Hasse Collection - 45s

Hasse Collection - LPs
Collection #SideArtistTitleLabelID 1ID 2
Hasse 45s -011Allen, SteveRing of FireDot45-16817MB-18264
Hasse 45s -012Allen, SteveSong For My FatherDot45-16817MB-20510
Hasse 45s -021AmbrosiaLivin' On My OwnWarner BrothersWBS 49225XCA 9371S
Hasse 45s -022AmbrosiaBiggest Part of MeWarner BrothersWBS 49225XCA 9374S
Hasse 45s -031Andrews SistersTake Me Out To the Ball GameMCAMCA-65016L 4913
Hasse 45s -032Andrews SistersIn the Good Old Summer TimeMCAMCA-65016L 4914
Hasse 45s -041Andrews SistersBoogie Woogie Bugle BoyMCAMCA-60040DLA 2326
Hasse 45s -042Andrews SistersRum and Coca-ColaMCAMCA-6004072460
Hasse 45s -051Anthony, RayPeter GunnCapitolF404145-19823
Hasse 45s -052Anthony, RayTango For TwoCapitolF404145-19824
Hasse 45s -06Boston CamerataWe Wish You a Nonesuch ChristmasNonesuch[none]
Hasse 45s -071Buffet, JimmyWhy Don't We Get DrunkMCAD-26192619-A
Hasse 45s -072Buffet, JimmyGreat Filling Station HoldupMCAD-26192619-B
Hasse 45s -081Butler, JerryHey Western Union ManMercuryDJ-10372850
Hasse 45s -082Butler, JerryHey Western Union ManMercuryDJ-10372850
Hasse 45s -091ByrdsMr. Tambourine ManColumbia4-43271RZSP 72245
Hasse 45s -092ByrdsI Knew I'd Want youColumbia4-43271RZSP 72246
Hasse 45s -101Charles, RayUnderstandingTangerine45-1109045-TRC-318
Hasse 45s -102Charles, RayEleanor RigbyTangerine45-1109045-TRC-328
Hasse 45s -111Collins, JudySend In the ClownsElektra Spun GoldE-45076-A
Hasse 45s -112Collins, JudyAngel, Spread Your WingsElektra Spun GoldE-45076-B
Hasse 45s -121Corey, IrwinHistory PhoneVivaV-619V-230
Hasse 45s -122Corey, IrwinProfessor's Do It Yourself Radio KitVivaV-619V-235
Hasse 45s -131Cougar, JohnJack & DianeRivaR-2102-56596
Hasse 45s -132Cougar, JohnCan You Take ItRivaR-2102-56801
Hasse 45s -141Cougar, JohnI Need a LoverRivaR-2022-55374
Hasse 45s -142Cougar, JohnWelcome To ChinatownRivaR-2022-55151
Hasse 45s -151Cougar, JohnSmall ParadiseRivaR 21155146
Hasse 45s -152Cougar, JohnHand To Hold On ToRivaR 21156597
Hasse 45s -161Daniels. CharlieDevil Went Down To GeorgiaEpic8-50700ZSS 165927
Hasse 45s -162Daniels. CharlieRainbow RideEpic8-50700ZSS 165930
Hasse 45s -171Fat LarryWe Just Can't Get It TogetherFantasyF-828-A-M
Hasse 45s -172Fat LarryWe Just Can't Get It TogetherFantasyF-828-A-S
Hasse 45s -181FirefallSad Ol' Love SongAtlantic45-3335ST-A-31812-SP
Hasse 45s -182FirefallYou Are the WomanAtlantic45-3335ST-A-32466 SP
Hasse 45s -191Fitzgerald, EllaMidnight SunVerveV-10111x4521,738-6
Hasse 45s -192Fitzgerald, EllaWhat Will I Tell My HeartVerveV-10111x4521,732-4
Hasse 45s -201Fitzgerald, EllaIt's All Right With MeVerveV-100777X4520,067-3
Hasse 45s -202Fitzgerald, EllaAll of YouVerveV-100777X4520,093-5
Hasse 45s -211Franklin, ArethaHouse That Jack BuiltAtlantic45-2546A-14332-SP
Hasse 45s -212Franklin, ArethaHouse That Jack BuiltAtlantic45-2546A-14332-SP
Hasse 45s -221Gayle, CrystalDon't It Make My Brown Eyes BlueSilver Spotlight SeriesUS-XW1148UAST-18639
Hasse 45s -222Gayle, CrystalGreen DoorSilver Spotlight SeriesUS-XW1148UAST-18646
Hasse 45s -231Getz, StanMy Own True LoveVerveVK-10571103874
Hasse 45s -232Getz, StanTribute To StanVerveVK-10571103, 875
Hasse 45s -241Gilberto, AstrudBerimbauVerveVK-1053365-VK-613
Hasse 45s -242Gilberto, AstrudManha De CarnavalVerveVK-1053365-VK-379
Hasse 45s -251Gilberto, AstrudDindiVerveVK-1053265-VK-244
Hasse 45s -252Gilberto, AstrudAruandaVerveVK-1053265-VK-380
Hasse 45s -261Gilberto, JoaoBolinha De PapelAtlantic45-2173A-6608
Hasse 45s -262Gilberto, JoaoVoce e EuAtlantic45-2173A-6612
Hasse 45s -271GrassrootsMidnight ConfessionsDunhillD-414445-01216
Hasse 45s -272GrassrootsWho Will You Be TomorrowDunhillD-414445-01217
Hasse 45s -281Handy, JohnLay Lady LayColumbia4-44977ZSP 152002
Hasse 45s -282Handy, JohnSpinning WheelColumbia4-44977ZSP 152003
Hasse 45s -291Harris, EddieLive Right Now / Lovely Is TodayAtlanticEP-A-1011
Hasse 45s -292Harris, EddieBallad (For My Love) / It's CrazyAtlanticEP-A-1011
Hasse 45s -301Hayes, IsaacBy the Time I Get To PhoenixEnterpriseENA-9003EN-0197-PL
Hasse 45s -302Hayes, IsaacWalk On ByEnterpriseENA-9003EN-0198-PL
Hasse 45s -311Holbrook, HalMark Twain Tonight (OL 5400 - OS 2019)ColumbiaZEP 48506
Hasse 45s -312Holbrook, HalMark Twain Tonight (OL 5440 - OS 2019)ColumbiaZEP 48507
Hasse 45s -321Ink SpotsIt's a Sin To Tell a LieMCAMCA-6004669949
Hasse 45s -322Ink SpotsGypsyMCAMCA-6004673387
Hasse 45s -331Ink SpotsJust For a ThrillMCAMCA-6014964892
Hasse 45s -332Ink SpotsI'll Get ByMCAMCA-6014971610
Hasse 45s -341Ink SpotsIf I Didn't CareMCAMCA-6002964891
Hasse 45s -342Ink SpotsWhispering GrassMCAMCA-6002967862
Hasse 45s -351Jackson 5Love You SaveMotown YesteryearY 446FMW-4
Hasse 45s -352Jackson 5I'll Be ThereMotown YesteryearY 446F60196
Hasse 45s -361Jackson, MichaelGirl Is MineEpic34-03288ZSS 169138
Hasse 45s -362Jackson, MichaelCan't Get Outta the RainEpic34-03288ZSS 169139
Hasse 45s -371Jan and DeanHeart and SoulEric268E-2059
Hasse 45s -372KnickerbockersLiesEric268E-2060
Hasse 45s -381Joel, BillyPiano ManColumbia13-33267ZSS 158882
Hasse 45s -382Joel, BillyEntertainerColumbia13-33267ZSS 159589
Hasse 45s -391Joel, BillyJust the Way You AreColumbia3-10646ZSS 163718
Hasse 45s -392Joel, BillyGet It Right the First TimeColumbia3-10646ZSS 163719
Hasse 45s -401King, B.B.You Put In On MeBluesWay45-61019AMP 45-15096
Hasse 45s -402King, B.B.B.B. JonesBluesWay45-61019AMP 45-15097
Hasse 45s -411King, Evelyn ChampagneShameRCAPB-11122PB-11122-A
Hasse 45s -412King, Evelyn ChampagneDancin' Dancin' Dancin'RCAPB-11122PB-11122-B
Hasse 45s -421KingsmenLittle Latin Lupe LuWandW 15760016
Hasse 45s -422KingsmenDavid's MoodWandW 15760017
Hasse 45s -431KnickerbockersLiesChallenge593211279
Hasse 45s -432KnickerbockersComing GenerationChallenge593211280
Hasse 45s -441Kool & the GangCelebrationDe-LiteDE 8072-56165
Hasse 45s -442Kool & the GangMorning StarDe-LiteDE 8072-56166
Hasse 45s -451Little AnthonyHurt So BadDCPDCP 1128ZTSP 95352
Hasse 45s -452Little AnthonyReputationDCPDCP 1128ZTSP 95353
Hasse 45s -461Manilow, BarryCould It Be MagicFlashbackFLB 91AS 0126
Hasse 45s -462Manilow, BarryI Write the SongsFlashbackFLB 91AS 0157
Hasse 45s -471McCartney, PaulSay Say SayColumbia38-04168ZSS 171439
Hasse 45s -472McCartney, PaulOde To a Koala BearColumbia38-04168ZSS 171440
Hasse 45s -481McCoysHang On SloopyBangB-506W-10013
Hasse 45s -482McCoysI Can't Explain ItBangB-506W-10014
Hasse 45s -491Midler, BetteWhen a Man Loves a WomanAtlanticOS 13222ST-A-37859-SP
Hasse 45s -492Midler, BetteRoseAtlanticOS 13222ST-A-38228-SP
Hasse 45s -501Miller, GlennChattanooga Choo ChooRCA447-0039D1VW-0045
Hasse 45s -502Miller, GlennI've Got a Girl in KalamazooRCA447-0039D2VW-0014
Hasse 45s -511Modern Jazz QuartetEngland's Carol (Part 1)Atlantic45-2085A-5165
Hasse 45s -512Modern Jazz QuartetEngland's Carol (Part 2)Atlantic45-2085A-5166
Hasse 45s -521Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusKonzert fur Klavier und Orchester Nr. 21Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft121 692
Hasse 45s -522Chopin, FredericPolonais As-dur Op. 53Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft121 692
Hasse 45s -531Newman, David FatheadYesterday / And I Love HerAtlanticEP-A-1010
Hasse 45s -532Newman, David FatheadAin't That Good News / Change Is Gonna ComeAtlanticEP-A-1010
Hasse 45s -541NonesuchHoliday Greetings From NonesuchNonesuch[none]
Hasse 45s -551OriginalsTemporarily Out of OrderFantasyF-820-A-M
Hasse 45s -552OriginalsTemporarily Out of OrderFantasyF-820-A-S
Hasse 45s -561Pickett, WilsonDeborahAtlantic45-2528A-13682 SP
Hasse 45s -562Pickett, WilsonI'm a Midnight MoverAtlantic45-2528A-13958 SP
Hasse 45s -571Playboy Jazz All-StarsPlayboy Jazz All-Stars AlbumPlayboy[unknown]
Hasse 45s -572Playboy Jazz All-StarsPlayboy[unknown]
Hasse 45s -581Pride, CharleyYou'll Still Be the OneRCA447-0921AWKM-1725
Hasse 45s -582Pride, CharleyCrystal ChandeliersRCA447-0921UWKM-2616
Hasse 45s -591Rice, MacWhat Good Is a SongStaxSTX-3208-A-M
Hasse 45s -592Rice, MacWhat Good Is a SongStaxSTX-3208-A-S
Hasse 45s -601Rolling StonesI Can't Get No SatisfactionLondon45 LON 9766VDR 35801
Hasse 45s -602Rolling StonesUnder Assistant West Coast Promotion ManLondon45 LON 9766VDR 35802
Hasse 45s -611Rubin, DanLonely BullHit426101
Hasse 45s -612TidesTelstarHit426102
Hasse 45s -621Sir DouglasShe's About a MoverTribe45-8308HM 98022
Hasse 45s -622Sir DouglasWe'll Take Our Last Walk TonightTribe45-8308HM 98023
Hasse 45s -631Spanky & Our GangGive a DamnMercuryDJ-1011-42548
Hasse 45s -632Spanky & Our GangGive a DamnMercuryDJ-1011-42548
Hasse 45s -641Spanky & Our GangSwingin' GateMercury728311-42270
Hasse 45s -642Spanky & Our GangGive a DamnMercury728311-42548
Hasse 45s -651Stitt, SonnyIt All Depends on You (Part 1)Argo5403U-11019-1
Hasse 45s -652Stitt, SonnyIt All Depends on You (Part 2)Argo5403U-11019-2
Hasse 45s -661Streisand, BarbraMemoryColumbia18-02717ZSS 169959
Hasse 45s -662Streisand, BarbraEvergreenColumbia18-02717ZSS 169960
Hasse 45s -671Sweet InspirationsTo Love SomebodyAtlantic45-2529A-14358-PL
Hasse 45s -672Sweet InspirationsTo Love SomebodyAtlantic45-2529A-14358-PL
Hasse 45s -681SylvesterDance (Disco Heat)FantasyF-827-A-M
Hasse 45s -682SylvesterDance (Disco Heat)FantasyF-827-A-S
Hasse 45s -691Tanner, Mary EllenTomorrowIris207066XA
Hasse 45s -692Tanner, Mary EllenNew York, New YorkIris207066XB
Hasse 45s -701Taylor, JohnnieDisco LadyColumbia3-10281ZSS 161064
Hasse 45s -702Taylor, JohnnieYou're the Best In the World Columbia3-10281ZSS 161065
Hasse 45s -711Taylor, R. DeanIndiana Wants MeMotown YesteryearY 549F717M11
Hasse 45s -712Taylor, R. DeanGotta See JaneMotown YesteryearY 549F867M06
Hasse 45s -721Thielemans, TootsStuck UpCommandRS 45-4110
Hasse 45s -722Thielemans, TootsWaveCommandRS 45-4110
Hasse 45s -731Vanilla FudgeYou Keep Me Hangin' OnAtco45-659067C-12458-PL
Hasse 45s -732Vanilla FudgeCome By Day, Come By NightAtco45-659068C-14558-PL
Hasse 45s -741Village PeopleMacho ManCasablancaNB 922NB 922 AS
Hasse 45s -742Village PeopleKey WestCasablancaNB 922NB 922 BS
Hasse 45s -751Zulu DelegationBlue MeridianCleveland Recording Company[none]
Hasse 45s -752Zulu DelegationSound of Our GenerationCleveland Recording Company[none]