Mingus, CharlesMingus ThreeJubileeJLP 1054
Mingus, CharlesPre BirdLimelightEXPR-1015
Mingus, CharlesGreat Moments With Charles MingusMCAMCA2-4128
Mingus, CharlesTijuana MoodsRCARJL-2508
Mingus, CharlesJazz WorkshopSavoySJL 1113
Mingus, CharlesYoung Rebel, TheSwingtimeST 1010
Mingus, CharlesMingus RevisitedTrip JazzTLP-5513
Mingus, CharlesFirst Recording By This Group!Unique JazzUJ-23
Mingus, CharlesMingus In StuttgartUnique JazzUJ 007-8
Mingus, CharlesWonderlandUnited ArtistsUAS-5637
MissouriansMissourians, TheBlack and WhiteFPM1 7017
MissouriansMissourians and Cab Calloway, TheVJMVLP.58
Mitchell, BillyLittle Juicy, AFontanaBT-2009
Mitchell, BillyThis Is Billy MitchellSmashMGS 27027
Mitchell, BillyFeaturing Bobby HutchersonTrip JazzTLP-5534
Mitchell, BlueAfter This MessageAtlantic1458
Mitchell, BlueBoss HornBlue NoteBNST 84257
Mitchell, BlueDown With ItBlue NoteBST-84214
Mitchell, BlueHeads Up!Blue NoteBST 84272
Mitchell, BlueThing To Do, TheBlue NoteBST 84178
Mitchell, BlueStep LightlyBlue Note ClassicLT-1082
Mitchell, BlueBlue SoulJazzland90
Mitchell, BlueBlue MitchellMainstreamMRL 315
Mitchell, BlueStrayhornMainstreamMRL 335
Mitchell, BlueBig 6Riverside12/01/73
Mitchell, BlueBlue's MoodsRiversideOJC-138
Mitchell, BlueCup Bearers, TheRiversideRM 439
Mitchell, BlueOut Of the BlueRiversideSMJ-6301(M)
Mitchell, GroverLive At the Red ParrotHemisphereHR 1006
Mitchell, GroverTruckin'StashST-277
Mitchell, RedHear Ye! Hear Ye!Atlantic1376
Mitchell, RedRed MitchellBethlehemPAP-23010(M)
Mitchell, RedRed Mitchell QuartetContemporaryS7538
Mitchell, RedGet Those Elephants Out'a HereMetro JazzE1012
Mitchell, RoscoeSoundDelmarkDS-408
Mitchell, RoscoeNonaahNessaN-9/10
Mitchell, RoscoeOld QuartetNessaN-5
Mitchell, RoscoeRoscoe Mitchell QuartetSackville2009
Mitchell, WhiteyWhitey Mitchell SextetteABC ParamountABC 126
Mobley, HankAnother WorkoutBlue NoteBST 84431
Mobley, HankCaddy For Daddy, ABlue NoteBLP 4230
Mobley, HankDippin'Blue NoteBST 84209
Mobley, HankFar Away LandsBlue NoteBST 84425
Mobley, HankFlip, TheBlue NoteBST-84329
Mobley, HankGeorge Wallington And His Band / Hank Mobley QuartetBlue NoteK18P-9276
Mobley, HankHankBlue NoteBLP 1560
Mobley, HankHank MobleyBlue NoteBLP 1568
Mobley, HankHank Mobley And His All StarsBlue NoteBST-81544
Mobley, HankHank Mobley QuintetBlue NoteBLP 1550
Mobley, HankHank Mobley With Donald Byrd And Lee MorganBlue NoteK18P 9211
Mobley, HankHi VoltageBlue NoteBST 84273
Mobley, HankNo Room For SquaresBlue NoteBST-84149
Mobley, HankPeckin' TimeBlue NoteBLP 1574
Mobley, HankPoppin'Blue NoteGXF 3066
Mobley, HankReach Out!Blue NoteBST 84288
Mobley, HankRoll CallBlue NoteBST-84058
Mobley, HankSoul StationBlue NoteBST 84031
Mobley, HankStraight No FilterBlue NoteBST 84435
Mobley, HankThinking Of HomeBlue NoteGXK-8188
Mobley, HankTurnaround, TheBlue NoteBST 84186
Mobley, HankWorkoutBlue NoteBST 84080
Mobley, HankSlice Of the Top, ABlue Note ClassicLT-995
Mobley, HankThird SeasonBlue Note ClassicLT-1081
Mobley, HankMonday Night At BirdlandJazz VogueVJD 565-2
Mobley, HankBreakthrough!MuseMR 5132
Mobley, HankMessagesPrestigeP-24063
Mobley, HankHard BopSavoySJL 1125
Modern Jazz OctetSwing ShiftTampaLP 16
Modern Jazz QuartetLonely WomanAtlanticSD 1381
Modern Jazz QuartetModern Jazz Quartet At Music Inn, The (Guest Artist: Sonny Rollins)AtlanticSD 1299
Modern Jazz QuartetThird Stream MusicAtlanticSD 1345
Modern Jazz QuartetThree WindowsAtlantic81761-1
Modern Jazz QuartetModern Jazz Quartet At Music Inn, The (Guest Artist: Jimmy Giuffre)Atlantic Jazzlore90049-1
Modern Jazz QuartetFor EllingtonEast West90926-1
Modern Jazz QuartetHistoric Donaueschingen Jazz ConcertMPS68.161
Modern Jazz QuartetEchoesPablo DigitalD2312-142
Modern Jazz QuartetConcordePrestigeOJC-002
Modern Jazz QuartetDjangoPrestigeSMJ-6502
Modern Jazz QuartetMJQPrestigeOJC-125
Modern Jazz SocietyConcert Of Contemporary MusicNorgranMG N-1040
Mole, MiffEarly Years, TheJazz StudiesJS-2
Mole, MiffMiff Mole's Molers 1927ParlophonePMC 7120
Mole, MiffMiff Mole's Molers 1938-30ParlophonePMC 7126
Mole, MiffMiff Mole Aboard the Dixie Hi-FlyerStephenyMF4011
Moncur III, GrachanEvolutionBlue NoteBST-84153
Moncur III, GrachanSome Other StuffBlue NoteBST 84177
Moncur III, GrachanAco Dei De Madrugada (One Morning I Waked Up Very Early)BYG529.333
Moncur III, GrachanNew AfricaBYG529.321
Moncur III, GrachanEchoes Of PrayerJCOALP 1009
Monk, TheloniousThat's the Way I Feel NowA&MSP-6600
Monk, TheloniousArt Blakey's Jazz Messengers With Thelonious MonkAtlanticP-6062A
Monk, TheloniousThelonious Monk 1963 In JapanBaybridgeUPS-2172-B
Monk, TheloniousCanadian Concert Of Thelonious Monk, TheCan AmCA 1100
Monk, TheloniousIt's Monk's TimeColumbiaCS 8984
Monk, TheloniousMisteriosoColumbiaCS 9216
Monk, TheloniousMonkColumbiaCL 2291
Monk, TheloniousMonk's BluesColumbiaCS 9806
Monk, TheloniousUndergroundColumbiaPC 9632
Monk, TheloniousStandardsColumbia Jazz MasterpiecesCJ 45148
Monk, TheloniousCriss-CrossColumbia Limited EditionLE 10122
Monk, TheloniousAlways KnowContemporaryJG 35720
Monk, TheloniousLive At the Jazz WorkshopContemporaryC2 38269
Monk, TheloniousNice Work In LondonFreedomPA-9731
Monk, TheloniousApril In Paris / LiveMilestoneM-47060
Monk, TheloniousAt the Five SpotMilestoneM-47043
Monk, TheloniousBrillanceMilestoneM-47023
Monk, TheloniousIn PersonMilestoneM-47033
Monk, TheloniousRiverside Trios, TheMilestoneM-47052
Monk, TheloniousRound MidnightMilestoneM-47067
Monk, TheloniousThelonious MonkPrestigePRT-24006
Monk, TheloniousAt the BlackhawkRiversideRLP 323
Monk, TheloniousBrilliant CornersRiversideRLP 12-226
Monk, TheloniousC.T. Meets MonkRiversideRS 3009
Monk, TheloniousFive By Monk By FiveRiversideRLP 1150
Monk, TheloniousMisteriosoRiversideSMJ-6119
Monk, TheloniousMonk's MusicRiversideSMJ-6207
Monk, TheloniousThelonious Alone In San FranciscoRiversideSMJ-6163
Monk, TheloniousThelonious In ActionRiversideSMJ-6102
Monk, TheloniousThelonious Monk Orchestra At Town Hall, TheRiversideSMJ-6183
Monk, TheloniousThelonious Monk Plays Duke EllingtonRiversideSMJ-6039M
Monk, TheloniousThelonious Monk With John ColtraneRiversideSMJ-6149
Monk, TheloniousUnique, TheRiversideSMJ-6068
Monk, TheloniousLive! At the Village GateXanadu202
Monterose, J.R.J.R. MonteroseBlue NoteBLP 1536
Monterose, J.R.Bebop Loose & LiveCadenceCJR 1013
Monterose, J.R.Message, TheJaroFSR-678
Monterose, J.R.Body And SoulMunich6802 654 M3
Monterose, J.R.J.R. Monterose In ActionStudio 4SS100
Monterose, J.R.Straight AheadXanadu126
Montgomery, WesStretching Out Live In '65[none]j100
Montgomery, WesAlternative Wes Montgomery, TheMilestoneM-47065
Montgomery, WesGroove BrothersMilestoneM-47051
Montgomery, WesYesterdaysMilestoneM-47057
Montgomery, WesMontgomery Brothers, ThePacific JazzGXF 3174(M)
Montgomery, WesMontgomerylandPacific JazzA-3071
Montgomery, WesFull HouseRiversideRLP 9434
Montgomery, WesFusion!RiversideSMJ-6210
Montgomery, WesGuitar On the GoRiversideSMJ-6168
Montgomery, WesIncredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery, TheRiversideSMJ-6040
Montgomery, WesMovin' AlongRiversideSMJ-6199M
Montgomery, WesPortrait Of WesRiversideSMJ-6202
Montgomery, WesDynamic Duo, TheVerveUMV 2069
Montgomery, WesFurther Adventures Of Jimmy And WesVerveV6-8766
Montgomery, WesGoin' Out Of My HeadVerveV6-8642
Montgomery, WesVerve Return EngagementVerveV3HB-8839
Montrose, JackJack Montrose With Bob GordonAtlanticP-4513A
Montrose, JackJack Montrose SextetPacific JazzGXF 3118(M)
Montrose, JackBlues And VanillaRCANL-45844
Montrose, JackHorn's Full, TheRCALPM-1572
Moody, JamesBeginning And End Of BopBlue NoteB-6503
Moody, JamesComin' On StrongCadetLPS-740
Moody, JamesCookin' the BluesCadetLP-756
Moody, JamesFlute 'N the BluesCadetCA-603
Moody, JamesJames MoodyCadetLP 648-S
Moody, JamesLast Train From OverbrookCadetLP 637
Moody, JamesGreat Day, TheChessGCH 8090
Moody, JamesIn the BeginningInner CityIC 7020
Moody, JamesNight FlightLibertyLN-10128
Moody, JamesMoody And the Brass FiguresMilestoneMLP 1055
Moody, JamesToo Heavy For WordsMPS21 21656-2
Moody, JamesSomething SpecialNovus3004-1-N
Moody, JamesHeritage HumPerceptionPLP 22
Moody, JamesJames Moody's Hi Fi PartyPrestigeLP 7011
Moody, JamesJames Moody's MoodsPrestigeOJC-188
Moody, JamesMoody's WorkshopPrestigeLP 7179
Moody, JamesWail Moody, WailPrestigeLP 7036
Moody, JamesRunning the GamutScepterLP-525
Moody, JamesMoody Story, TheTrip JazzTLP-5521
Moody, JamesMoodsUp FrontUPF-177
Moondoc, JemeelEvening Of the Blue Men, TheMuntu40707
Mooney, JoeSunshine Boys, TheRetrievalFV-206
Moore, BrewIn EuropeBlack LionPA-3149
Moore, BrewBrewer's Brew Brew Moore The Blue BrewBREWBOMO 49-53
Moore, BrewBrew MooreFantasyOJC-049
Moore, BrewBrew Moore QuintetFantasyOJC-100
Moore, BrewDanish BrewJazz Mark101
Moore, BrewBrew's Stockholm DewSonetSNTF624
Moore, BrewNo More BrewStoryvilleSLP-4019
Moore, OscarOscar Moore Trio, TheQuadrifoglioVDS 213
Moore, OscarOscar Moore QuartetTampaVSOP 22
Moore, OscarOscar MooreV.S.O.P.LP19
Moore, RalphFurthermoreLandmarkLLP-1526
Moore, RalphImagesLandmarkLLP-1520
Morello, JoeIt's About TimeRCA VictorLPM 2486
Morgan, FrankMood IndigoAntilles91320-1
Morgan, FrankEasy LivingContemporaryC-14013
Morgan, FrankLamentContemporaryC-14021
Morgan, FrankReflectionsContemporaryC-14052
Morgan, FrankYardbird SuiteContemporaryC-14045
Morgan, FrankGene Norman Presents Frank MorganFresh SoundFSR-599
Morgan, LeeCarambaBlue NoteBST 84289
Morgan, LeeCharismaBlue NoteBST 84312
Morgan, LeeCity LightsBlue NoteGXK 8207(M)
Morgan, LeeCooker, TheBlue NoteBST-81578
Morgan, LeeCornbreadBlue NoteBST-84222
Morgan, LeeDelightfuLee MorganBlue NoteBST 84243
Morgan, LeeGigolo, TheBlue NoteBST 84212
Morgan, LeeGigolo, TheBlue NoteBST 84212
Morgan, LeeLee Morgan SextetBlue NoteBLP 1541
Morgan, LeeLee-WayBlue NoteBST 84034
Morgan, LeeLive At the LighthouseBlue NoteBST-89906
Morgan, LeeMemorial AlbumBlue NoteBN-LA224-G
Morgan, LeePresenting Lee MorganBlue NoteBLP 1538
Morgan, LeeProcrastinator, TheBlue NoteBN-LA582-J2
Morgan, LeeRajah, TheBlue NoteBST 84426
Morgan, LeeRumproller, TheBlue NoteBST-84199
Morgan, LeeSearch For the New LandBlue NoteBST-84169
Morgan, LeeSidewinder, TheBlue NoteBST-84157
Morgan, LeeSixth Sense, TheBlue NoteBST 84335
Morgan, LeeVolume 3Blue NoteGXK 8135(M)
Morgan, LeeInfinityBlue Note ClassicLT-1091
Morgan, LeeSonic BoomBlue Note ClassicLT-987
Morgan, LeeTaruBlue Note ClassicLT-1031
Morgan, LeeTom CatBlue Note ClassicLT-1058
Morgan, LeeCandy LeeBlue Note Re-Issue SeriesBNP 25.110
Morgan, LeeTake TwelveJazzlandVIJ-5051
Morgan, LeeA-1SavoySJL 1104
Morris, Butch3 + 2 =[none][none]
Morris, ButchTriosDossierD-1000
Morris, ButchIn Touch...But Out Of ReachKharmaPK9
Morris, ButchEuropamericaPalm28
Morris, ButchJean-Charles Capon – Philippe Mate – Lawrence Morris – Serge RahoersonPalm26
Morris, LeroyWith a Bow To BixWolverine780734
Morris, ThomasThomas Morris With His Seven Hot Babies And the New Orleans Blue Five (Vol. 1)RCAFPM1 7049
Morris, WilberWilber ForceDIWDIW-8001
Morse, LeeLee Morse And Her Blue Grass BoysTake TwoTT-201
Morse, LeeRevisitedTake TwoTT 213
Morton, Jelly RollPearls, TheBluebird6588-1-RB
Morton, Jelly RollIncomparable Jelly Roll Morton, TheClassic Jazz MastersCJM 88509
Morton, Jelly RollTranscriptions For Orchestra Arranged And Performed By Dick HymanColumbia MasterworksM 32587
Morton, Jelly RollMusic Of Jelly Roll Morton Played By Turk Murphy And Wally RoseColumbia Special ProductsJCL 559
Morton, Jelly RollNew Orleans MemoriesCommodoreFL 30,000
Morton, Jelly RollMr. JellyFamilySFR-DP 650
Morton, Jelly RollVolume OneGapsGAPS 010
Morton, Jelly RollMorton Sixes & SevensMainstreamTL.5415
Morton, Jelly RollImmortal Jelly Roll Morton, TheMilestoneMLP 2003
Morton, Jelly RollJelly Roll Morton (1923/24)MilestoneM-47018
Morton, Jelly RollComplete Jelly Roll Morton, The (Vol. 1 and 2)RCAPM 42405
Morton, Jelly RollComplete Jelly Roll Morton, The (Vol. 3 and 4)RCAPM 43170
Morton, Jelly RollComplete Jelly Roll Morton, The (Vol. 5 and 6)RCAPM 43690
Morton, Jelly RollHot Jazz, Pop, Jazz, Hokum And HilarityRCA VictorLPV-524
Morton, Jelly RollI Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden SayRCA VictorLPV-559
Morton, Jelly RollKing Of New Orleans Jazz, TheRCA VictorLPM-1649
Morton, Jelly RollMr. Jelly LordRCA VictorLPV-546
Morton, Jelly RollStomps And JoysRCA VictorLPV-508
Morton, Jelly RollIncomparable Jelly Roll Morton, TheRiversideRLP 12-128
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 01: Boyhood MemoriesRiversideRLP 9001
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 02: The Animule BallRiversideRLP 9002
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 03: Discourse On JazzRiversideRLP 9003
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 04: Creepy FeelingRiversideRLP 9004
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 05: Georgia Skin GameRiversideRLP 9005
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 06: The PearlsRiversideRLP 9006
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 07: Mamie's BluesRiversideRLP 9007
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 08: The Murder BalladRiversideRLP 9008
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 09: Jack the BearRiversideRLP 9009
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 10: Original Jelly Roll BluesRiversideRLP 9010
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 11: Buddy Bolden's LegendRiversideRLP 9011
Morton, Jelly RollVolume 12: The Storyville StoryRiversideRLP 9012
Morton, Jelly RollMusic Of Jelly Roll Morton As Played By the Dick Hyman Ensemble Featuring Bob WilberSmithsonian CollectionN 006
Morton, Jelly RollTribute To Jelly Roll MortonStoryvilleSLP 221
Mosca, SalSal Mosca MusicInterplayIP-7712
Mosca, SalAt the DenWaveLP2
Mosse, SandySandy MosseCFEES-188
Most, SamAmazing Mr. Sam Most, TheBethlehemBCP-78
Most, SamMusically YoursBethlehemBCP-6008
Most, SamSam MostBethlehemBCP-18
Most, SamSam Most Plays Bird, Bud, Monk and MilesBethlehemBCP-75
Most, SamSam Most Quartet Plus TwoDebutDLP-11
Moten, BennieBennie Moten's Kansas City OrchestraHistorical RecordingsASC 5829-9
Moten, BennieBennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra 1923-25ParlophonePMC 7119
Moten, BennieComplete Bennie Moten, The (Vol. 1 and 2)RCAPM 42 410
Moten, BennieVolume 1 (Kansas City Orchestra)RCA741.056
Moten, BennieVolume 2 (Kansas City Orchestra)RCA741.078
Moten, BennieVolume 3 (Moten's Blues)RCA741 108
Moten, BennieVolume 4 (New Moten Stomp)RCAFPM1 7004
Moten, BennieVolume 5 (Moten's Swing)RCAFXM1 7062
Motian, PaulConception VesselECMECM 1028 ST
Motian, PaulDanceECMECM-1108
Motian, PaulTributeECMECM 1048
Mottola, TonyRomantic GuitarCommandRS 847 SD
Mottola, TonyBest Of Tony MottolaProject 3PR 5041 SD
Mottola, TonyHeart & Soul / GuitarProject 3PR 5003 M
Mottola, TonyTony Mottola And the Brass MenagerieProject 3PR 5082 SD
Mover, BobBob MoverVanguardVSD-79408
Moye,Famoudou DonSun Percussion (Volume 1)Great Black MusicAECO 004
Mulligan, GerryRevelationBlue NoteBN-LA-532-H2
Mulligan, GerryWalking ShoesCapitol5C 052-80801
Mulligan, GerryArranger, TheColumbiaJC 34803
Mulligan, GerryJeruColumbiaCS 8732
Mulligan, GerryGreat Gerry Mulligan, TheCrownCLP 5363
Mulligan, GerryFabulous Gerry Mulligan QuartetDisques VogueDP 07
Mulligan, GerryHolliday With MulliganDRGSL 5191
Mulligan, GerryLa MenaceDRGMRS 506
Mulligan, GerryWalk On the WaterDRGSL 5194
Mulligan, GerryPresenting the Gerry MulliganEmArcyEXPR-1003
Mulligan, GerryPresenting the Gerry MulliganEmArcyMG36056
Mulligan, GerrySummitErre-t-vRTV 25046
Mulligan, GerryMulligan-DesmondFantasy8082
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet BakerGNP CrescendoGNP-56
Mulligan, GerryNew York 1960Jazz AnthologyJA 5236
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan In SwedenJazz InformationCAH 4003
Mulligan, GerryFeelin' GoodLimelightLS 86030
Mulligan, GerryIf You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em!LimelightLM 82021
Mulligan, GerrySomething Borrowed Something BlueLimelightLM 82040
Mulligan, GerryMainstream Of JazzMercury195J-34
Mulligan, GerryMainstream Of Jazz Vol. 2Mercury195J-35
Mulligan, GerryOriginal Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet BakerMosaicMR5-102
Mulligan, GerryWhat Is There To SayOdyssey32 16 0258
Mulligan, GerryGenius Of Gerry MercuryPacific JazzPJ-8
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan Sextet, ThePacific JazzPJ LP-1201
Mulligan, GerryParis ConcertPacific JazzPJ-10102
Mulligan, GerryNight LightsPhilipsEXPR-1037
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan And Chet BakerPrestigePR 24016
Mulligan, GerryHistorically SpeakingPrestigePR 7251
Mulligan, GerryMulligan Meets MonkRiversideSMJ-6107
Mulligan, GerryProfileTrip JazzTLP-5531
Mulligan, GerryI Want To Live!United ArtistsGXC 3140
Mulligan, GerryAt NewportVerveUMV 2622
Mulligan, GerryAt the Village VanguardVerveUMV 2057
Mulligan, GerryConcert Jazz Band, TheVerveMGV-8388
Mulligan, GerryConcert Jazz Band, TheVerveV-8515
Mulligan, GerryGene Krupa Plays Gerry Mulligan ArrangementsVerveMG V-8292
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan And the Concert Jazz Band LiveVerve2683 057
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan Meets Johnny HodgesVerve2332 068
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan Quartet, TheVerveV-8466
Mulligan, GerryMulligan And Getz And DesmondVerveVE-2-2537
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan Meets the Sax Giants (Volume 1)Verve Super2304 146
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan Meets the Sax Giants (Volume 2)Verve Super2304 226
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan Meets the Sax Giants (Volume 3)Verve Super2304 228
Mulligan, GerryGerry Mulligan QuartetWorld PacificPJ-1207
Mulligan, GerryParis ConcertWorld PacificWP-1210
Mulligan, GerryReunion With Chet BakerWorld PacificPJ-1241
Mulligan, GerryTimelessWorld Pacific JazzST-20146
MuntuFirst FeedingMuntu1001
Murphy, LyleNew Orbits In SoundGNPGNP 33
Murphy, MarkSinging M, TheDeccaDL 8390
Murphy, TurkMany Faces Of Ragtime, TheAtlanticSD 1613
Murphy, TurkBarrelhouse JazzColumbiaCL 595
Murphy, TurkDancing JazzColumbiaCL 650
Murphy, TurkMusic Of Jelly Roll Morton, TheColumbiaCL 559
Murphy, TurkNew Orleans Jazz FestivalColumbiaCL 793
Murphy, TurkNew Orleans ShuffleColumbiaCL 927
Murphy, TurkWhen the Saints Go Marching InColumbiaCL 546
Murphy, TurkWhen the Saints Go Marching InColumbiaCL 546
Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz (Vol. 1)Good Time JazzL-12026
Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz (Vol. 2)Good Time JazzL-12027
Murphy, TurkSan Francisco JazzMerry Maker'sMMRC-114
Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy's Jazz BandMerry MakersMMRC-106
Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz BandMerry MakersMMRC-105
Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy's Frisco Jazz Band Live!MPS68-072
Murphy, TurkLet the Good Times RollRCA VictorLSP-2501
Murphy, TurkMusic For Wise GuysRouletteR 25088
Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy And His Jazz Band At the RoundtableRouletteSR 25076
Murphy, TurkTurk At CarnegieStomp OffS.O.S. 1155
Murphy, TurkMusic For LosersVerveMG V-1013
Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy At Easy Street – San FriscoVerveMG V-1015
Murray, DavidLow Class ConspiracyAdelphiAD 5002
Murray, DavidClarityBijaMJ-1000
Murray, DavidHomeBlack SaintBSR 0055
Murray, DavidInterboogieologyBlack SaintBSR 0018
Murray, DavidMingBlack SaintBSR 0045
Murray, DavidMorning SongBlack SaintBSR 0075
Murray, DavidMurray's StepsBlack SaintBSR 0065
Murray, DavidNew LifeBlack SaintBSR 0100
Murray, DavidConceptual SaxophoneCadillacSGC 1007
Murray, DavidLondon Concert, TheCadillacSGC 1008/9
Murray, DavidVolume 1: Penthouse JazzCircleF 666.054
Murray, DavidVolume 2: Holy Siege On IntrigueCircleF 666.055
Murray, DavidLive At the Peace ChurchDanolaDA 001
Murray, David3D Family (Vol. 1)hathat MUSICS 3516
Murray, DavidFlowers For AlbertIndia NavigationIN1026
Murray, DavidLive (Volume 2)India NavigationIN-1044
Murray, DavidLive At the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club (Volume 1)India NavigationIN-1032
Murray, DavidDavid Murray QuartetMarge38779
Murray, DavidOrganic SaxophonePalmPALM 31
Murray, DavidMing's SambaPortraitOR 44432
Murray, DavidLast Of the HipmanRed RecordVPA 129
Murray, SunnyEven Break, An (Never Give a Sucker)BYGBYG 529.332
Murray, SunnyHommage To AfricaBYG529.303
Murray, SunnySunny MurrayESP DiskESP-1032
Murray, SunnyCharred EarthKharmaPK-1
Murray, SunnyApplecoresPhilly JazzPJ1004
Murray, SunnySunny MurrayShandarSR 10008
Musso, VidoSwingin'st, TheCrownCLP 5007
Mussulli, BootsLittle ManAffinityAFF 67
Myers, Amina ClaudineCircle Of Time, TheBlack SaintBSR 0078
Nance, RayOne More TimeLaneLP-154
Nance, RayHuffin' n' Puffin'MPS21 21280-7
Nance, RayQuartet & SextetUnique JazzUJ-11
Napoleon, MartyMarty Napoleon And His MusicStereo-CraftRCS 504M
Napoleon, PhilMasters Of Dixieland (Vol. 3)CapitolC 054-81 846
Napoleon, PhilPhil Napoleon In the Land Of DixieCapitolST-1428
Napoleon, PhilDixieland ClassicsEmArcyMG-36033
Napoleon, PhilOriginal Memphis FiveIAJRCIAJRC-26
Napoleon, Phil1929-1931The Old MastersTOM-13
Nascimento, MiltonMiltonsColumbiaFC 45239
Nash, TedStar EyesColumbiaCL 989
Nash, Ted & DickBrother's NashLibertyLJH 6011
Navarro, FatsFabulous Fats Navarro, The (Volume 1)Blue NoteBLP-1531
Navarro, FatsFabulous Fats Navarro, The (Volume 2)Blue NoteBLP 1532
Navarro, FatsMoveDial133
Navarro, FatsClassics Of Modern Jazz, Vol. 1JazzlandJLP 50
Navarro, FatsFats Navarro Featured With the Tadd Dameron BandMilestoneM-47041
Navarro, FatsFat GirlSavoySJL 2216
Navarro, FatsFats Bud-Klook-Sonny-KinneySavoyMG-12011
Navarro, FatsNostalgiaSavoyMG 12133
Naylor, OliverOliver Naylor's Seven AcesFountainFJ.103
Nelson, LouisSkaters : Waltz Live At the Fox504504 LP 2
Nelson, LouisLouis Nelson Big FourG.H.B.GHBS-26
Nelson, LouisPortrait Of Louis Nelson, AStoryvilleSLP 235
Nelson, OliverFantabulousArgoLP-737
Nelson, OliverStolen MomentsEast WindEW-8014
Nelson, OliverOliver Edward Nelson In London With Oily RagsFlying DutchmanBDL1-0592
Nelson, OliverSwiss SuiteFlying DutchmanFD 10149
Nelson, OliverBlues And the Abstract TruthImpulse!A-5
Nelson, OliverLive From Los AngelesImpulse!A-9153
Nelson, OliverMore Blues And the Abstract TruthImpulse!A-75
Nelson, OliverSound PiecesImpulse!A-9129
Nelson, OliverMeet Oliver NelsonNew JazzNJLP 8224
Nelson, OliverScreamin' the BluesNew JazzOJC-080
Nelson, OliverStraight AheadNew JazzOJC-099
Nelson, OliverAfro / American SketchesPrestigePRLP 7225
Nelson, OliverImagesPrestigeP-24060
Nelson, OliverMain StemPrestigePRST 7236
Nelson, OliverSoul BattlePrestigePRLP 7223
Nelson, OliverNocturnePrestige MoodsvilleMVLP Vol. 13
Nelson, OliverTaking Care Of BusinessPrestige New JazzNJLP 8233
Nelson, OliverTaste Of Honey, AUnited Artists JazzUAJ 14018
Nelson, OliverFull NelsonVerveV-8508
New Black Eagle Jazz BandNew Black Eagle Jazz Band In ConcertBlack EagleBE-TWO
New Black Eagle Jazz BandOn the RiverDirty Shame RecordsDSR #2002
New Black Eagle Jazz BandClassic JazzPhilips9198 784
New Orleans All-StarsIn Concert At the Dixieland JubileeGNP CrescendoDJS-502
New Orleans Ragtime OrchestraNew Orleans Ragtime Orchestra, TheVanguardVSD 69/70
New Orleans Rhythm KingsNew Orleans Rhythm Kings - Volume 1Classic Jazz MastersCJM 12
New Orleans Rhythm KingsNew Orleans Rhythm Kings - Volume 2Classic Jazz MastersCJM 13
New Orleans Rhythm Kings1934-1935MCA CoralCOPS 6698
New Orleans Rhythm KingsNew Orleans Rhythm KingsSwaggie826
New Orleans Rhythm KingsVolume One 1922-1923Swaggie829
New Orleans Rhythm KingsVolume TwoSwaggie830
New Vaudeville BandWinchester CathedralFontanaSRF 67560
New York Art QuartetNew York Art Quartet & Imamu Amiri BarakaESPESP - 1004
New York Art QuartetMohawkFontana881 009 ZY
New York Contemporary FiveConsequencesFontana195J-25
New York Contemporary FiveNew York Contemporary Five Vol. 2SonetSLP 51
New York Jazz QuartetNew York Jazz QuartetElektraEKL-115
New York Jazz QuartetNew York Jazz Quartet Goes NativeElektraEKL-118
New York Jazz QuartetSong Of the Black KnightSonetSNTF 753
New York Jazz SextetNew York Jazz SextetScepterSLP-526
New York Neophonic OrchestraJazz In ConcertSandcastleSCR-1033
New York Saxophone QuartetAmerican Experience, AnStashST-220
Newborn, PhineasHere Is PhineasAtlanticSD 1235
Newborn, PhineasSolo PianoAtlanticSD 1672
Newborn, PhineasWorld Of Piano, AContemporaryS7600
Newborn, PhineasC Jam BluesPaddle Wheel220R-5051 1
Newman, DavidFathead Comes OnAtlanticSD 1399
Newman, DavidRay Charles Presents David NewmanAtlanticSD 1304
Newman, DavidStraight AheadAtlantic1366
Newman, JoeHangin' OutConcordCJ-262
Newman, JoeSoft Swingin' JazzCoralCRL 57208
Newman, JoeEast Coast SoundsHall Of Fame Jazz GreatsJG-615
Newman, JoeSwing LightlyHall Of Fame Jazz GreatsJG-601
Newman, JoeCount's Men, TheJazztoneJ-1220
Newman, JoeNew Sounds In SwingJazztoneJ-1217
Newman, JoeHappy Cats, TheMCA510.198
Newman, JoeJoe Newman Quartet Featuring Shirley Scott, TheMCAMCA-1380
Newman, JoeJoe Newman At Count Basie'sMercuryMG 20696
Newman, JoeGood 'n' GroovyPrestige / SwingvilleSV 2019
Newman, JoeJive At FivePrestige / SwingvilleSVLP 2011
Newman, JoeJoe Newman Vol. 1 - All I Wanna Do Is SwingRCAPM 42389
Newman, JoeJoe Newman Vol. 3 - Salute To SatchRCAPM 43256
Newman, JoeMidgets, TheRCA CamdenRGP-1087(M)
Newman, JoeI'm Still SwingingRCA VictorLPM-1198
Newman, JoeJoe Newman With WoodwindsRouletteR-52014
Newman, JoeLocking HornsRouletteR-52009
Newman, JoeIn a Mellow MoodStashST-219
Newman, JoeLive At Embers West Vol. 1Stateside UpsurgeISJ-80123
Newman, JoeCount Basie With Joe Newman And the Boys In the BandStoryvillePA-3114(M)
Newman, JoeJoe's Hap'nin'sSwingvilleSVLP 2027
Newman, JoeJazz Basie StyleVanguardVRS 8527
Newman, JoeCounting Five In SwedenWorld PacificB-833
Newport All StarsNewport All Stars, TheBlack LionBLP 30115
Newport Jazz Festival All StarsNewport Jazz Festival All StarsAtlantic1331
Newport Jazz Festival All-StarsNewport Jazz Festival All-StarsOdyssey32 16 0296
Newport Youth BandNewport 1958ColumbiaCS 8073
Newport Youth BandNewport Youth Band, TheCoralCRL 57298
Newsome, TommyLive From Beautiful Downtow BurbankDirect-Disk LabsDD 108
Newton, FrankieSwinging On 52nd StJazz ArchivesJA-9
Newton, FrankieFrankie NewtonTaxM-8017
Newton, JamesAfrican FlowerBlue NoteBNJ 91013
Newton, JamesRomance And RevolutionBlue NoteBT 85134
Newton, JamesFlute SolosBVHAASTBVHAAST 019
Newton, JamesSolomon's SonsCircleF 666.094
Newton, JamesPaseo Del MarIndia NavigationIN1037
Nicholas, AlbertAlberts Blues77DW 371
Nicholas, AlbertSoul Of Albert Nicholas, TheBellaphonBWS 314
Nicholas, AlbertAlbert Nicholas Quartet, TheDelmarDL-207
Nicholas, AlbertAlbert Nicholas Vol. 5Disques VogueLD. 490-30
Nicholas, AlbertAlbert Nicholas-Mezz MezzrowJazztoneJ-1233
Nicholas, AlbertAlbert Nicholas In Milan With Lino Patruno And His Dixieland Jazz And Milan & Riverside Dixieland BandOdeonQPX 8097
Nicholas, AlbertBenko Dixieland Club, May 29, 1974PepitaSLPX 17479
Nicholas, AlbertAlbert's BluesSupraphon1 15 1420
Nicholas, Big NickBig NickIndia NavigationIN-10066
Nicholas, Wooden JoeAmerican Music By Wooden JoeDanVC-7019
Nicholas, Wooden JoeWooden Joe's New Orleans BandStoryvilleSLP 204
Nichols, HerbieHerbie Nichols TrioBethlehemBCP-6028
Nichols, HerbieThird World, TheBlue NoteBN-LA-485-H2
Nichols, RedRed Nichols And His Five PenniesAce Of HeartsAH 63
Nichols, RedClass of '39Blue Lantern770433
Nichols, RedLang Worth Transcriptions, The (Volume 1)Blue Rhythm Productions39051
Nichols, RedLang Worth Transcriptions, The (Volume 2)Blue Rhythm Productions39052
Nichols, RedAt the Jazz Band BallBroadway IntermissionBR-130
Nichols, RedReal Rare RedBroadway IntermissionBR 110
Nichols, RedReal Rare Red (Volume II)Broadway IntermissionBR-120
Nichols, RedRed & BenBroadway IntermissionBI 103
Nichols, RedRed & BenBroadway IntermissionBR 103
Nichols, RedRed Nichols and Sam Lanin's OrchestraBroadway IntermissionBR 105
Nichols, RedAt MarinelandCapitolST1163
Nichols, RedBlues And Old-Time RagsCapitolST 2065
Nichols, RedDixieland Dinner DanceCapitolT 1297
Nichols, RedHot PenniesCapitolT-775
Nichols, RedIn Love With RedCapitolT-999
Nichols, RedMeet the Five PenniesCapitolT-1228
Nichols, RedParade Of the PenniesCapitolT1051
Nichols, Red1936CircleCLP-110
Nichols, RedRed Nichols - Volume 1Classic Jazz MastersCJM 24
Nichols, RedRed Nichols - Volume 2Classic Jazz MastersCJM 25
Nichols, RedRed Nichols - Volume 3Classic Jazz MastersCJM 27
Nichols, RedRed Nichols - Volume 4Classic Jazz MastersCJM 28
Nichols, RedRed Nichols - Volume 5Classic Jazz MastersCJM 30
Nichols, RedRed Nichols And His Five PenniesFamilySFR-DP 693
Nichols, RedJazz 1929 StyleFanfareLP 20-120
Nichols, RedVintage Jazz SeriesFountainDFJ-110
Nichols, Red1929-1932International Association Of Jazz Record CollectorsIAJRC 22
Nichols, RedEarly Red Nichols (1925-1927)Jazz StudiesJS-3
Nichols, RedRed Nichols And the Five PenniesMark612
Nichols, Red1926-1931 Rarest Brunswick MastersMCAMCA-1518
Nichols, Red1926-1928MCA CoralCOPS 6795
Nichols, RedRed Nichols & OthersMeritt18
Nichols, RedSounds of New York, The (Volume 4)RCAPM 43179
Nichols, RedPresenting the Tennessee Tooters And the HottentotsRetrievalDFJ-117
Nichols, RedRed Nichols And His Five PenniesSagaERO 8018
Nichols, RedRockin' In RhythmSounds Of SwingLP-124
Nichols, RedFeaturing Benny GoodmanSunbeamSB 137
Nichols, RedPopular Concert, A (1928-1932)SunbeamMFC-12
Nichols, RedRed Nichols And His Five Pennies / And His Orchestra Vol. 1Swingfan1004
Nichols, RedLouisiana Rhythm Kings And Red And His Big Ten 1930-1931The Old MastersTOM 35
Niehaus, LennieLennie Niehaus - Vol. 1 (The Quintets)ContemporaryC3518
Niehaus, LennieLennie Niehaus - Vol. 3 (Octet, The No. 2)ContemporaryC 3503
Niehaus, LennieLennie Niehaus - Vol. 4 (The Quintets & Strings)ContemporaryC3510
Niehaus, LennieLennie Niehaus - Vol. 5 (The Sextet)ContemporaryC 3524
Niehaus, LennieZounds!ContemporaryC 3540
Niehaus, LennieI Swing For YouEmArcyMG 36118
Niehaus, LenniePatternsFresh SoundFSR-114
Nistico, SalEast Of IsarEgo4010
Nistico, SalJust For FunEgo4002
Nistico, SalJazz A ConfrontoHoroHLL 101-16
Nistico, SalHeavyweightsJazzlandJLP 966
Nistico, SalLive In LondonSteamSJ112
Noone, JimmyJazz At the Apex ClubAce Of HeartsAH.84
Noone, JimmyJimmie Noone's Apex Club OrchestraCollector's ClassicsCC 41
Noone, JimmyAt the Apex Club (Volume 1)DeccaDL 9235
Noone, JimmyJimmy Noone And His OrchestraInternational Association Of Jazz Record CollectorsIAJRC 18
Noone, JimmyAt the Apex ClubMCAMCA-1313
Noone, JimmyOh! Sister Ain't That Hot?MCAMCA-1363
Noone, Jimmy1931-1940Queen DiscQ-014
Noone, JimmyJimmy Remembers JimmieStomp OffSOS 1121
Noone, JimmyJimmie NooneSwaggieS1226
Norvo, RedSessions, LiveCalliopeCAL 3010
Norvo, RedMusic To Listen To Red Norvo ByContemporaryP-7596
Norvo, RedNorvo's All Star Jam SessionDialSPJ 127
Norvo, RedCommand PerformanceEmArcyMG-36123
Norvo, RedRed Norvo And His All StarsEpicEE 22010
Norvo, RedRed In New YorkFamous DoorHL 116
Norvo, RedSecond Time Around, TheFamous DoorHL-108
Norvo, RedWartime Vibe-RationsInternational Association Of Jazz Record CollectorsIAJRC 24
Norvo, RedCollectionsIntroILP-608
Norvo, RedAd LibLibertyLRP 3035
Norvo, RedTown Hall Concert (Vol. 1)LondonHMC.5001
Norvo, RedRed Norvo Trios, ThePrestigeP-24108
Norvo, RedRed Norvo, Charles Mingus, Tal Farlow TrioQueen DiscQ-061
Norvo, RedRed Norvo, Charles Mingus, Tal Farlow Trio, The (Volume Two)Queen DiscQ-063
Norvo, RedNaturallyRaveRLP-101
Norvo, RedRed Norvo Quintet Sextet & OrchestraRCANL-46034
Norvo, RedHi-FiveRCA VictorLPM 1420
Norvo, RedRed Norvo In StereoRCA VictorLSP-1711
Norvo, RedRed Plays the BluesRCA VictorLPM-1729
Norvo, RedRed Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charlie Mingus, TheSavoySJL 2212
Norvo, RedJust FriendsStashST 230
Norvo, RedMusic To Listen To Red Norvo ByStereoS7009
Norvo, RedTime In My HandsXanadu199
Noto, SamNotes To YouXanadu144
O'Brien, HodOpalessenceCriss Cross JazzCriss 1012
O'Bryant, JimmyJimmy O'BryantBYG529.082
O'Day, AnitaHi Ho Trailus Boot WhipDoctor JazzFW39418
O'Day, AnitaAnita O'Day At Mister Kelly'sVerveUMV 2550
O'Day, AnitaCool HeatVerveUMV 2679
O'Day, AnitaDrummer ManVerve827 843-1
O'Grady, RosieRosie O'Grady's Good Time Jazz BandDirect DiskDD103
Olay, RuthOlay!EmArcyMG 36125
Oliver, KingKing Oliver's Dixie SyncopatorsAce Of HeartsAH 34
Oliver, KingKing Oliver's Dixie Syncopators(Volume Two)Ace Of HeartsAH 91
Oliver, KingWest End BluesCBS63610-1
Oliver, KingKing Oliver's Creole Jazz BandClassic Jazz MastersCJM 88502
Oliver, KingKing Oliver's Dixie SyncopatorsCollector's ClassicsCC 42
Oliver, KingKing OliverEpicLN 3208
Oliver, KingKing OliverHeroinH-106
Oliver, KingLincoln GardensJazz Panorama1205
Oliver, KingDead Man BluesMCA510 118
Oliver, KingPapa JoeMCAMCA-1309
Oliver, KingKing Oliver BluesRaretoneRTR 24001
Oliver, KingKing Oliver - Volume 1 (New Orleans Shout)RCA Victor730.557
Oliver, KingKing Oliver - Volume 2 (1929-1930)RCA Victor741.055
Oliver, KingKing Oliver - Volume 3 (King Oliver / Dave Nelson)RCA VictorFXM1 7061
Oliver, KingKing Oliver And His Orchestra (1929-1930)RCA VictorPM 42411
Oliver, KingBack O' TownRiversideRLP 12-130
Oliver, KingOkeh Sessions, TheWorldSH 358
Oliver, SyOriginal Arrangements of Jimmie Lunceford In Hi-Fi, TheDeccaDL 8636
Oliver, SySway It With FlowersDeccaDL 8740
Oliver, SyOliver's TwistSesac RecordingsN 3801 / 02 P
Olsen, GeorgeGeorge Olsen And His MusicGrannyphone3310
Olsen, GeorgeGeorge Olsen And His MusicRCA VictorLPV-549
Olympia Brass BandDejan's Olympia Brass Band[none]VPS-4
Olympia Brass BandOlympia Brass Band Of New Orleans, TheAudiophileAP 108
Original Dixieland JazzOriginal Dixieland Jazz In Hi-FiABC ParamountABC-184
Original Dixieland Jazz BandODJB & Louisiana FiveFountainFJ101
Original Dixieland Jazz Band1943G.H.B.GHB-100
Original Dixieland Jazz BandNumber Two BluesGapsGAPS 190
Original Dixieland Jazz BandEddie Edwards & His Original Dixieland Jazz BandLondonHMC.5014
Original Dixieland Jazz BandOriginal Dixieland Jazz BandRCA Victor731
Original Dixieland Jazz BandOriginal Dixieland Jazz Band, TheRCA VictorRD-7919
Original Dixieland Jazz BandOriginal Dixieland Jazz BandRiverside156/157
Original Dixieland Jazz BandLondon Recordings, TheWorldSH 220
Original Memphis FiveOriginal Memphis Five, TheFolkwaysRBF 26
Original Memphis FiveLadd's Black Aces - Volume 1FountainFJ 102
Original Memphis FiveLadd's Black Aces - Volume 2FountainFJ-106
Original Memphis FiveLadd's Black Aces - Volume 3FountainFJ-111
Original Memphis FivePhil Napoleon Featuring the Original Memphis FiveInternational Association Of Jazz Record CollectorsIAJRC 26
Original Memphis FiveBailey's Lucky SevenQueen DiscQ-059
Original Memphis Five1923-1928RCA Victor430.744 S
Original Tuxedo Jazz BandOriginal Tuxedo Jazz Band, TheScepterSPS 541
Ortega, AnthonyJazz For Young ModernsBethlehemBCP-79
Ortega, AnthonyNew DanceRevelationREV-M-3
Ory, KidGreat New Orleans Trombonist, TheColumbiaCL 835
Ory, KidKid Ory's Creole Jazz Band 1944/45Good Time JazzL-12022
Ory, KidKid Ory's Creole Jazz Band 1956Good Time JazzL-12016
Ory, KidKid Ory & Jimmy NooneJazz PanoramaLP 8
Ory, KidHistory of JazzJokerSM 3085
Ory, KidSounds Of New Orleans - Vol. 9 (Kid Ory And His Creole Jazzband)StoryvilleSLP 6016
Ory, KidDance With Kid Ory Or Just ListenVerveMGV S - 6125
Ory, KidKid Ory In EuropeVerveMG V-8254
Ory, KidKid Ory Plays W.C. HandyVerveMG V-1017
Ory, KidKid Ory Story: Storyville Nights, TheVerveV6-8456
Ory, KidKid Ory Story: Storyville Nights, TheVerveV-8456
Ory, KidOriginal Jazz - Kid Ory And His Orchestra, TheVerveMG V-1023
Ory, KidWe've Got RhythmVerveMG V - 1020
Ory, KidSongs Of the WandererWorld Record ClubT 389
Osbourne, MaryNow And ThenStashST - 215
Otis, JohnnyBack To JazzJazz WorldJW #707
Ousley, HaroldHarold OusleyBethlehemBCP 6059
Out Of the BlueInside TrackBlue NoteBT 85128
Out Of the BlueOTBBlue NoteBT 85118
Owens, JimmyYou Had Better ListenAtlanticSD 1491
Owens, JimmyNo Escaping ItPolydor24-4031
Packem, GregAction-ReactionStashST242
Page, Hot LipsHot Lips PageBlack And BlueBB 33008
Page, Hot LipsFeelin' High And HappyRCALPV-576
Page, Hot LipsHot Lips Page / Rex StewartSwing ClassicsET 13
Page, Hot LipsTrumpet Battle At Minton'sXanaduXANADU 107
Paich, MartyJazz City WorkshopBethlehemBCP-44
Paich, MartyI Get a Boot Out Of YouDiscoveryDS-829
Paich, MartyNew York Scene, TheDiscoveryDS-844
Paich, MartyWhat's NewDiscoveryDS-857
Paich, MartyMarty Paich TrioModeMOD LP #105
Paich, MartyHot PianoTampaV.S.O.P. 27
Paich, MartyMarty Paich Quartet Featuring Art PepperTampaVSOP 10
Pal, JoeVersatility +Sara-LuFCLP3032
Palmer, SingletonBest Dixieland Band, TheNormanNS 210
Palmer, SingletonDixie By GaslightNormanNL 101
Palmer, SingletonSingleton Palmer And His Dixieland Band At the Opera HouseNormanNL 106
Pameijer, PamJelly Roll Morton 100 YearsStomp OffS.O.S. 1134
Parenti, TonyRagtime JubileeJazzologyJ-21
Parenti, TonyHappy JazzJazztoneJ-1215
Parenti, TonyTwo Beat BashJazztoneJ1273
Parenti, TonyDixie By the 7QueJLS 5000
Parenti, TonyRagtimeRiversideRLP 12-205
Parenti, TonyRagtimeRiversideRLP 12-205
Parham, TinyTiny ParhamGapsGAPS 050
Parham, TinyTiny Parham And His Musicians - Vol. 1 (1928-1929)RCA Victor741.09
Parham, TinyTiny Parham And His Musicians - Vol. 1Swaggie831
Parham, TinyTiny Parham And His Musicians - Vol. 2Swaggie832
Parham, TinyTiny Parham And His Musicians - Vol. 3Swaggie833
Parham, TinyTiny Parham And His Musicians - Vol. 4Swaggie834
Paris Reunion BandFor KlookGazellGJ-1009
Paris Reunion BandFrench CookingSonetSNTF-945
Paris, JackieSong Is Paris, TheImpulseA-17
Parker, CharlieBird On 52nd StreetAmerica30 AM 6061
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker At StoryvilleBlue NoteBT 85108
Parker, CharlieJust FriendsBlue ParrotAR 704
Parker, CharlieOne Night In BirdlandCBSCBS 88250
Parker, CharlieBird At the ApolloCharlie ParkerCP503
Parker, CharlieBird Is FreeCharlie ParkerPLP-401-S
Parker, CharlieBird SymbolsCharlie ParkerPLP-407-S
Parker, CharlieHappy "Bird", TheCharlie ParkerPLP-404-S
Parker, CharlieBird, The (Vol. 2)ColumbiaSL-5004-EV
Parker, CharlieCurcio / I Giganti Del JazzCurcioGJ-25
Parker, CharlieQuintet, TheDebutDEB-124
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker With The Orchestra - One Night In WashingtonElektra MusicianE1-60019
Parker, CharlieJazz At Massey HallFantasy86003
Parker, CharlieBird At St. Nick'sJazz WorkshopJWS 500
Parker, CharlieGiants of Modern Jazz (Dizzy Gillespie And Charlie Parker)JazztoneJ-1204
Parker, CharlieRare BirdOkidoke[none]
Parker, CharlieFirst RecordingsOnyxORI 221
Parker, CharlieCharlie ParkerOzone920
Parker, CharlieBebop's HeartbeatSavoySJL 1177
Parker, CharlieBird At the Roost (Volume 1)SavoySJL 2259
Parker, CharlieBird At the Roost (Volume 2)SavoySJL 2260
Parker, CharlieBird At the Roost, The Savoy Years - The Complete Royal Roost PerformancesSavoySJL 1173
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker MemorialSavoyMG-12000
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker MemorialSavoyMG-12009
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker StorySavoyMG 12079
Parker, CharlieComplete Savoy Studio Sessions, TheSavoyS5J 5500
Parker, CharlieEvening At Home With the Bird, AnSavoyMG 12152
Parker, CharlieGenius Of Charlie Parker, TheSavoyMG-12014
Parker, CharlieGenius Of Charlie Parker, TheSavoyMG-12014
Parker, CharlieImmortal Charlie Parker, TheSavoyMG 12001
Parker, CharlieBird In ParisSpotlite118
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker On Dial Volume 1Spotlite101
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker On Dial Volume 2Spotlite102
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker On Dial Volume 3Spotlite103
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker On Dial Volume 4Spotlite104
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker On Dial Volume 4Spotlite105
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker On Dial Volume 6Spotlite106
Parker, CharlieEvery Bit Of ItSpotliteSPJ150D
Parker, CharlieLulllaby In RhythmSpotlite107
Parker, CharlieBird On Tenor 1943StashST-260
Parker, CharlieBird You Never Heard, TheStashST-280
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker With Red Norvo And His Selected SextetVerveSVSP 57038
Parker, CharlieCharlie Parker With StringsVerveMV 4014
Parker, CharlieGenius of Charlie Parker, The 3 Now's the TimeVerveV6-8005
Parker, CharlieGenius of Charlie Parker, The 4 (Bird And Diz)VerveV6-8006
Parker, CharlieGenius of Charlie Parker, The 6 FiestaVerveV6-8008
Parker, CharlieGenius of Charlie Parker, The 7 (Jazz Perennial)VerveUMV 2617
Parker, CharlieGenius of Charlie Parker, The 8 (Swedish Schnapps)VerveV6-8010
Parker, CharlieVerve Years, The (1948-50)VerveVE-2-2501
Parker, CharlieVerve Years, The (1952-54)VerveVE-2-2523
Parker, CharlieYardbird - DC-53VGMVGM 0009
Parker, CharlieBird & Pres At JATPVSPSVSP 57.035
Parker, CharlieBird WingsVSPVSP-23
Parker, CharlieAnthropologyZimZL-1002
Parker, ErrolCompelling ForcesCadence JazzCJR 1043
Parker, ErrolDoodlesSahara1010
Parker, John W. "Knocky"Golden Treasury Of RagtimeAudiophileAP-91
Parker, LeoLet Me Tell You 'Bout ItBlue NoteBST 84087
Parker, LeoRollin' With LeoBlue Note ClassicLT-1076
Parker, LeoLate Great King Of the Baritone, TheChessCHV 413
Parker, LeoMad Lad ReturnsMisteriosoMLP1984
Parker, LeoBilly In the Lion's DenSwingtimeST 1025
Parlan, HoraceOn the Spur Of the MomentBlue NoteBST 84074
Parlan, HoraceSpeakin' My PieceBlue NoteBST 84043
Parlan, HoraceUp & DownBlue NoteBST 84082
Parlan, HoraceFrank-ly SpeakingSteepleChaseSCS-1076
Pass, JoeComplete Catch Me Sessions, TheBlue NoteLT-1053
Pass, JoeIntercontinentalMPSULX-25-P
Pass, JoeOne For My BabyPablo2310-936
Pass, JoeSummer NightsPablo2310-939
Pass, JoeSounds Of SynanonPacific Jazz4019
Paul, LesEarly Les PaulCapitolN-16286
Paulin, DocDoc Paulin's Marching BandFolkwaysFJ 2856
Pavageau, Slow DragSlow Drag's BunchJazz CrusadeJC-2005
Payne, BennySunny Side UpKappKL 1004
Payne, CecilCecil Payne Performing Charlie Parker MusicCharlie ParkerPLP-801
Payne, CecilConnection, TheCharlie ParkerPLP-806
Payne, CecilCasbahEmpathyE-1005
Payne, CecilBird's NightSavoyMG 12138
Payne, CecilBird's NightSavoySJL 2257
Payne, CecilPatterns Of JazzSavoyMG 12147
Payne, CecilZodiacStrata-EastSES 19734
Payton, WalterSide By SideNoLaLP(S) 24
Peagler, CurtisI'll Be AroundPablo2310-930
Pearson, DukeHoneybunsAtlantic3002
Pearson, DukePrairie DogAtlanticSD 3005
Pearson, DukeIntroducing Duke Pearson's Big BandBlue NoteBST 84276
Pearson, DukeWahooBlue NoteBST 84191
Pell, DaveJazz & Romantic PlacesAtlantic1216
Pell, DaveLove StoryAtlantic1249
Pell, DaveSessions, LiveCalliopeCAL 3019
Pell, DaveBig Small Bands, TheCapitolST-1309
Pell, DaveI Had the Craziest DreamCapitol054-18868221M
Pell, DaveI Remember John Kirby, Dave PellCapitolST 1687
Pell, DaveOld South Wails, TheCapitolT1512
Pell, DaveDave Pell Octet Plays Again, TheFresh SoundFSR-101
Pell, DaveDave Pell Octet Plays Burke & Van Heusen Featuring Lucy Ann PolkKappKL 1034
Pell, DaveDave Pell Octet Plays Irving Berlin, TheKappKL-1036
Pell, DaveDave Pell Octet Plays Rodgers & HartKappKL-1025
Pell, DaveToday's Hits In JazzLibertyLRP-3298
Pell, DaveJazz Goes DancingRCANL-45909
Pell, DaveJazz Goes DancingRCA VictorLPM-1662
Pell, DavePell Of a Time, ARCA VictorLPM-1524
Pell, DaveSwingin' In the Ol' CorralRCA VictorLPM-1394
Pell, DaveDave Pell Octet Plays a Folio Of Seldom Heard Tunes By Rodgers & HartTrendTL1501
Pepper, ArtArt PepperArchivesA622
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper: SidemanAtlasLA27-1023
Pepper, ArtEarly ArtBlue NoteBN-LA591-H2
Pepper, ArtOmega AlphaBlue Note ClassicLT-1064
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper + ElevenContemporaryS7568
Pepper, ArtGetting' TogetherContemporaryM3573
Pepper, ArtIntensityContemporaryS7607
Pepper, ArtSmack UpContemporaryS7602
Pepper, ArtThursday Night At the Village VanguardContemporary7642
Pepper, ArtWay It Was, TheContemporaryS7630
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper Quartet '64 In San FranciscoFresh SoundFSR-402
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper Quintet Live At Donte's (Vol. 1)Fresh SoundFSR-5001
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper Quintet Live At Donte's (Vol. 2)Fresh SoundFSR-5002
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper QuartetGalaxyGXY-5151
Pepper, ArtTete-A-TeteGalaxyGXY-5147
Pepper, ArtAmong FriendsInterplayIP-7718
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper Live in Tokyo '79LandscapeVIJ-6310
Pepper, ArtComplete Pacific Jazz Small Group Recordings Of Art Pepper, TheMosaicMR3-105
Pepper, ArtOmega Man, TheOnyxORI 219
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper Plays Shorty Rogers & OthersPacific JazzPJ-LA896-H
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper Sonny ReddSavoy12215
Pepper, ArtDiscoveriesSavoySJL 2217
Pepper, ArtSurf RideSavoyMG 12089
Pepper, ArtRediscoveriesSavoy JazzSJL 1170
Pepper, ArtStraight-Ahead Jazz (Volume One)Straight-Ahead JazzSAJ 1001
Pepper, ArtArt Pepper Quartet, TheTampaULS-1861-V
Pepper, ArtEarly Show, TheXanadu108
Pepper, ArtLate Show, TheXanadu117
Pepper, JimDakota SongEnja76 44862-01-2
Pepper, JimComin' And Goin'EuropaJP 2014
Perkins, BillWest Coast ConferenceAffinityAFF 56
Perkins, BillKiller JoeFresh SoundFSR-106
Perkins, BillPeaceful MomentsFresh SoundFSR-115
Perkins, BillLook For Your OwnJombler[none]
Perkins, BillTenors Head-OnLibertyLLR-88033
Perkins, BillOn StagePacificK18P-9218
Perkins, BillQuietly ThereRiversideRS-3052
Perkins, CarlIntroducing… Carl PerkinsDootoDTL 211
Perkins, CarlCarl Perkins MemorialFresh SoundFSR-404
Perkins, WalterMJT+3CadetLP 621
Perkins, WalterMJT+3Vee JayLP 3014
Perkins, WalterMake Everybody HappyVee JazzLP 3008
Perkins, WalterMJT + IIIVee-JayLP 1013
Persip, CharliCharles Persip And the Jazz StatesmenBethlehemPAP-23019
Persip, CharliRight Down FrontBethlehemBCP 6046
Persip, CharliIn Case You Missed ItSoul NoteSN 1079
Persip, CharliSuperbandStashST-209
Peterson, Hannibal MarvinHannibalMPS68.061
Peterson, Hannibal MarvinHannibal In BerlinMPS68.152
Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Plays Richard RodgersClefMG C-624
Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Plays Duke EllingtonMercuryMGC-606
Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Trio + One Clark TerryMercuryMG 20975
Peterson, OscarLivePablo22310-940
Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson + Harry Edison + Eddie "Cleanhead" VinsonPablo2310-927
Peterson, OscarTerry's TunePabloMW 2093
Peterson, OscarMontreux '77Pablo Live2308 208
Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Trio Vol. 1 (Rockin' In Rhythm)RCAFXM1 7327
Peterson, OscarOscar Peterson Trio Vol. 2 (I Got Rhythm)RCAFXM1 7233
Peterson, OscarPeterson - Eldridge - Jo Jones & Stitt At NewportVerveMGV 8239
Peterson, OscarSwinging BrassVerveMG V-8364
Peterson, RalphVSomethin'elseRJ28-5502
Petrucciani, MichelPianismBlue NoteBT 85124
Pettiford, OscarO.P.'s Jazz MenABC ParamountABC 227
Pettiford, OscarBohemia After DarkAffinityAFF 117
Pettiford, OscarOscar Rides AgainAffinityAFF 160
Pettiford, OscarSessions 1958-60AudiophileJL 20 827
Pettiford, OscarFinest Of Oscar Pettiford, TheBethlehemBCP-6001
Pettiford, OscarBlue BrothersBlack LionBLP 30135
Pettiford, OscarLegendary Oscar Pettiford, TheBlack LionBLP 30185
Pettiford, OscarMy Little CelloFantasy86010
Pettiford, OscarNew Oscar Pettiford Sextet, TheFantasyOJC-112
Pettiford, OscarOscar Pettiford Orchestra In Hi-FiJasmineJASM 1034
Pettiford, OscarOscar PettifordJazzland64
Pettiford, OscarOscar Pettiford Orchestra In Hi-FiMCAVIM-4658
Pettiford, OscarOscar Pettiford Memorial Album, ThePrestigePR 7813
Pettiford, OscarOscar Pettiford And His Birdland BandSpotliteSPJ153
Pettis, JackVolume 2 (194-1929)RetrievalFJ-130
Pettis, JackVolume 3 (1928-1929)RetrievalFJ-129
Pettis, JackJack Pettis And His OrchestraRitzQ-1
Pettis, JackJack Pettis And His Band 1926-1927The Old MastersTOM-51
Phillips, FlipMelody From the Sky, ABob Thiele MusicBBM1-1032
Phillips, FlipLive At the BeowulfGrendel[none]
Phillips, FlipSymphonyPHMPHMLP 1019
Phillips, FlipFlipVerve Select2317 092
Phillips, StuTouch Of Modern, AMGME3391
Pichon, Walter "Fats"Appearing NightlyDeccaDL 8380
Picou, AlphonsePaddock Jazz Band - 1953CenterCLP-10
Pierce, Billie & De DeBillie & De De At Luthjen'sCenterCLP-15
Pierce, Billie & De DeNew Orleans' Billie And De De And Their Preservation Hall Jazz BandPreservation HallVPS-3
Pierce, Billie & De DeNew Orleans JazzStoryvilleSLP 178
Pierce, BillyWilliam the ConquererSunnysideSSC-1013
Pierce, NatChamber Music For ModernsCoralCRL 57128
Pierce, NatKansas City MemoriesCoralCRL 57091
Pierce, NatNat Pierce - Dick Collins Nonet, TheFantasy03/01/24
Pierce, NatKansas City MemoriesJazz Stars510.147
Pierce, NatBig Band At the Savoy BallroomRCA VictorLSP-2543
Pierce, NatEasy SwingVanguardVRS 8519
Pierce, NatBallad Of Jazz Street, TheZimZMS-2003
Pierce, NatBoston Bust OutZimHEP 13
Pierce, NatNat Pierce OrchestraZimZM-1005
Pike, DavePike's PeakColumbia Jazz OddysseyPC 37011
Pike, DavePike's GrooveCriss Cross JazzCriss 1021
Pike, DavePike's PeakEpic23ZP 85
Pike, DaveLimbo CarnivalNew JazzNJ 8284
Pike, DaveIt's Time For Dave PikeRiversideRLP 360
Pike, DaveDoors Of Perception, TheVortex2007
Pine, CourtneyJourney To the Urge WithinAntilles90909-1
Pine, CourtneyOut of Many, One PeopleAntilles90681-1
Piron, Armand1923 - A.J. Piron - 1925AJPCAJPC 1001
Piron, ArmandPiron's New Orleans OrchestraRetrievalFJ-128
Pletcher, Stew1929-1937HarrisonLP-X
Poindexter, PonyPony's ExpressEpicECPU-10
Poindexter, PonyGumboPrestigePR 16001
Poindexter, PonyHappy Life Of Pony, TheSessionSES 12005
Pollack, BenFuturistic RhythmSavilleSVL 154
Pollack, BenBenny Goodman With Ben Pollack And His OrchestraSunbeamSB-136
Pollack, BenBen Pollack And His OrchestraThe Old MastersTOM-22
Pomeroy, HerbJazz In a StableTransitionGXF-3125
Pomeroy, HerbBand In BostonUnited ArtistsUAL 4015
Ponder, JimmySo Many StarsMilestoneM-9132
Ponder, JimmyMean Streets-No BridgesMuseMR 5324
Ponomarev, ValeryMeans Of IdentificationReservoirRSR 101
Pope, OdeanAlmost Like MeMoers Music1092
Poree, ErnestAndrew Hall On Tour In EuropeRampartRS 104
Poree, ErnestNew Orleans SaxophoneRampartRS102
Potter, TommyHard FunkMetronomeULS-1551-E
Powell, BennyYa Betcha B.P.Los AngelesLA PR-1007
Powell, BudAlternate TakesBlue NoteBST 84430
Powell, BudAmazing Bud Powell Vol. 1, TheBlue NoteBST 81503
Powell, BudAmazing Bud Powell Vol. 2, TheBlue NoteBST 81504
Powell, BudAmazing Bud Powell Vol. 4, The (Time Waits)Blue NoteBST 81598
Powell, BudAmazing Bud Powell Vol. 5, The (The Scene Changes)Blue NoteST-84009
Powell, BudBud!Blue NoteBST 81571
Powell, BudJazz At Massey Hall Vol. 2FantasyOJC-111
Powell, BudReturn Of Bud Powell, TheFresh SoundFSR-545
Powell, BudBud Powell In ConcertInternational623 260
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 1 (Early Years Of a Genius, 44-48)Mythic SoundMS 6001-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 10 (Award At Birdland, 64)Mythic SoundMS 6010-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 2 (Burning In U.S.A., 53-55)Mythic SoundMS 6002-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 3 (Cookin' At Saint-Germain, 57-59)Mythic SoundMS 6003-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 4 (Relaxin' At Home, 61-64)Mythic SoundMS 6004-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 5 (Groovin' At the Blue Note, 59-61)Mythic SoundMS 6005-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 6 (Writin' For Duke, 63)Mythic SoundMS 6006-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 7 (Tribute To Thelonious, 64)Mythic SoundMS 6007-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 8 (Holidays In Edenville, 64)Mythic SoundMS 6008-1
Powell, BudEarl Bud Powell - Vol. 9 (Return To Birdland, 64)Mythic SoundMS 6009-1
Powell, BudBud Powell In ParisRepriseR9-6098
Powell, Bud57VerveUMV 2571
Powell, BudMemorial Oscar PettifordVogueYX-6035
Powell, JesseIt's Party Time With Jesse PowellTrue SoundTRU 15007
Powell, MelJam Session At Carnegie HallColumbiaCL 557
Powell, MelMel PowellNonesuchN-78006
Powell, MelOut On a LimbVanguardVRS 8528
Powell, MelBouquetVogue Jazz DoubleVJD 572
Powell, SeldonMessin' With Seldon PowellEncounterEN-3000
Powell, SeldonWe Paid Our DuesEpicLA 16018
Powell, SeldonAt the Hop Volume 1Promotion MakersXTV94648
Powell, SeldonSeldon Powell Sextet Featuring Jimmy ClevelandRoostLP 2220
Powell, SeldonSeldon PowellRouletteYW-7507-RO
Powell, SpecsMovin' InRouletteR-52004
Powers, ChrisChris Powers And His Orchestra 1985CircleCLP-89
Preservation Hall Jazz BandBest Of Preservation Hall Jazz BandCBSFM 44996
Preservation Hall Jazz BandNew Orleans, Vol. III (When the Saints Go Marchin' In)CBSFM 38650
Price, SamBarrelhouse And BluesJazztoneJ-1207
Price, SamSinging With Sammy Vol. 1SwingtimeBT 2002
Price, SammyJust RightBlack & Blue33.154
Price, SammySammy Price And His Friends In Europe 1955Concert HallSJS 1236
Price, SammyPrice Is Right, TheJazz GreatsJG 623
Price, SammyBlues Ain't Nothin' But a Good Man Feelin' Bad, TheKappKL-1267
Price, SammyCopenhagen BoogieStoryvilleSLP 266
Price, SammySweepin' the Blues Away Vol. 2SwingtimeST 1029
Price, VitoSwingin' the LoopArgoLP 631
Priester, JulianSpiritsvilleJazzlandJLP 9255
Priester, JulianKeep Swingin'Riverside12/01/16
Prima, ToniPretty Music Prima Style (Volume One)DotDLP 25264
Prince, BobCharleston 1970Warner Bros.WS 1276
Princeton Triangle Club Jazz BandCollege Jazz In the TwentiesBiographBLP-12014
Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band1978 Bix Festival, TheMore Informal SessionsMIS-9
Princeton Triangle Club Jazz BandPrinceton Bix Festival, TheMore Informal SessionsMIS-6
Pullen, DonSixth Sense, TheBlack SaintBSR 0088
Pullen, DonWarriorsBlack SaintBSR 0019
Pullen, DonBreakthroughBlue NoteBT-85122
Pullen, DonFive To GoHoroHZ 02
Pullen, DonJazz A Confronto Don PullenHoroHLL 101-21
Pullen, DonSolo Piano AlbumSackville3008
Pullen, DonWell Kept Secret, AShempHWSI 2701
Puma, JoeLike TweetColumbiaCL 1618
Puma, JoeWild KittenDawnDLP 1118
Puma, JoeJazzJubilee1070
Purnell, AltonFunky PianoWarner Bros.1228
Quebec, IkeBlue & SentimentalBlue Note84098
Quebec, IkeHeavy SoulBlue NoteBST 84093
Quebec, IkeIt Might As Well Be SpringBlue NoteBST-84105
Quebec, IkeSoul SambaBlue Note84114
Quebec, IkeCongo LamentBlue Note ClassicLT-1089
Quebec, IkeWith A Song In My HeartBlue Note ClassicLT-1052
Quebec, IkeComplete Blue Note Forties Recordings Of Ike Quebec And John HardeeMosaicMR4-107
Queen City Jazz BandQueen City Jazz Band, TheAudiophileAP 88
Quill, Gene3 Bones And a QuillRoostLP 2229
Quinichette, PaulKid From Denver, TheDawnDLP-1109
Quinichette, PaulComplete Paul Quinichette On EmArcyEmArcy175J-5~6(M)
Quinichette, PaulPrevueFamous DoorHL-106
Quinichette, PaulBasie ReunionPrestige7147
Quinichette, PaulBasie ReunionPrestigePRLP 7147
Quinichette, PaulBasie ReunionsPrestigeP-24109
Quinichette, PaulOn the Sunny SidePrestige7103
Quinichette, PaulFor BasieSwingvilleSV 2036
Quinichette, PaulMoodsTrip JazzTLP-5579
Quinichette, PaulVice President, TheTrip JazzTLP-5542
Quinichette, PaulLike BasieUnited ArtistsUAL 4024
Quinn, SnoozerLegendary Snoozer Quinn With Johnny WiggsFat Cats JazzFCJ 104
Raeburn, BoydRhythms By RaeburnAircheck#20
Raeburn, BoydRare 1944-46 Broadcast PerformancesInternational Association Of Jazz Record CollectorsIAJRC 48
Raeburn, BoydBoyd Meets StravinskiSavoyMG 12040
Raeburn, BoydJewellsSavoySJL 2250
Ramirez, RamRampant RamMJRMJR 8122
Rampart Street ParadersDixieland, My DixielandColumbiaCL 785
Rampart Street ParadersRampart And VineColumbiaCL 648
Rampart Street ParadersTexas U.S.A.ColumbiaCL 1061
Rampart Street ParadersRampart And VinePhilipsB 07080 L
Ranelin, PhilTime Is Now, TheTribeTRCD 4006
Raney, DougMeeting the TenorsCriss Cross JazzCriss 1006
Raney, JimmyJimmy Raney Featuring Bob BrookmeyerABC ParamountABC 129
Raney, JimmyMaster, TheCriss Cross JazzCriss 1009
Raney, JimmySwingin' In SwedenEmArcyMG 36121
Raney, JimmyFourmost Guitars, TheJasmineJASM 1041
Raney, JimmyMomentumMPSULX-17-P
Raney, JimmyAPrestigeLP 7089
Raney, JimmyIn Three AttitudesProbeIPR-88050
Raney, JimmyJimmy Raney In ParisVogueYX-2022
Raney, JimmyJimmy Raney With Sonny ClarkVogueYX-2019
Raney, JimmyTogetherXanadu209
Rebirth Jazz BandHere To StayArhoolie1092
Rebirth Of Beale St.Rebirth Of Beale StreetCity Of Memphis728
Red Onion Jazz BandIn ConcertFat Cats JazzFCJ 157
Red Onion Jazz BandDance Off Both Your Shoes On Hi-FiRiversideRLP 12-260
Red, SonnyOut Of the BlueBlue NoteK18P 9243
Red, SonnyBreezingJazzlandJLP 32
Red, SonnyImagesJazzlandJLP 974
Red, SonnyMode, TheJazzlandJLP 959
Red, SonnySonny RedMainstreamMRL 324
Redd, FreddieFreddie Redd In SwedenBaybridgeULS-6075-B
Redd, FreddieMusic From the Connection, TheBlue NoteGXK 8144
Redd, FreddieShades Of ReddBlue Note4045
Redd, FreddieFor Jazz TrioRiversideRLP 12-250
Redman, DeweyTarikActuel529 334
Redman, DeweyLook For the Black StarFreedomFLP 40125
Redman, DonRedman's Red BookCollector's MustM-8.002
Redman, DonDoin' the New Low DownHepHEP 1004
Redman, DonShakin' the AfricannHepHEP 1001
Redman, DonHistory of Jazz (Don Redman's Band 1931-1938)JokerSM 3107
Redman, DonFor Europeans OnlySteepleChase ClassicsSCC-6020/21
Redman, DonDance Dance DanceUraniaUJ 1211
Reece, DizzyManhattan ProjectBee HiveBH 7001
Reece, DizzyBlues In TrinityBlue Note4006
Reece, DizzySoundin' OffBlue NoteBNJ 71032
Reece, DizzyStar BrightBlue Note84023
Reece, DizzyProgress ReportJasmineJASM 2013
Reece, DizzyAsia MinorNew JazzNJ 8274
Reece, DizzyBlowin' AwayTrioPAP-9140
Reed, Waymon46th And 8thArtists HouseAH 10
Reeves, Ruben RiverRuben "River" Reeves And His River BoysRetrievalFJ-126
Reid, RufusSeven MindsSunnyside CommunicationsSSC1010
Reid, SteveNovaMustevic SoundMS 2001
Reinhardt, BillReinhardt, Reinhardt Where Were You Last Night?Jazz, Ltd.S11
Reinhardt, DjangoDjangologie (Volume 1-20)EMI1C 198-16001/20
Remington, DaveDixie On the RocksVee JaySR 3009
Remue, CharlesChas. Remue StompersRetrievalFG-401
Rendell, DonSpace WalkEMI ColumbiaSCX 6491
Rich, BuddyPlaytimeArgoLP 676
Rich, BuddyDriver, TheEmArcySRE 66006
Rich, BuddyRich RiotFirst HeardFH27
Rich, Buddy47 '48HepHEP.12
Rich, BuddyRich Versus RoachMercury598
Rich, BuddyThis One's For BasieVerveMGV-8176
Rich, BuddyDrum BattleVerve Select2314 116
Richards, JohnnySomething Else AgainBethlehemBCP-6032
Richards, JohnnyExperiments In SoundCapitolT981
Richards, JohnnyWalk Softly / Run WildCoralRL 37304
Richards, JohnnyWide RangeCreative World IncST 1052
Richards, JohnnyJe Vous AdoreDiscoveryDS-915
Richards, JohnnyRites Of Diablo, TheRouletteR-52008
Richards, RedI'm Shooting HighSackville2017
Richards, TrevorSmallest Big Band In the World, TheJokeJLP 214
Richards, TrevorTrevor Richard's New Orleans Trio Featuring Alton PurnellWamMLP 15.513
Richardson, JeromeRoamin' With RichardsonNew JazzNJ-8226
Richardson, JeromeGoing To the MoviesUnited Artists JazzUAJS 15006
Richmond, DannieJazz A Confronto Dannie RichmondHoro25
Richmond, DannieOde To MingusSoul NoteSN 1005
Rimington, SammyEverybody's Talkin' 'Bout Sammy77LEU 12/36
Rimington, SammyNew Orleans MusicCalifornia CondorCCLP 2
Rimington, SammyLouisiana Shakers BandCrescent Jazz ProductionsCJP-3
Rimington, SammyOnly a LookDawn ClubDC 12027
Rimington, SammyNew Orleans Christmas With Sammy Rimington, AGHBGHB-209
Rimington, SammyWay Down Yonder In New Orleans Then And NowHefty JazzHJ 101
Rimington, SammySammy Remington And His New Orleans QuartetHermanHJLP 1001
Rimington, SammyGeorge Lewis ClassicsJazz CrusadeJC-1005
Rimington, SammySongs Of the SouthLulu White's Black LabelDTS 039
Ritz, Lyle50th State JazzVerveMG V-8333
Ritz, LyleHow About UkeVerveMG VS-6007
Rivers, SamCrystalsabc ImpulseASD-9286
Rivers, SamContoursBlue Note84206
Rivers, SamFuchsia Swing SongBlue Note84184
Rivers, SamInvolutionBlue NoteBN-LA453-H2
Rivers, SamNew Conception, ABlue NoteBST 84249
Rivers, SamTuba Trio, The Vol. 1CircleRK 2976/1
Rivers, SamTuba Trio, The Vol. 2CircleRK 2976/2
Rivers, SamTuba Trio, The Vol. 3CircleRK 2976/3
Rivers, SamParagonFluidFLUID - 101
Rivers, SamRendez VousVedetteVPA 8375
Roach, FreddieMo' Greens PleasBlue NoteST-84128
Roach, MaxWe InsistAmigoAMLP 810
Roach, MaxDrums UnlimitedAtlantic1467
Roach, MaxMembers, Don't Git WearyAtlanticSD 1510
Roach, MaxFeaturing HasaanAtlantic Jazz1435
Roach, MaxBirth And RebirthBlack SaintBSR 0024
Roach, MaxPercussion DiscussionChess Jazz Masters2ACMJ-405
Roach, MaxMax Roach Quartet Featuring Hank Mobley, TheDebutOJC-202
Roach, MaxMax Roach Plus Four And MoreEmArcy195J-39
Roach, MaxSpeak, Brother, SpeakFantasy6007
Roach, MaxBest Of Max Roach And Clifford Brown In Concert, TheGNPGNP S18
Roach, MaxLive At Basin Street, April 1956IngoIngo-Two
Roach, MaxIn the BeginningJazz LegacyJL 97
Roach, MaxDrummin' the BluesLibertyLRP 3064
Roach, MaxMax Roach Plus Four At NewportMercury195J-42
Roach, MaxParisian SketchesMercurySR 60760
Roach, MaxComplete Debut Sessions 1953, TheReplica5016-FC
Roach, MaxDeeds Not WordsRiversideRS-3018
Roach, MaxPictures In a FrameSoul NoteSN 1003
Roach, MaxScott FreeSoul NoteSN 1103
Roach, MaxMax RoachTime52087
Roach, MaxMax Roach 1964 (Many Sides Of Max Roach)Trip JazzTLP-5599
Roach, MaxMax Roach 4 1954 (Plays Charlie Parker), TheTrip JazzTLP-5574
Roach, MaxMax Roach On the Chicago SceneTrip JazzTLP-5594
Roach, MaxMax Roach Plus Four 1956 (Jazz In 3/4 Time)Trip JazzTLP-5559
Roach, MaxNommoVictor Musical IndustriesSMJ-6225
Roane, StephenKeeping a SecretMothlightML-28
Roberts, GeorgeBottoms UpColumbiaCS 8320
Roberts, HowardH.R. Is a Dirty Guitar PlayerCapitolT1961
Roberts, HowardJaunty-JollyCapitolST 2716
Roberts, LuckyRagtime KingEverestFS 304
Robichaux, JosephComplete Joseph Robichaux, TheBlu-DiscT-1007
Robinson, JimJim Robinson And His New Orleans BandBiographBiograph-Cen-8
Robinson, PerryTraveler, TheChiaroscuroCR 190
Robinson, PerryKudaliniImprovising Artists Inc.37.38.56
Robinson, PerryFunk DumplingJazz Masters SerieBYG 529159
Robinson, PerryNightmare IslandWest Wind26
Rodgers, IkeMasters Of the Blues Vol. IICollector's ClassicsCC 37
Rodney, RedRed Rodney ReturnsCadetLP 643
Rodney, RedModern Music From ChicagoFantasy03/01/08
Rodney, RedRed Rodney Featuring Ira SullivanMuseMR 5267
Rodney, RedRed Arrow, TheOnyxORI 204
Rodney, RedYard's PadSonetSNTE 698
Rodney, RedRed Rodney With the Bebop Preservation SocietySpotliteSPJ LP7
Rogers, ShortyClickin' With ClaxAtlanticP-6179
Rogers, ShortyMartians Come BackAtlantic1232
Rogers, ShortyMartians Stay HomeAtlanticK 50714
Rogers, ShortyShorty In StereoAtlanticSD 1232
Rogers, ShortySwinging Mr. Rogers, TheAtlantic1212
Rogers, ShortyThat's JazzAtlanticATL 50 247
Rogers, ShortyWay Up ThereAtlantic1270
Rogers, ShortyShorty Rogers & His Giants Re-EntryAtlasLA27-1024
Rogers, ShortyGospel MissionCapitolT 1960
Rogers, ShortyBack AgainConceptVL 1
Rogers, ShortyYesterday, Today And ForeverConcordCJ-223
Rogers, ShortyCalifornia ConcertContemporaryC-14012
Rogers, ShortyJazz WaltzDiscoveryDS-843
Rogers, ShortyReturn To RioDiscoveryDS-899
Rogers, ShortyShorty Rogers Meets TarzanMGME3798
Rogers, Shorty14 Historic Arrangements & Performances With Stan Kenton, June Christy, the GiantsPausaPR 9016
Rogers, ShortyCollaboration: WestPrestigeLP 7028
Rogers, ShortyCollaborationRCANL-45640
Rogers, ShortyFive, TheRCALPM-1121
Rogers, ShortyPortrait Of Shorty RogersRCAPL 42828
Rogers, ShortyShorty Rogers And His GiantsRCARJL-2622(M)
Rogers, ShortyShorty Rogers And His Giants, Vol. 2 (The Rarest Shorty Rogers)RCANL 70110
Rogers, ShortyShorty Rogers Courts the CountRCARJL-2517(M)
Rogers, ShortyAfro-Cuban InfluenceRCA VictorLSP-1763
Rogers, ShortyBig Shorty Rogers Express, TheRCA VictorLPM-1350
Rogers, ShortyChances Are It SwingsRCA VictorLPM-1975
Rogers, ShortyGigi In JazzRCA VictorNL-45845
Rogers, ShortyShorty Rogers Plays Richard RodgersRCA VictorLPM-1428
Rogers, ShortySwingin' Nutcracker, TheRCA VictorNL-45976
Rogers, ShortyVoodoo SuiteRCA VictorLPM-1101
Rogers, ShortyWherever the Five Winds BlowRCA VictorLPM-1326
Rogers, ShortyWizard Of Oz And Other Harold Arlen Songs, TheRCA VictorLSP-1997
Rogers, ShortyShorty Rogers Big BandStraight Ahead JazzSAJ-1002
Rogers, ShortyFourth Dimension In Sound, TheWarner Bros.B1443
Rogers, ShortyPopoXanadu148
Roland, GeneSwingin' FriendsBrunswickBL 754114
Roland, JoeJoe RolandBethlehemFSR-2032
Rollini, AdrianAdrian Rollini TrioMercuryMG-20011
Rollini, AdrianAdrian Rollini And His Friends, Vol. 1 (Tap Room Special)RCAFPM1 7010
Rollini, AdrianAdrian Rollini And His Friends, Vol. 2 (Truckin' At the Tap Room)RCAFXM1 7108
Rollini, AdrianAdrian Rollini And His Orchestra 1934SunbeamSB-134
Rollini, AdrianAdrian RolliniTaxm-8036
Rollins, SonnyThere Will Never Be Another YouABCIA-9349
Rollins, SonnyNewk's TimeApplauseAPBL 2320
Rollins, SonnyNewk's TimeBlue NoteGXK 8089
Rollins, SonnyNight At the Village Vanguard, ABlue NoteBLP 1581
Rollins, SonnyNight At the Village Vanguard, ABlue NoteK18P 9277
Rollins, SonnyNight At the Village Vanguard, ABlue NoteK18P 9278
Rollins, SonnySonny RollinsBlue NoteBST 81542
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins, Volume 2Blue NoteGXK 8035(M)
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins QuintetColumbiaYS-7074--EV
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins And the Contemporary LeadersContemporaryS7564
Rollins, SonnyWay Out WestContemporaryS7530
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins In Stockholm 1959DragonDRLP 73
Rollins, SonnyEast Broadway Run DownImpulse!A-9121
Rollins, SonnyOriginal Music From the Score "Alfie"Impulse!MCA-39107
Rollins, SonnyStuttgart 1963 ConcertJazz ConnoisseurJC 106
Rollins, SonnyFalling In Love With JazzMilestoneM-9179
Rollins, SonnyNo ProblemMilestoneM-9104
Rollins, SonnySolo Album, TheMilestoneM-9137
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins' Next AlbumMilestoneOJC-312
Rollins, SonnyStuttgart 1963MusidiscJA 5235
Rollins, SonnyJazz ClassicsPrestigePR 7433
Rollins, SonnyRollins Plays For BirdPrestigePR 7553
Rollins, SonnySaxophone Colossus And MorePrestigeP-24050
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins Plus FourPrestige7038
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins With the Modern Jazz QuartetPrestigeSMJ-6583
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins With the Modern Jazz QuartetPrestigeOJC-011
Rollins, SonnyTenor MadnessPrestigePR 7657
Rollins, SonnyTour De ForcePrestige7126
Rollins, SonnyVintage SessionsPrestigeP-24096
Rollins, SonnyWork TimePrestigeLP 7020
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins Vol 3 Et 4RCA741091/092
Rollins, SonnyVol. 1: The Bridge Vol. 2: With Coleman Hawkins Sonny Meets HawkRCA741074/075
Rollins, SonnyVol. 5: Now's the Time Vol. 6: The Standard Sonny RollinsRCAFPL2 7036
Rollins, SonnyWhat's New?RCA VictorLPM-2572
Rollins, SonnyFreedom SuiteRiversideSMJ-6044M
Rollins, SonnySound Of SonnyRiversideOJC-029
Rollins, SonnySound Of Sonny Rollins, TheRiversideRLP 12-241
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins QuartetUnique JazzUJ 22
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins QuartetUnique JazzUJ 22
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins Quintet In EuropeUnique JazzUJ-29
Rollins, SonnySonny Rollins BrassVerveV6-8430
Rollo, PreacherDixieland FavoritesMGME3259
Rollo, PreacherSuwannee River JazzMGME3403
Romano, JoeAnd Finally, RomanoFresh SoundFSR-108
Rose, DanClose OppositesAlacra3007
Rose, WallyCakewalk To Lindy HopColumbiaCL 782
Rose, WallyRagtime Classics By Wally RoseGood Time JazzM12034
Rosewoman, MicheleQuintessenceEnja5029 ST
Rosolino, FrankFrank Rosolino SextetAffinityAFF61
Rosolino, FrankI Play TromboneBethlehemSOPL 274-BH
Rosolino, FrankFrankly SpeakingCapitolECJ-50054
Rosolino, FrankFrank Rosolino QuintetModeMOD-LP 107
Rosolino, FrankFree For AllSpecialtySP 2161
Rugolo, PeteRugolomaniaColumbiaCL 689
Rugolo, PeteReeds in Hi-FiMercuryMG20260
Rugolo, PeteRugolo Plays KentonMercuryMG 36143
Ruiz, HiltonFantasiaDenonYX-7548-ND
Ruiz, HiltonLive at Jazz UniteJazz UniteJU 103
Ruiz, HiltonSomething GrandNovus3011-1-N
Ruiz, HiltonCross CurrentsStashST248
Ruiz, HiltonExcitionSteepleChaseSCS-1078
Ruiz, HiltonNew York HiltonSteepleChaseSCS-1094
Ruiz, HiltonPiano ManSteepleChaseSCS-1036
Ruiz, HiltonSteppin' Into BeautySteepleChaseSCS 1158
Rumsey, HowardHoward Rumsey's Lighthouse All-StarsContemporaryS7528
Rumsey, HowardHoward Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars (Volume 3)ContemporaryLAC 12182
Rumsey, HowardHoward Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars (Volume 4)ContemporaryC 3520
Rumsey, HowardHoward Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars (Volume 6)ContemporaryC 3504
Rumsey, HowardIn the Solo SpotlightContemporaryLAC 12271
Rumsey, HowardLighthouse at LagunaContemporaryC 3509
Rumsey, HowardSunday Jazz a la Lighthouse, Vol. 1ContemporaryGXC-3183
Rumsey, HowardDouble or Nothin'LibertyLRP 3045
Rumsey, HowardJazz Rolls RoyceLighthouseFSR-508
Rumsey, HowardJazz StructuresPhilipsPHM 200-012
Rushing, JimmyJazz Odyssey of James Rushing Esq., TheCBS Sony20AP 1506
Rushing, JimmyRushing LullabiesCBS Sony20AP 1468
Rushing, JimmyBrubeck & RushingColumbiaCL 1553
Rushing, JimmyGoing To ChicagoVanguardVRS 8518
Russell, GeorgeAfrican Game, TheBlue NoteBT-85103
Russell, GeorgeNew York, N.Y. and Jazz In the Space AgeMCAMCA2-4017
Russell, GeorgeOuter ThoughtsMilestoneM-47027
Russell, GeorgeEzz-theticRCAPL 42187
Russell, GeorgeJazz Workshop, The -- Reissued By RequestRCA VictorLPM-2534
Russell, GeorgeGeorge Russell Sextet Featuring Don Ellis and Eric DolphyRiversideRS-3043
Russell, GeorgeStratus Seekers, TheRiversideRLP 412
Russell, GeorgeStratusphunkRiversideRLP 341
Russell, LuisLuis Russell and His OrchestraCBS63721
Russell, LuisLuis Russell and His OrchestraCollector's ClassicsCC 34
Russell, LuisLuis Russell and His Louisiana Swing OrchestraColumbaKG 32338
Russell, LuisLuis RussellFamilySFR-DP 694
Russell, LuisFeelin' the SpiritVJMVLP-54
Russell, Pee WeeJazz ReunionCandidSMJ-6214
Russell, Pee WeeNew GrooveColumbiaCS 8785
Russell, Pee WeePortrait of Pee WeeCounterpointCPST 5562
Russell, Pee WeePee Wee Russell PlaysDotDLP 3253
Russell, Pee WeePee Wee RussellEverestFS-233
Russell, Pee WeeChronological Remembrance, AIAJRCIAJRD 28
Russell, Pee WeeAsk Me Now!Impulse!A-96
Russell, Pee WeeCollege Concert of Pee Wee Russell and Henry Red Allen, TheImpulse!A-9137
Russell, Pee WeeSpirit of '67, TheImpulse!A-9147
Russell, Pee WeeHighlights of the Fifth Pee Wee Russell Memorial StompJersey JazzJJ-1001
Russell, Pee WeeSalute to Newport: Featuring Pee Wee RussellMCA Impulse!IA-9359/2
Russell, Pee WeeSwingin' With Pee WeePrestige / SwingvilleSVLP 2008
Russell, Pee WeeAt Storyville, Volume 1SavoyMG 12034
Russell, Pee WeeIndividualism of Pee Wee Russell, TheSavoySJL 2228
Russell, Pee WeeJazz at Storyville, Volume 2SavoyMG-12041
Russell, Pee WeePee Wee Russell and the Rhythm CatsShoestringSS-109
Russell, Pee WeePlays Pee WeeStere-o-craftRTN-105
Russell, Pee WeeWe're In the MoneyStoryvilleSTLP 909
Russell, Pee WeeOver the RainbowXanadu192
Russelll, SnookumSnookumMy JazzLP 136
Russo, BillWorld of Alcina / Bill Russo, TheAtlantic1241
Russo, BillSeven Deadly SinsRoulette BirdlandSR 52036
Rutherford, RalGentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie, TheEmanem3305
Sachs, AaronJazzville, Volume 3DawnDLP 1114
Sachs, AaronClarinet and Co.RamaRLP 1004
Saints and SinnersSaints and Sinners, The7777-LA-12/31
Saints and SinnersIn CanadaCav-a BobCS 101
Saints and SinnersSugarMPSMPS 15 174 ST
Salim, A.K.Pretty For the PeopleSavoyMG 12118
Salt CityDixieland at the RoundtableRouletteR 25080
Salty Dogs Jazz BandOn the RiverCucaKS-3050
Salvador, SalJuicy LucyBee HiveBH 7009
Salvador, SalStarfingersBee HiveBH 7002
Salvador, SalFrivolous SalBethlehemPAP-23012(M)
Salvador, SalShades of Sal SalvadorBethlehemBCP-39
Salvador, SalTribute To the Greats, ABethlehemBCP-74
Salvador, SalKenton Presents JazzCapitolECJ-50053
Salvador, SalYou Ain't Heard Nothing YetDauntlessDM 4307
Salvador, SalLive In Concert At the University of BridgeportGPGPSA 5010
Salvador, SalColors In SoundMCAMCA 510205
Salvador, SalStop Smoking Or Else BluesRoulette BirdlandSR 25262
Salvador, SalIn Our Own Sweet WayStashST-224
Salvador, SalSal Salvador Plays Gerry MulliganStashST251
Salvador, SalSal Salvador Quartet, TheStashST234
Sampso, EdgarSwing Softly Sweet SampsonMCA510 172
Sanders, PharaohPharaoh Sanders QuintetESP-DISK1003
Sanders, PharaohPharaoh's FirstESP-DISKESP-1003
Sandke, JordanNew York StoriesStashST-264
Sandke, JordanRhythm Is Our BusinessStashST-259
Sandole, BrothersModern Music From Philadelphia By the Brothers SandoleFantasy03/01/09
Sarbib, SahebLive in Europe, Vol. 133 ToursSS 1976
Sarbib, SahebLive in Europe, Vol. 2Marge3
Sash, LeonLeon Sash Quartet, TheStoryvilleST LP 917
Saussy, TupperDiscover Tupper SaussyMonumentMLP 8004
Sauter, EddieSound of the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra, TheRCALPM 1009
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 1)Ajax Music CorporationLP-113
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 2)Ajax Music CorporationLP-152
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 5)AjazAJAZ-204
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 7)AjazLP-220
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 8)AjazLP-228
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 9)AjazAJAZ-236
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 10)AjazAJAZ 244
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 11)AjazAJAZ-252
Savitt, JanJan Savitt in Disco Order (Volume 12)AjazAJAZ 279
Savitt, JanFuturistic Shuffle of Jan Savitt and the Top Hatters, TheBandstandBS-7113
Savitt, JanJan Savitt and His Orchestra 1938-39First TimeFTR 1505
Savitt, JanQuaker City JazzGolden EraLP-15096
Savitt, JanUncollected, TheHindsightHSR-213
Savitt, JanOne Night Stand With Jan Savitt At the Palace HotelJoyce Music Corp.1108
Savitt, JanSwinging Mr. Savitt, TheSounds of SwingLP-104
Sayles, EmanuelSayles' Silver Leaf RagtimersGHBGHB-8
Schaefer, HalExtraordinary Jazz Pianist Hal Schaefer, TheDiscoveryDS-781
Schaefer, HalRCA Victor Jazz Workshop, TheRCA VictorNL-45975
Schapperoew, JimThis One's For the PearleKerraleeKLP-1001
Schifrin, LaloBossa NovaAudio FidelityAFSD 5981
Schoenberg, LorenThat's the Way It GoesAviva6005
Schoenberg, LorenTime Waits For No OneMusicmastersCIJD 20137M
Scobey, BobScobey and Clancy Raid the Juke BoxCaliforniaM-1501
Scobey, BobScobey Story, The (Volume 2)ContemporaryL-12033
Scobey, BobBob Scobey's Alexander's Jazz BandDawn ClubDC 12004
Scobey, BobBob Scobey's BandDown HomeMG D-1
Scobey, BobScobey and Clancy (Volume 5)Good TimeL-12009
Scobey, BobBob Scobey's Frisco BandGood Time JazzL-12006
Scobey, BobScobey Story, The (Volume 1)Good Time JazzL-12032
Scobey, BobGreat Bob Scobey and His Frisco Band, The (Volume 1)JanscoJLPS 6250
Scobey, BobGreat Bob Scobey and His Frisco Band, The (Volume 2)JanscoJLPS 6252
Scobey, BobScobey and His Frisco BandJanscoRSLP 5231
Scobey, BobBeauty and the BeatRCA VictorLPM-1344
Scobey, BobBetween 18th and 19th On Any StreetRCA VictorLSP-1567
Scobey, BobCollege ClassicsRCA VictorLSP-1700
Scobey, BobRompin' Stompin'RCA VictorLPM-2086
Scobey, BobRompin' Stompin' Good Time JazzRCA VictorCPM 117
Scobey, BobSwingin' On the Golden GateRCA VictorLPM-1448
Scobey, BobBourbon StreetVerveMGV-1009
Scobey, BobSan Francisco Jazz of Bob Scobey, TheVerveMGV-1011
Scott, BobbyBobby Scott and Two HornsABC ParamountABC 148
Scott, BobbyCompositions of Bobby Scott, TheBethlehemBCP-8
Scott, BobbySerenataVerveMG V-8297
Scott, CecilHarlem WashboardEMI33SX 1232
Scott, CliffordOut FrontPacific JazzPJ-66
Scott, CliffordBig Ones, TheWorld Pacific1811
Scott, RaymondComplete Raymond Scott, The (Volume 2)AjazAJAZ 300
Scott, RaymondComplete Raymond Scott, The (Volume 3)AjazAJAZ 311
Scott, RaymondComplete Raymond Scott, The (Volume 5)AjazzAJAZZ 407
Scott, ShirleyFor Members OnlyImpulse!A-51
Scott, ShirleyGreat Scott!Impulse!A-67
Scott, ShirleyBlue SevenPrestige7376
Scott, ShirleyHip TwistPrestige7226
Scott, ShirleySatin DollPrestige7283
Scott, ShirleyShirley's SoundsPrestige7195
Scott, TonyFree Blown JazzCarltonLP-12/113
Scott, Tony52nd Street SceneCoralCRL 757239
Scott, TonyFranco Tony and PompeoMalobbiaCM 003
Scott, TonyTony Scott Quartet, TheMCAVIM-5507
Scott, TonyGolden MomentsMuseMR 5230
Scott, TonyI'll RememberMuseMR 5266
Scott, TonyMy Kind Of JazzPerfectPL 12010
Scott, TonyPrismPolydor2925 060
Scott, TonyBoth Sides Of Tony ScottRCA VictorLPM-1268
Scott, TonyComplete Tony Scott, TheRCA VictorLPM-1452
Scott, TonyScott's FlingRCA VictorLJM-1022
Scott, TonyTony Scott Septet / Milt BernhartRCA VictorNL-45961
Scott, TonyTouch of Tony Scott, TheRCA VictorLPM-1353
Scott, TonyModern Art Of Jazz, TheSeecoCELP 4250
Scott, TonySung HeroesSunnysideSSC 1015
Scott, TonyBoomerangSupraphon1 15 2417
Scott, TonyConversationSupraphon1115 2890 H
Scott, TonyMusic For Voodoo MeditationVerve2304 097
Scott, TonyMusic For Yoga MeditationVerveV6-8742
Scott, TonyMusic For Zen MeditationVerveV6-8634
Scott, TonyTony ScottVerveV6-8788
Sears, AlSwing's the ThingPrestige / SwingvilleSV 2018
Senter, BoydBoyd Senter and His SenterpedesGardenia4003
Senter, BoydVolume OneHarlequinHQ 2044
Serrano, PaulBlues HolidayRiversideRLP 9359
Sewelson, DavidSynchro-incityTheatre For Your MotherTFYM 002
Shaindlin, JackAcademy Award FavoritesMercuryMG 20061
Shank, BudSerious SwingersContemporaryC-14031
Shank, BudTomorrow's RainbowContemporaryC-14048
Shank, BudJazz At Cal-TechLibertyLLR-88037
Shank, BudNew GrooveLibertyLLJ-70039
Shank, BudBrasamba!Pacific JazzST-64
Shank, BudBud Shank Plays TenorPacific JazzPJ-4
Shank, BudBud Shank QuartetPacific JazzPJ-1215
Shank, BudBud Shank Quartet, ThePacific JazzPJ-1230
Shank, BudBud Shank QuintetPacific JazzK18P 9261
Shank, BudLaurindo Almeida QuartetPacific JazzPJ-1204
Shank, BudSaxophone Artistry Of Bud Shank, ThePacific JazzPJ-1213
Shank, BudStudy Of Bud Shank, AUnitedUS 7806
Shank, BudFlute 'n AltoWorld PacificWP-1286
Shank, BudHoliday In BrazilWorld Pacific1018
Shank, BudMichelleWorld PacificWP-1840
Shank, BudSpoonful Of Jazz, AWorld PacificWP-1868
Shank, BudSwing's To TV, TheWorld PacificWPM-411
Sharon, RalphAutumn Leaves and Spring FeverLondonLL 1339
Shavers, CharlieLast Session, TheBlack and Blue33032
Shavers, CharlieExcitement UnlimitedCapitolT 1883
Shavers, CharlieWe Dig ColeJassJAZZ Thirteen
Shavers, CharlieCharlie Digs DixieMGMSE 3809
Shavers, CharlieCharlie Digs PareeMGME3765
Shavers, CharlieTrumpet ManPhoenix JazzLP 21
Shavers, CharlieCharlie Shavers Live From ChicagoSpotliteSPJ154
Shaw, ArtieBegin the BeguineBluebird6274-1-RB
Shaw, ArtieComplete Artie Shaw, The (Volume 1)Bluebird798
Shaw, ArtieComplete Artie Shaw, The (Volume 2)Bluebird998
Shaw, ArtieComplete Artie Shaw, The (Volume 3)BluebirdAXM2-5556
Shaw, ArtieComplete Artie Shaw, The (Volume 4)BluebirdAXM2-5572
Shaw, ArtieComplete Artie Shaw, The (Volume 5)BluebirdAXM2-5576
Shaw, ArtieComplete Artie Shaw, The (Volume 7)BluebirdAXM2-5580
Shaw, ArtieFree For AllCBSM 52636
Shaw, ArtieArtie Shaw at the Hollywood PalladiumHepHep.19
Shaw, ArtieUncollected Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, The (Volume 1)HindsightHSR-139
Shaw, ArtieUncollected Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, The (Volume 2)HindsightHSR-140
Shaw, ArtieUncollected Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, The (Volume 3)HindsightHSR-148
Shaw, ArtieUncollected Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, The (Volume 4)HindsightHSR-149
Shaw, ArtieUncollected Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, The (Volume 5)HindsightHSR-176
Shaw, ArtieMelody and Madness (Vol. 1)Jazz Guild1001
Shaw, ArtieMelody and Madness (Vol. 2)Jazz Guild1003
Shaw, ArtieMelody and Madness (Vol. 3)Jazz Guild1005
Shaw, ArtieMelody and Madness (Vol. 4)Jazz Guild1007
Shaw, ArtieSwinging Big Bands, The - Artie Shaw (Vol. 1)Joker / The King Jazz Storysm 3620
Shaw, ArtieSwinging Big Bands, The - Artie Shaw (Vol. 2)Joker / The King Jazz Storysm 3621
Shaw, ArtieArtie Shaw (Volume 1) - Clarinet Magic With the Big Band and StringsMusicraftMVS 503
Shaw, ArtieArtie Shaw (Volume 2) - Artie Shaw and His Orchestra With StringsMusicraftMVS 507
Shaw, ArtieAny Old TimeRCA VictorLPM-1570
Shaw, ArtieArtie Shaw and His Gramercy FiveRCA VictorLPM-1241
Shaw, ArtieMoonglowRCA VictorLPM-1244
Shaw, ArtieSwingin' Mr. Shaw, TheRCA VictorLPM 6701-4
Shaw, ArtieSideman Years, TheSounds Of SwingLP-122
Shaw, ArtieArtie Shaw and the Rhythm Makers (Volume 1)Swingdom7001/2
Shaw, ArtieArtie Shaw and the Rhythm Makers (Volume 2)Swingdom7003/4
Shaw, ArtieComplete Artie Shaw and the Rhythmakers, TheSwingdom7005-4
Shaw, ArtieI Can't Get StartedVerveMV 2559
Shaw, Charles BoboJunk TrapBlack SaintBSR 0021
Shaw, Charles BoboConcere NtasiahUniversal JusticeUJ101
Shaw, GeneBreak ThroughArgoLP-707
Shaw, WoodySong Of SongsContemporaryOJC-180
Shaw, WoodyLittle Red's FantasyMuseMR 5103
Shearing, GeorgeBest Of George Shearing, TheCapitolT 2104
Shearing, GeorgeFool On the Hill, TheCapitolST-181
Shearing, GeorgeIn the NightCapitolT1003
Shearing, GeorgeLatin EscapadeCapitolT 737
Shearing, GeorgeOn the Sunny Side Of the StripCapitolT1416
Shearing, GeorgeSatin BrassCapitolT1326
Shearing, GeorgeShearing On StageCapitolST 1187
Shearing, GeorgeShearing Piano, TheCapitolT909
Shearing, GeorgeShearing Touch, TheCapitolST1472
Shearing, GeorgeVelvet CarpetCapitolT720
Shearing, GeorgeDexterityConcordCJ-346
Shearing, GeorgeFirst EditionConcordCJ-177
Shearing, GeorgeMontgomery Brothers, TheJazzlandJLP 55
Shearing, GeorgeGeorge Shearing Goes To HollywoodLionL-70117
Shearing, GeorgeSo RareSavoySJL 1117
Shearing, GeorgeLullaby Of BirdlandVerve827 977-1
Shearing, GeorgeMy ShipVerve821 664-1
Sheldon, JackAngel WingsAtlasLlA27-1001
Sheldon, JackJack Sheldon and His All-Star BandGNP CrescendoGNPS 9036
Sheldon, JackQuartet and the Quintet, TheJazz:WestJWLP-6
Sheldon, JackBlues In the NightPhontasticPHONT 7569
Shepard, TommyShepard's FlockCoralCRL 57110
Shepp, ArchieBlaséAffinityFA 1
Shepp, ArchiePitchin CanAmerica6106
Shepp, ArchieBlaséBYG529-318
Shepp, ArchieConsequencesBYG529 100
Shepp, ArchieLive In Antibes (Vol. 2)BYG529.339
Shepp, ArchiePeaceBYG529 101
Shepp, ArchiePoem For MalcolmBYG529.311
Shepp, ArchieYasmina, A Black WomanBYG529.203
Shepp, ArchieArchie Shepp In Europe (Volume 1)DelmarkDS 9409
Shepp, ArchieOn Green Dolphin StreetDenonYX-7524-ND
Shepp, ArchieDay DreamDenon JazzYX-7570-ND
Shepp, ArchieArchie Shepp and Philly Joe JonesFantasy86018
Shepp, ArchieJazz a ConfrontoHoroHLL 101-27
Shepp, ArchieBird FireImproIMPRO 05
Shepp, ArchieAttica BluesImpulse!AS-9222
Shepp, ArchieFire MusicImpulse!A-86
Shepp, ArchieFor LosersImpulse!AS-9188
Shepp, ArchieFour For TraneImpulse!A-71
Shepp, ArchieKwanzaImpulse!AS-9262
Shepp, ArchieLife At the DonaueschingenMPSBASF 20651
Shepp, ArchieBijouMusicaMUS. 3001
Shepp, ArchieBlack GypsyPrestigePR 10034
Shepp, ArchieGoin' HomeSteepleChaseSCS-1079
Shepp, ArchieGood Life, TheVarrick5
Shew, BobbyDialogicFour LeafFLC 5061
Shew, BobbyOutstanding In His FieldInner CityIC 1077
Shihab, SahibSummer DawnChessCH 9182
Shihab, SahibShahib Shihab + Gilson UnitFuturaGER 34
Shihab, SahibConversationsInternational Polydor Production623 257
Shihab, SahibJazz SahibSavoyMG 12124
Shihab, SahibSentimentsStoryvilleSLP 1008
Shihab, SahibJazz Joint (Vol. 2) - CompanionshipVogueLDVS 17243
Shipp, MatthewSonic ExplorationsCadence JazzCJR 1037
Shorter, AlanOrgasmVerveV6-8768
Shorter, WayneWayning MomentsAffinityAFF 126
Shorter, WayneAdam's AppleBlue NoteBST-84232
Shorter, WayneAll Seeing Eye, TheBlue NoteBST-84219
Shorter, WayneCollector, TheBlue NoteGXF 3059
Shorter, WayneEtceteraBlue NoteLT-1056
Shorter, WayneJujuBlue NoteBST-84182
Shorter, WayneNight DreamerBlue NoteST-84173
Shorter, WayneSchizophreniaBlue NoteBST 84297
Shorter, WayneSoothsayer, TheBlue NoteLT-988
Shorter, WayneSpeak No EvilBlue NoteBST 84194
Shorter, WayneShorter MomentsTrip JazzTLX-5009
Shu, EddieJazz PractitionersBethlehemBCP-3
Silva, AlanLuna SurfaceBYG529.312
Silva, AlanSkillfullnessESP-DISK1091
Silver, HoraceBlowin' the Blues AwayBlue NoteBST 84017
Silver, HoraceCape Verdean BluesBlue NoteBLP 4220
Silver, HoraceDoin' the ThingBlue NoteBST-84076
Silver, HoraceFinger Poppin' With the Horace Silver QuintetBlue NoteST-84008
Silver, HoraceFurther Explorations By the Horace Silver QuintetBlue NoteST-81589
Silver, HoraceHorace Silver and the Jazz MessengersBlue NoteBLP 1518
Silver, HoraceHorace-ScopeBlue NoteBST-84042
Silver, HoraceJody Grind, TheBlue NoteBLP 4250
Silver, HoraceSabuBlue NoteBLP 1520
Silver, HoraceSabuBlue NoteGXK 8027(M)
Silver, HoraceSenor BluesBlue NoteBNJ 61005
Silver, HoraceSerenade To a Soul SisterBlue NoteBST-84277
Silver, HoraceSerenade To a Soul SisterBlue NoteBLP 4277
Silver, HoraceSilver's SerenadeBlue NoteBNST-84131
Silver, HoraceSix Pieces Of SilverBlue NoteBLP 1539
Silver, HoraceSong For My FatherBlue NoteBST-84185
Silver, HoraceStylings of Silver, TheBlue NoteBST-81562
Silver, HoraceTokyo Blues, TheBlue NoteBST-84110
Silver, HoraceTrio Sides, TheBlue NoteBN-LA474-H2
Silver, HoraceYou Gotta Take a Little LoveBlue NoteBST 84309
Silver, HoraceSilver's BlueColumbiaJLA 16005
Silver, HoraceLive 1964EmeraldEMR-1001
Simeon, OmerOmer SimeonAce of HeartsAH 97
Simeon, OmerStoryville CreepersGHPGHB-19
Simmons, ArtieJazz Samaritans, TheEitra Snommis41155
Simmons, HueyBurning SpiritsContemporaryS7625/6
Simmons, SonnyJazz Tempo - Latin AccentsAudio FidelityAFSD 6111
Simmons, SonnyStaying On the WatchESP-DISK1030
Sims, ZootZoot Sims Plays Four AltosABC ParamountABC-198
Sims, ZootDown HomeBethlehemSOPL 273-BH
Sims, ZootZootCadetLP 608
Sims, ZootNew Beat Bossa NovaColpixSCP 435
Sims, ZootNew Beat Bossa Nova (Vol. 2)ColpixCP 437
Sims, ZootZoot Sims On Ducretet ThomsonEMI OdeonEOJ-70105
Sims, ZootCookin'FontanaFJL123
Sims, ZootBrother In SwingInner CityIC 7005
Sims, ZootHappy Over HoagyJassJass Twelve
Sims, ZootOtra VezMainstreamMRL 358
Sims, ZootBig Stampede, TheMeteorMTLP 017
Sims, ZootZoot Sims and the Gershwin BrothersMusical Heritage SocietyMHS 7354
Sims, ZootFirst RecordingsPrestige7817
Sims, ZootZootcasePrestigeP-24061
Sims, ZootZoot!RiversideRLP 12-228
Sims, ZootZoot Sims In Paris 1956RoyalLD-4001
Sims, ZootModern Art Of Jazz, TheSeecoSL-5131-CH
Sims, ZootSweetest Sounds, TheSonetSNTF 819
Sims, ZootWhooeeeeStoryvillePA-6004(M)
Sims, ZootZoot Sims In ParisSwingSW 8417
Sims, ZootTonight's Music TodayTrioPA-6013(M)
Sims, ZootJazz Alive! A Night At the Half NoteUnited ArtistsSR 3042
Sims, ZootStretching OutUnited ArtistsUAL-4023
Sims, ZootZoot Sims In ParisUnited ArtistsK18P 9224
Sims, ZootFour Brothers, TheVikRGP-1174(M)
Sims, ZootNashvilleZimZMS-1008
Singer, HalMilt and HalBarclay33 016
Singer, HalSwing On ItJSP1028
Singer, HalSoul Of AfricaLe Chant Du MondeLDX 74556
Singer, HalLe Grand VoyagePastoralPSL 1202
Singer, HalBlue Stompin'Prestige / SwingvilleSV 2023
Sissle, NobleNoble SissleClassic Jazz MastersCJM 22
Sissle, NobleEarly Rare Recordings (Vol. 1)StashST129
Sleet, DonAll MembersJazzlandJLP 9455
SlickaphonicsHumatomic EnergyTeldec6.26128
Smeck, RoyHappy Banjo, TheABC ParamountABC 309
Smeck, RoyRoy Smeck Plays Hawiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and GuitarYazoo1052
Smith Street Society Jazz BandAin't No SinMPIMPI 3144
Smith Street Society Jazz BandI'm Alabamy BoundProject 3PR-5113
Smith, BillSonoritiesEDI-PANNPG 801
Smith, BillNew DimensionsEpicLA 16040
Smith, BillNew Sounds Old WorldRCA VictorLPM-2557
Smith, BusterLegendary Buster Smith, TheAtlanticSD 1323
Smith, FloydFloyd's Guitar BluesBlack and Blue33.046
Smith, JabboHidden Treasure (Volume 2)Jazz ArtTR520700
Smith, JabboAce of Rhythm, TheMCAMCA-1347
Smith, JabboJabbo SmithMemoriesME 03
Smith, JabboJabbo Smith With the Hot Antic Jazz BandMemoriesME 04
Smith, JabboVolume 1RetrievalFJ-131
Smith, JabboVolume 2RetrievalFJ-132
Smith, JimmyBack At the Chicken ShackBlue NoteBST-84117
Smith, JimmyCool BluesBlue NoteGXK-8186
Smith, JimmyI'm Movin' OnBlue NoteBST 84255
Smith, JimmyIncredible Jimmy Smith, The (Volume 1)Blue NoteBST-81551
Smith, JimmyIncredible Jimmy Smith, The (Volume 2)Blue NoteBST-81552
Smith, JimmyMidnight SpecialBlue NoteBST-84078
Smith, JimmyPlays Fats WallerBlue NoteBST-84100
Smith, JimmyPlays Pretty Just For YouBlue NoteBLP 1563
Smith, JimmyPrayer Meetin'Blue NoteBST-84164
Smith, JimmyRockin' the BoatBlue NoteBST-84141
Smith, JimmySermon, TheBlue NoteBST-84011
Smith, JimmySoftly As a Summer BreezeBlue NoteBST 84200
Smith, JimmyOrgan GreatsInternational Award SeriesAKS-262
Smith, JimmyPrime TimeMilestoneM-9176
Smith, JimmyKeep On Comin'Musician60301-1
Smith, JimmyBluesmithVerveMV 2045
Smith, JohnnyMan With the Blue Guitar, TheRoostSLP 2248
Smith, JohnnyMoonlight In VermontRoostrlp 410
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"All SoulNew JazzHJLP 8221
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"That Good Feelin'New JazzNJLP 8229
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"Getting' the MessagePrestigePRLP 7217
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"Look OutPrestige / New JazzNJLP 8288
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"Talk That TalkPrestige / New JazzNJLP 8241
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"Black CoffeeRiversideRM 442
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"Little Taste, ARiversideRM 496
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"Little Taste, ARiversideRS 9496
Smith, Johnny "Hammond"Open HouseRiversideRM 482
Smith, KateMiss Kate SmithSunbeamMFC-13
Smith, LeoLeo Smith, Peter Kowald, Gunter SommerAmiga8 55 825
Smith, LeoReflectativityKabellK-2
Smith, LouisHere Comes Louis SmithBlue NoteBLP 1584
Smith, LouisSmithvilleBlue NoteBLP 1594
Smith, LouisJust FriendsSteepleChaseSCS 1096
Smith, LouisPrancin'SteepleChaseSCS 1121
Smith, StuffSweet Swingin' Stuff20th FoxFOX 3008
Smith, StuffStuff Smith OrchestraCollector's 12-12C 12
Smith, StuffSwingin' StuffEmarcyMGE-26008
Smith, StuffLive In Paris, 1965France's ConcertFC 120
Smith, StuffBlack ViolinSABASB 15147
Smith, StuffHave Violin, Will SwingVerveMG V-8282
Smith, StuffStuff SmithVerve2304 536
Smith, WarrenFolks SongBaystateRVJ-6013
Smith, Willie 'The Lion'Swinging Cub Men, TheAce Of HeartsAH 162
Smith, Willie 'The Lion'Willie the Lion Smith and His Cubs (1935-1937)Gardenia4004
Smith, Willie 'The Lion'Willie the Lion SmithUraniaUJ-1207
Smith, YugeneGroovin' At the EmbersGoneLP-5002
Snow, ValaidaHot SnowRosettaRR 1305
Snow, ValaidaHigh Hat, Trumpet and RhythmWorldSH 309
Snow, ValaidaSwing Is the ThingWorldSH354
Snowden, ElmerJazz Collection (Volume 12)IAJRCIAJRC-12
Snowden, ElmerHarlem BanjoRiversideRLP 348
Socolow, FrankSounds By SocolowBethlehemBCP-70
Sonn, LarryIt's Sonn AgainCoralCRL 57104
Sonn, LarryHaving a BallDotDLP 9005
Sonn, LarrySound of Sonn, TheJasmineJASM 1007
Sons of BixOstrich WalkJazzologyJ-59
Souchon, DoctorMinstrel Days and BluesGolden CrestCR 3065
South Frisco Jazz BandSouth Frisco Jazz BandStomp OffSOS 1035
South, EddieEddie SouthSwingSW 8405
Spanier, MugsyMugsy SpanierAce Of HeartsAH 154
Spanier, MugsyChicago JazzCommodoreFL 30,016
Spanier, MugsyNick's New York April 1944CommodoreXFL 15777
Spanier, MugsyMugsy SpanierEverybody'se-1020
Spanier, MugsyDixieland Jazz In the FortiesFolkwaysFJ 2853
Spanier, MugsyMugsy SpanierGaps150
Spanier, MugsyOne Of a KindGlendaleGLS-6024
Spanier, MugsyMugsy Spanier and His Dixieland BandMercuryMGW 12165
Spanier, MugsyGreat 16, TheRCA VictorLPM 1295
Spanier, MugsyMugsy Spanier (1924-1928)RetrievalFJ-108
Spanier, MugsyKid Muggsy's JazzRiversideRLP 12-107
Spanier, MugsyMugsy SpanierStoryville671 206
Spanier, MugsyMugsy SpanierStoryvilleSLP-4020
Spanier, MugsyAll-Star SessionVJMLC 10
Spanier, MugsySpanier In ChicagoVJMLC 2
Spanier, MugsyDynamic DixieWeather IndustriesW-5401
Spann, LesGeminiJazzlandJLP 35
Spaulding, JamesJames Spaulding Plays the Legacy Of Duke EllingtonStoryvilleSLP-4034
Speas, ChuckNew Sound Of College Jazz, TheCarltonSTLP12/135
Spencer, EarleEarle Spencer and His New Band Sensation Of the YearFirst HeardFHR-1974-16
Spencer, EarleEarle Spencer and His OrchestraIAJRCIAJRC 41
SphereFlight PathMusician9 60313-1
Spitfire BandFlight IIIColumbiaFC 39891
Spivak, CharlieBulldozerBig Band ArchivesLP-1214
Spivak, CharlieUncollected, TheDeccaLC 0171
Spivak, CharlieUncollected, The (Volume 2)HindsightHSR-188
Stacy, JessOn the AirAircheck26
Stacy, JessTribute To Benny GoodmanAtlantic1225
Stacy, JessStacy's Still SwingingChiaroscuroCR 177
Stacy, JessJ. Stacy and FriendsCommodoreXFL15358
Stacy, JessReturn Of Jess Stacy, TheHanoverHM 8010
Stacy, JessPiano SolosSwaggieS1248
Stadler, HeinerBrains On Fire (Volume 1)LaborLRS 7001
Stadler, HeinerBrains On Fire (Volume 2)LaborLRS 7002
Stadler, HeinerJazz AlchemyLaborLRS 7006
State Street RamblersState Street Ramblers, The (Vol. 1)HerwinH-104
Steffens, WalterEcstasyLaborLPS 7003
Stein, HalHal Stein and Warren FitzgeraldOverseasULS-1863-V
Stein, HalHal Stein and Warren Fitzgerald (Vol. 2)ProgressiveCEJC00055
Stein, LouEight For Kicks - Four For LaughsJubileeLP-1019
Stern, LeniClairvoyantPassport JazzPJ 88015
Steward, HerbSo PrettyAvaAS-9
Stewart, RexRex Stewart MemorialCBSM 52628
Stewart, RexDixieland On LocationConcert Hall SocietyCHJ-1202
Stewart, RexBig Jazz 1940Everybody'se-1010
Stewart, RexRendezvous With RexFelstedSJA 2001
Stewart, RexRex Stewart Meets Henri ChaixInternational Polydor Production623 234
Stewart, RexBig Reunion, TheJazztoneJ 1285
Stewart, RexBoston 1953MusidiscJA 5188
Stewart, RexHappy Jazz of Rex Stewart, ThePrestige2006
Stewart, RexRex Stewart Memorial Album, ThePrestigePR 7728
Stewart, RexTrumpet JivePrestigePR 7812
Stewart, RexChatter JazzRCA VictorLPM-2024
Stewart, RexChatter JazzRCA VictorLSP 2024
Stewart, RexRex Stewart and the EllingtoniansRiversideRLP 144
Stewart, RexHenderson HomecomingUnited ArtistsUAL-4009
Stewart, SlamDialogueStashST-201
Stewart, TomSextette/QuintetteABCABC-117
Stitt, SonnyBack To My Own Home TownAhead33.754
Stitt, SonnyStitt Plays BirdAtlanticP-6020A
Stitt, SonnyGroovin' HighAtlasLA27-1004
Stitt, SonnyNight WorkBlack LionBLP 30154
Stitt, SonnyI Cover the WaterfrontCadet2CA 50039
Stitt, SonnyInter-ActionCadetLP-760
Stitt, SonnyMy Main ManCadetCA 744
Stitt, SonnySonny StittCadetCA 629
Stitt, SonnySoul In the NightCadetLP-770
Stitt, SonnyMade For Each OtherDelmarkDS-426
Stitt, SonnyDumpy MamaFlying DutchmanBDL1-1197
Stitt, SonnyNow!JasmineJAS 25
Stitt, SonnySalt and PepperJasmineJAS 26
Stitt, SonnyLast Stitt Sessions, The (Volume 1)MuseMR 5269
Stitt, SonnyLast Stitt Sessions, The (Volume 2)MuseMR 5280
Stitt, SonnyMy Mother's EyesPacific JazzPJ-71
Stitt, SonnyGenesisPrestigeP-24044
Stitt, SonnyKaleidoscopePrestigeOJC-060
Stitt, SonnyPow!PrestigePR 7459
Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt, Bud Powell, J.J. JohnsonPrestigeOJC-009
Stitt, SonnySoul PeoplePrestigePR 7372
Stitt, SonnyStitt Meets Brother JackPrestigePR 7244
Stitt, SonnyStitt's BitsPrestigeVIJ-5037
Stitt, SonnyFeelin'sRoostSLP 2247
Stitt, SonnySonny Side Of Stitt, TheRoostLP 2240
Stitt, SonnyStitt In OrbitRoostLP 2252
Stitt, SonnyStitt Goes LatinRoostFSR-687
Stitt, SonnyStan Getz and Sonny StittRouletteRE-123
Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt Plays Arrangements From the Pen Of Quincy JonesRoyal RoostYS-7082-RO
Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt With the New YorkersRoyal RoostFSR-570
Stitt, SonnySymphony Hall SwingSavoy JazzSJL 1165
Stitt, SonnyTwo Sides Of Sonny StittTripTLX-5008
Stitt, SonnyOnly the BluesVerveUMV 2634
Stitt, SonnyPersonal AppearanceVerveUMV 2541
Stitt, SonnySittin' InVerve2683-060
Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt Plays Jimmy Giuffre ArrangementsVerveMG V-8309
Storyville RamblersStoryville Ramblers, TheGolden SunsetGS-102
Stratton, DonModern Jazz With Dixieland RootsABC ParamountABC-118
Strayhorn, BillyCue For SaxophoneAffinityAFF 166
Strayhorn, BillyBilly Strayhorn / Johnny DankworthRouletteRE-121
Stricker, AlSt. Louis Ragtimers, TheAudiophileAP 81
String Trio Of New YorkFirst StringBlack SaintBSR 0031
Strong, BobOne Night Stand With Bob Strong and His OrchestraJoyceLP-1027
Strozier, FrankRemember MeInner CityIC 2066
Strozier, FrankLong NightJazzlandJLP 956
Strozier, FrankMarch Of the Siamese ChildrenJazzlandJLP 970
Strozier, FrankRemember MeSteepleChaseSCS-1066
Strozier, FrankWhat's Goin' OnSteepleChaseSCD-17001
Strozier, FrankDown Home ReunionUnited ArtistsLAX 3130
Strozier, FrankFantasticVee JayVJLP 3005
Strozier, FrankHere's Frank StrozierVee JayUXP-87-JY
Stubblefield, JohnConfessin'Soul NoteSN 1095
Subramanian, L.Mani and Co.MilestoneM-9138
Sudhalter, DickAnglo American All Stars, The (Vol. 1)77LEU 12/25
Sudhalter, DickAnglo American All Stars, The (Vol. 2)77LEU 12/28
Sudhalter, DickFriends With PleasureAudiophileAP-159
Sudhalter, DickSweet and HotRegalSREG 2076
Sudhalter, DickAnglo-American AllianceRisticPAAA549
Sulieman, IdreesRootsPrestigeOJC-062
Sulieman, IdreesBird's GrassSteepleChaseSCS-1202
Sullivan, CharlesGenesisStrata-EastSES-7413
Sullivan, CharlesRe-EntryTrioPA-7152
Sullivan, IraBilly Taylor Trio Introduces Ira Sullivan, TheABC ParamountABC-162
Sullivan, IraDoes It AllMuseMR 5242
Sullivan, JoePiano Man, TheBlu-DiscT-1005
Sullivan, JoeMr. Piano ManColumbia10047
Sullivan, JoeGin MillPumpkin Productions112
Sullivan, JoeLittle Rock GetawayRiversideRLP 158
Sullivan, JoeNew Solos By An Old MasterRiversideRLP 12-202
Sullivan, JoeAt the PianoShoestringSS-104
Sullivan, MaxineOn Tour With the Allegheny Jazz QuartetJumpJ12-14
Sullivan, MaxineCotton Club Songs, TheMilanA 270
Sullivan, MaxineMaxine Sullivan 1944-1948TonoTJ-6001
Sun RaBlue DelightA&MSP 5260
Sun RaSolar-Myth Approach, TheAffinityAFF 10
Sun RaTaking a Chance On ChangesEl Saturn772
Sun RaNothing Is…ESP-DISK1045
Sun RaNew StepsHoroHDP 25-26
Sun RaOther Voices, Other BluesHoroHDP 23-24
Sun RaUnityHoroHDP 19-20
Sun RaSun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab In Egypt, ThePraxisCM 106
Sun RaVisionsSteepleChaseSCS-1126
Sunkel, PhilJazz Concerto GrossoABC ParamountABC 225
Sunkel, PhilPhil Sunkel's Jazz BandABC ParamountABC-136
SupersaxSupersax and L.A. VoicesColumbiaFC 39140
Sutton, RalphPiano Solos88 Up Right88UR-004
Sutton, RalphRalph Sutton and Kenny Davern (Vol. 1)Chaz JazzCJ105
Sutton, RalphBix Biederbecke Suite and Piano PortraitsCommodoreXFL 16570
Sutton, RalphPartners In CrimeDialogueSVL 505
Sutton, RalphBackroom PianoDown HomeMG D-4
Sutton, RalphLive At Club Hangover, San FranciscoJazz ArchivesJA-45
Sutton, RalphJazz At the OlympicsOmegaOSL-51
Sutton, RalphKnocked-Out NocturneProject 3PR5040SD
Sutton, RalphRalph Sutton and Classic Jazz CollegiumSupraphon115 2416
Sweethearts Of Rhythm, InternationalInternational Sweethearts Of RhythmRosettaRR 1312
Swollen MonkeysAfter Birth Of the CoolCachalotCA128
SynthesisSix By SixChiaroscuroCR 172
Szabo, GaborJazz RagaImpulseA-9128
Szerzemenyei, Szabados GyorgySzabraxtondosKremSLPX 17909
Tabackin, LewAngelicaEastworldEWJ-90036
Tabackin, LewLew Tabackin QuartetEastworldEWJ-90025
Tacuma, JamaaladeenRenaissance ManGramavisionGR 8308
Tacuma, JamaaladeenShow StopperGramavisionGR 8301
Talbert, ThomasBix Duke FatsAtlantic1250
Tapscott, HoraceAt the CrossroadsNimbusNS-579
Tapscott, HoraceTapscott Sessions, The (Vol. 3)NimbusNS-1703
Tarto, JoeTitan Of the TubaBroadwayBR 108
Tate, BuddyUnbrokenBASFBASF 20740
Tate, BuddyJumpin' On the West CoastBlack LionBL-172
Tate, BuddySwinging Like… TateFelstedL20P 1182
Tate, BuddyJive At FiveMahogany558 103
Tate, BuddyTexas Twister, TheMaster Jazz RecordingsMJR 8128
Tate, BuddyBuddy Tate Meets Torsten ZwingenbergerMoustache Music120 159
Tate, BuddyHard Blowin'MuseMR 5249
Tate, BuddyGroovin' With Buddy TatePrestigeSVLP 2029
Tate, BuddyTate-A-TatePrestigeSVLP 2014
Tate, BuddyCount's Men, TheRCA VictorLFLI 5034
Tate, BuddyJazzMeeting With Ted Easton's Jazzband, ARiff659.012
Tate, BuddyBallad Artistry Of Buddy Tate, TheSackville3034
Tate, BuddyBuddy Tate Quartet, TheSackville3027
Tate, BuddySherman ShuffleSackville3017
Tate, BuddyKansas City JoysSonetSNTF 716
Tate, BuddyJust JazzUptownUP 27-21
Tatro, DuaneJazz For ModernsContemporaryLAC.12107
Tatum, ArtOn the AirAircheck21
Tatum, ArtFlying Fingers Of Art Tatum and Buddy De Franco, TheAmerican Recording SocietyG 412
Tatum, ArtArt TatumCapitolT 216
Tatum, Art20th Century Piano GeniusEmarcy826-129-1
Tatum, ArtAt the Crescendo (Vol. 1)GNP CrescendoGNP 9025
Tatum, ArtAt the Crescendo (Vol. 2)GNP CrescendoGNP 9026
Tatum, ArtArt Tatum (Vol. 3)MCA510 105
Tatum, ArtTatum Group Masterpieces, ThePablo2625-706
Tatum, ArtTatum Group Masterpieces, ThePablo2310-737
Tatum, ArtGiants Of the PianoRoyal RoostRLP 2213
Tatum, ArtGenius of Art Tatum, The (1)VerveMGV 8036
Taylor, ArtA.T.'s DelightBlue NoteK18P 9208
Taylor, ArthurTaylor's WailersPrestigeOJC-094
Taylor, BillyAt the London HouseABC ParamountABC-134
Taylor, BillyMy Fair Lady Loves JazzABC ParamountABC-177
Taylor, BillyOK BillyBellBELL 6049
Taylor, BillyMidnight PianoCapitolT 2302
Taylor, CecilNew Breed, TheABCIA-9339/2
Taylor, CecilAirBarnabyZ 30562
Taylor, CecilNew York City R & BBarnabyKZ 31035
Taylor, CecilConquistadorBlue NoteBST 84260
Taylor, CecilIn TransitionBlue NoteBN-LA453-H2
Taylor, CecilUnit StructuresBlue NoteBST 84237
Taylor, CecilJumpin' PunkinsCandid9013
Taylor, CecilLooking AheadContemporaryS7562
Taylor, CecilWhat's NewFreedomFLP 40124
Taylor, Cecil3 PhasisNew WorldNW 303
Taylor, CecilCecil TaylorNew WorldNW 201
Taylor, CecilCecil Taylor (Volume 1)ShandarSR 10.011
Taylor, CecilAkisakilaTrioPA-3004
Taylor, CecilSpring Of Two Blue-J'sUnite Core30551
Taylor, CecilLove For SaleUnited ArtistsGXC 3133
Taylor, Sam 'The Man'Out Of This WorldMGME3380
Taylor, Sam 'The Man'Bad and the Beautiful, TheMoodsvilleMV 24
Tchicai, JohnJohn Tchicai and Strange BrothersFMPSAJ-15
Tchicai, JohnSoloFMPSAJ-12
Tchicai, JohnRufusFontana195J-26
Tchicai, JohnInstant Composers Pool - Han Bennink, Misja Mengelberg, John TchicaiInstant Composers PoolICP 002
Tchicai, JohnInstant Composers Pool - Misha Mengelberg, John Tchicai, Han Bennink, Derek BaileyInstant Composers PoolICP 005
Tchicai, JohnBinder QuintetKremSLPX 17759
Tchicai, JohnBarefoot DanceMarge03/07/14
Tchicai, JohnAfrodisiacaMPSMPS 15 249 ST
Tchicai, JohnReal TchicaiSteepleChaseSCS-1075
Tchicai, JohnDuetsStichting Vrijere MuziekSVM 2
Tchicai, JohnDarktown HighlightsStoryvilleSLP 1015
Teagarden, JackJ.T.Ace Of HeartsAH 168
Teagarden, JackJazz OriginalAffinityAFF 141
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden - Frank TrumbauerAircheck9
Teagarden, JackOn the AirAircheck24
Teagarden, Jack1941-2AlamacQSR 2433
Teagarden, JackJazz KingsAlamacQSR 2406
Teagarden, JackDixielandBethlehemBCP 6042 ORG
Teagarden, JackMeet Me Where They Play the BluesBethlehemBCP 6040
Teagarden, JackGreat Soloists, TheBiographBLP-C2
Teagarden, JackBig Band Gems 1940-1941Blu-DiscT-5003
Teagarden, JackThat's a Serious ThingBluebird9986-1-RB
Teagarden, JackThree T's, TheBroadwayBR 106
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden - Pee Wee RussellBYG529.066
Teagarden, JackTribute To TeagardenCapitolT 2076
Teagarden, JackTrombone SceneCommodoreGXC 3148
Teagarden, JackBig T's JazzDeccaDL 8304
Teagarden, JackBig Band JazzEverestFS 352
Teagarden, JackOriginal DixielandEverestFS 335
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden ClassicsFamilySFR-DP 649
Teagarden, JackYoung Jack TeagardenFamilySFR-DP 726
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden With Paul WhitemanFanfare07/01/07
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden With Red NicholsGapsGAPS 180
Teagarden, JackSwingin' Gate, TheGiants Of JazzGOJ-1026
Teagarden, JackSwinging Down In DixieGolden Tone14097
Teagarden, JackUnforgettable Jack Teagarden, TheHalcyonHDL 104
Teagarden, JackOn OkinawaIAJRCIAJRC 33
Teagarden, JackSincerelyIAJRCIAJRC 19
Teagarden, JackEarl Hines All StarsJazz Groove1
Teagarden, JackJack TeagardenJazz KingsJK 1205
Teagarden, JackAt the Olympia Theatre, ParisMagicAWE 20
Teagarden, JackFeaturing Jack TeagardenMCAMCFM 2598
Teagarden, JackGolden Horn Of Jack Teagarden, TheMCAMCA-227
Teagarden, JackJack TeagardenPumpkin115
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden SextetPumpkin121
Teagarden, JackJack TeagardenQueen-discQ-027
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden (1953/54) In San FranciscoRarities39
Teagarden, JackIndispensable Jack Teagarden, TheRCAPM 45695
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden (Vol. 2) - Prince Of the BoneRCA741 101
Teagarden, JackTexas T. PartyRCA731.088
Teagarden, JackJack TeagardenRCA VictorLPV-528
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden At the RoundtableRouletteR-25091
Teagarden, JackVarsity SidesSavoy JazzSJL 1162
Teagarden, JackHollywood Bowl Concert, July 26, 1063ShoestringSS 102
Teagarden, JackMasters Of Jazz (Vol. 10)StoryvilleSLP-4110
Teagarden, JackThat Kid From TexasTeagarden11221
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden - Frank TrumbauerTotemLP-1001
Teagarden, JackJack TeagardenVerveV-8495
Teagarden, JackMis'ry and the BluesVerveV6-8416
Teagarden, JackThink Well Of MeVerveV6-8465
Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden Party, TheWorld Record ClubTP.156
Temperley, JoeJust FriendsHepHEP 2003
Terry, ClarkColor ChangesCandidSMJ-6191
Terry, ClarkClark TerryEmArcy195J-10107
Terry, ClarkLive 1964EmeraldEMR 1002
Terry, ClarkTo Duke and BasieEnja5011
Terry, ClarkSoul DuoImpulseA-9133
Terry, ClarkClark Terry - Bob Brookmeyer QuintetMainstreamMRL 373
Terry, ClarkClark Terry - Bob Brookmeyer QuintetMainstreamMRL-320
Terry, ClarkGingerbread MenMainstream56086
Terry, ClarkTonightMainstream56043
Terry, ClarkFunk Dumplin'sMatrixMTX 1002
Terry, ClarkUmophilosRCAPL 40127
Terry, ClarkIn OrbitRiversideRLP 12-271
Terry, ClarkSerenade To a Bus SeatRiversideRLP 12-237
Terry, ClarkTop and Bottom BrassRiversideRLP 1137
Terry, ClarkLive In BelgradeRTB2120984
Terry, ClarkParis 1960SwingSW 8406
Terry, ClarkSwahiliTrip JazzTLP-5528
Terry, DanTeen Age Dance PartyHarmonyHL 7002
Thielemans, TootsSound, TheCBS20AP 1803
Thielemans, TootsMan Bites HarmonicaRiversideRLP 12-257
Thielemans, TootsSoul Of Toots Thielemans, TheSignatureSM 6006
Thomas, Walter 'Foots'All StarsPrestigePR 7584
Thomas, Willie1982Discover JazzMJS57599
Thompson, ButchCopenhagen Ragtime BandCSRCLPS 1014
Thompson, ButchEchoes From Storyville (Vol. 1)Stomp OffS.O.S. 1075
Thompson, ButchEchoes From Storyville (Vol. 2)Stomp OffS.O.S. 1116
Thompson, CharlesSir Charles ThompsonVanguardVRS8529
Thompson, CharlesFabulous Apollo Sessions, TheVogueLDAP 769
Thompson, LeroyTimes Have ChangedDixie7
Thompson, LuckyDancing SunbeamABCASH-9307-2
Thompson, LuckyLucky Thompson With Gerard PochonetDawnDLP-1113
Thompson, LuckySoul's Night OutEnsayoENY-35
Thompson, LuckyFeaturing Oscar PettifordJasmineJASM 1037
Thompson, LuckyParis 1956Jazz Anthology30 JA 5215
Thompson, LuckyLucky ThompsonJazz KingsJK 1206
Thompson, LuckyLucky StrikesPrestigePR 7365
Thompson, LuckyIn Paris 1956 (Vol. 1)RoyalLD-4003
Thompson, LuckyIn Paris 1956 (Vol. 2)RoyalLD-4004
Thompson, LuckyParis 1956 (Volume 1)SwingSW 8404
Thompson, LuckyTest PilotSwingtimeST 1005
Thompson, LuckyBrown RoseXanadu204
Thompson, MalachiSeventh Son, TheRARA 102
Thornhill, ClaudeClaude Thornhill In Disco Order (Vol. 1)AjazAJAZ-202
Thornhill, ClaudeClaude Thornhill In Disco Order (Vol. 6)AjazAJAZ-242
Thornhill, ClaudePure MagicBlue HeavenBH 9-901
Thornhill, ClaudeReal Birth Of the Cool, TheCBS20AP 1446
Thornhill, Claude1941 and 1947CircleCLP-19
Thornhill, ClaudeSleepy SerenadeDesignDLP 50
Thornhill, ClaudeSong Is You, TheHepHEP 17
Thornhill, ClaudeUncollected, TheHindsightHSR-108
Thornhill, ClaudeDinner For TwoRCA CamdenCAL 307
Thornhill, ClaudeSnowfallRCA VictorNL-46030
Thornton, CliffordKetchaouaBYG529.323
Thornton, CliffordGardens Of Harlem, TheJCOALP-1008
Thornton, CliffordFreedom and UnityThird WorldLP 9636
Threadgill, HenryAir LoreArista NovusAN 3014
Threadgill, HenryMontreux Suisse AirArista NovusAN 3008
Threadgill, HenryOpen Air SuitArista NovusAN 3002
Threadgill, HenryAir Show (No. 1)Black SaintBSR 0099
Threadgill, HenryLive At Montreal International Jazz FestivalBlack SaintBSR 0084
Threadgill, HenryAir TimeNessan-12
Threadgill, HenryYou Know the NumberNovus3013-1-N
Threadgill, HenryAir RaidTrioPA-7156
Threadgill, HenryAir SongWhyNotPA-7120
Timmons, BobbyMoanin'MilestoneM-47031
Timmons, BobbySoul ManPrestigePR 7465
Timmons, BobbyEasy Does ItRiversideRLP 363
Timmons, BobbySoul TimeRiversideRLP 334
Timmons, BobbyThis Here Is Bobby TimmonsRiversideRLP 1164
Tjader, CalTjader Goes LatinFantasy3289
Tjader, CalTjader Plays TjazzFantasy3278
Tjader, CalCal Tjader Plugs InSkyeSK-10
Tolbert, SkeetsSkeets Tolbert and His Gentlemen Of SwingEverybody's3001
Toliver, BusterBuster Toliver With the Harry Dial TrioYorkshireHD 22365
Tolliver, CharlesLive In TokyoStrata-EastSES-19745
Tolliver, CharlesMusic Inc.Strata-EastSES-1971
Torme, MelLive At the CrescendoAffinityAFF(D) 100
Torme, MelComin' Home BabyAtlanticP-6019A
Torme, MelMel Torme At the Red HillAtlantic8066
Torme, MelLoves Fred AstaireBethelehemBCP-6022
Torme, MelMel Torme Sings Fred AstaireBethelehemBCP-6013
Torme, MelTorme Touch, TheBethlehemBCP 6042
Torme, MelGene Norman Presents Mel Torme at the CrescendoCoralVIM-4508(M)
Torme, MelMel Torme and Friends (Set 1)FinesseW2X 37484
Torme, MelMel Torme and Friends (Set 2)FinesseW2X 37484
Torme, MelLive (Volume 2)Sounds GreatSG 5012
Torme, MelVelvet MoodsSpinoramaM-133
Torme, MelRound MidnightStashST252
Torme, MelPrelude To a KissTopsL1615
Torme, MelMel Torme Swings Shubert AlleyVerveUMV 2521
Torme, MelVelvet Fog, TheVocalionVL 73905
Touff, CyCy TouffArgoLP 641-S
Touff, CyHis Octet and QuintetLibertyLLR-88027
Traut, RossGreat Lawn, TheColumbiaFC 44472
Travis, NickPanic Is On, TheRCA VictorLJM-1010
Tristano, LennieLennie TristanoAtlantic1224
Tristano, LennieLennie Tristano Quartet, TheAtlanticSD 2-7006
Tristano, LennieNew Tristano, TheAtlantic1357
Tristano, LennieCrosscurrentsCapitol5C 052-80853
Tristano, LennieCrosscurrentsCapitolM-11060
Tristano, LennieDescent Into the MaelstromEast WindEW-8040
Tristano, LennieLive In TorontoJazzJR5
Tristano, LennieLost Session, TheJazz GuildJ.G. 1008
Tristano, LennieNew York ImprovisationsMusician60264-1
Tristano, LennieRarest Trio, TheRaretone5008-FC
Troup, BobbyBobby Troup and His Stars Of JazzRCALSP-1959
Trumbauer, FrankieFrankie Trambauer and His Orchestra[none][none]
Trumbauer, FrankieFrankie Trambauer and His Orchestra / Jack Pettis and His Pets[none][none]
Trumbauer, FrankieFrank Trumbauer and His Orchestra (Volume 1)Grannyphone3314
Trumbauer, FrankieFrankie Trumbauer and His OrchestraIAJRCIAJRC-13
Trumbauer, FrankieFrankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra (1931-1932)The Old MastersTOM-26
Tucker, BenBaby, You Should Know ItAvaAS-27
Tucker, MickeTheme For a Woogie-BoogieDenonYX-7804-ND
Turbinton, EarlBrothers For LifeRounder2064
Turre, SteveFire and IceStashST-275
Turre, SteveViewpointStashST-270
Turrentine, StanleyChip Off the Old BlockBlue NoteBST-84150
Turrentine, StanleyIn Memory OfBlue NoteLT-1037
Turrentine, StanleyJoyrideBlue NoteBST 84201
Turrentine, StanleyJubilee ShoutsBlue NoteBN-LA883-J2
Turrentine, StanleyLook OutBlue NoteK18P 9248
Turrentine, StanleyNever Let Me GoBlue NoteBST-84129
Turrentine, StanleyNew Time ShuffleBlue NoteLT-993
Turrentine, StanleyRough 'N TumbleBlue NoteBLP 4240
Turrentine, StanleySpoiler, TheBlue NoteBST-84256
Turrentine, StanleyStraight AheadBlue NoteBT 85105
Turrentine, StanleyZT's BluesBlue NoteBST 84424
Turrentine, StanleyTiger TailMainstream56041
Turrentine, TommyTommy TurrentineTimeULS-1758-BT
Twenty-ninth Street Saxophone QuartetReal DealNew NoteNN 1006
Twenty-ninth Street Saxophone QuartetPointillistic GrooveOsmosis6002
Tyler, Alvin 'Red'HeritageRounder2047
Tyler, CharlesCharles Tyler EnsembleESP-DiskESP-1029
Tyner, McCoyTender MomentsBlue NoteBST 84275
Tyner, McCoyToday and TomorrowImpulseA-63
Tyner, McCoyUptown / DowntownMilestoneM-9167
Ulmer Jazz QuintetTalk For Fun AgainUJQ Productions[none]
Ulmer, James BloodFree LancingColumbiaARC 37493
University SixVarsity Eight (Volume 2)HarlequinHQ 2056
University SixUniversity Six, TheThe Old MastersTOM-3
Urso, PhilPhilosophy Of UrsoSavoyMG-12056
Usselton, BillyHis First AlbumKappKL-1051
Vache, AllanHigh Speed SwingAudiophileAP-192
Vache, WarrenEasy GoingConcordCJ-323
Vache, WarrenJillianConcordCJ-87
Vache, WarrenBlues WalkDreamstreetDR-101
Vache, WarrenFirst Time OutMonmouth EvergreenMES/7081
Vache, WarrenJersey Jazz At MidnightNew Jersey Jazz SocietyJJ-1002
Vache, WarrenJazz: It's a Wonderful SoundStarfireQSR 0478
Vallee, RudyHeigh-ho Everybody, This Is Rudy ValleeLiving EraAJA 5009
Van Eps, GeorgeMellow GuitarColumbiaCL 929
Vance, DickLike Dixie, ButSueLP 1024
Varner, TomCovert ActionNew NoteNN 1009
Varner, TomJazz French HornNew NoteNN 1004
Varsity EightVarsity Eight (Volume 1)HarlequinHQ 2055
Vaughan, SarahMy First 15 SidesOfficial3003
Ventura, CharlieNew Charlie Ventura In Hi-Fi, TheBatonBL1202
Ventura, CharlieChazzFamous DoorHL 115
Ventura, CharlieCharlie Ventura and His Band In ConcertGNP CrescendoGNP 1
Ventura, CharlieCharlie Ventura QuintetHall of Fame Jazz GreatsJG 605
Ventura, CharlieGene Norman Presents the Charlie Ventura Septet In ConcertMCAMCA-1375
Ventura, CharlieCarnegie Hall ConcertNorgranMGN-1041
Ventura, CharlieBirdlandRCA VictorNL-46031
Ventura, CharlieIt's All Bop To MeRCA VictorNL-45958
Ventura, CharlieEuphoriaSavoySJL 2243
Ventura, CharlieJumping With Charlie VenturaTrip JazzTLP-5536
Ventura, CharlieIn ChicagoZimZM-1004
Venuti, JoeJoe Venuti and His Big BandBig Band ArchivesLP-1215
Venuti, JoeJoe and ZootChiaroscuroCR 128
Venuti, JoeJoe Venuti and Zoot SimsChiaroscuroCR-142
Venuti, JoeJoe Venuti In MilanDuriumms A 77277
Venuti, JoeDutch Swing College Band, TheEverestFS 349
Venuti, JoeJoe Venuti Sextet, TheFrom the Jazz VaultJV 109
Venuti, JoePlays GershwinGolden CrestCR 3100
Venuti, JoePlays Jerome KernGolden CrestCR 3101
Venuti, JoeFiddle On FireGrand AwardG.A. 33-351
Venuti, JoeDutch Swing College Band, TheIntercord26 449-9 U
Venuti, JoeBig Bands Of Joe Venuti, The (Volume 1)JSPJSP 1111
Venuti, JoeBig Bands Of Joe Venuti, The (Volume 2)JSPJSP 1112
Venuti, JoeSounds Of New York, The (Vol. 2)RCAFPM1 7016
Venuti, JoeViolinologyRCA740.11
Venuti, JoeHell's Bells and HallelujahRegalREG 1076
Venuti, JoeMad Fiddler From Phillie, TheShoestringSS-111
Venuti, JoeVenuti-Lang (1927-1928)The Old MastersTOM-8
Venuti, JoeVenuti-Lang (1929-1930)The Old MastersTOM-7
Ver Planck, BillyJazz For PlaygirlsSavoyMG 12121
Ver Planck, BillySoul Of Jazz, TheWorld WideMGS-20002
Villegas, EnriqueVery, Very VillegasColumbiaCL-877
Vinnegar, LeroyLeroy WalksContemporaryS7542
Vinnegar, LeroyLeroy Walks AgainContemporaryS7608
Vinson, Eddie 'Cleanhead'Cleanhead's Back In TownBethlehemBCP-6036
Vinson, Eddie 'Cleanhead'Wee Baby BluesBlack and WhiteBB 33 021
Vinson, Eddie 'Cleanhead'Hold It Right ThereMuseMR 5243
Vinson, Eddie 'Cleanhead'Back Door BluesRiversideRLP 3502
Vitro, RoseannaQuiet Place, ASkylineSKY-P-1001
Wadud, AbdulBy MyselfBisharraBR/101
Waldo's Gutbucket SyncopatorsJazz In the AfternoonBlackbirdC12009
Waldron, MalSet Me FreeAffinityAFF 116
Waldron, MalMal Waldron With the Steve Lacy QuintetAmerica30 AM 6124
Waldron, MalBlues For Lady DayArista FreedomAL 1013
Waldron, MalLeft AloneBethlehemPAP-23001
Waldron, MalHard TalkEnja2050
Waldron, MalWhat It IsEnja4010
Waldron, MalSongs Of Love and RegretFree LanceFRL 006
Waldron, MalSkippin'MercuryBT-1313
Waldron, MalOpening, TheMusicamus 2003
Waldron, MalImpressionsNew JazzOJC-132
Waldron, MalMal 4New JazzSMJ-6512
Waldron, MalQuest, TheNew JazzOJC-082
Waldron, MalYou and the Night and the MusicPaddle WheelK28P 6272
Waldron, MalMal 1PrestigeLP 7090
Waldron, MalMal 3PrestigeSMJ-6511
Waldron, MalOne and TwoPrestigeP-24068
Waldron, MalGit Go, The - Live At the Village VanguardSoul NoteSN 1118
Waldron, MalSempre AmoreSoul NoteSN 1170
Waldron, MalHard TalkVictorSMJ-6096
Wallace, BennieBennie Wallace Plays MonkEnja3091
Wallace, BennieFourteen Bar Blues, TheEnja3029
Wallace, BennieLive At the Public TheaterEnja3045
Waller, FatsComplete Fats Waller, The (Vol. 1)BluebirdAXM2-5511
Waller, FatsComplete Fats Waller, The (Vol. 2)BluebirdAXM2-5575
Waller, FatsComplete Fats Waller, The (Vol. 3)BluebirdAXM2-5583
Waller, FatsComplete Fats Waller, The (Vol. 4)Bluebird5905-1-RB
Waller, FatsFats Waller Piano SolosBluebirdAXM2-5518
Waller, FatsJoint Is Jumpin', TheBluebird6288-1-RB
Waller, FatsLast Years, TheBluebird9883-1-RB
Waller, FatsYoung Fats WallerBYG529 058
Waller, FatsFriends Of FatsCollectors Items7
Waller, FatsFine Arabian StuffDeluxeDE 601
Waller, FatsLiveGiants Of JazzGOJ-1041
Waller, FatsLive (Vol. 2)Giants Of JazzGOJ -1035
Waller, FatsLive At the Yacht ClubGiants Of JazzGOJ-1029
Waller, FatsLive At the Yacht ClubGiants Of JazzGOJ 1029
Waller, FatsPaul Curry Presents the Friends Of FatsGolden CrestCR 3070
Waller, FatsOh Mercy Looka HereHoneysuckle RoseH.R. 5000-3
Waller, FatsFrom the Beginning (Vol. 1)JSPJSP 1106
Waller, FatsFrom the Beginning (Vol. 2)JSPJSP 112
Waller, FatsComplete Recordings (Vol. 1 to 10)RCACOF.1
Waller, FatsFats Waller and His Rhythm 1940 (Volume 20)RCAPM 42037
Waller, FatsFats Waller Memorial No. 1RCA730570/74
Waller, FatsFats Waller Memorial No. 2RCA731054/58
Waller, FatsReal Fats Waller, TheRCA CamdenCAL-473
Waller, Fats34 / 35RCA VictorLPV-516
Waller, FatsAfrican RipplesRCA VictorLPV-562
Waller, FatsAin't Misbehavin'RCA VictorLPM-1243
Waller, FatsFractious FingeringRCA VictorLPV-537
Waller, FatsHandful Of KeysRCA VictorLPM-1502
Waller, FatsOne Never Knows, Do OneRCA VictorLPM-1503
Waller, FatsSmashing ThirdsRCA VictorLPV-550
Waller, FatsFats Waller and the BluesRI-DISCRD-3-2
Waller, FatsPiano Roll SolosRiversideRLP 12-103
Waller, FatsRare Fats WallerSwaggieS1243
Waller, FatsThat Old FeelingSwaggieS1246
Waller, FatsFats Waller In LondonSwing DisquesSW 8443
Wallington, GeorgeKnight MusicAtlanticP-7534A
Wallington, GeorgePrestidigitator, TheEast West4004
Wallington, GeorgeLeonard Feather Presents 52nd StreetInterludeVSOP 12
Wallington, GeorgeJazz For the Carriage TradePrestigeLPR-88009
Wallington, GeorgeLive at Café BohemiaPrestigePRT-7820
Wallington, GeorgeNew York Scene, ThePrestigeSMJ-6609
Wallington, GeorgeOur DelightPrestigeP-24093
Wallington, GeorgeDance Of the InfidelsSavoySJL 1122
Wallington, GeorgeGeorge Wallington Trio and Eddie Costa TrioVerveMV 2539
Walrath, JackDemons In PursuitGatemouth1002
Walrath, JackMontanaLaborLAB-5
Walrath, JackPlea For Sanity, AStashST223
Walrath, JackRevenge of the Fat PeopleStashST 221
Walton, CedarCedarPrestigePRT-7519
Walton, CedarCedar's BluesRedVPA 179
Walton, CedarSecond SetSteepleChaseSCS 1113
Walton, CedarEastern RebellionTimelessSJP 101
Walton, CedarEastern Rebellion 2TimelessSJP 106
Walton, CedarEastern Rebellion 3TimelessSJP 143
Walton, CedarEastern Rebellion 4TimelessSJP 184
Ward, CarlosLitoLeoLR 166
Wardell, RooseveltRevelation, TheRiversideRLP 350
Ware, WilburChicago Sound, TheRiversideRLP 12-252
Waring, FredWaring's PennsylvaniansRCA VictorLPV-554
Waring, FredFred Waring Memorial AlbumStashST126
Warren, EarleEarle WarrenRCALFL 1 5066
Washington, DinahDinah WashingtonEverestFS 297
Washington, DinahWise Woman BluesRosettaRR1313
Washington, GroverThen and NowColumbiaOC 44256
Washington, TyroneNatural EssenceBlue NoteBST 84274
Waters, BennyWhen You're Smilinghephep 2010
Waters, BennyOn the Sunny Side Of the StreetJSPJSP 1027
Waters, BennyBenny Waters and Traditional Jazz StudioSupraphon1 15 1966
Waters, EthelOn the AirTotem1041
Waters, MontyBlack Cat, TheWhynotPA-7123
Watkins, DougSoulnikNew JazzNjLP 8238
Watkins, DougWatkins At LargeTransitionGXF-3122
Watkins, JuliusJazz ModesAtlanticSD 1306
Watkins, JuliusJulius Watkins SextetBlue NoteK18P 9273
Watrous, BillBill Watrous In LondonMole JazzMOLE 7
Watrous, BillSomeplace ElseSoundwingsSW-2100
Watson, BobbyMonk's VisitHephep 2036
Watson, BobbyYear Of the Rabbit, TheNew NoteNN 1008
Watson, BobbyPerpetual GrooveRedVPA 173
Watson, BobbyRound TripRedVPA 187
Watters, LuLu Waters and His Yerba Buena Jass BandDown HomeMG D-5
Watters, LuBlues Over BodegaFantasy5016
Watters, LuLu Waters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band (Vol. 1)Good Time JazzL-12001
Watters, LuLu Waters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band (Vol. 2)Good Time Jazz12002
Watters, LuLu Waters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band (Vol. 3)Good Time Jazz12003
Watters, LuYerba Buena Jazz BandGood Time JazzL-12007
Watts, CharlieLive Fulham Town HallColumbiaFC 40570
Wayne, ChuckJazz Guitarist, TheSavoyMG 12077
Wayne, ChuckTasty PuddingSavoy JazzSJL 1144
Wayne, ChuckSpring FeverVikNL-46047
Webb, ChickChick Webb and His Orchestra 1939AlamacQSR 2427
Webb, ChickStompin' At the Savoy 1940Collector's ClassicsCC 17
Webb, ChickStompin' At the SavoyColumbiaCL 2639
Webb, ChickChick Webb: A Legend (Vol. 1)DeccaDL 79222
Webb, ChickKing Of the SavoyDeccaDL 79223
Webb, ChickChick Webb and His Orchestra 1937-39First TimeFTR 1508
Webb, ChickChick Webb and His Orchestra Featuring Ella FitzgeraldFolkwaysFJ 2818
Webb, ChickElla Swings the BandMCAMCA-1327
Webb, ChickPrincess Of the SavoyMCAMCA-1348
Webster, BenLive In AmsterdamAffinityAFF 202
Webster, BenBen WebsterAmiga Jazz8 55 536
Webster, BenDuke's In BedBlack LionBLP 30137
Webster, BenBlow Ben, BlowCatfish5C 054.24159
Webster, BenBen Webster and Sweets EdisonColumbiaCL 1891
Webster, BenTwo Kings Of the Tenor SaxCommodoreSFL 14938
Webster, BenWarm Moods, TheDiscoveryDS-818
Webster, BenGentle BenEnsayoENY-301
Webster, BenHe Played It That WayIAJRCIAJRC 30
Webster, BenFor the Guv'norImperial5C054.24049
Webster, BenTribute To a Great Jazzman, AJazz ArchivesJA-15
Webster, BenBen At the Nuway ClubJazz GuildJ.G. 1011
Webster, BenBen Webster In Hot HouseJazzolder Hothouse6812 992
Webster, BenRememberMercury6499 710
Webster, BenStormy WeatherPolydor2310 061
Webster, BenWebster's DictionaryPYEN 112
Webster, BenBen At His BestRCA741.06
Webster, BenSoulmatesRiversideOJC-109
Webster, BenBen Webster Meets Don ByasSabaSB 15 159 ST
Webster, BenMy ManSteepleChaseSCS 1008
Webster, BenMasters of Jazz (Vol. 8)StoryvilleSLP 4105
Webster, BenBen Webster Meets Oscar PetersonVerveMG VS-6114
Webster, BenKing Of the TenorsVerve20MJ-0094
Webster, BenKing Of the TenorsVerveUMV 2081
Webster, BenSoulvilleVerve23MJ 3063
Wein, GeorgeGeorge Wein Is Alive and Well In MexicoColumbiaCS 9631
Wein, GeorgeGeorge Wein and the Newport All-StarsImpulseA-31
Wein, GeorgeMagic Horn, TheRCA VictorLPM-1332
Wein, GeorgeMidnight Concert In ParisSmashSRS 67023
Wells, DickyTrombone Four-In-HandAffinityAFF 168
Wells, DickyBones For the KingFelstedSJA 2006
Wells, DickyDicky Wells In Paris, 1937PrestigePR 7593
Wellstood, DickWalkin' With Wellstood7777SEU12/51
Wellstood, DickThis Is the OneAudiophileAP-120
Wellstood, DickTake Me To the Land Of JazzAvivaAVIVA-6001
Wellstood, DickLive At Hanratty'sChaz JazzCJ 108
Wellstood, DickAin't Misbehavin'ChiaroscuroCR 183
Wellstood, DickDick Wellstood and His Famous OrchestraChiaroscuroCR 129
Wellstood, DickFrom Ragtime OnChiaroscuroCR 109
Wellstood, DickOne Man Jazz MachineChiaroscuroCR 139
Wellstood, DickUptown and LowdownPrestigeSV 2026
Wellstood, DickDick WellstoodSeeds3
Wess, FrankOasisEnja3083
Wess, FrankFrank Wess Quartet, ThePrestigeMVLP Vol. 8
Wess, FrankSouthern ComfortPrestigePR 7231
Wess, FrankYo Ho Frank Wess Poor You, Little MePrestigePR 7266
Wess, Frank2 Franks PleaseSavoySJL 2249
Wess, FrankJazz For PlayboysSavoyMG-12095
Wess, FrankOpus In SwingSavoyMG 12085
Wess, FrankI Hear Ya Talkin'Savoy JazzSJL 1136
Wess, FrankOpus De JazzSavoy JazzK18P 9344
West, MaeSixteen Sultry Songs Sung By Mae West Queen of SexRosettaRR 1315
Weston, RandyHow High the MoonBiographBLP-12065
Weston, RandyLittle NilesBlue NoteBN-LA598-H2
Weston, RandyRhythms and SoundsCora1
Weston, RandyBlues To AfricaFreedomFLP 40153
Weston, RandyCarnivalFreedomFLP 40148
Weston, RandyGreenwich Village JazzJazzlandJLP 13
Weston, RandyNew Faces At NewportMetro JazzMM 2085
Weston, RandyZuluMilestoneM-47045
Weston, RandyJazz a la BohemiaRiversideRLP 12-232
Weston, RandyTrio and SoloRiversideRLP 12-227
Wettling, GeorgeJazz SessionCBS Sony20AP 1817
Wettling, GeorgeGeorge Wettling Jazz BandJSPJSP 1103
Wettling, GeorgeGeorge Wettling's Jazz TriosKappKL-1028
Wettling, GeorgeRagtime DuoKappKL-1005
Wettling, GeorgeWindy City SevenStere-o-craftrtn 107
Wettling, GeorgeHigh Fidelity RhythmsWeathersW-5501
White, SteveJazz MadLibertyLJH 6006
Whitecage, MarkNature's ConsortOtic1001
Widespread Depression OrchestraBoogie In the BarnyardStashST 206
Widespread Depression OrchestraDowntown UproarStashST 203
Widespread Depression OrchestraTime To Jump and ShoutStashST212
Widespread Jazz OrchestraSwing Is the ThingAdelphi Jazz LineAD 5015
Widespread Jazz OrchestraParis BluesColumbiaFC 40034
Widespread Jazz OrchestraSwing Is the ThingEcho JazzECJ403
Wilder, JoeWilder 'n WilderArista22RS-17(M)
Wilder, JoeJazz From Peter GunnColumbiaCL 1319
Wilder, JoePretty Sound, TheColumbiaCL 1372
Wiley, LeeComplete Session Of April 10, 1940, TheBlu-DiscT-1013
Wiley, LeeLee Wiley Sings Vincent Youmans and Irving BerlinCBS Sony20AP 1496
Wiley, LeeLee Wiley Sings With Eddie Condon All-Stars 1944&5DanVC-5020
Wiley, LeeYou Leave Me Breathless: Broadcasts and RaritiesJassJASS Fifteen
Wiley, LeeEarly RecordingsPhilomel1000
Wiley, LeeDuologueStoryvillePA-6132(M)
Wiley, LeeLegendary Lee Wiley, TheTonoTJ 6004
Wiley, LeeOn the AirTotem1021
Wilkerson, DonElder DonBlue NoteST-84121
Wilkerson, DonPreach BrotherBlue NoteBST 84107
Wilkerson, DonTexas Twister, TheRiversideRLP 332
Wilkins, ErnieBig New Band Of the 60s, TheEverestSDBR 1104
Wilkins, ErnieHere Comes the Swingin' Mr. WilkinsEverestLPBR 5077
Wilkins, ErnieLiveMatrixMTX-29203
Wilkins, ErnieErnie Wilkins In Belgrade With Sextet Gut-MarkovicRTB2121700
Wilkins, ErnieTrumpets All OutSavoyMG 12096
Wilkins, ErnieMontreuxSteepleChaseSCS 1190
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File2 Left FeetFlying Fish507
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Semenov, Alex[in another language][in another language]M60-43255
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[in another language][in another language][in another language]R60 01133
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Cleveland, JimmyTrombone SceneRCANL-45925
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Manhattan Percussion EnsembleConcert Percussion For OrchestraTimeS/8000
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The Manhattan Jazz Septet[none]JasmineJASM 1017
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The Sunset All StarsJammin' At Sunset - Volume 1Polydor2460132
The Sunset All StarsJammin' at Sunset - Volume 2Polydor2460137
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Geller, HerbDecca Presents "Jazz Studio 2" From HollywoodDeccaDL 8079
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[various artists]Copulatin' BluesStashST122
[various artists]Copulatin' BluesStashST122
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[various artists]Early Viper JiveStashST 105
[various artists]Copulatin' BluesStashST 101
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Barry, CarlHolding OnStashST236
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Coleman, EarlStar DustStashST 243
Gravine, AnitaI Always KnewStashST-255
Mitchell, GroverTruckin'StashST-277
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[various artists]Them Dirty BluesJassJass Box One
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Charles, RaySoul MeetingAtlantic1360
Charles, RayIn PersonAtlantic8039
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LeadbellyGood Night, IreneAllegro LEG-9025
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Arizona Dranes[none]Herwin210
Big Bill Broonzy1932-1942BiographBLP-C-15
Mississippi John Hurt1928 - His First RecordingsBiographBLP-C4
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Brown, Olive[none]Jim Taylor PresesntsJTP 103
Lightnin' HopkinsThe Best OfTraditionS-2056
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[various artists]Sorry But I Can't Take You: Women's Railroad BluesRosettaRR1301
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[various artists]Big Mamas-Independent Women's Blues, Volume 2
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Hill, Bertha1925-1927RaretoneRTR 24009
Memphis Jug BandThe Jug Bands JokerSM 3104
Bowman, PriscillaAn Original Rock And Roll MamaSounds GreatSG-5008
The Blues ProjectProjectionsVerveFTS-3008
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LeadbellyThe Legend OfTradition2093
LeadbellyA Leadbelly Memorial: Volume IStinsonSLP 17
LeadbellyA leadbelly Memorial: Volume IIStinsonSLP 19
LeadbellyA Leadbelly Memorial: Volume IIIStinsonSLP 48
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Harris, WynonieOh Babe!Route 66KIX-20
Harris, WynonieMr. Blues Is Coming To TownRoute 66KIX-3
Dorsey, LeeGonh Be FunkyCharly R&BCRB 1001
Speckled RedDirty DozensDelmarDL-601
Mayfield, PercyThe Voice WithinRoute 66KIX-22
[various artists]"Whip It To A Jelly" The Piano Blues Volume One Paramount 1929-30MagpiePY 4401
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Two: Brunswick 1928-1930MagpiePY4402
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Three: Vocalion 1928-1930MagpiePY4403
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Four: The Thomas Family 1925-1929MagpiePY4404
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Five: Postscript 1927-1933MagpiePY4405
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Six: Walter Roland 1933-1935MagpiePY4406
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Seven: Leroy Carr 1930-1935MagpiePY4407
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Eight: Texas Seaport 1934-1937MagpiePY4408
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Nine: Lofton/Noble 1935-1936MagpiePY4409
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Blind John DavisYou Better Cut That OutRed BeansRB008
Johnny Big Moose WalkerBlue LoveRed BeansRB005
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[various artists]Butterbeans And SusieFestivalM-7000
Little Brother Montgomery[none]Riverside9410
Howard, RosettaWith The Harlem HamfatsOfficial3024
The SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoMotown621
Terry, SonnyWith Brownie McGheeFantasy3254
Washboard SamI'm Not The LeadContactBT2012
Big Jay McNeelyLive At Birdland 1957Big JJLP-108
The RavensThe Greatest Group Of Them All/Roots Of Rock And Roll Volume 3SavoySJL2227
Memphis SlimAnd Willie Dixon In ParisBattle6122
Smiley LewisOoh La LaImperial1561391
Bartholomew, DaveJump ChildrenImperial1546601
Bartholomew, DaveThe MonkeyImperial1561331
Smiley LewisNo NoImperial1566321
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Bartholomew, DaveShrimp And GumboImperial1566311
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Ma RaineyVolume 2Riverside12/01/37
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Chippie HillAnd Gladys BentleyRaretoneRTR 24010
White, BukkaBaton Rouge, Mosby StreetBlues Beacon1932 119
Shaw, ThomasDo Lord Remember MeBlues Beacon1932 123
Champion Jack Dupree[none]StoryvilleSLP 107
[various artists]Nothin' But The BluesFontana682073 TL
LeadbellyMasters Of The Blues Volume 2Collector's ClassicsCC 23
Blind BlakeAnd Papa Charlie JacksonCollector's ClassicsCC 6
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Estes, Sleepy JohnMasters Of The Blues Volume 3Collector's ClassicsCC 24
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Little Brother MontgomeryMasters Of The Blues Volume 9Collector's ClassicsCC 35
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Little Brother MontgomeryBajes Copper StationBlues Beacon1932115
[various artists]Murderers' HomeGolden Guinea JazzGGL 317
Blind Boy FullerCountry Blues 1935-1940Classic Jazz MastersBBL 7512
[various artists]Early Rural String BandsRCALPV-552
OdettaChristmas SpiritualsVanguardVRS-9079
Son Seals Blues Band[none]Alligator4703
Brown, CharlesLegend!ABC BLS-6039
Barbecue BobMasters Of The Blues Volume 10Collector's ClassicsCC 36
Kokomo ArnoldMasters Of The Blues Volume 4Collector's ClassicsCC 25
Cripple Clarence LoftonAnd Walter DavisYazooL-1025
OdettaAnd The BluesRiverside9417
Douglas, Rev. IsaacI Need YouCreed3097
The Sensational Prodigal SonsNo Sunshine In A StormRichburg132
[various artists]New Orleans Rhythm 'N BluesKrazy Kat7403
Harris, Don "Sugarcane"I'm On Your CaseMPS21 21912-7
Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Flashin' TimeMPS68.033
Harris, Don "Sugarcane"KeyzopMPS21 22310-8
Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Cup Full Of DreamsMPSMB-21792
Harris, Don "Sugarcane"Fiddler On The RockMPS20878
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Vinson, Eddie 'Cleanhead'Cherry Red BluesStarday-KingKS 1087
Hooker, EarlDo You Remember The GreatBluesWayBLS-6072
Lightnin' Hopkins…And The BluesImperialLP-12211
Washboard SamFeeling LowdownRCALPV-577
Guthrie, WoodieDust Bowl BalladsRCALPV-502
[various artists]The Railroad In Folk SongRCALPV-532
The Foster SistersNever AlonePMAMP 001
The Foster SistersNo Tears In HeavenPMAMP 003
Lewis, Katharine HandyW.C. Handy BluesFolkwaysFG 3540
Blind John DavisRecorded Live!AlligatorAL 4709
Memphis Minnie1939-1941FlyrightLP108
Witherspoon, JimmyAnd Panama Francis' Savoy SultansBlack & Blue33.177
Blind Lemon JeffersonThe Classic Folk-Blues OfRiversideRLP 12-125
Cox, IdaThe Moanin', Groanin' BluesRiversideRLP 147
Brown, WiniMiss Brown For YouSavoySJL 1163
[various artists]Blues Singers, Jazz Sounds Of The 20'sSwaggieS1240
Ma RaineyMother Of The Blues, Volume 1Riverside8807
George, BarbaraI Know (You Don't Love Me No More)Line Music GMBHOLLP 5286 AS
The 100 Voice Brooklyn Tabernacle ChoirGiving Him ThanksCallingBT108
Tampa Red1928-1942Blues DocumentsBD-2001
Rockin' DopsieCrowned Prince Of ZydecoMaison SoulLP-1020
Dupree CornellGuitar GrooveToplineTOP 167
[various artists]Low Down Piano Blues And Boogie WoogieConfidentialCLP 001
Sunnyland SlimSunnyland TrainRed BeansRB002
The SpidersI Didn't Wanna Do ItImperialLAX 303
[various artists]New Orleans Rhythm And BluesChessCH 9174
Webster, KatieWhooee Sweet DaddyFlyrightFLY LP 530
Wheatstraw, Peetie1930-36FlyrightLP111
[various artists]Worried All The Time, Country Blues 1929-1936
Toussaint, AllenToussaintScepterSPS 24003
Cox, IdaBlues For Rampart StreetRiverside374
Stovall, Babe[none]VerveVPM-1
Sykes, RooseveltThe HoneydripperPrestige/Bluesville1014
Sykes, RooseveltThe Return OfPrestige/Bluesville1006
Johnson, LonnieAnother Night To CryBluesvilleBV 1062
Little Brother MontgomeryTasty BluesPrestige/Bluesville1012
State Street Swingers And Chicago Black Swans[none]Collectors Items3
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Ten, Territory Blues 1934-1941MagpiePY4410
[various artists]The Piano Blues Volume Eleven: Texas Santa Fe 1934-1937MagpiePY4411
[various artists]Honkers And Screamers/Roots Of Rock 'N' Roll Volume 6Savoy2234
Counce, CurtisYou Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce!Original Jazz ClassicsOJC-159
[various artists]Can't Keep From Crying: Topical BluesTestamentS-01
Williams, NovellaJust As I AmJubileeJGS 6001
[various artists]Giants Of Small Band Swing, Volume 1StoryvilleSLP 806
[various artists]Great Blues SingersRiversideRLP 12-121
Shaw, RobertTexas Barrelhouse PianoAlmanacAM 10
[various artists]Can't Sit Down!JSP1097
[various artists]Rare And Hot! 1923-1926Historical14
[various artists]Chicago AnthologySunnylandKS 101
[various artists]Blue Bird BluesRCALPV-518
Williams, Robert PeteSugar FarmBlues Beacon1932 101
[various artists]Jugs, Washboards And KazoosRCALPV-540
[various artists]Early Blue GrassRCALPV-569
[various artists]Them Dirty BluesJass1
Spann, OtisWalking The BluesBarnabyKZ 31290
Blind Willie McTell1940MelodeonMLP 7323
Mississippi John HurtFolk Songs And BluesPiedmontPLP 13157
Cousin JoeOf New OrleansABC BLS-6078
Miller, EmmetAccompanied By His Georgia CrackersThe Old MastersTOM-1
Big Bill BroonzyBig Bill's BluesEpicEE 22017
Davis, Rev. GaryGospel, Blues And Street Songs: Rev. Gary Davis And Pink AndersonRiversideRLP 148
Sugarcane HarrisSugarcaneEpicE 30027
[various artists]Tub Jug Washboard Bands: 1924-1932Riverside8802
Bumble Bee Slim1931-1937: Vintage Country BluesMagpiePY 1801
[various artists]Going Back To New OrleansSpecialtySNTF 5021
[various artists]Mardi Gras In New OrleansMardi GrasMG 1001
[various artists]New Orleans Rock And Roll And R And BRarin'[none]
[various artists]Four O'Clock BluesGannetGEN 5139
Cox, IdaParamount Recordings In Six Volumes: Volume 6GannetGEN 5376
Cox, Idaparamount Recordings In Six Volumes: Volume 4GannetGEN 5374
Cox, IdaParamount Recordings In Six Volumes: Volume 3GannetGEN 5373
Cox, IdaParamount Recordings In Six Volumes: Volume 2GannetGEN 5372
Brownie McGheeBlues All Around My HeadPrestige/BluesvilleBVLP 1020
Babe Stovall[none]VerveVPM-1
Big Joe WilliamsBaby Please Don't GoBluetimeBT 2007
[various artists]Black Man BluesBYGBYG 35
[various artists]I'm Coming From SeclusionCollectors Items5
[various artists]Chicago SouthsideCollectors Items19
[various artists]Mellow RhythmCollectors Items22
Big Bill BroonzyMidnight SteppersContactBT 2001
Carr, LeroyBlues Before SunrisePortrait MastersRJ 44122
Glinn, LillianRecorded 1927-29 In Atlanta, Dallas And New OrleansVJMVLP 31
Jones, MaggieVolume 2VJMVLP 25
Jones, MaggieVolume 1VJMVLP 23
Ma RaineyVolume 1VJMVLP 81
Smith, TrixieMasters Of The Blues Volume 5Collector's ClassicsCC 29
Big MaybelleBlues, CandySavoySJL 1168
Lipscomb, ManceTrouble In MindRepriseR-2012
[various artists]Doo Wop Delights: The Roots Of RockSavoySJL 1185
Wilson, Edith[none]FountainFB-302
[various artists]Texas Blues - Dallas 1928FountainFB-305
The Jazz FiveThe HooterRiversideRLP 361
[various artists]The Hotsy Totsy GangThe Old MastersTOM-12
Lagrene, BireliInfernoBlue NoteBLJ-48016
Lagrene, Bireli15Antilles AN 1009
[various artists]Jazz LipsTeldec/Telefunken-DeccaTS 3289/1-2
Richman, HarryHis Broadway And HersMonmouth EvergreenMES/7048
Whiting, JackAnd Jessie MatthewsMonmouth EvergreenMES/7049
London, JulieLonely GirlLibertyLRP 3012
[various artists]1928RCARD-7865
[various artists]New Sound In JazzPhilipsPHS 600-128
Kesl, LennieWalkin' On AirRevelation29
Shearing, GeorgeAnd Joe Williams With Mike Douglas As HostThe U.S. Treasury Department18-72
Tanner, TonySomething's Coming!Audio FidelityAFSD 6171
Alexandria, LorezEarly In The MorningArgoLP-663
Johnson, BunkHot JazzRCAHJ-7
Brownie McGheeBlues In My SoulPrestige/Bluesville1033
[various artists]Jazz A La Creole Featuring Sidney Bechet Trio And Omer Simeon Trio[none][none]
Merman, EthelIn Happy HuntingRCALOC-1026
Merkle, FreddyJazz Under The DomeVikLX-1114
Pollack, BenDixieland StrutRegentMG 6068
Pollack, BenAnd His Orchestra, 1933-1934VJMVLP 43
Bennett, TonyHometown, My TownColumbiaCL 1301
Bennett, Tony…..And Far AwayColumbiaCL 1186
Prysock, ArthurHere's To Good FriendsMCAMCA-3061
Riddle, NelsonSing A Song With RiddleMusic Minus OneMMO 1080
Arakelian, AramThe OudCarltonLP 12/109
Berberian, JohnMiddle Eastern RockVerveFTS-3073
Cunne, ChristinaMikis Theodorakis: Songs From ZatounaImperial5C064.24150
MacColl, EwanThe Big HewerArgoRG 538
MacColl, EwanThe Fight GameArgoRG 539
Los IncasFlutes Des AndesPhilips849.489 BY
Behan, Dominic[none]Major MinorSMMLP6
[information in japanese charactersZen MusicJVCSJL-2063
Violette, AndrewPepe - Rue De La Tombe Issoire/Trogan - Sonata For PianoOpus One32
El Hamid, Hmaoui AbdLa Flute OrientaleArion30T 104
Bechir, MounirOriental StringsPhilips6358001
Kunz, ErichSings German University SongsVanguardVRS-1035
Vienna Radio ChoirA Treasury Of German FolksongColumbiaML 5344
[various artists]Voices From TurkeyArasLP 21018
[various artists]Songs And Dances From TurkeySong And SoundBL 7718
Buarque, ChicoMeus Caros AmigosPhilips6349 189
[information in Ciryllic script[information in Cyrillic[information in Cyrillic5289-73
Galway, JamesGalway SamplerRCADJL1-3592
Samandar, BijanMusic Of Iran: The Tar Volume 2LyrichordLLST 7220
[various artists]Turkish Hit ParadeRequestRLP 10075
KorkkijalkaKorklegAmuletWISH 21
Feis EirannSingers And Dancers From IrelandMonitorMFS 461
[various artists]Tunisia: Volume 1FolkwaysFW8861
Davies, ColynCockney Music Hall Songs And RecitationsTraditionTLP 1017
Theodorakis, MikisThe Greek SoundEMISX 6172
Theodorakis, MikisThe Magic Of EMISCX 6399
Hadjidakis, ManosLilacs Out Of The Dead LandP.I.PI-LPS-11
[various artists]Holidays In GreeceEMICLP 1771
Bithikotsis, GrigorisThe Island Of AphroditeEMIGCLP 12
Theodorakis, MikisSongs For Greek LoversEMICLP 3578
Theodorakis, MikisThe Ballad Of Mauthausen Six SongsEMIGCLP 16
Theodorakis, Mikis[none]ColumbiaHPX 5009
[information in cyrillic[information in CyrillicOdeonOMCGA 30
Ghiaurov, NicolaiFrench And Russian AriasLondonOS 25911
Spyros, SperoAnatolian IntroductionNear EastNE 45003
Kunz, ErichSings German University SongsVanguardVRS-477
PiirpaukeBirgi BuhtuiJA & RO4
[various artists]Bouzouki-BouzoukiP.I.PI-LPM-1
Khan, Ustad VilayatMusic Of IndiaEMIALP 1946
MatarOriental Bouzok MusicPhilips6353005
Roberts, AldwinMr. KitchRCALPB/LPS 3030
Bull, SandyFantasias For Guitar And BanjoVanguardVRS 9119
Xarchakou, Stavrov6+6EMI14C 062-70022
[various artists]Moondog In EuropeKopfRRF 33014
Gillespie, RobertA Recital For TromboneMaceMCS 9112
Page, WillisStravinsky, Villa-Lobos And BachSounds Of Our Times1062
[various artists]Scelsi: Anahit, Xenakis: Mikka,Mikka "S"; Glass: Strung Out; Zukofsky: ViolinCP26
Golden Age SingersLocke: Music For Voices And Viols - Elizabethan Consort Of ViolsMusic GuildMS-835
Orlando QuartetHaydn: String Quartets, Op.76 Nos. 4/6Philips6514 204
Gronn, TorSpiller Verker Av Sverre Bergh Oscar Hansen Og Carl ArnoldVest-Norsk PlatelskapVNP 0084-5
Serkin, RudolfBeethoven: Triple ConcertoColumbiaML 5964
Boston Pops OrchestraLiebestraumRCALSC-2546
Hamilton, FrankSings Folk SongsFolkwaysFA 2437
[various artists]Played With Immense Success[none][none]
Kaukonen, JormaBarbeque KingRCAAFL1-3725
Kunz, ErichGerman University Songs, Volume 4VanguardVRS-1045
Faier, BillyThe Art Of The Five-String BanjoRiversideRLP 12-813
Sheer, AnitaSheer Flamenco…RiversideRLP 1116
[information in cyrillic[information in CyrillicOdeonOMCG 38
Akbar-Kahn, AliThe Classical Music Of Indiaprestige1079
[various artists]Arab Music Volume 2LyrichordLLST 7198
[various artists]TakseemOrientLPO 133
[information in arabic]Danses De L'Orient[information in arabic]LPD 111
[various artists]MarocPhilips844.926 BY
[various artists]Music From West AfricaDisques VoguesLVLX-193
[various artists]Bouzouki Music From GreeceSong And SoundBL 7712
[various artists]Dances And Musical Instruments Of TurkeyRequestRLP 10074
Escudero, MariaCantar NomasTrovaTL7
[various artists]Santur, Tunbuk, And Tar: Music And Drum Rhythms From IranLimelight/MercuryLS-86057
Obadia, HakkiMaster Musician Plays Middle East ClassicsOrientSLPO 142
Baker, KennyBakers Jam7756
Ball, KennyThe Kenny Ball ShowPye JazzNJL 42
Ball, KennyMidnight In MoscowKappKS-3276
Ball, KennyKing Of The SwingersFontanaSFL 13169
Ball, KennyGolden HitsDisques VoguesMDINT 9147
Ball, KennyInvitation To The BallPye JazzNJL 24
Barber, ChrisBest Yet!LaurieLLP 1010
All American RamblersDestination DixieGoneG5006
Barber, ChrisThe Classic Concerts 1959/1961[none]CBJBD 4002
Barber, ChrisChris Barber's Jazz Band In ConcertStoryvilleSLP 100
Barber, ChrisChris Barber's Jazz Band In New OrleansRarities13
Barber, ChrisThe Best OfAce of ClubsACL 1037
Barber, ChrisIn BudapestStoryvilleSLP 408
Barber, ChrisChris Barber's "American" Jazz BandLaurieLLP 1009
Barber, ChrisConcert For The BBCTimelessTTD 509/510
Barber, ChrisIn ConcertMarble ArchMAL 727
Barber, ChrisHere IsAtlantic1292
Barber, ChrisFolk Barber StyleDeccaPFS 4070
Barber, ChrisGuest Artist Lonnie DoneganEverestFS224
Barber, ChrisIn HamburgKarussell2499 020
Barber, ChrisPetite FleurLaurie1001
Barber, ChrisPlays "Trad"ColpixCP 404
Barber, ChrisTrad Jazz Volume 1Laurie1003
Barnard, BobWith The International SetCalligraphCLGLP 17
Beckett, HarryPictures Of YouVirgin207 163-620
Beckett, HarryJoy UnlimitedCadillacSGC 1004
Bell, RogerAnd His Pagan Pipers77LEU 12/12
Bilk, AckerA Stranger No MoreRepriseR-6031
Bilk, AckerA Golden Treasury Of BilkColumbia33SX 1304
Bilk, AckerAckerColumbia33 SX 1248
Brown, SandyIn The EveningHep2017
Cameron, JohnOff CentreDERAMDES 18033
Candrix, FudIntroducing Mr. CandrixTop Classic-HistoriaH-649
Carlisle, ElsieThat's LoveASV-Living EraAJA 5019
NucleusWe'll Talk About It LaterVertigo6360027
NucleusAwakeningMood24 400
Carr, IanBelladonnaVertigo6360 076
NucleusOut Of The Long DarkCapitolST-11916
Chase, TommyOne WaySpotliteSPJ510
Chisholm, GeorgeTrad Treat!Philips840 602 BY
Chisholm, GeorgeAlong The Chisolm Trail77EU 12/43
Chisholm, GeorgeChis - The Art OfLondonLL-1491
Coe, TonyCantebury SongHot HouseHH1005
Coe, TonyBrian Lemon Trio77SEU 12/41
Coe, TonyCoe-ExistenceLee LambertLAM 100
Collie, MaxLive In SwedenSweet Folk And CountrySFAX 108
Collie, MaxWorld Champions Of JazzBlack LionBLPX 12137/8
Collier, GrahamMidnight BlueMosaicGCM 751
Collier, GrahamSymphony Of ScorpionsMosaicGCM 773
Collier, GrahamDariusMosaicGCM 741
Colyer, KenThis Is JazzColumbia33SX 1220
Colyer, KenBack To The DeltaLondonLL 1340
Colyer, KenClub Session With ColyerLondonLL 1618
Colyer, KenColyer Plays StandardsDeccaLK 4294
Colyer, KenSpirituals Volume 2JoyJOYS 236
Colyer, KenSpirituals Volume 1JoyJOYS 235
Crane River JazzbandThe LegendaryHappy Bird5003
Crane River JazzbandThe Original 77LEU 12/7
Crane River Jazzband1972Dawn ClubDC 12 026
Crane River JazzbandThe LegendaryDawn ClubDC 12026
Daniels, JoeSteppin' Out To SwingSavilleSVL 167
Dankworth, JohnThe Zodiac VariationsFontanaMGF 27543
Dankworth, JohnWhat The Dickens!FontanaMGF 27525
Dankworth, JohnFeaturing Cleo LaineEMIEG 26 0187 1
Dankworth, JohnThe SophisticatedFontanaSRF-67603
Dankworth, JohnThe $1,000,000 CollectionFontanaSRF-67575
Dawson, Colin "Kid"[none]OnwardC.K.D.2
Dawson, Colin "Kid"Fine And DandyOnwardC.K.D.1
Denny, SandyLike An Old Fashioned WaltIslandSW-9340
Deuchar, JimmyPub CrawlingContemporaryC 3529
Deuchar, JimmyThe Scots ConnectionHep2006
Elizalde, FredAn Evening At The SavoryDeccaDDV 5011/12
Elizalde, FredJazz At The Savoy, The 20'sAce of ClubsACL 1102
Farnon, DennisCaution! Men SwingingRCALPM-1495
Fawkes, WallyWhatever Next!Stomp OffS.O.S. 1144
[various artists]Leonard Feather Presents…Jazz From Two SidesConceptVL5
Felix, LennieBoogie-Train On The Road From Blues To SwingCaligCAL 30 625
Galbraith, Charlie[none]77LEU 12/5
Gardner, FreddyEngland's Most Fabulous Saxophone StarMonmouth EvergreenMES 7044
Gardner, Freddy[none]HarlequinHQ 3027
Gardner, Freddy[none]HarlequinHQ 3018
Gardner, Freddy[none]DeccaRFL 44
Garrick, MichaelPromisesArgoDA 36
Garrick, MichaelOctober WomanArgoDA 33
Gaynair, WiltonBlue BogeyJasmineJASM 2016
Gaynair, WiltonThird Eye Live!ViewVS 0021
Gibbs, Michael[none]DERAMSML 1063
Gonella, Nat[none]HarlequinHQ 3019
Gonella, NatMister Rhythm ManEMIEG 26 0188 1
Gonella, NatAnd His TrumpetAce of ClubsACL 1241
Gonella, NatThe Golden Age OfEMIGX 41 2536 1
Gonella, NatCrazy ValvesASV-Living EraAJA 5055
Gonella, NatHow'm I Doin'?Old BeanOLD 11
Gonella, NatRiff Records PresentsRiff659016
Gonella, NatGeorgia On My MindEMISH369
Gonella, NatThe Nat Gonella StoryPhilips3459 218
Gonella, NatThe Nat Gonella StoryEMI33SX1380
Gonella, NatNaturally GonellaConiferCHD 129
Halcox, PatSeventh AvenuePlant LifePLJ 002
Harriott, JoeIndo-Jazz FusionsDouble-UpDUO 123
Harriott, JoeAbstractCapitolT10351
Harriott, JoeMemorial 1973One-UpOU 2011
Harriott, JoeIndo-Jazz SuiteAtlantic1465
Harriott, JoeIndo-Jazz FusionsAtlantic1482
Harriott, JoeFree FormJazzland49
Harriott, JoeSouthern HorizonsJazzlandJLP 937S
Hatchett's SwingtetteIn The MoodDeccaRFL 11
Hayes, TubbyTubby's GrooveJasmineJASM 2001
Jazz CouriersThe Last WordJasmineJASM 2024
Hayes, TubbyThe Jazz CouriersJasmineJASM 2004
Hayes, TubbyThe Message From BritainJazzland34
Hayes, TubbyThis Is JazzPhilips6382 041
Hayes, TubbyAfter Lights OutJasmineJASM 2015
Hayes, TubbyMexican GreenMole JazzMOLE 2
Hayes, TubbyTubbs' ToursMole JazzMOLE 4
Hayes, TubbyTubby's Back In TownSmashSRS 67026
Hayes, TubbyThe Jazz CouriersJasmineJASM 2004
Hayes, TubbyLive 1969HarlequinHQ 3006
Hayes, TubbyA Tribute: TubbsSpotliteSPJ902
Hayes, TubbyTubby The TenorExclusiveERS-103
Hayes, TubbyChanging The Jazz…At Buckingham PalaceSavoyMG 12111
Hayes, TubbyThe Couriers Of JazzCarltonLP 12/116
Hayes, Tubby[none]International Association Of Jazz Record CollectorsIAJRC 50
Heath, TedRodgers For ModernsLondonLL 1500
Heath, TedHeath Swings In Hi-FiLondonLL 1475
Heath, TedThe Great Film HitsLondonPS 159
Heath, TedHits I MissedLondonPS 116
Heath, TedOld EnglishLondonLL 3058
Heath, TedAt Carnegie HallLondonLL 1566
Heath, TedSpotlight On Side MenJasmineJASM 2026
Heath, TedThe Big Band Dixie SoundLondonLL 3138
Heath, TedThe BeginningDeccaDDV 5015/16
Heath, TedBig Band BashLondonSP 44017
Heath, Ted21st Anniversary AlbumLondonPS 535
Heath, TedHeath Vs. RosLondonSP 44038
Heath, TedA Yank In EuropeLondonLL 1676
Heath, TedKern For ModernsLondonLL 1279
Heath, TedHeath Swings In Hi-FiLondonLL 1475
Heath, TedBig Band PercussionLondonSP 44002
Heath, TedMy Very Good Friends The BandleadersLondonPS 174
Heath, Ted100th Palladium Jazz ConcertLondonLL 1000
Heath, TedAt The London Palladium, Volume 4LondonLL 1379
Heath, TedSwing KingLondonSP 44104
Howes, BobbyShe's My LovelyWorld Record ClubSH 136
Hughes, Spike1930 Volume 3RetrievalFG-411
Hughes, Spike1930 Volume 2RetrievalFG-409
Hughes, Spike1930 Volume 1RetrievalFG-407
Hughes, SpikeVolume 4RetrievalFG-413
The Jazz FiveThe HooterRiversideRLP 361
Keane, ShakeThe Big Fat Horn OfLondonPS 438
Kinsey, TonyKinsey Comes OnLondonLL 1672
Krahmer, CarloJazz At The Town HallEsquire(S) 319
Lane, SteveJust ImagineVJMLC38
Lane, SteveJazz From LondonVJMLC1
Lane, SteveMovin' OnVJMSLC 31
Laurie, CyJazz ClubEsquire32-008
Lee, DaveA Big New Band From BritainTop Rank InternationalRM 336
Leighton, Charles[none]StashSTLE 2
Lemon, BrianOur Kind Of Music77LEU12/38
Lewis, PhilipVolume One 1929RetrievalFG-410
Lewis, PhilipVolume Two 1929RetrievalFG-412
Lewis, VicVolume 1HarlequinHQ 3008
Lewis, VicVolume 4HarlequinHQ 3011
Lyttleton, HumphreyTriple ExposureParlophonePMC 1110
Lyttleton, HumphreyIn PerspectiveParlophonePMC 1070
Lyttleton, HumphreyGigsCalligraphCLGLP 15
Lyttleton, HumphreyHumph At The ConwayCalligraphCLGLP 6
Lyttleton, HumphreyBeano BoogieCalligraphCLG LP 21
Lyttleton, HumphreyHumph Plays StandardsBethlehemBCP 6063
Lyttleton, HumphreyI Play As I PleaseLondonLL 3101
Lyttleton, HumphreyHumph Plays StandardsMarble ArchMALS 1351
Lyttleton, HumphreyA Tribute To Humph - Volume 4
Lyttleton, HumphreyTake It From The TopBlack LionBLP 12134
Lyttleton, Humphrey[none]SocietySOC 1003
Lyttleton, HumphreyHumph DedicatesLondonPS 178
Lyttleton, HumphreyDuke Ellington ClassicsBlack LionBLP 12108
Lyttleton, HumphreyGood Old DixielandPolydor2377325
Lyttleton, HumphreyIn CanadaSackville3033
Lyttleton, HumphreyDelving Back And Forth With HumphStomp OffS.O.S. 1160
Lyttleton, HumphreyScatterbrainsStomp OffS.O.S. 1111
Midnite Follies OrchestraJungle Nights In Harlem!ASV-Living EraALA 3002
Moholo, LouisSpirits Rejoice!OgunOG 520
Moonlight BroadcastersRadio NightsStomp OffS.O.S. 1193
Moule, KenArranges For…LondonLL 1673
NatWest Jazz BandYou Can Bank On UsNational Westminster BankNWJB 3
New Iberia Stompers1979ParagonPLE S-106
New Jazz OrchestraLe Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe WithVerveSVLP 9236
Nicols, MaggieDon't AssumeLeoLR 145
Nicols, MaggieNicols 'N' NuLeoLR 127
Noble, RayVolume 6Monmouth EvergreenMES 7056
Noble, RayVolume VMonmouth EvergreenMES 7040
Noble, Ray[none]Monmouth EvergreenMES 6816
Noble, Ray[none]RCALPV-536
Noble, RayVolume 4Monmouth EvergreenMES 7039
Parker, EvanMonocerusIncus27
Parry, HarryParry OpusEMIEG 26 0294 1
Pasadena Roof Orchestra[none]IslandILPS 9324
Pasadena Roof Orchestra[none]CBSS 82751
Pasadena Roof OrchestraVolume One Stomp ROBB 008
Pine, CourtneyJourney To The Urge WithinIslandAND 8700
Pine, CourtneyDestiny's Song + The Image Of PursuanceAntilles / New Directions90697
Rendell, Don[none]Jazzland51
Rendell, DonSet 2SpotliteSPJ516
Rendell, DonWith The Joe Palin TrioSpotlite501
Rendell, DonLiveEMISX 6316
Rendell, DonJust MusicSpotliteSPJ502
Robinson, JoyceThe Amazing Mrs. RobinsonBig BenBB 00.08
Robinson, SpikeIt's A Wonderful WorldCapri72185
Robinson, SpikeLondon RepriseCapri[none]
Robinson, SpikeSpring Can Really Hang You Up The MostCapri71785
Robinson, SpikeAt ChestersHep2028
Ross, Ronnie[none]World Record ClubT 346
Ross, RonnieThe Jazz MakersAtlantic1333
Scottish Jazz Advocates[none]Sacramento JazzSJS-22
Scott, RonnieGreat Scott!Esquire303
Scott, Ronnie[none]FontanaSFL 13079
Scott, RonnieSerious GoldPye PopularNSPL 18542
Scott, RonnieScott At Ronnie'sRCALPL1 5056
Semple, ArchieThe Clarinet Of77LEU 12/6
Sharpe, JackCatalystMastermixFRG 716
Silk, EricOff The CuffPolydor583 002
Six Swingers1934-1935World Records LimitedSH 248
Smith, KeithIn NiceHefty Jazz ProductionsHJ103
Smith, KeithKeith Smith's American All Stars 1966Hefty Jazz ProductionsHJ102
Smith, KeithUp Jumped The BluesHefty Jazz ProductionsHJ105
Sunshine, Monty[none]KappKL-1303
Temperance Seven[none]RisticRT7 693
Temperance Seven[none]Music For PleasureMFP 1322
Temperance SevenFamily AlbumWorld Record ClubT(F)727
New Temperance Seven[none]Marble ArchMALS 1350
Temperance Seven21 Years OnDJM22043
Temperance Seven[none]StarlineSRS 5151
Temperance Seven[none]KappKL-1287
Thompson, EddieAin't She SweetHep2002
Thompson, EddieA Jazz Portrait OfReginaR 299
Thompson, EddieWhen Lights Are LowHep2007
Thompson, EddieDutch TreatRiff659.03
Tracey, StanPlay Duke, Monk & BirdEmanem3604
Tracey, StanJazz SuiteEMI33SX 1774
Tracey, StanPerspectivesEMISCX 6485
Tracey, StanWith Love From JazzEMISCX 6205
Tracey, StanLive RecordingsWaterlandWM011
Turner, Bruce[none]CadillacSGC 1005
White, MarkDixie - London StyleLondonLL 1337
Whittle, TommyJigsawAlamoAJ4501
Whittle, TommyWaxing With WhittleEsquire305
Wilbur, JayHi GangDeccaRFL21
Williams, RoySomething WonderfulHep2015
Winnick, Maurice[none]World Records LimitedSH 225
Winstone, NormaEdge Of TimeArgoZDA 148
[various artists]Roll Along Prairie MoonWorld Records LimitedSH 304
[various artists]Homemade Jam - Volume 2World Records LimitedSH 297
[various artists]Swingin' Britain - The ThirtiesDeccaDDV 5013/14
[various artists]Backroom JoysSwaggieS1290
[various artists]Harlem Comes To LondonSwingSW 8444
[various artists]The M & B Jam Session Volume 1Bear26
[various artists]A Scrapbook Of British JazzLondonLL1444
[various artists]Jazz At The New Theatre University College SchoolJayceeJC003
[various artists]Modern Jazz At The Royal Festival Hall, LondonLondonLL 1185
[various artists]Traditional Jazz LondonLL 1242
[various artists]Hot Jazz - Cool BeerDeccaLK 4512
[various artists]Jazz In Britain '68-'69EclipseECS 2114
[various artists]The Best Of Ball, Barber & BilkMarble ArchMAL 613
[various artists]The Third Festival Of British Jazz, November 10, 1956LondonLL-1639
[various artists]Traditional Jazz At The Royal Festival Hall, LondonLondonLL 1184
[various artists]Dixieland Merry-Go-RoundKing2027
[various artists]Clarinet JamboreeEMI33SX 1204
[various artists]Trad Scene TodayDeccaACL 1099
[various artists]Golden Hour Of Trad Jazz Volume 4Golden HourGH 669
[various artists]The World Of EnglandDeccaSPA-R 190
[various artists]Washington Square And The Best Of Kenny BallKappKL-1348
Dollar BrandAfrican Space ProgramEnja2032
Dollar BrandAfrican BreezeEast WindEW-7002
Dollar BrandAfrican HerbsThe SunSRK 786135
Dollar BrandMannenberg-Is Where It's HappeningThe SunSRK 786134
Dollar BrandDuke Ellington PresentsRepriseR9-6111
Dollar BrandConfluenceFreedomFLP 40118
Dollar BrandThis Is Black Lion2460 192
Dollar BrandZimbabweEnja4056
Dollar Brand[none]Amiga Jazz8 56 278
Dollar Brand[none]PolJazzPSJ-149
Dollar BrandThe Third World - UndergroundTrioPAP-9018
Dollar BrandSouth AfricaEnja5007
Dollar BrandAfrican MarketplaceElektra6.00E-252
Dollar BrandThe JourneyChiaroscuroCR 187
Dollar BrandDuke's MemoriesString33.853
De Keita FodebaLes Ballets AfricainsCoralCRL57280
Ilori, SolomonAfrican High LifeBlue Note84136
MahlathiniThe Lion Of SowetoEarthWorks/Virgin7 90867-1
[various artists]Thunder Before Dawn-The Indestructable Beat Soweto Volume TwoEarthWorks/Virgin7 90866-1
Masekela, Hugh[none]ChisaCS 808
Masekela, HughTechno BushArista/Jive AfricaJL8-8210
Myton, CedricHeart Of The CongosBlack Art[none]
Africa DjolePercussion Music From AfricaFree MusicSAJ-19
[various artists]Music Of Occidental AfricaCounterpointCPT-529
Australian Jazz Quartet[none]BethlehemBCP-6002
Australian Jazz Quintet +1[none]BethlehemBCP 6015
Bell, Graeme1949SwaggieS 1268
Bell, GraemeCzechoslovak JourneySupraphon0 15 1455
Bertles, BobYou Must Believe In SpringLarrikinLRJ.147
Brown, BrianThe PlanetsLarrikinLRJ 151
Burrows, DonThe Jazz SoundColumbiaSCXO 7781
Burrows, DonAt The Sydney Opera HouseMainstream416
Gray, Bruce1973SwaggieS. 1418
Hounslow, KeithAt LastEmanem3605
Johnson, FrankDixieland JazzSwaggieS1325
Melbourne New Orleans Jazz BandAustralian Jazz Of The 60'sJazz LoverYPRX-2166
Lazy Ade MonsboroughThe Odds Are Against MeSwaggieS.1289
Munro, CharlieIntegrationsLarrikinLRJ 170
OnajeWaltz For StellaLarrikinLRJ174
Pearce-Pickering Barrlehouse Jazz BandSweet, Soft, Plenty RhythmSwaggieS.1404
Rohde, BryceMore SpringMBSJazz6
Stribling, NevilleSacramento ConnectionSwaggieS.1408
[various artists]The Great Jazz RevivalJazznoteJNLP-002/S
[various artists]Jazz And Hot Dance In Australia - Volume TwelveHarlequinHQ 2021
Ayoub, NickThe Music OfRadio Canada InternationalRCI 455
Ayoub, NickThe Montreal SceneRCAPC/PCS-1042
Barley, Brian[none]Radio Canada International309
Kid Bastien's Camelia Jazz Band[none]Fat Cat's JazzFCJ 131
Stuart, MichaelDetermination[none]ST1001
Carroll, RobEnstasisUmbrellaUMB GEN 1-14
Donato, Michel[none]La Radio De Radio-CanadaSS1707
Gagnon, LeeLa JazztekCapitolT 6226
Gagnon, LeeJazzzzzRadio Canada InternationalRCI 288
Gagnon, LeeJe JazzeCapitolST. 6253
Galloway, JimWalking On AirUmbrellaUMB GEN 1-17
Grosney, PaulSwing That Music!Leo1001
Hoelke, GerryGoin' Down HomeRadio Canada InternationalRCI 308
Jones, Oliver[none]La Radio De Radio-CanadaSS1708
Jones, OliverThe Many Moods OfJustin TimeJUST-3
Koffman, MoeMoe-MentumDuke StreetDSR 31036
Leduc, Pierre[none]CBC Radio-Canada267
Leveille, Claude1 Voix, 2 PianosColumbiaFS 662
MacPherson, FraserLive At The PlanetariumConcord JazzCJ-92
MacPherson, FraserJazz ProseConcord JazzCJ-269
MacPherson, FraserI Didn't Know About YouSackville4009
MacPherson, FraserIndian SummerConcord JazzCJ-224
Magadini, PeteBones BluesSackville4004
McHarg, JimMidnight SpecialColumbiaKHE-90208
McHarg, JimTrad MadArc SoundACS5028
Nimmons, PhilThe Atlantic SuiteSackville2008
Nimmons, PhilNimmons 'N' NineVerveMG V-8376
Nimmons, PhilThe Canadian Scene ViaVerveMG V-8025
Nimmons, PhilTake 10RCALCPS-1066
Pacific SaltCanadianaCBC Radio-CanadaLM 302
Pall, Alvinn[none]Radio Canada InternationalRCI 445
Silver, HarveyDixieland JazzCBC Radio-CanadaLM477
Simard, RogerJazz CanadianaCBC Radio-CanadaLM 301
Spanier, HerbyForensic PerturbationsRadio Canada InternationalRCI 376
Robinson, BillyEvolution's BlendRadio Canada InternationalRCI 375
Wheeler, KennySong For SomeoneIncus10
Wheeler, KennyAround 6ECM01/01/56
Wheeler, Kenny[none]Radio Canada InternationalRCI 444
Taylor, JohnAzimuthECM01/01/99
[various artists]Jazz Canadiana - All Star Jazz In ConcertCBC Radio-CanadaLM 300
[various artists]Live Recordings From The International Jazz Festival Praha '65SupraphonSUA 15732
Benko Dixieland BandBluesPepitaSLPX 17640
Blue EffectConiunctioSupraphon1 13 0845
[foreign language][foreign language]SupraphonDV 10133
Goykovich, DuskoCelebrationDIWDIW-8016
Gojkovic, DuskoSlavic MoodVistaTPL1 1115
[foreign language][foreign language]Supraphon1115 2654 H
Sh/Jazz Quintet[none]SupraphonSUA 15720
Stivin & Co Jazz SystemFive Hits In A RowSupraphon1 15 1229
SHQMotusSupraphon1 15 1138
Vitous, MiroslavFirst MeetingECM01/01/45
Zahradnik, VaclavInterjazzSupraphon1 15 0999
Zahradnik, VaclavEurojazzSupraphon1 15 1370
[various artists]Prague Jazz Festival 1964SupraphonSUA 15633
[various artists]Interjazz 3Supraphon1 15 1739
[various artists]Traditional Jazz Studio 1959-1979Supraphon1115 2606
[various artists]4th International Jazz Festival Prague '67SupraphonSUA 15987
Watt, TommyWatt's CookingBethlehemBCP 6062
Welsh, AlexThe Alex Welsh Band Showcase, Volume 2Black LionBLP 12121
Welsh, AlexThe Alex Welsh Band Showcase, Volume 1Black LionBLP 12120
Welsh, AlexStrike One!StrikeJHL102
Welsh, Alex69EMISCX 6333
Westbrook, MikeThe Westbrook BlakeOriginal ORA 203
Hot Antic Jazz BandI Got The StingerStomp OffS.O.S. 1044
Humair, DanielSurrounded - 1964/87Flat & SharpPAM 970
Humair, DanielAkageraPolydorPOL 360
Humair, Daniel[none]Owl16
Jaspar, Bobby[none][none][none]
Jaspar, BobbyAt Ronnie Scott's - 1962Mole JazzMOLE II
Thomas, ReneFrom Rome To ComblainRCANL 70730
Jaspar, Bobby[none]RiversideRLP 12-240
Jaspar, BobbyIn ParisSwingSW8413
Jaspar, Bobby[none]EmArcyMG 36105
Jaspar, BobbyRevisitedInner CityIC 7013
Jullien, IvanParis Point ZeroRiviera521.047 T
Lafitte, GuySugar And SpiceRCA740109
Mills, DickJazz On The Left BankEpicLN 3387
Left Bank BearcatsTake George M. Cohan To DixielandSomersetP-5300
Left Bank BearcatsDixielandReoR-114
Luter, ClaudeJazz SpiritualsDisques VoguesSLVLX 426
Michelot, PierreRound About A BassMercury125.500 MCL
L'Orchestre National De JazzJazz Buhne Berling '86Amiga Jazz8 56 234
Peiffer, BernardModern Jazz For People Who Like Original MusicLaurieLLP 1006
Peiffer, BernardBernie's TunesEmArcyMG 36080
Peiffer, Bernard[none]Blue StarBLP 6842
Peiffer, BernardThe Pied Peiffer Of The PianoDeccaDL 79218
Peiffer, BernardPiano A La MoodDeccaDL 9203
Peiffer, BernardThe AstoundingDeccaDL 8626
Perisany, Andre[none]Black And Blue333024
Pochonet, Gerard "Dave"Swingin' In ParisTaureauSW 3301
Portal, MichelDejarme SoloCy733 603
Puig, MichelStigmatesBYG529 307
Asmussen, SvendJune NightDoctor JazzFW39150
Asmussen, SvendEvergreensTelefunkenBLE 14187-PEX
Asmussen, SvendDanish ImportsWarner Bros.W 1408
Asmussen, SvendThe Fiddling KingColumbiaCL 1175
Asmussen, SvendString SwingSonetSNTF-902
Asmussen, Svend[foreign language]MegafonMFLP S11
Asmussen, SvendTwo Of A KindStoryvilleSLP 4088
Asmussen, Svend[none]RCALSP 10.115
Axen, BentAxenSteepleChaseSCC-6003
Axen, Bent60FontanaTL 687.527
Botschinsky, AllanThe NightM-A MusicNU 676-1
Botschinsky, AllanDuologueM-A MusicNU 2060
Watkins, DerekFirst BrassM-A MusicNU 1580
Botschinsky, Allan[none]StuntSTULP 8301
After The War TroubleTelefunkenSLE 14626-P
Bruel, Max[none]EmArcyMG36062
Bruel, Max[none]EmArcyMG36062
Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband[none]StoryvilleSLP 101
Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband[foreign language]StoryvilleSLP 605
Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband[none]StoryvilleSLP 121
Doky, Niels LanHere Or ThereStoryvilleSLP 4117
Doky, Niels LanThe Truth Live At MontmartreStoryvilleSLP 4144
Emborg, JorgenNo.2StuntSTULP 8302
EntranceLive As WellMetronomeMLP 15631
Goykovich, DuskoTen To Two BluesEnsayoENY-45
Goykovich, DuskoSwinging MacedoniaEnja4048
Goykovich, DuskoIt's About Blues TimeEnsayoENY-48
Houmark, Karsten[none]StuntSTULP 8502
Johansson, LeifJust YouResponsREELP 106
Leth, MaxTime's UpColumbiaKSX 7
Mickelborg, FinnMellophonium JazzOlufsenDOC 5125
Mikkelborg, PalleHeart To HeartStoryvilleSLP 4114
Molgaard, TorolfBlues For DickieRCAPL 40242
Suonsaari, KlausReflecting TimesStoryvilleSLP 4125
Thybo, NielsSongs For SaschaStuntSTULP 8401
Vogel, KarstenEvergreensStoryvilleSLP 4143
Danish Radio Big BandCrackdownHep2041
Perkiomaki, Jari[none]KompassKOLP 64
Sarmanto, Heikki[none]EMI777-7911771
Sarmanto, HeikkiSuomiFinlandiaFA 913
Sarmanto, HeikkiFlowers In The WaterEMIE062-34044
Sarmanto, HeikkiEverything Is ItEMI5E 062-34640
Stan, MirceaThe TouchKompassKOLP 79
[various artists]Nykysuomalaista/Contemporary FinnishFinnlevySFLP 9501
[various artists]Finnish Jazz[none]FJLP 901
[various artists]Jazz And Hot Dance In FinlandHarlequinHQ 2017
Anachronic JazzbandParis - Beryl Bryden, Vocal - LiveCaligCAL 30 622
Anachronic Jazzband[none]OpenOP 02
Anachronic JazzbandVolume 2OpenOP 09
Arvanitas, GeorgeCocktail For ThreePretoria30 J. 3003 S
Bacsik, Elek[none]Fontana680.221 ML
Badin, Gerard[none]Black And Blue33.06
Barreto, Jorge LimaEncountersAlvoradaLP-S-98-18
Biensan, Francois[none]Black And Blue33.149
Boland, FrancyOut Of The BackgroundMPS15 070
Bolling, ClaudeFrench JazzBallyBAL 12003
Bolling, ClaudeTwo Beat MozartPhilipsPHS 600-204
Brussels Big Band[none]VogueASVB 2010
Mangelsdorff, Emil[none]EuropaE 386
Mangelsdorff, EmilInteraction JazzTelefunken6.23282 AS
Mayer, GustlYellow CabL+RLR 40.004
Miklin, Karlheinz[none]AmadeoLP 829448-1
NeighborsAccentsMusicians1C066-32 854
Noris, GunterFour Swinging SeasonsCapitolSP-10547
Old Merry Tale Jazzband[none]Polydor237 593
Osterwald, HazyParty bei HazyKarussell635 002
Peters OlivierWings Of SpringVillage MusicVM 1002
Ponzol, PeterWater BrothersViewVS 0019
Reiter, JoergSwingin' Old FashionContinentCT 4801
Rutherford, PaulNeuphSweet Folk And CountrySFA 092
Rutherford, PaulRutherford SoloRing0 10 14
Schonfeld, Friedhelm[none]Amiga Jazz8 55 307
Schoof, ManfredScalesJAPO60013
Schoof, Manfred[none][none]WER 80003
Schoof, ManfredThe Early QuintetFree MusicFMP 0540
New Jazz TrioPage OneMPS15276
Schoof, ManfredLight LinesJAPO60019
Schoof, ManfredHorizonsJAPO60030
Seatown SevenJubilestaWAM69.074
Stanko, TomaszPurple SunCaligCAL 30 610
van't Hof, JasperEyeballCMP11ST
van't Hof, JasperHoweverMPS68.181
Von Westernhagen, ThiloPleasurelandLifestyleLSR 6002
Weiss, KlausOn TourCalig30 623
Whigham, JiggsHopeTelefunken6.23008 AS
Zoller, Attila[none]MPSCRM 610
Zoller, AttilaA Path Through HazeMPS21 21284-2
[various artists]The Concert - 23.6.1958DMMJL 20 829
[various artists]Sessions 1955-60 - Hello Baden-BadenDMMJL 20 828
[various artists]Modern Jazz Studio Nr. 1Amiga Jazz8 50 023
[various artists]Modern Jazz Studio Nr. 2Amiga Jazz8 50 067
[various artists]Modern Jazz Studio Nr. 3Amiga Jazz8 55 177
[various artists]Das Is Jazz!DeccaDL 8229
[various artists]Jazz In Deutschland Volume 2 - (1928-1941)EMI1C 134-32 450/51 M
[various artists]Jazz In Deutschland Volume 1 - (1912-1928)EMI1C 134-32 447/48 M
[various artists]Jazzbuhne Berlin '82Amiga Jazz8 55 987
Hyde, Alex1925HarlequinHQ 2034
[unknown]Charlie And His Orchestra Volume 1HarlequinHQ 2058
Hyde, Alex1924: Volume OneHarlequinHQ 2033
[various artists]Swing Under The NazisHarlequinHQ 2051
[various artists]9. Deutsches Amateur-Jazz-Festival Dusseldorf 1963OdeonSTC 83 556
Berlin Jazz Workshop OrchestraWho Is Who?Free MusicSAJ-24
[various artists]Jazz Via DresdenAmiga Jazz8 50 116
[various artists]City-Jazz: Frankfurt-Main-Jazz-StreamsTelefunken6.28341 DP
Fatty GeorgeFatty's Saloon 1958RST9032927
[various artists]1. New Jazz Festival Hamburg '75Polydor2371618
[various artists]From Europe With JazzMPS21 21437-0
[various artists]Swing From BelgiumSwingfan1002
Bak, FransDet Bla SkrigSalutSALP 8417
Bak, FransFransk FilmSalutSALP 8429
Breuker, WillemBaal Brecht BreukerBvhaast3
Elsen, FransBeboppin'LimetreeMLP 198403
Breuker, WillemSuperstarsFree MusicSAJ-17
Breuker, WillemLive In ShaffyBvhaast5
VaalbleekDoka BongaEksakt5
de Graaff, ReinModal SoulMuseTI 305
de Graaff, ReinNew York JazzMuseTI 321
Dutch Swing College BandD.S.C. At The European Jazz FestivalPhilipsSBL7579
Dutch Swing College BandBoys Meet GirlsPhilipsBL 7745
Dutch Swing College BandOn TourPhilipsP 08050 L
Dutch Swing College BandAt The Sport Palast BerlinPhilipsSBL7582
Dutch Swing College BandDigital DixiePhilips6423 472
Dutch Swing College BandJazz At The SeaportPhilipsBBL 7228
Dutch Swing College BandJazz At The Concertgebouw AmsterdamPhilipsBBL 7293
Dutch Swing College BandGoes WesternPhilipsSBL 7627
Edgar, BoyMusic Was His MistressBvhaast22
Edgar, BoyNow's The Time!ArtoneMGOS 9463
Festival Big BandExplosivePhilips6303 038
Free Fair[none]TimelessSJP 122
Free Fair8LimetreeMLP 198127
Hendriks, GijsFeedlesTimelessSJP 146
Hendriks, GijsDom RocketTimelessSJP 131
Hinze, ChrisLive At The Northsea Jazz FestivalKeytoneKYT 705
Hinze, ChrisLive At MontreuxCBSS64588
Hinze, ChrisStoned FluteCBSS 64213
Houben, Steve& Michel Herr Meet Curtis Lundy & Kenny WashingtonJazz Cats6983 009
Janssen, Guus85…86Claxon87.18
Janssen, Guus[none]Claxon84.14
Loevendie, TheoOrlandoWaterlandWM 003
Loevendie, Theo[none]Universe Productions1 27
Bak, FransDagen For ImorgenSalutSALP 8411
Magadini, PetePolyrhythmBRIKOBR 1000
Maslak, KeshavanMaslak One ThousandWaterlandWM 004
Zwerin, MichaelNot Much NoisePolJazzZ-SX-0691
[various artists]Jazz Jamboree 74 Volume 1MuzaSXL 1180
[various artists][foreign language][foreign language]DV 10142
Smietana, JaroslawExtra BallPolJazzZ-SX-0687
[various artists]Jazz Jamboree '79MuzaSX 1865
[various artists][none]SupraphonSV 9004
Kulpowicz, SlawomirThe QuartetPolJazzZ-SX-0688
Maslak, KeshavanMayhem In Our StreetsWaterlandWM 005
Maslak, KeshavanHumanplexityLeoLR 101
Mengelberg, MishaPech OnderwegBvhaast16
Hawkins, ColemanThe Hawk In HollandGNP CrescendoGNP-9003
Original Ramblers[none]Ramblers Fan ClubR.F.C.100
RamblersIn London, 1932-33PanachordH2003
RamblersHet Ramblers Dansorkest, 1936-'40PanachordH2002
[various artists]Made In Holland, 1934-'37PanachordH2005
RamblersZuiderzee BluesPanachordH2013
RamblersSteeplechase (1937-'38)PanachordH2011
RamblersSwing, Mr. Charlie (1936-'37)PanachordH2007
RamblersAlabama SwingPanachordH2004
[various artists]Rita Reys Meets Oliver NelsonMercuryBT-1309
Reys, RitaCollageCBS85164
[various artists]Jazz Behind The DikesPhilips6677 043
Reys, RitaCongratulations In JazzPhilipsP 12955 L
Reys, RitaThe Cool Voice OfColumbiaCL 903
Reys, RitaSings Antonio Carlos JobimInner CityIC 1157
Roos, ToonAttitudesTimelessSJP 285
Slinger, CeesLive At The Northsea Jazz FestivalLimetreeMLP 198244
Spontaneous Music EnsembleThe SourceTangentTNGS 107
Van der Keuken, JohanMusic For His Films (1967-1978)Bvhaast15
Vershcoor, CeesDutch SaxCapitolT10061
Van't Hoff, ErnstHere We AreHEP10
[various artists]50 Jaar DeccaDecca6601 014
[various artists]Jazzaan Round Midnight '85[none]08-055309-20
Reunion Jazz BandBallArtoneDSV 6004
[various artists]40 Jaar Haagse Jazz ClubPan PAN 124
[various artists]Jazz Behind The DikesEpicLN 3270
Reinhardt, DjangoParis 1945CBS63052
Reinhardt, DjangoDjango Plus, 1928-1940, Raretes Et IneditsPathe1727291
Reinhardt, DjangoQuintet Of The Hot Club Of FrancePRTVJD 6950
Antolini, CharlySoul BeatMPSCRT 677
Antolini, CharlyIn The GrooveMPS21 21333-1
Antolini, CharlyJazz Power LivePlane JazzG 0040
Barigozzi, GiancarloRechercheDynia WorldD.W. PSG 004
Basso, Gianni[none]VerveMG V-20009
Basso, GianniNew Sound From ItalyVerveMG V-20011
Basso, GianniLunetSplasc(h)101
Biasutti, LucianoBlue BoneVedetteVPA 8333
Solal, MartialFafasiaCBSS 63473
Solal, MartialVive La France! Vive Le Jazz! Vive Solal!CapitolST 10354
Solal, MartialNothing But PianoMPS20 226808
Solal, MartialIn ConcertLibertyLST-7335
Solal, MartialAt Newport '63RCALPM-2777
Solal, MartialOn Home GroundMilestoneMSP 9014
Solal, Martial1960Pathe1727311
Seffer, Yochk'oShekinaRCAFPL 1 0097
Seffer, Yochk'oImaNeffesh MusicMN 0 12010
Seffer, Yochk'oGhilgoulNeffesh MusicSR 116
Seffer, Yochk'oMagyar-LoLe Chant Du MondeLDX 74604
Ruhlmann, Jean-JacquesImpressionDisques J.A.M.01-81-IR012
Renaud, HenriNew Sound At The Boeuf Sur Le ToitBlue StarBS 6831
Reinhardt, DjangoDjangologie 5 (1937)EMI2 C 054-16005
Reinhardt, DjangoLe Disque d'OrMode DisquesMDINT 9315
Di Marco, MarcoTogether In ParisModern JazzMJC 0104
Cuppini, Gil[none]BroadwayBW 4012
Cuppini, Gil[none]BroadwayBW 4000
Bovisa New Orleans Jazz BandNew Orleans Message In A Greek Wine BottleRustyRRS 40448
Solal, MartialSans Tambour Ni TrompetteRCA730.105
Musica Elettronica VivaThe Sound PoolBYG529.326
Terroade, KennethLove RejoiceBYG529.322
Thomas, ReneMeeting Mister ThomasBarclay Disques84 091
Thomas, ReneGuitar GrooveRiversideCA 671 68.921
Urtreger, Rene[none]Carlyne Music 1980CAR 004
Vander, Maurice[none]Owl MusicOWL 039
Ventura, Ray[none]Wolverine4
Waring, SteveLe Blues De Monsieur RobertLe Chant Du MondeLDX 74639
WasoPlay Gypsy Swing, An Epitaph For DjangoAudiophileAP-243
Wilen, Barney[none]RCARGP-1170(M)
Wilen, Barney[none]RCARJL-2525(M)
Wilen, BarneyDear Prof. LearyMPSYS-2301-MP
Wilen, BarneyFrench BalladsIDA14
Wilen, BarneyJazz Sur SeinePhilips832.264-1
Wilen, BarneyLa Note BleueIDA10
Wilen, BarneyWild Dogs Of The RuwenzoriIDA20
Wilen, Barney[none]JazztoneJ-1239
Wilen, Barney[none]VogueYX-6052
[various artists]Retro 1925-1937Pathe2 C 176-14964/5
[various artists][foreign language]Guilde Europeene Du MicrosillonGEM 151
Doldinger, KlausDoldinger JubileeAtlanticATL 3-60073
Catherine, PhilipGuitarsAtlanticATL 50193
Catherine, PhilipSeptember ManAtlantic40 562
Chevallier, ChristianFormidableColumbiaFP 1067
Chevallier, Christian6+6ColumbiaFPX 144
Ciari, Claude[none]Pathe2 C 062-10820
Coe, Tony[foreign language]NatoNATO 257
Coursil, JacquesWay HeadBYG529.319
Coursil, JacquesBlack SuiteBYG529.349
Debarbat Dolphin OrchestraPrologueRCAPL 37112
Delcloo, ClaudeAfricanasiaBYG529.306
Dieval, Jack[none]Gold StarGSD 502
Fol, RaymondThe Four Seasons In JazzPhilipsBL 7689
Gebler, Jean-Pierre[none]LDH1006
Gilson, JefNew Call From FranceSABA15 081
Gilson, Jef[foreign language]EuropamericaLOCO 0330-02
Gilson, JefAnthologyPalm18
Gilson, JefAnthologyPalm21
Gilson, JefMalagasy At NewportPalm5
Gluskin, Lud[none]Wolverine1
Gourley, Jimmy[none]52e Rue EstRE 002
Gourley, JimmyNo MoreMusicaMUS.3034
Grappelli, StephaneViolins No EndPablo2310-907
Grappelli, StephaneLive At Carnegie HallDoctor JazzFW38727
Grappelli, StephaneFeeling+Finesse=JazzAtlantic1391
Grappelli, StephaneOne On OneMilestoneM-9181
Grappelli, StephaneConversationsMilestoneM-9130
Grappelli, Stephane[foreign language]Disques FestivalAlbum 155
Grappelli, StephaneAfternoon In ParisMPS20876
Hodeir, AndreAmerican Jazz Men Play Andre HodeirSavoyMG 12104
Hodeir, AndreEssaisSavoySJL 1194
Hodeir, AndreThe Paris SceneSavoyMG 12113
[various artists]Modern Sounds From SwedenTelefunkenLGX 66051
[various artists]Swedes From JazzvilleEpicLN 3309
[various artists]New Hot PlayersSwiss JazzSJLP 6304
[various artists]Swiss Radio Jazz Live Concert Series Volume 3TCB8730
[various artists]Swiss Radio Jazz Live Concert Series Volume 2TCB8720
[various artists]Swiss Radio Jazz Live Concert Series Volume 1TCB8710
Rasin, StepanQ4UnitUTR-4023
[various artists]Musica HelveticaSBCMH 27+28
[various artists]Jazz Festival In ZurichMPSCRP 843
[various artists]Jazz And Hot Dance In SwitzerlandHarlequinHQ 2011
Aleman, OscarSwing Guitar LegendRambler106
Aleman, OscarThe Guitar OfThe Old MastersTOM 31
Aleman, OscarThe Guitar Of Oscar Aleman Volume 2The Old MastersTOM 56
Antobal's Cubans[none]HarlequinHQ 2081
Brasil, Victor Assis[none]Magic MusicMM 3010
Barbieri, GatoThe Third WorldFlying DutchmanFD 10117
Barbieri, GatoGato, Chapter I: Latin AmericaImpulseAS-9248
Barbieri, Gato[none]ESP1049
Barbieri, GatoChapter Two: Hasta SiempreABCAS-9263
Buarque, Chico[foreign language]Philips6349 189
BertramiDreams Are RealMilestoneM-9141
Bobo, WillieSpanish GreaseVerveV6-8631
Conti, IvanThe Human FactorMilestoneM-9127
Cugat, XavierBread, Love And Cha Cha ChaColumbiaCL 1016
Cugat, XavierCugat's Favorite RumbasColumbiaCL 579
Cugat, XavierThe King Plays Some AcesRCALSP-1882
Cugat, Xavier1944-1945CircleCLP-59
Gilberto, Joao[none]Polydor2451 037
Gonzalez, JerryYa Yo Me CurePangaeaPAN-6242
Iglesias, Julio[foreign language]CBSDJL-50327
Iglesias, JulioJulioColumbiaFC 38640
Iglesias, Julio1100 Bel Air PlaceColumbiaQC 39157
Jobim, Antonio CarlosA Certain Mr. JobimWarner Bros.WS 1699
Kyao, RaoLive At CascaisDa Nova6018
MachitoWith Flute To BootPalladiumPLP-112
Malheiros, AlexAtlantic ForestMilestoneM-9131
Mariachi MexicoMariachiMusartD 90
Martinez, Louis “Sabu”Safari With SabuVikLX-1122
Padilla, HermanasThe First Women DuetsFolklyric9035
Miranda, CarmenThe Brazilian BombshellCoralCP 99
Miranda, CarmenSouth American WayMCACDLM 8029
Morales, NoroMambo With NoroPalladiumPLP-129
Piazzolla, AstorAdios NoninoPathe2C 062-92792
Powell, Baden[foreign language]Ideia Livre837 79 2-1
Prado, PerezLatino!RCACAL 547
Prado, PerezDilo (Ugh!)RCALPM-1883
Prado, PerezMambo By The KingRCALPM-1196
Roditi, ClaudioSlow FireMilestoneM-9175
Roditi, ClaudioGemini ManMilestoneM-9158
Rodriguez, TitoLive At BirdlandWS LatinoUAL 6286
Sandoval, ArturoBreaking The Sound Barrier/Rompiendo la Barrera del SonidoChicago Caribbean Arts AssociationCCAA 8301
Sandoval, ArturoTumbaitoMessidor15973
Sandoval, ArturoNo ProblemJazz HouseJHR001
Sansa Trio[none]SOM/MAIORSMLP-1502
Santamaria, MongoLa BambaColumbiaCL 2375
Santamaria, MongoLa BambaColumbiaCS 9175
Santamaria, MongoExplodes At The Village GateColumbiaCS 9570
Santamaria, MongoMongo At MontreauxAtlanticSD 1593
Tjader, CalWest Side StoryFantasy3310
Tjader, CalGreatest HitsFantasy8366
Tjader, CalMambo With TjaderFantasy3202
Roig, GonzaloCecilia ValdesMontillaFM-118
Vasconcelos, NanaBush DanceAntilles7 90698-1
Villegas, EnriqueVery, Very VillegasColumbiaCL 877
Villegas, EnriqueTributo A Jerome KernAleluyaAR-17000
Villegas, EnriqueTributo A MonkTrovaTL-12
Villegas, EnriqueIntroducing VillegasColumbiaCL 787
Villegas, EnriqueEncuentroTrovaTL-12
Villegas, Enrique60 Anos 3/8/73TrovaXT-80064
Corvini, AlbertinoJazzmania All StarsDisc Jockey14026
Candoli, ConteMucho Calor (Much Heat)AndexA3002
Ramon, Isidoro GutierrezSones JarochosArhoolie3008
Jazz Committee For Latin American Affairs[none]FMFMLP303
MachitoAfro-Cuban JazzVerveVE-2-2522
Grey, AlJam Session Goes LatinoPuchitoMLP-593
[various artists]Jazz In ArgentinaHarlequinHQ 2010
[various artists]Americans In Europe, Volume 1His Master's VoiceCLP 1691
[various artists]Americans In Europe, Volume 2His Master's VoiceCLP 1692
Jazz SextetTransatlanticFresh SoundFSR-102
The All StarsLive Unique JazzUJ 25
[various artists]Americans In SwedenUnionUPS-1063
[various artists]Jazz In AustriaHarlequinHQ 2014
B.P. Convention Big BandBlue SunsetJugotonLSY-63041
Swe-DanesScandinavian ShuffleWarner Bros.1388
TritonWilderness Of GlassMosaicGCM 782
Freeman, BudAmericans In Europe FontanaSFJL 916
International New Orleans Jazz Band[none]Fat Cat's JazzFCJ 121
[various artists]Americans In Europe Swingfan1008
[various artists]Americans In Europe Volume 2Swingfan1012
[various artists]International Jazz WorkshopEmarcySRE-66002
[various artists]Swingtime In Europe (1934-1938)The Old MastersTOM-42
[various artists]Sensation '49Phontastic NostalgiaNOST 7602
Parker, CharlieInternational Jazz SessionsXanadu122
[various artists]Black & White Jazz In Europe, 1929Wolverine5
[various artists]Late Music – Volume IIColumbiaCL 542
[various artists]Around The World In StereoElektraSMP-4X
[various artists]One World JazzColumbiaWS 314
[various artists]The International Jazz Group – Volume OneSwing SW 8407
[various artists]Open SpaceMPS15259
[various artists]Jazz Meets The WorldMPS29 22520-8
Bovisa New Orleans Jazz BandNew Orleans MeetingRustyRRS 40449
Akira, SakataCounter Clockwise TripFrascoFS-7001
Akiyoshi, ToshikoThe Toshiko TrioStoryvillePA-6133
Furuya, TakashiSolitudeThree Blind MiceTBM38
Hara, NobuNew Jazz In JapanColumbiaYS-10022-J
Hino, TerumasaMay DanceFlying DiskVIJ-6002
Hino, TerumasaHogiutaEast WindEW-8041
Hino, TerumasaPeace And LoveOverseasULS-1852-V
Hino, TerumasaA PartOverseasULS-1853-V
Hino, TerumasaJourney Into My MindCBS SonySOLP 240
Akiyoshi, ToshikoStepping OutDisco MateDSP-5005
Hino, TerumasaFujiCatalystCAT-7901
Hiroaki, KatayamaEquatorMusic BoxMB1001
Imada, MasaruOne For DukeThree Blind MiceTBM47
Matsui, KazuTime No LongerFrogEFA 6458
Kikuchi, MosabumiEnd For The BeginningPhilipsFS-6509
Kitamura, EijiDear FriendsConcordICJ-80180
Kobayashi, MonkyWhat's ThisPaddle WheelK28P 6343
Matsumoto, HidehikoThe First By SleepyToshibaLF-95008
[foreign language][foreign language]TeichikuBH-1544
Mine, JunkoJunko And Sleepy – I Wish You LoveAll ArtK18P-9433
Mine, Kosuke2nd AlbumThree Blind MiceTBM-2504
Mine, KosukeMineThree Blind MiceTBM-2501
Miyake, MarthaMy Favorite SongsLondonSKK(L) 3004
Miyama, ToshiyukiTake The A TrainThree Blind MiceTBM48
Miyama, ToshiyukiThe New Herd At MontereyTrioPA-3038-39
Miyazawa, AkiraYamameKing Jazz SeriesK20P-6110
Nakamura, TatsuyaSong For PatNadjaPA-7139
New Orleans RascalsGood Old DaysVictorSJX-20186
Okazaki, HiroshiExtentionAudio LabALJ-1033
Otsuka, GeorgeYou Are My SunshineThree Blind MiceTBM-35
Ozone, Makoto[none]ColumbiaBFC 39624
Praskin, AllanEncounterThree Blind MiceTBM-2507
Togashi, MasahikoSession In Paris, Volume One – Song Of SoilPaddle WheelGP 3206
Togashi, MasahikoSession In Paris, Volume Two – Colour Of DreamPaddle WheelGP 3221
Umezu, Kazutoki “Kappo”[foreign language][foreign language]SKI No.1
Wada, SunaoCoco's BluesThree Blind MiceTBM-12
Piazzolla, AstorAdios NoninoPathe2C 062-92792
Powell, Baden[foreign language]Ideia Livre837 79 2-1
Prado, PerezLatino!RCACAL 547
Prado, PerezDilo (Ugh!)RCALPM-1883
Prado, PerezMambo By The KingRCALPM-1196
Roditi, ClaudioSlow FireMilestoneM-9175
Roditi, ClaudioGemini ManMilestoneM-9158
Rodriguez, TitoLive At BirdlandWS LatinoUAL 6286
Sandoval, ArturoBreaking The Sound Barrier/Rompiendo la Barrera del SonidoChicago Caribbean Arts AssociationCCAA 8301
Sandoval, ArturoTumbaitoMessidor15973
Sandoval, ArturoNo ProblemJazz HouseJHR001
Sansa Trio[none]SOM/MAIORSMLP-1502
Santamaria, MongoLa BambaColumbiaCL 2375
Santamaria, MongoLa BambaColumbiaCS 9175
Santamaria, MongoExplodes At The Village GateColumbiaCS 9570
Santamaria, MongoMongo At MontreauxAtlanticSD 1593
Tjader, CalWest Side StoryFantasy3310
Tjader, CalGreatest HitsFantasy8366
Tjader, CalMambo With TjaderFantasy3202
Roig, GonzaloCecilia ValdesMontillaFM-118
Vasconcelos, NanaBush DanceAntilles7 90698-1
Villegas, EnriqueVery, Very VillegasColumbiaCL 877
Villegas, EnriqueTributo A Jerome KernAleluyaAR-17000
Villegas, EnriqueTributo A MonkTrovaTL-12
Villegas, EnriqueIntroducing VillegasColumbiaCL 787
Villegas, EnriqueEncuentroTrovaTL-12
Villegas, Enrique60 Anos 3/8/73TrovaXT-80064
Corvini, AlbertinoJazzmania All StarsDisc Jockey14026
Candoli, ConteMucho Calor (Much Heat)AndexA3002
Ramon, Isidoro GutierrezSones JarochosArhoolie3008
Jazz Committee For Latin American Affairs[none]FMFMLP303
MachitoAfro-Cuban JazzVerveVE-2-2522
Grey, AlJam Session Goes LatinoPuchitoMLP-593
[various artists]Jazz In ArgentinaHarlequinHQ 2010
[various artists]Americans In Europe, Volume 1His Master's VoiceCLP 1691
[various artists]Americans In Europe, Volume 2His Master's VoiceCLP 1692
Jazz SextetTransatlanticFresh SoundFSR-102
The All StarsLive Unique JazzUJ 25
[various artists]Americans In SwedenUnionUPS-1063
[various artists]Jazz In AustriaHarlequinHQ 2014
B.P. Convention Big BandBlue SunsetJugotonLSY-63041
Swe-DanesScandinavian ShuffleWarner Bros.1388
TritonWilderness Of GlassMosaicGCM 782
Freeman, BudAmericans In Europe FontanaSFJL 916
International New Orleans Jazz Band[none]Fat Cat's JazzFCJ 121
[various artists]Americans In Europe Swingfan1008
[various artists]Americans In Europe Volume 2Swingfan1012
[various artists]International Jazz WorkshopEmarcySRE-66002
[various artists]Swingtime In Europe (1934-1938)The Old MastersTOM-42
[various artists]Sensation '49Phontastic NostalgiaNOST 7602
Parker, CharlieInternational Jazz SessionsXanadu122
[various artists]Black & White Jazz In Europe, 1929Wolverine5
[various artists]Late Music – Volume IIColumbiaCL 542
[various artists]Around The World In StereoElektraSMP-4X
[various artists]One World JazzColumbiaWS 314
[various artists]The International Jazz Group – Volume OneSwing SW 8407
[various artists]Open SpaceMPS15259
[various artists]Jazz Meets The WorldMPS29 22520-8
Bovisa New Orleans Jazz BandNew Orleans MeetingRustyRRS 40449
Akira, SakataCounter Clockwise TripFrascoFS-7001
Akiyoshi, ToshikoThe Toshiko TrioStoryvillePA-6133
Furuya, TakashiSolitudeThree Blind MiceTBM38
Hara, NobuNew Jazz In JapanColumbiaYS-10022-J
Hino, TerumasaMay DanceFlying DiskVIJ-6002
Hino, TerumasaHogiutaEast WindEW-8041
Hino, TerumasaPeace And LoveOverseasULS-1852-V
Hino, TerumasaA PartOverseasULS-1853-V
Hino, TerumasaJourney Into My MindCBS SonySOLP 240
Akiyoshi, ToshikoStepping OutDisco MateDSP-5005
Hino, TerumasaFujiCatalystCAT-7901
Hiroaki, KatayamaEquatorMusic BoxMB1001
Imada, MasaruOne For DukeThree Blind MiceTBM47
Matsui, KazuTime No LongerFrogEFA 6458
Kikuchi, MosabumiEnd For The BeginningPhilipsFS-6509
Kitamura, EijiDear FriendsConcordICJ-80180
Kobayashi, MonkyWhat's ThisPaddle WheelK28P 6343
Matsumoto, HidehikoThe First By SleepyToshibaLF-95008
[foreign language][foreign language]TeichikuBH-1544
Mine, JunkoJunko And Sleepy – I Wish You LoveAll ArtK18P-9433
Mine, Kosuke2nd AlbumThree Blind MiceTBM-2504
Mine, KosukeMineThree Blind MiceTBM-2501
Miyake, MarthaMy Favorite SongsLondonSKK(L) 3004
Miyama, ToshiyukiTake The A TrainThree Blind MiceTBM48
Miyama, ToshiyukiThe New Herd At MontereyTrioPA-3038-39
Miyazawa, AkiraYamameKing Jazz SeriesK20P-6110
Nakamura, TatsuyaSong For PatNadjaPA-7139
New Orleans RascalsGood Old DaysVictorSJX-20186
Okazaki, HiroshiExtentionAudio LabALJ-1033
Otsuka, GeorgeYou Are My SunshineThree Blind MiceTBM-35
Ozone, Makoto[none]ColumbiaBFC 39624
Praskin, AllanEncounterThree Blind MiceTBM-2507
Togashi, MasahikoSession In Paris, Volume One – Song Of SoilPaddle WheelGP 3206
Togashi, MasahikoSession In Paris, Volume Two – Colour Of DreamPaddle WheelGP 3221
Umezu, Kazutoki “Kappo”[foreign language][foreign language]SKI No.1
Wada, SunaoCoco's BluesThree Blind MiceTBM-12
Watanabe, SadaoFill Up The NightMusician60297-1
Watanabe, SadaoBird Of ParadiseFlying DiskVIJ-6017
Watanabe, Sadao[none]King SKA-3015
Watanabe, SadaoMade In CoracaoRCA140.0007
Watanabe, SadaoPaysagesCBS Sony18AH 1565
Watanabe, SadaoAt “Pit Inn”CBS SonySOPN 113
Yashiro, KazuoYardbird SuiteYupiteruYJ25-7023
Yosuke, YamashitaBreathtake, Solo PianoFrascoFS-7004
Andersen, ArildClouds In My HeadECM1059
Andersen, ArildGreen Shading Into BlueECM1 1127
Borthen, PerSwingin' DepartureTalentTLS 3020
Borthen, PerWrap Your Troubles In SwingSwiftS-3
Kapstad, EgilEpilog (Bill Evans In Memoriam)Norske PopulaerautorerNOPA 2901
Keller, GretaGreat Songs Of The 30'sStanyanSR 10042
Krog, KarinAs You AreRCAPL 40015
Roshnes Jazz BandNew Orleans StyleHot Club RecordsHCR 54
Widmoser, JorgLive In MunichUpsoluteUMR 103
[various artists]Oslo Jazz Circle Presents:HermanHJLP 3001/3
[various artists][foreign language]PhontasticPHON 50-13
Herbolzheimer, PeterLive At Ronnie Scott'sMPSBAP 5058
Herbolzheimer, PeterJazz Gala 77 All Star Big BandTelefunken6.28438 DT
Herbolzheimer, Peter[none]PoljazzPSJ/83
Komeda, KrzysztofPolish Jazz (5)MuzaSXL 0298
Komeda, Krzysztof[none]Polskie Stowarzyszenie JazzoweZ-SXL 0559
Komeda, Krzysztof[none]Polskie Stowarzyszenie JazzoweZ-SXL 0561
Komeda, Krzysztof[none]Polskie Stowarzyszenie JazzoweZ-SXL 0560
Komeda, Krzysztof[none]Polskie Stowarzyszenie JazzoweZ-SXL 0558
Lazuka, Bogdan[foreign language]PronitSX 1582
Muniak, JanuszPolish Jazz Volume 54MuzaSX 1616
Majewski, HenrykPolish Jazz (44)MuzaSX 1220
Old Metropolitan BandPolish Jazz Volume 23MuzaXL 0714
[various artists]Polish Jazz volume 29, Tribute To ArmstrongMuzaSXL 0841
Old TimersPolish Jazz (16)MuzaSXL 0511
Old TimersPolish Jazz Volume 30MuzaSXL 0842
Stanko, Tomasz[foreign language]PoljazzPSJ-97
Stanko, TomaszPolish Jazz Volume 39MuzaSX 1138
Vistula River Brass BandPolish Jazz Volume 51MuzaSX 1479
Muddy WatersThe Warsaw SessionPoljazzZ-SX635
Wroblewski, Jan “Ptaszyn”Mainstream, Polish Jazz Volume 40MuzaSXL 1139
Wroblewski, Jan “Ptaszyn”Polish Jazz Volume 19MuzaXL 0569
[various artists]Jazz Jamboree '78MuzaSX 1611
[various artists]Jazz Jamboree '76, Volume 2MuzaSX 1455
[foreign language]Jam Session PoljazzZ-SX 0693
Hallberg, BengtAt Gyllene CirkelnMetronomeCUL-1038-E
Hallberg, BengtEarly 50'sMetronomeULS-1552-E
Hallberg, Bengt[none]EpicLN 3375
Hallberg, BengtLive At CervantesOdeon4E 062-34860
Hallberg, BengtContrastsSonetSNTF 601
Hallberg, BengtIn New YorkPhontasticPHONT 7550
Hasselgard, Ake “Stan”1945-48DragonDRLP 25
Hindberg, PaulSwedish JazzHollywoodLPH-32
Husby, PerDedicationsHot Club RecordsHCR 21
Husby, PerPeacemaker[foreign language]PHLP 771
Jazztone Mysery Band: Harry Arnold And His Orchestra[none]JazztoneJ 1270
Johansson, JanRorelserMegafonMFLP 3
Johansson, Jan[foreign language]MegafonMFLP S22
Johansson, Jan[foreign language]MegafonMFLP S4
Johansson, Jan[none]MegafonMFLP S 2
Johansson, Jan[foreign language]MegafonMFLP S10
Johansson, Jan[none]DotDLP 3416
Johansson, Jan[none]DuxDPY 1705
Holmstroms, Gilbert[foreign language]MegafonMFLP 6
Lindberg, NilsTrisectionColumbiaSSX 1004
Lindberg, NilsSaxes GaloreBluebellBELL 105
Lindberg, NilsBrass GaloreBluebellBELL 129
Lindberg, Nils[foreign language]Swedish Society DiscofilSLT 33217
Lindberg, NilsSax AppealTelestarTRS 11121
Lindells, RolfSweet And SwingTelestarTRS 11123
Lystedt, LarsBlues After DarkDragonDRLP 15
Nerem, BjarneHow Long Has This Been Going OnOdeon4E 062-34320
Nilsson, Gunnar “Siljaboo”[foreign language]GazellGMG-1221
Noren, Fredrik[foreign language]CapriceCAP 1211
Ornberg, TomasBuddy Bolden StompOpus 379-10
Pedersen, Niels-Henning OrstedJaywalkin'SteepleChaseSCS-1041
Peoria JazzbandPassport To JazzOpus 378-02
Rosengren, BerntIn Stockholm, Volume 2AmigoAMLP 818
Rosengren, Bernt[none]CapriceCAP 1214
Rosengren, BerntBombastica!JazzlandJLP 26
Rosengren, BerntImprovisationer[foreign language]SJR LPS-1
Rosengren, BerntNotes From UndergroundHarvest4E 154-34958/9
Rosengren, BerntLive In Stockholm Volume 1AmigoAMLP 815
Rostvold, BjarneSpotlightMetronomeMLP 15690
Rostvold, BjarneTricrotismRCALPM-9955
Ryg, Jorgen[none]EmarcyMG 36099
Sandvik Big Band[none]DragonDRLP 26
Sandstrom, NisseYoung ForeverPhontasticPHONT 7562
Spring Quintett[none]PolarPOLS 330
Svensson, LalleCockroach RoadCockroachCLP-101
Equinox[none]CapriceCAP 1298
Sveriges Jazzbands NYA LPRCALSP 10348
Opposite CornerJazz I Sverige '76CapriceCAP 1117
Sveriges Jazzbands Anfaller!RCALSP 10329
Swanerud, ThoreStar DustDragonDRLP 100
Swanerud, ThoreMore Than You KnowDragonDRLP 85
Swedish Jazz KingsWhat Makes Me Love You So?Stomp OffS.O.S. 1122
Swedish Radio Jazz GroupRainbow SketchesCAMCMLP 5906
Swing SocietySwingin' The Louis Armstrong Song BookKennethKS 2033
Theis/Nyegaard JazzbandJazztage HannoverMetronomeMR 302
Thelin, Eje[none]CapriceRIKS LP 91
Thelin, EjePolyglotCapriceCAP 1291
Thelin, EjeKonfrontationSRRELP 1184
Thelin, EjeSo FarColumbiaSSX 1005
Thelin, EjeAcoustic SpaceOdeon4E 062-34180
Thelin, EjeBits And PiecesPhono SueciaPS 9
Thelin, EjeLive '76CapriceCAP 2007:1-2
Thelin, EjeCandles Of VisionCaligCAL 30 609
Theselius, GostaSwedish JazzBallyBAL 12002
Torner, Gosta[none]TelestarTR 11120
Wallgren, JanSteel Bend RockAttlaxerasALPS-101
Wallin, Bengt-ArneOld Folklore In Swedish ModernDuxDRY 1700
Werner, LasseClub Jazz 4[none]RELP 1116
Wickman, PutteAt The Ahus Jazz FestivalOdeon4E 062-35221
Wickman, PutteLive In Stockholm Out7710
Wickman, PutteAnother GiftBluebellBELL 118
Wickman, PutteHappy New Year!Odeon4E 062-34822
Wickman, PutteSongs Without WordsZenithZLP 8503
Winther, Jens[none]StuntSTULP 8603
[various artists][foreign language]CapriceCAP 2014
[various artists]Swedish Jazz From The 70sCapriceCAP 2002:1-2
[various artists]Swedish Small Band Swing 1936/37Jazz Documentva-7993
Arnold, HarryGreat Big Band And FriendsJazzland65
[various artists][foreign language]CapriceCAP 2009
[various artists]Music In Sweden 3: JazzCapriceCAP 1131
[various artists][foreign language]CapriceCAP 2010
[various artists]Club Jazz 3SRRELP 1115
Aaltonen, JuhaniEtiquetteLoveLRLP 119
Abeleen, StaffanDownstreamPhilipsPY 842 551
Abeleen, Staffan[foreign language]SRRELP 1152
Abeleen, StaffanSweet AlvaOdeon4 062-35001
Adaker, UlfChoreographyPhono SueciaPS 36
Alke, BjornJazz I Sverige '74CapriceRIKS LP 72
Alke, BjornFine And MellowEMI4E 062-35291
Allan, Jan70Four LeafFLC 5035
Arnold, HarryI Love Harry Arnold & All His JazzATCO33-120
Rena RamaJazz I Sverige '73CapriceRIKS LP 49
Billberg, RolfWe'll Be Together AgainOdeon4E 054-34830
Billberg, RolfRare Danish RecordingsStoryvilleSLP-419
Borrfors, MonicaJazz I Sverige '87CapriceCAP 1350
[various artists]Jazz In RussiaHarlequinHQ 2012
[foreign language][foreign language][foreign language][foreign language]
Ponomareva, ValentinaFortune-TellerLeoLR 136
Dahlander, BertJazz With A Swedish AccentEveryday[none]
Dahlander, Bert[foreign language]VerveMG V-8253
Dobrogosz, SteveSongs CapriceCAP 1232
Domnerus, ArneDedikationMegafonMFLP S17
Domnerus, ArneA.D. 1980PhontasticPHONT 7529
Domnerus, ArneJazz At The PawnshopProphonePROP 7778-79
Domnerus, ArneAntiphone BluesPropriusPROP 7744
Domnerus, ArneDialogMegafonMFLP S19
Domnerus, Arne[foreign language]For XFXLP 65
Domnerus, ArneI Let A Song Go Out...RCALSA 3128
Domnerus, ArneJazz At The PawnshopAtrATR 003
Domnerus, ArneMobilMegafonMFLP S8
Domnerus, ArneDowntown MeetingPhontasticPHONT 7518
Domnerus, Arne[foreign language]PropriusPROP 7726
Domnerus, Arne[none]MetronomeMLP 15062
Domnerus, ArneSwedish Modern JazzRCACAL 417
Domnerus, ArneHypertoniRCAPL 40077
Elin, AlexCatch The LightHighland Jazz PresentsAEQ1
Emphasis On JazzA Joy That's SharedVanity FairVFLP 1005
Ericson, RolfSincerely YoursFour LeafFLC 5027
Ericson, Rolf[none]MercuryMG 36106
Ericson, RolfOh Pretty Little NeidaFour LeafFLC 5003
Falay, MaffyJazz I Sverige '72CapriceRIKS LP 31
Falay, MaffySevda At FregattenSonetSNTF 665
Gullin, LarsGreat Lars Gullin, The (Vol. 1)DragonDRLP 36
Gullin, LarsGreat Lars Gullin, The (Vol.2)DragonDRLP 75
Gullin, Lars[none]MetronomeULS-1604-E
Gullin, Lars1959-1960ArtistALP 30-114
Gullin, Lars[none]Philips6378 506
Gullin, LarsLive!EMI4E 062-34045
Gullin, LarsBluesportOdeon4E 062-35141
Gullin, Lars[foreign language]EMI7C 062-35627 M
Gullin, LarsAeros Aromatic Atomica SuiteEMI7C 062-35282
Gullin, LarsGreat Lars Gullin, The (Vol. 1)
Gullin, LarsThe House I Live InSteepleChaseSCC-6013
Gullin, LarsDanny's Dream (1951-1954)MetronomeJMLP 2-101
Gullin, LarsManchester Fog (1954-1956)MetronomeJMLP 2-107
Gullin, Lars[none]StoryvilleSLP-432
Gullin, LarsFine TogetherSonetSLPD-2542
Gullin, LarsBaritone SaxAtlantic1246
Gullin, LarsWith The Moretone SingersEmarcyMG-36059
Gullin, Lars+ Jay CameronVogueYX-2050
Gullin, LarsWith Strings (Featuring The Alto Saxophone Of Rolf Billberg)SonetSLP-2659
Gullin, LarsLike GrassOdeon4E 062-34874
Gullin, LarsPortrait Of My PalsColumbiaSSX 1010
Gullin, LarsJazz Amour AffairOdeon4E 062-34289
Gullin, PeterAdventuresPhontasticPHONT 7564
Gustafsson, RuneYoung GuitarMetronomeMLP 15072
Monteverdi, ClaudioMadrigali AmorosiHistorical Anthology Of MusicHM-10 SD
[various]Renaissance Vocal MusicNonesuchH-71097
VivaldiZukerman Plays and Conducts Vivaldi The Four SeasonsColumbiaM 31798
PurcellDido and AeneasVanguardSRV-279 SD
[various]Renaissance Vocal MusicNonesuchH-71097
Early Music Consort Of LondonArt Of Courtly Love, TheSeraphimSIC-6092
Monteverdi, ClaudioMadrigali AmorosiHistorical Anthology Of MusicHM-10 SD
PurcellDido and AeneasVanguardSRV-279 SD
VivaldiZukerman Plays and Conducts Vivaldi The Four SeasonsColumbiaM 31798